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CORE Talk Biz Tips – 5 Lessons From My Childhood Home

Updated: Mar 16, 2021


In this episode, I am walking through my childhood home for the last time and sharing 5 lessons from my time living there. My intent in sharing is to truly help you understand from a business level how the home is, and where the heart actually applies to your business as well. I could get emotional or sentimental, but I’m going to try and do this as best I can and try and teach you how this home – the heartbeat is actually the same heartbeat as your business has. No matter where you go, we know ultimately our home is our heart, and therefore, whether it’s the bones of a childhood home or it’s the bones of your business, there’s actually so much to be learned in this concept.


This week I talked about a business in my coworking space, Ardent Candle. It is a product-based business, but it doesn’t just focus on the product. The founder, Koby Lomax, just went viral on Tik-Tok simply by being himself! You know the company because he is not afraid to be funny and show his face. He is the host in the process of you finding a great candle! You have got to check out their breakfast cereal candles and his posts on Instagram!


Jesus is home. If home is where the heart is, He is the heart. His it the host of all hosts. He is the hostess with the mostest. He is the living host.


This week I shared from my childhood home. I spent over 25 years in this house, which was full of fun and joy. My mom was she hostess with the mostest and her entrepreneurial spirit is what sparked my own journey. The home was where I could be myself and you need to be sure you are being yourself in your business as well. Be the hostess with the mostest, and lead your clients and customers!

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Ardent Candle on IG

Show Notes: 5 Lessons From My Childhood Home

Are you ready to finally understand and unlock the abundance and wealth that God has promised to you? This is the very question that fuels CORE Talk, and the evolving answer is exactly what I intend to serve up right here on this weekly five minute segment. CORE is an acronym which stands for community of rooted entrepreneurs. Within that identity, we know that harvesting is just as much about the difficulty and hard work of the toiling process as it is about the joy filled reaping of the fruits of dreamer and activator. I am believing that the season is ripe for picking. As your go-to Christian business coach, I am here to showcase proven strategies, active testimonies, and critical development techniques for you to finally taste and see your unique factors. Of course, entered at the core. Every episode, I’ll keep it real and simple. With my 4 Ts, I’ll teach, testify, and transform with a bonus fan favorite of travel. Regardless where you find me in the world, this is CORE Talk with Tamra.

Let’s stay rooted and grow together from the core.

Good morning. We are live in an action, and it sounds like there’s a bit of an echo, so hopefully you guys are hearing me well and the sound on the podcast is good. But I am coming at you in a place that is echoey because there is no furniture, there is no anything because it is vacant for a new homeowner.

I am standing in the middle of my childhood home and after gosh. Twenty 27 seven. I don’t know the exact year these 29 years we’re selling it and it’s been sold. And so this is the last time I’m going to actually be standing in here. And when I was thinking about CORE Talk and what I wanted to share this week, I knew I wanted to come at you in a special location. And so while it might not be special to you, it’s very special to me.

And my intent in sharing is to truly help you understand from a business level how home is, where the heart is actually applies to your business as well. And I could get emotional or sentimental, but I’m going to try and do this as best I can and try and teach you how this home, the heartbeat is actually the same heartbeat as your business has. And no matter where you go, we know ultimately our home is our heart and therefore, whether it’s the bones of a childhood home or it’s the bones of your business, there’s actually so much to be learned in this concept.

So I am going to teach you the five things that I have learned and will take with me from my childhood home. So stay tuned. Write these down. It’s a really good one. It’s actually going to build upon a couple of other shows that we’ve done. So if you’ve never tuned in to CORE Talk, it’s only five minutes ish, five minutes. If you know me, I can be long winded. So it’s very hard to stay with the program, but you’ve got to tune back in and check them out.

So no one lesson from my childhood home is to open your doors. And my family’s doors have always been wide open, specifically the back door, because my mom ran a daycare and preschool in these very doors for the twenty nine years that we’ve lived here. And it was always open access to families, to parents, to moms, to grandma, to all the people you could possibly imagine. The front door was never honestly used very much unless there was a party.

And we’ll talk about that next. But how does that apply to your business is to keep your doors open? I mean, you need to go public. You need to let people know that you exist. You have private accounts and you’re trying to flourish a business. You get to have a little bit of difficulty. So open your Facebook page, open your Instagram page, become a public avenue for people to come into community with you. And better yet, beyond just opening your doors, let there be a seamless flow through your home.

And what I mean by that is making sure that your Facebook page is linking to your website. Your website is linking to your Instagram, your Instagram linking to this page. Your podcast goes to this page. There should be this symmetry through your business and your brand and your home, just like my mom and dad have created here, specifically my mom, because she’s the interior decorator of the clan. So open your doors. Don’t be silly. Don’t keep it shut out for the public, OK?

Open your doors. But at the very same time, lesson number two is to watch out for mosquitoes. All right. My childhood home is literally right near a swamp. So I am not only allergic and get massive welts when I get mosquitoes, but they are swarming everywhere, no matter what repellant or no matter what process we used. However, how does this relate to your business? Is you, as you open these doors, need to also be armored up.

You need to have the word of God around you. You need boundaries in your business, whether that’s boundaries in your schedule, boundaries and access points to who you connect with and reach out to your emails, your time zones, any of those things. So when I say to watch out for mosquitoes, there will be and you opened up the floodgates, there will be people who sneak in and bite you. I’ve been with a couple of times in my business.

I’m sure you can think of how you’ve been bit too. So think it through those. And how can you create a boundary that is a safe boundary that protects you and your business and potentially your employees or your team and also protects your client. But that’s another story. All right. So number three is to be the example. My mother literally emulates so many things, specifically in entrepreneurship, which is how I get to be standing here. She modeled it so well for my entire life.

