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CORE Talk Biz Tips - The Power of 1440


Every single minute matters. While I was traveling this week, I had the opportunity to listen to Tim Timberlake, the author of The Power of 1440: Making the Most of Every Day. We have 1440 minutes in each day. What we choose to do in those minutes is important.


It dovetailed perfectly with my learning of the 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins. It is important that we are not wasting time, but acting. Quit wishing away your life – start doing. Many of us pray and we wish, but we never act in obedience. We have to live outside of our prayers and take action. Your action has to amplify beyond my wish and prayer life.


What choices are you not taking action on? God will transform the minutes you have lost – He will give them back. We don’t get to just sit in the boat. We have to get out and showcase our faith. Peter loved Jesus and when Jesus told him to come to Him, he did as he was told. It was only when his focus off of Jesus that he began to sink. He showcased his faith with his devotion to Christ and his focus on Him. Matthew 14:28-33


Travel is one of my core values. This week, I am doing CORE Talk from Myrtle Beach. While the destination is what I want to share, the journey taken is just as, if not more, important. People learn from the journey - not from the destination.


The Power of 1440 -

The 5-Second Rule -

Dr. Caroline Leaf - Understanding Your Mental Mess -

Show Notes: The Power of 1440

Are you ready to finally understand and unlock the abundance and wealth that God has promised you? This is the very question that fuels CORE Talk, and the evolving answer is exactly what I intend to serve up right here on this weekly five minute segment. CORE is an acronym which stands for a community of rooted entrepreneurs. Within that identity, we know that harvesting is just as much about the difficulty and hard work of the toiling process as it is about the joy-filled reaping of the fruit. Fellow dreamer and activator, I am believing that the season is ripe for picking. As your go to Christian business coach, I am here to showcase proven strategies, active testimonies, and critical development techniques for you to finally taste and see your unique wealth factor. Of course, centered at the CORE. Every episode. I'll keep it real and simple with my 4Ts. I'll teach, testify, and transform with a bonus fan favorite of travel. Regardless where you find me in the world, this is CORE Talk with Tamra. Let's stay rooted and grow together from the CORE.

Hello. I am so excited to be here right now in this present moment with you, you guys every minute matters. And on Sunday I had the opportunity of tuning in to a different church in a different city, in a different state. In fact, I'm in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, right now, but I was in St. Augustine, Florida, and I really wanted to show up for you there. I wanted to show up for you here.

And it was a part of CORE Talk because, you know, I love to travel, but in that moment, in that journey to get there, I was discrediting the fact that I wasn't going to have much time, that I wasn't going to be able to do in my car because my kids were in the car and of the bailout and all. We're going to be distracted. And I was going to be distracted. And then Sunday morning. A pastor who I've never met from a church I had never heard of, which is shocking because it's global, it's worldwide, it's amazing and massive.

And it it had an opportunity to meet me because I was present in that exact moment. And the pastor had actually baptized the woman's house that I was in, and so she's like, you have to turn it to him. He's amazing. He doesn't remember me. It happened years ago. First off, I stopped her in tracks. And I'm sure, Tim, you would be able to tell Lauren this as well. He you might not remember the name of the person you baptized if you're baptizing people in the masses.

But I can assure you, if you remember the moment. And I can assure you his intention in that time was present and perfect and aligned. Because I've had that opportunity. And I've been there in that moment, and yet it wasn't until that specific sermon that Tim gave us that I was able to really recognize what that meant. He gets up on stage looking all right. And I'm like, awesome with students. I just come off of a worship set.

That was amazing. And he had the shirt on, and the only thing that I could not get past was the heart that said one four four zero. And I thought to myself, does that mean I actually said it out loud, I was like, oh, that is seconds later the whole backdrop appeared and it was the power of 14, 40, No. One, he's going to tell us what it means. I'm so excited that I even said that, that even sparks my curiosity.

And I was thinking in that moment, we always have moments and we could receive information or we could reject information. And I had a bunch going on around me. Kids were there. There was a baby at my feet that I was snuggling on. I was having a conversation. And yet I immediately phoned in to that minute, and I'm so glad that I did and I tagged him in this message right now because he just launched a book and I had no idea that it existed.

I didn't know who he was. It's called the power of 14 40. And we've already established relationships in that because I'm a connector and I want so desperately to get into community with people like Tim, like you, who is listening to this right now. And the power of 14 40 is talking about how many minutes we have in a day. I had so many minutes in that car ride that I could have popped on to share with you by heart.

