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CORE Talk Biz Tips – Company Culture


In this episode, I talked about company culture and knowing the heartbeat of your brand identity. I love watching my clients develop their company culture. There are many ways you can do this, including:

Having them take the Enneagram test to get a better idea of strengths/weaknesses

Have a gathering and meet their spouses

Get comfortable with the people you work with. Remember how Jesus discipled and sat at the same table with them.

company culture


One of my clients, Natalie Petroskey started her business during the pandemic. She owns Legacy Lacrosse, because she knew kids needed and wanted the human to human connection. She stewards kids well in Lacross and other sports in the Hampton roads area. One of the best things is her team. She has brought on coaches who have truly taken her company culture to heart.


Jesus created a company culture with his disciples. He wanted to know their unique identity traits that could be used to build the kingdom and He knew them intimately. He not only lead them, but also served them by washing their feet. He saw them and knew them. They were his family, rather than his employees.


This week I had the pleasure of having a date weekend with my hubby at Gas Light Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia. It is not new, but has been reopened with both an art gallery and restaurant that really set it apart. 

Show Notes: Company Culture

Are you ready to finally understand and unlock the abundance and wealth that God has promised you? This is the very question that fuels CORE Talk, and the evolving answer is exactly what I intend to serve up right here on this weekly five minute segment. CORE is an acronym which stands for a community of rooted entrepreneurs. Within that identity, we know that harvesting is just as much about the difficulty and hard work of the toiling process, as it is about the joy filled reaping of the fruit.

So fellow dreamer and activator, I am believing that the season is ripe for picking. As your go to Christian business coach, I am here to showcase proven strategies, active testimonies, and critical development techniques for you to finally taste and see your unique wealth factor. Of course, centered at the core. Every episode, I’ll keep it real and simple. With my 4 Ts, I’ll teach, testify and transform with a bonus fan favorite of travel. Regardless where you find me in the world, this is CORE Talk with Tamra. Let’s stay rooted and grow together from the core.

Good morning. I am so excited to be here if you’re not listening to this in the morning and this is a replay, good day. This is CORE Talk with Tamra and I am so honored to be here. I always try to keep this under five minutes, but sometimes it’s a little different. Because I have so much that I wanted to share and so much that I want to tell you, and today I am coming at you raw and real from a little travel place that’s not too far from home.

I’m visiting the Glass Light Hotel, which is not a new hotel. However, it is newly being open to the public here soon with an art gallery display downstairs. That’s pretty rad, a restaurant and just a cozy place to stay and and enjoy. And overnight, you guys, I’ve got a first date night overnight with my husband since covid, and I can only say joy to the world because it was so needed. And so I wanted to just come to you, like I always say, in truth, I’m still wearing my robe.

I have not even brushed my teeth yet. I’ve had a couple cups of coffee and yesterday’s hair. I may wash my face. So a part of that is how are going to talk about our business and how can I serve you? What does that even what’s purpose of me even sharing that is this idea of company culture. It’s this idea of knowing the heartbeat of your brand identity. And so whether a company culture feels really big and it feels like you’re talking about something with a lot of team members and I say team members rather than employees, because that alone is a representation that you really value your company culture.

If you’re saying I’m the CEO and these are my minions, it doesn’t make them feel like family. It doesn’t make it feel like fellowship. And that’s truly the heart of our father. That’s the heart of business and entrepreneurship. And so I am so grateful to steward a team and I am also amazingly grateful to watch my clients, if you will. And that might feel hierarchical. But honestly, it’s my my colleagues who are developing this within their own businesses.

So I want to showcase today legacy in Crosse. Natalie is amazing. She came in to community with me last year and it’s been insane. She started a sports company for a coaching last year in the midst of covid. It actually launched in the summer time. And she followed all the guidelines and did all the things and still wanted to steward the understanding that people are people and there’s this human to human connection. And while she brought on extra coaches, you could sense just from the vibe, just from her company, Culture of energy, a passion for what they do and even more importantly, that connection piece.

She truly wants to know the kids that are coming alongside her to learn something new, but to steward them well in the sport of choice. And it’s not just lacrosse. She does other sports camps as well. So I really encourage you to check her out if you’re local to Hampton Roads. But I just love the way that Natalie has brought on coaches and team members that truly steward the heartbeat of what it is that she does. And I want to share with you quickly how Jesus himself exemplified this in the Bible.

So, so often we think that our businesses don’t align in that space in the secular, in the marketplace are separate than the biblical or the ministry or the church. But actually there are one in the same. And so what better example than Jesus creating a company culture, creating a brand identity for heaven and the relational experience with our father. Then through his relationship with the disciples, he truly created a family. He created fellowship. He wanted to know that person’s heart, their unique identity, traits that could then infuse into the brand even further and create a more robust company culture just based on who they were.

He got down and washed their feet. Imagine if we did that as a CEO, as a business owner with our employees. What if we did that as a team? Imagine the relational build, the connectivity, the opportunity for them to then infuse that energy, that love ultimately into the thing that they are now utilizing for their passion, whether they’re a creative designer. And I’m thinking close to home right now, have my own team member who is literally my everything I couldn’t do.

What I do without her is the recognition that she and I know each other. I don’t just tell her to do something. She doesn’t just tell me to do something. We see each other. And so on. A bad day. On a good day. On a great day. On a sad day. We know our expectation levels then can be monitored and mirrored based on that expression of self. And so some really cool, tangible ways for you to do this and infuse this right now is go have your company take the Enneagram test, have a conversation about who they deeply are.

Maybe you can go out and just have a party, just a gathering. Don’t have to have anything to do with your business. Just understand who they are, invite their spouses. This is a big thing with companies that I see that they’re missing the opportunity, especially with church and ministry. This needs to be a family fellowship experience. I should be supporting my husband and where he works just as much as they should be supporting you and where you work.

This is a part of your life. You’re spending half of your living hours there and so get comfortable. I came in my robe with intention. Get comfortable with the people that you work with, know how Jesus does. Seibold utilized that in your business and get truly connected with them, sit at the same table, break bread with them, love on them, and know that when you are not there and you are not present, whether you’re in heaven or whether you are not in the room, that your company culture is going to be stewarded well and truly felt when somebody comes into the room because of how you have stewarded it in that personal relationship with your team.

So I hope this met you today. I don’t even know if I stay another five minutes. I’m going to be so proud of myself. But you guys, there is such power in culture. There is such power in relationship. And I hope today CORE Talk blesses you and it blesses the people that came alongside you to believe in the mission and who steward it very well day in and day out, whether you’re there in the room or not. All right, your love, you have an awesome day.

Back to time with my honey.


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