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CORE Talk Biz Tips – Refinish Your Vision

Updated: Mar 16, 2021


Renovating and refinishing can apply to much more than a home or building process – it can apply to your business as well. I have been refinishing in both my home and personal life, as well as my business. Here is one thing I want to be sure you know about refinishing/renovating.

Do not try to create a brand based on what others are doing. Be you – imperfectly.


Alexey Kokush – He walked into a renovation catastrophe. We had hired someone different to start. Our hardwood floors had several layers of stain, shellac, etc. on them and we wanted to return them to a more natural state that looks fresh and new. Seams were messed up, grooves in them, the other contractor had broken 3 sanding belts on them, but Alex came in and turned them from catastrophe to beauty. He revived the foundation of them. Instead of raw wood blanketed with something to mask the color, we let the raw wood shine through.


Refinishing in the Bible? Noah’s ark! How much wood did they use? When Noah had this vision, he knew for certain what was being asked of him. He put it into action, even though others were doubting. We are all faced with naysayers and negativity regarding what we feel God wants us to do, but if we stay with the root mission, God will bring light and clarity.


Not traveling far this week. I traveled to my newly refinished floors in my home today. This space is the heartbeat of my home and I wanted it to feel comfortable and welcoming. We chose to embrace the color of the natural wood and Alex helped us with this. It gives our home a fresh look and it makes it so much brighter!

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Client Spotlight:

Alexey Kokush

Show Notes: Refinish Your Vision

Are you ready to finally understand and unlock the abundance and wealth that God has promised to you? This is the very question that fuels CORE Talk, and the evolving answer is exactly what I intend to serve up right here on this weekly five minute segment. CORE is an acronym which stands for community of rooted entrepreneurs. Within that identity, we know that harvesting is just as much about the difficulty and hard work of the toiling process as it is about the joy filled reaping of the fruits of dreamer and activator

I am believing that the season is ripe for picking. As your go-to Christian business coach, I am here to showcase proven strategies, active testimonies, and critical development techniques for you to finally taste and see your unique factors. Of course, entered at the core. Every episode, I’ll keep it real and simple. With my 4 Ts, I’ll teach, testify, and transform with a bonus fan favorite of travel. Regardless where you find me in the world, this is CORE Talk with Tamra.

Let’s stay rooted and grow together from the core.

Good morning, I am live and in action and so excited for you guys to be in the comfort of my own home again. I know you’re excited to be somewhere around the world, but today and with the circumstances of the world, I get to be right here. And I’m actually really excited about it because the concept that I’m going to teach today is all around refinishing. And I’m actually sitting for those of you who are listening on the podcast and not live with me, I’m sitting in the middle of my living room floor on newly refinished hardwood.

And it is amazing how everything that’s happening in my personal life is paralleling to my business life. And I think it’s important for us as entrepreneurs, as business owners, to really establish that congruency between the conversations that are happening in our personal lives and our professional lives, because it really creates a fresh, refinished sense of passion without a segmentation. And if you know me, I’m all about alignment. So we’re going to talk about refinishing today. And how do these floors have anything to do with your business?

And this is what it is. So local contractor Alex Kocot has a contracting business and he walked into what was a bit of a catastrophe. We were in the middle of renovation. And if you haven’t listened to the first CORE Talk that went live a couple of weeks ago on the podcast, it is there. You have to start there and then come here because there all really parallel. Well, but the renovation happening in our house has been bonkers.

It was supposed to be a three week project. I don’t know why I believe my husband when he says that. But we’re now two and a half months in and it’s been really fun. He’s my little puppy. She’s enjoying her new bed spaces and she’s so sweet. I have a shitty toy poodle and I just adore them, but I can’t have rugs. So that’s a whole nother conversation about flaws. Let’s get back to topic. OK, so in the process of this, Alex, he walks into our home and we had hired somebody different to come and bring our vision to fruition, our floors, which had been real hardwood for twenty plus years in this home, maybe even longer than that, 20 something years.

