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Core Talk Biz Tips - Being One in Community


Are you connected to the body of the people? Are you utilizing other’s strengths and gifts or are you trying to do it all? It is critical to operate in the gifts we have been given and given to those around us. Quit falling into the comparison trap. Collaborate instead of compete. Entrepreneurship is not meant to be alone.


We are not mean to operate as a one-man show. Think about an orchestra. One man cannot play all the instruments at the same time. However, when everyone comes together to play they create beautiful music together.


1 Corinthians 10 talks about divisions and how God wants us to be joined together in the work. We each have a specific purpose to fulfill and all of these purposes come together to create His perfect will. If we are busy looking at what everyone else is doing, it is easy to forget what we are meant to be and do.


No travel this week, as it is Good Friday. However, I want to remind you when Jesus came into Jerusalem, He was welcomed with the waving of palms. However, less than a week later, He was crucified by these same people who had all jumped on the bandwagon against Him.

Stop living in comparison. Quit jumping on the bandwagon. Live in your purpose and being that was given to you by God. Be all that you are called to be.

Show Notes: Being One in Community

Are you ready to finally understand and unlock the abundance and wealth that God has promised to you? This is the very question that fuels CORE Talk, and the evolving answer is exactly what I intend to serve up right here on this weekly five minute segment. CORE is an acronym which stands for a community of rooted entrepreneurs. Within that identity, we know that harvesting is just as much about the difficulty and hard work of the toiling process as it is about the joy filled reaping of the fruits that fellow dreamer and activator.

I am believing that the season is ripe for picking.

As your go to Christian business coach, I am here to showcase proven strategies, active testimonies and critical development techniques for you to finally taste and see your unique wealth factor.

Of course, centered at the core. Every episode, I'll keep it real and simple with my 4 Ts. I'll teach, testify and transform with a bonus fan favorite of travel. Regardless where you find me in the world, this is CORE Talk with Tamra.

Let's stay rooted and grow together from the core.

Hello. I know that you might be listening to this later and it is not going to be Good Friday, but I had to come on and be live with my people today to talk about the importance and the vitality and the viability of being at one in community. One under the spirit. One as a connected body. And what that does for your business, but also just the prosperity of your life and your being. And so I'm going to open up with First Corinthians 10, and it's talking all about one body and many parts and the importance of us actually operating as the body part in which we were intended.

So it says the body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts, and though all of its parts are many, they form the body one body. And so it is with Christ, for we were all baptized by one spirit into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free. And we were all given the one spirit to drink. And so now the body is not made up of one part, but of many.

If the foot should say, because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body, it would not be for that reason to cease to be a part of the body. So the reason I'm sharing this specifically and how it relates to your business and how I want to see your life transform is a multitude of things. One, are you connected to the body of the people, the believers that are connected to you right now? Are you utilizing each other's strengths and gifts?

Are you truly creating momentum into the force, the macro purpose of your life? By taking micro steps into that macro understanding? It is so critical for us to operate within the gifts and the blessing that we've been given and the resources that are already within us and around us. So if you're a hand, stop admiring your feet. If you're a hands up admiring the ears and the eyes and the voice, you're intended for the thing that you are meant to do, who you are called to be and who you have created to be is uniquely you.

And yet you stand in comparison and it is a trap to your momentum and it's harming the rest of the body. I'm operating without a hand. I'm operating without eyes. I'm operating without feet because you aren't standing boldly in the purpose of who you are intended to be. And so I say this and it sounds crazy. Maybe if you're thinking about it from a business perspective. But if you think about collaborations, if you think about resourcing your community, if you think about actually bringing in partners, we all want to be a one man show.

And yet entrepreneurship is not intended to be that. I cannot do all the things hash tag. Right. You cannot do all the things burnout exists and you're not operating in your fullest flow, which we've talked about before here. And so it's this rhythm, this orchestra, this explanation of an orchestra. You think about all the different instruments. If it was just one piece, it would be a duet or a silhouette. I don't think those are the same words.