And instead, I chose to share that minute with those people. And I'm glad that I did. But I'm also so glad that I'm taking this minute to be here with you right now. To showcase the importance of the minute. Because right in this moment, you could be doing a thousand other things, and I think you and I see you and I know you and I'm so grateful for you, but at the same time, every single minute, there's multiple seconds that happen in that minute.

And I recently came to the understanding of Mel Robbins five second rule. And I know that it's been out forever, but I just learned about it. And I think there's God deposits in the timing that we are revealed in the timing that he showcases something new to us in the understanding of our journey. We couldn't possibly receive all the information at one time. We wouldn't even know what to do. So we received this understanding of Mel Robbins and she's talking about not wasting time, but acting that we can wish away our life instead of doing and living our life.

And I believe that's also very common for Christians. And I don't want to throw us under the bus right now because I love me some Jesus loving sisters and brothers, but I am saying this on my behalf, that sometimes I can pray over the exact same thing and I never actually act on it in obedience to do the thing. God, I want to get out of the boat. And I always use this analogy because I see myself in this situation every single day.

But we have to live outside of the comfort zone. We have to live outside of just the prayer closet. We are said and called to go and tell the nations, and I cannot do that from my closet unless I have a really good sound set up and a good podcast. But generally speaking, going in, telling the nation action and even in that closet, my action would have to amplify beyond my wish and beyond my prayer life. So how is this speaking to you right now, how is this convicting you right now?

So 14, 40 you for fourteen hundred and forty minutes in a day to activate and then you have five seconds and I can't even do the math on that. And one minute, 60 seconds, five divided by five thirty. You're thirty four to know that's two. Oh come on, give me math. 15 seconds. I don't know, 15 opportunities in one minute, five seconds. Every five seconds you have an opportunity to make an action to choose.

And so Mel Robbins is telling you every second matters and that five seconds she actually talks through what the brain is doing in that moment. My favorite part of the five second rule beyond the recognition of the gut instinct, and I believe God exists in the gut. It's the second brain. We know this. And so God exists in everything. But if it's our second brain, it means something with that sort of gut instinct beyond just what you're eating and doing that gut emotion.

If you feel something when you walk into the room and there's a gut instinct about the location that you shouldn't be there, you should probably leave, or if you're in a conversation with someone in your life, have a gut instinct that you're lying to you, you likely shouldn't really retain the information in the same way that if somebody was telling me the truth, I want to know the truth. Right. So there's so many times during a day that we have options in that five seconds after the gut instinct, there's two other seconds of things that happen.

You have to make a choice towards the action. And step four is my favorite because it is the action. You guys, I'm showing up. I'm activated. I'm doing the jumping. Jack, if you listen to the podcast, I'm activated right now. I made the choice. I could wait until I get to the destination. I wanted to be on the beach. I wanted to be in a different part of this beautiful hotel that I'm staying in to do this thing.

Why not now take advantage of this minute? So that I am now propelling myself forward, I'm propelling you forward into your next five seconds. Do you ever show up and serve out of capacity that you didn't think you had five minutes ago? You're like, oh, breezy, get centered and then do the thing. I think this is really powerful when you think about going to the gym in the morning. Right. We're in bed. We have a choice.

Our alarm goes off. I could turn it off. I could roll over and go back to sleep. Four, not five seconds, I can flip my feet around the side of the bed, I could plant my feet on the floor and I could go get my tennis shoes if I put my tennis shoes on that morning, the likelihood that that thing is going to happen amplifies.

And so what choices are you just staying in prayer or your prayer closet or wishful thinking, what gut instincts are you having that you're not activating? Because I can assure you, if you show up for that 14, 14 that Tim Timberlake talks about, that you should go get his book right now and so we can dove deeper with him. His message was powerful, the story of his father, minutes that he felt like he lost, that God transformed.

And that's the beautiful thing about serving a God as big as we do. He will transform the minutes that you've lost. He will renew, you will restore, he will refresh. You will feel like sun rays on your face. But it doesn't mean that you have to sit or that you can sit or that you get to sit in the boat, get out of the boat, be on the water, showcase your faith for those who follow you, showcase your faith for yourself.

Get to the end of the day. Get to the end of the 40. I'm definitely long sleeve leaving at that point and I can know in that moment. Well done, good and faithful servant. I moved the needle in some capacity. Right. It's the recognition of self identity through the lens of the father. I want you to check out the five second rule. I want you to check out 14 40. But most importantly, I want you to understand the gut instincts from our heavenly father that are being deposited right now.

You guys, I love to travel. I love to tell the truth. I love to transform you. And, you know, I'd love to transform your business, so how does that play out? If you only have that many minutes in your day, are you using them well? Are you using them right? Are you serving others? Are you showing up for the conversations or are you waiting until you get there, till you made it, until you're at the location to showcase the place that you're at instead of the journey it took to get there?