They had, you know, several layers of shellac over top of them and coating. And our idea for it and congruency to your business was this grandiose vision of coming back to the basics, coming back to the raw wood we travel and in the midst of our travel, we see how other countries don’t do all of the coloration and and treatments and stuff. They just go out, cut the tree down, sand it up a little bit and put it in there.

And it looks amazing. It feels just so fresh. And that’s how we want our home to feel. We want our vibe, just like you want your business vibe to be in congruency with who you are. When someone walks into a space, just like they walk into your business, whether it’s on a website or social media, they need to feel what it is that you are trying to evoke that emotion. So he comes in and it is.

But it is. There is like this. Chalak is all messed up. The person who came in before started standing broke their belt four times in the process of one day’s experience. And it was it was literally a disaster. You always have dust everywhere. All of the seams were messed up. There was some grooves that weren’t being able to be satisfied because of water damage that had happened before. The other contractor completely ghosted us, literally left. We have still to this day, I’ve never heard from them.

Luckily, we didn’t lose money because we didn’t pay them up front. But he comes in and he did an incredible job. He worked so hard to make this happen. If you guys are looking for somebody local, absolutely. Call Alex. He is incredible. He was here sunup to sundown and literally worked around our schedules around the clock. So we were so grateful for him. But I want you guys to take this home. It’s very important.

And I know I’m supposed to be in five minutes. So let me get really quick here. Refinishing is about refreshing. It’s about reviving the foundation. And that’s what we did on these very floors. When you come in, it’s Rosewood. But instead of putting something over top of it to blanket what its true purposes, we left it with this mat. Beautiful finish. And I want you to do the same thing in your business. And so how can you do that?

How can you transform a couple of things you need to know? Slow and steady wins the race. It is a process. It is an evolution. But you have to have clear vision. If you don’t have clear vision for what it is that you want when you’re trying to explain it to other people, they too can’t come along for the ride. They, too, can’t fully experience what it is that you’re offering, what it is that you’re doing, what it is that you’re serving them with.

And so our home is a space that we love to host parties and gather families. You can see my child, if you’re watching right behind me right now, I’m doing I don’t know what, but this is life, right? And so we want to have a place that people feel welcome and at home and they can literally sit on the floor that is so smooth things down and just enjoy. I want your business to have the same experience. But if you think that you can skip the steps to offer.

If you can skip the branding experience, you’re going to miss out on the customers who can’t even comprehend what it is that you’re offering them. And so here are some pitfalls. Here are some things right I’ve done in my own business. And I want you to take it for yourself.

Do not try to create a brand based on what other people are doing. There is something so important about imperfect action. There is something so important about true valuation to who you are, your route, why your mission. So go back to the roots, go back to the raw. Go back to the foundation of your vision. Why did you start this thing? OK, to give you further clarity, let’s go truth talk real quick because this is so critical.

Let’s go back to the Bible. Where does refinishing come into play? Of course, the most amazing refinishing wood project that came to mind alongside a brainstorming session was Noah’s Ark. Right? Could you imagine all the wood they use, all the raw wood that they knew they didn’t have shellac and all that stuff. I’d be so curious to watch that process evolve. But think about it. When Noah had this vision, when God gifted him this vision, he knew for certain what was being told of him, what was being he was being called to what the purpose of this boat was.

And so he put it into action. Clearly slow and steady wins the race, could you imagine how many people doubted his vision? Could you imagine how many people maybe came on board as an experience in the forefront and then they’ve dusted their hands off and ghosted him? Could you imagine how many people didn’t believe in the vision that he was given? You guys? We are faced every single day with trials in our business. We were faced every single day with naysayers in our business.

We were faced every single day with customers who might come into a quick experience and then leave because it’s just not right for them. And that is OK if you stay at the raw root of what it is that you intend to do, just like Noah did, it is going to bring life. It is going to create a what is the word I’m looking for a tool.