But if you if you think about it right, it'd be a solo one man show and no one man might be able to play a multitude of instruments. You can't play them all simultaneously. Not well enough as when a band and when an orchestra gets together, you feel a new momentum, you feel a new vibration, you feel a new frequency. It overcomes you. So today on Good Friday, I was thinking specifically about this idea of the body and how we actually have choices, even still this free will that God gives us this knowing that we have a choice of good.

This as the body or we can choose to harm and so what are you doing, what creativity, what momentum, what collaboration are you putting into your life or allowing in your life that is not actually propelling you to the place of goodness? When you came in on the donkey a few days ago, everyone praised him. And by the power of a collective force, a collective body that was moving towards the negative. Everyone jumped on a bandwagon essentially towards what would eventually lead as the purpose of our lives, the purpose of our greater spirit.

Right. The whole reason that he sent his son to die on the cross for us. But I think about how sad I'd be, how broken hearted I'd be to see this connective momentum towards what is negative, towards what is evil. As he went to the cross and took on the burdens of the world and the pain of the world for Meyssan for a lack of standing up right. He was betrayed even by his dearest friends, by his dearest body parts.

They didn't show up. And that's OK because we know the outcome. But it is OK for you. Is it OK for your life? Is it OK for your business? Is it OK for your home? Your head and your heart are not connected as one of your head and your heart and your feet are not connected as one of your head in your heart and your feet in your mouth are not connected as one. So stop living in a moment of comparison.

Stop jumping on the bandwagon, stand within your purpose and stand within your identity because you're being matters, your sound in comparison to the orchestra. It's needed so critically, so vitally. And we need you to be all that you are called to be whatever that looks like, resourcing the beautiful community that's likely already around you in the gifts, talents and resources that have already been given to you. I pray today and always that you stand in that authority, you stand in that knowing.

And if you're in the process of still trying to figure it out, don't let the bandwagon's deter you from what is good and what is righteous and what is noble and what is true. So what part of the body are you supposed to operate in? What are your spiritual gifts? I just hope that you explore that a bit and you put it into action today. And know that as I operate, perhaps as a voice, perhaps as a heart, perhaps as a head, perhaps as a foot in your life, that you take advantage of a thing that is you, are you the stomach, are you the gut?

Are you the the head, the heart, the brain? All of these things, they actually play a role within a business entity. I am not the creator. Right. I might be the visionary. I am not the developer or the tech guru, but I can utilize it for the thing that I am called to do. Stop trying to be a one man show and stop being distracted by the other shows that are going in the wrong direction, praying for you today?

Always. I know it's crazy. Time flies when you're having fun. We are done with five minutes, but I did say five ish minutes, so give me a bit of ish real quick as I answer the question. I know that's brewing inside of you, Tamra. How do I get more of this awesome information? Well, Fred, I'm so glad you asked. Listen, even if you tuned in to every CORE Talk ever made, all of my YouTube trading's Facebook videos or Instagram microblog that I've been writing for years, you're still missing out on some amazing base knowledge that's going to help you get to the next level, whether you are at the starting point and just bringing those passions into fruition.

You're ready to grow scale, expand, go global course it, podcast it. Whatever it be, I tailor make my programs specifically around this knowledge that we are all in different zones of genius, that we're all in different places of our business, knowledge and growth. So I want to get on the phone with you. I want to learn exactly where you're at and offer you the program that makes the most sense. I have multiple memberships. You can work with me one on one if you want.

Those are limited spots, though. Obviously I'm only one human being. But I am certain between me and my expert team that we are going to be able to serve you abundantly because he's blessed us to do so. And I want to get you activated. This is not just a business for yourself, and I get that your heart is to serve and to show up and create wealth that last for generations and to create impact across the globe. I hear you.

I see you. I am you. OK, so go on over to Tamra Andress Dotcom and make a call with me today. It's only fifteen minutes, so it's not like crazy amount of time. But don't let that deter you because I just had you for five minutes and I know your mind is blown. So let's do this. Call me up or actually I'll call you up. But look, a call Tamra Andress dotcom. Can't wait to chat I.

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