The car right here was bonkers. OK? I needed my husband, I prayed often. I tried to avoid climbing to the back seat as often as I possibly could. I was trying to learn and listen. There was too many deposits. You guys would do this. As a society, we allow and overwhelm to occur because we are good at the present. With the current minute that we have, we're focused on the minutes ahead or focus on the rearview mirror of the minutes that have passed.

And therefore, the current moment is completely void because we're not present. Do this with your business, understand the power of today, understand the power of now, understand every five seconds you are depositing something new that will actually genetically modified your DNA. If you've never studied Dr Caroline Lee, do it. She teaches you about the root systems that are happening as you're having conversations, as you're receiving information, as you're pushing out information. So I just took what we were talking about.

You know, you go from a year, you go from decades trying to make it and trying to showcase where you going to be instead of showcasing where you are, which unlocks other people's abilities to step out of the boat by your vulnerability for showing you like imperfective. I showed you my hotel in perfect. Right. If I showed you that car ride in perfect. But that is true. That is real. That is how I do what I do.

There is a journey to get here. There is not just a destination. I don't want to see you when you're just laying on the beach. I want to see how long it took you to save the money to get to the beach. I want to see the destination be the glamorization only give God the glory. Not yourself. Now, any other piece of that, but in your business specifically, you need to recognize that all of these things matter.

I broke it down to the granular for you. Dr. Caroline Leach shows you second by second what's happening to the internal brain. She has a new book out as well. I want to get it wrong, but I'm sure it's called Something Like The Mental Mess, and I'll take it here below. She is amazing. Her and Brittney Brown together just blew my mind. But you guys, all of these deposits, Mel Robbins, Tim Timberlake, Dr. Caroline Lee, they have occurred as deposits within a seven day window of my life.

Seven days. Do you think I have to be present in order to be transformed by their messages? I did and you do to tune into the things that matter. Pay attention to the second tape presented to the five second rule. Pay attention to every minute thereafter and every single thing that you just did. It acts as habits which develop your routine, which showcase your character. And this morning by Glen Lindsey himself, I was encouraged to check out what character legacy I had left in the last five posts that I had made on social media.

If you're here specifically learning for your business rather than your personal life or vice versa, personal versus business, go check out your last five posts. Have you left a legacy? Have you been present? Are you showing up today in the middle of the journey, that maybe perhaps messy journey? Nothing's perfect, friends, but the progress towards the perfection, which is him, which is our time at the right hand, the right seat in heaven with our father.

We got to know how you got there so that other people had the tools to get there, too. I love you. I am so grateful for your time, as always. And I'm so excited to see how this transforms your life and it transforms your days and it transforms your hours and it transforms your minutes and it transforms your seconds because you are worth it and your time is precious and you are already perfect to stop working towards perfection. That is fake on this side of heaven.

Show up for the progression that he is giving you right now, the door that he is opening right now. All right. I'll see you later. Bye. I know it's crazy. Time flies when you're having fun. We are done with five minutes, but I did say five ish minutes, so give me a bit of ish real quick as I answer the question. I know that's brewing inside of you, Tamra. How do I get more of this awesome information?

Well, Fred, I'm so glad you asked. Listen, even if you tuned in to every CORE Talk ever made, all of my YouTube trading's Facebook videos or Instagram microblog that I've been writing for years, you're still missing out on some amazing base knowledge that's going to help you get to the next level, whether you are at the starting point and just bringing those passions into fruition. You're ready to grow scale, expand, go global course it, podcast it.

Whatever it be, I tailor make my programs specifically around this knowledge that we are all in different zones of genius, that we're all in different places of our business, knowledge and growth. So I want to get on the phone with you. I want to learn exactly where you're at and offer you the program that makes the most sense. I have multiple memberships. You can work with me one on one if you want. Those are limited spots, though.

Obviously I'm only one human being, but I am certain between me and my expert team that we are going to be able to serve you abundantly because he's blessed us to do so. And I want to get you activated. This is not just a business for yourself, and I get that your heart is to serve and to show up and create wealth that lasts for generations and degree impact across the globe. I hear you. I see you. I am you.

OK, so go on over to Tamra Andress Dotcom and make a call with me today. It's only fifteen minutes, so it's not like crazy amount of time. But don't let that deter you because I just had you for five minutes and I know your mind is blown. So let's do this. Call me up or actually I'll call you up. But a call Tamra Andress dotcom. Can't wait to chat I.

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