It is going to be the boat that serves value to that end user without that vision, without him sticking to it, without him turning his blind eye to the other people who said, this isn’t right. This isn’t how you do this. He would not have activated over what God called him to do and ultimately as a community of entrepreneurs, because that’s what we’re here for. This is CORE Talk with Tamra. Drop your comments below. What are you refinishing right now?

Ultimately, everything should come back to our why. Everything should come back to our purpose and everything should come back to our calling. Do not brand, do not build, do not serve based on what other people are telling you to do. Stay the course my friend. Refinish and realize that you can do this every single day. It’s a process. You know, I say always be coming with purpose because I truly believe that the refinishing project never ends.

So come take a tour of my house. For those that are local, we’re going to cut CORE Talk off. Now, I’m going to give you guys a sneak peek about what’s going on in my house. So thanks so much for being here. Remember, check out CORE Talk on Tamra. It’s Fit in Faith Podcast and wear my swag right now. Thanks. Obviously are designs busily vinyl designs. She’s I love her with my heart, but yeah.

So here’s the inside sneak peek. Are you ready? All right, let’s go for the dogs crawling all over me.

OK, can I, can I switch. Nope, nope, no. OK, I’m going to show you guys the behind the scenes. Are you ready? First off, here’s my beautiful daughter. Be all right.

So we look at the floor as though for real, this is just like literally the raw wood and it is so incredibly soft.

He did such a good job.

So I got to finally bring my furniture back into my house. After two months, she’s drawing over there, the little doggy bed you can see my little dog is my ring.

So we’re in the process of, like, hanging and doing well. We haven’t finished any of that.

But here’s the kitchen. It looks so pretty still working, putting away all the knickknacks. But here’s a little cozy coffee and Bible study space. I might take a leap of faith and get another rug.

We’re getting our hood put in today and our back splash later this week.

See, still a work in progress. We are still refinishing. We still have so much to do. Some things don’t have handles, got ladders all around the house. Mama’s here helping me to is.

So you guys, I hope today. Bless you. I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes. I can’t wait to show the finished project. I think some of my best friends are probably going to see this and they haven’t even been inside. So. Yeah. And you guys have an awesome weekend. Stay healthy, stay well, get to refinishing. It’s a process. That’s OK. I have an awesome day, I know it’s crazy. Time flies when you’re having fun.

We are done with five minutes, but I did say five ish minutes, so give me a bit of ish real quick as I answer the question. I know that’s brewing inside of you, Tamra. How do I get more of this awesome information? Well, Fred, I’m so glad you asked. Listen, even if you tuned in to every CORE Talk ever made, all of my YouTube trading’s Facebook videos or Instagram microblog that I’ve been writing for years, you’re still missing out on some amazing base knowledge that’s going to help you get to the next level, whether you are at the starting point and just bringing those passions into fruition.

You’re ready to grow scale, expand, go global. Of course, it podcast it whatever it be. I tailor make my programs specifically around this knowledge that we are all in different zones of genius, that we’re all in different places of our business, knowledge and growth. So I want to get on the phone with you. I want to learn exactly where you’re at and offer you the program that makes the most sense. I have multiple memberships. You can work with me one on one if you want.

Those are limited spots, though. Obviously I’m only one human being. But I am certain between me and my expert team that we are going to be able to serve you abundantly because he’s blessed us to do so. And I want to get you activated. This is not just a business for yourself, and I get that your heart is to serve and to show up and create wealth that last for generations and degree impact across the globe. I hear you.

I see you. I am you. OK, so go on over to Tamra Andress Dotcom and make a call with me today. It’s only fifteen minutes, so it’s not like crazy amount of time. But don’t let that deter you because I just had you for five minutes and I know your mind is blown. So let’s do this. Call me up or actually I’ll call you up. But a call Tamra Andress dotcom. Can’t wait to chat.


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