And there is a lesson that my pastor often says that you may have heard me say on another podcast, but I want to example it here because I think it’s really important when you are a coach or an expert or a consultant or a business of any sort, you should first do this first. When somebody comes in as a client, you’re going to show them how to do the thing well, if you’re a service based or if you’re a product based company, this applies.

So think about it. Open your mind to what this means. Show them how to do it well. Second, come alongside them as you’re teaching them and supporting them and then actually doing it. And then third, you stand back and let them actually do the thing really well. So how does that work from an example standpoint, if I was coaching? Somebody I’m going to show you how to do it. I’m actually going to be the example for you, then you’re going to emulate it with me so I can make sure that you have the training wheels, essentially.

And then lastly, we’ll take the training wheels off and I’ll push you on your way and wave as you go. But I’ll also be there watching in case something happens. And that is how I coach and how you can also work your business. So it’s very important to be the example like my mom was. If you listen to the last episode of the DIY, DWI and the DIY concept, that basically flips it on its head and it does it in a backwards order.

So go back and listen to that one say no. And I mean, it’s really helpful way to build your business, but this is the way that we should be operating on a consistent basis from a human to human experience. All right. Number four, lesson learned in my childhood home. This is where I am standing still. If you’re not watching and you’re listening to the podcast, it’s a special place. And the next lesson is to be a host again.

Mom, you get all the kudos in this regard.

In addition to opening the doors, in addition to setting safe boundaries for us as children, in addition to being the example, she was the hostess with the mostest and she will continue to be. But how can that affect your business? I want you to realize that as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, you are the host of your brand. People should come into experience with you directly, even if you’re a product based business. I have a product based business in my coworking space who just wittmeyer on Tic-Tac already.

Pando, you have to check him out. His name is Cody. You love his energy. You’ll love him specifically because even though his business is a product and Ardent Candle is the name, you know Kobe, you know his face, you know the experience you’re going to get when you buy his candles. So this is just one example of the many I could think of. But I wanted you to understand that being the example, being a hostess in that process is so important, because if you don’t host people, well, there’s a thousand other people, hundreds of thousands probably doing what you do.

I could get my candles from anywhere. I could go to a party anywhere. But I want to show up to my mom’s party. I want to get my candles from Arden. Right. And so really experiencing the hostess with the most is concept. And how can you do that better as a company? All right. Did thing for my child to have this lesson. OK, here it is. Be American bag. Literally you as a human being, the American opens bag or at least carry one with you everywhere you go.

My mom is amazing at this. She literally has a cooler, packed a bag, packed a Grammy bag packed at any given time. And the concept is that if you need it, she’s got it. So how can you do that in her business? I create resources. I create relationships about my clients. If I can’t do something well, because I can’t be the the know it. All right. I am an expert in certain areas, as are you, and so be that for them.

However, next up connects them with the people who are experts in the things that they additionally need. The more you can support, the more resources you provide, the more access you give them to the tools and in your Mary Poppins bag, the more they feel free to know, like and trust you and can continue to work with you. All right. So those are my five lessons. You know, CORE Talk is not just about teaching. It’s also about testifying and telling the truth.

So home is where the heart is. How is that biblically understood? You guys? There are so many lessons, so many parables with each of those five examples that I just gave you. But the one thing that I want you to know is that Jesus is home and in home is where the heart is. He is the heart. And if he is the heart, then we know that he is the host. He is the hostess with the mostest.

He’s the host of all hosts. He is the living host. And so there’s this parallel and everything that we learn in business, there is a parallel and how you develop your home, which is how you should develop your brand, which is how you will develop your business. And so I’m believing in you today. I’m leading in all of these areas to round it out one more time.

Open your doors, watch out for mosquitoes, be the example, be a host and own a Mary Poppins bag or be a Mary Poppins bag. You guys, this is CORE Talk and Tamra. It’s been a joy. I hope this blessed you and I maybe like I did in my own home. I’ll take you on a tour if you’re live so you can see the empty walls of the place. I grew up, but love you guys. Have a beautiful day.

Thanks again for tuning in. I know it’s crazy. Time flies when you’re having fun. We are done with five minutes, but I did say five ish minutes, so give me a bit of ish real quick as I answer the question. I know that’s brewing inside of you, Tamra. How do I get more of this awesome information? Well, Fred, I’m so glad you asked. Listen, even if you tuned in to every CORE Talk ever made, all of my YouTube trading’s Facebook videos or Instagram microblog that I’ve been writing for years, you’re still missing out on some amazing base knowledge that’s going to help you get to the next level, whether you are at the starting point and just bringing those passions into fruition.

You’re ready to grow scale, expand, go global. Of course, it podcast it whatever it be.

I tailor make my programs specifically around this knowledge that we are all in different zones of genius, that we’re all in different places of our business, knowledge and growth. So I want to get on the phone with you. I want to learn exactly where you’re at and offer you the program that makes the most sense. I have multiple memberships. You can work with me one on one if you want. Those are limited spots, though. Obviously I’m only one human being.

But I am certain between me and my expert team that we are going to be able to serve you abundantly because he’s blessed us to do so. And I want to get you activated. This is not just a business for yourself, and I get that your heart is to serve and to show up and create wealth that last for generations and great impact across the globe. I hear you. I see you. I am you. OK, so go on over to Tamra Andress Dotcom and make a call with me today.

It’s only fifteen minutes, so it’s not like crazy amount of time. But don’t let that deter you because I just had you for five minutes and I know your mind is blown. So let’s do this. Call me up or actually I’ll call you up. But boogie call Tamra Andress dotcom. Can’t wait to chat I.


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