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CORE Talk Biz Tips 3 – Convenience Factor


Do you make it convenient to work with you or buy what you offer? Many people look for the convenience factor when searching for a service or good. If you are not making it simple to work with you or buy what you offer, via easy to find links to get in touch with you, links to purchase, and easy ways to hire you, you will be losing out on some customers/clients. Think about what your convenience factor is or what you need to work on!


Tamra features CORE Creatives member Brenda Cornwell, from the Mom and Me Boutique. It is a brick and mortar business in Virginia Beach, but Brenda has up-leveled over the last year to make it convenient to purchase on the Internet. From Facetiming clients to shop for them to walking purchases out to the car (masked, of course) to wrapping for those who need it, they have thrived during this season. 


In Luke 19, the story of Zaccheus is shared with us. This short-statured man had to find a way to see Jesus, so he climbed up in a tree to watch for Him. He took action, and it got Jesus’ attention and the pleasure of having Jesus come to his home. God is waiting for us to step out.


This week I am broadcasting from one of my favorite coffee houses, Sawdust Road in Pungo, Virginia. I think the way they pivoted due to COVID to make it more convenient to drive up and get your coffee or enjoy the outdoor spaces they have created with playgrounds to connect with your friends was ingenious. They have actually seen an increase in business with the addition of these convenience factors.

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Show Notes: What Is Your Convenience Factor?

Are you ready to finally understand and unlock the abundance and wealth that God has promised you? This is the very question that fuels CORE Talk, and the evolving answer is exactly what I intend to serve up right here on this weekly five minute segment. Core is an acronym which stands for a community of rooted entrepreneurs within their identity. We know that harvesting is just as much about the difficulty and hard work of the toiling process as it is about the joy filled reaping of the fruits of the dreamer and activator.

I am believing that the season is ripe for picking as your go to Christian business coach. I am here to showcase proven strategies, active testimonies and critical development techniques for you to finally taste and see your unique factor. Of course, entered at the core every episode. I’ll keep it real and simple. With my 40s, I’ll teach, testify and transform with a bonus fan favorite of travel. Regardless where you find me in the world, this is CORE Talk with Tamara.

Let’s stay rooted and grow together from the core.

Hey, everyone, happy day. I am so excited to be here today to testify and transform on behalf of your business from the inside out by activating and leaning in to the truth.

I want to take back what the secular world has said over entrepreneurship and teach you guys testify on behalf of clients who are actually doing this and showcasing based on travel, which you’re going to find you somewhere different every single week. This is CORE Talk with Tamara. I am obviously. Tamara Ancor is for a community of Ruwart entrepreneurs. Today I am finding you at my favorite local coffee house. Baldasaro. There are so many incredible places to snag coffee. I visit many of them, that’s all.

This is near and dear to my heart and there are so many reasons why during this time the main thing that I want to teach today is about convenience and install. This road has utilized this time to actually enhance their business. It’s blowing my mind to see how their sales have skyrocketed, how they have not had an empty parking lot since day one of covid and this is how they’ve leaned into their convenience factor. So I want to know if you’re a business owner listening right now, I want you to tell me what your business is.

Convenience factor, tag your business. Hello. Tell us about a promotion you have going on. Why are you establishing this opportunity for people if you realize that convenience actually leads to connection? We have something amazing to along this road.

What are they doing that’s convenient before you can go into this beautiful coffee house and just go work and mingle and hang out. But now with Soviet and everything going on, they have developed a drive up, a gravid go experience, just like fast food, but flavorful coffee and amazing food. They’ve also, if you can see over my shoulder here, if you’re listening to the podcast later, they have playgrounds everywhere, seating everywhere, convenience, I think.

So I want to have a coffee date with my friends during the season and they have made that possible. It’s a place that we can come and just grow and connect and honestly just veg out. We all need to get out sometimes, especially as entrepreneurs who are constantly in the midst of doing things. So I told you, I want to teach you something. I told you I want to testify. Now it’s time to testify. And this is another opportunity to share about clients that are actually doing this every single day.

Maybe you’re not a coffee house, maybe you’re not a restaurant. This doesn’t really apply to you. Maybe your local boutique owner like Momani Boutique. Actually, I’m here listening right now. I love you, Brenda. Thank you for being here. I say Brenda, she’s also my mom, but she’s a human being, too. But listen to this. So Mom and me boutique has literally used their convenience factor by helping moms grammes. Anybody in the need for a baby shower present during this time, they aren’t closing their doors.

They’ve stayed open this entire time. How I’m sure you’re wondering when everybody else is closing their door, they are literally face time and clients and shopping on their behalf. They’re gift wrapping. They’re establishing this convenience factor that also supports them with connections. They now have a client or a customer or a friend for life. They’re serving in such a way that just having somebody come into their doors and shop could never do. And so not only are they doing that, they’re walking it out to the car.

They don’t have to get out of the car. They’re wearing masks. The moms are happy, the customer is happy and the business is thriving. All right. You’re not you’re not a local boutique. I’m not either. And therefore, as a virtual coach, as a coach to anybody, if you’re trying to go global, how can you create convenience in your business? I have utilized an incredible virtual opportunity through coaching called that. So Tara is the way that I coached one on one instead of using Zoom.

It’s a platform of notetaking. It’s a platform of serving PDF files while I’m coaching so we can work on them together. You can share your screen, all of these things. And so this is one way that I’m providing convenience to my customers. I want to connect with them in such a way that they feel like they’re a part of my community. They feel like they’re close to home. Other ways for you to develop convenience in your business could be a downloadable.

We teach and we’re sharing information all the time. But it’s so much better when there’s something that’s a guy that they can take home and do on their own time. Maybe you’re doing five minute talks of coaching just like this. Whatever it is, I want to hear what your convenience factor is. And I really want you to understand how that illuminates connection that then brings them further into community with you. All right, last part, one of my favorites beyond just testimonies of clients is testifying and telling the truth.

We have to bring it back to the basics. And the basics is ultimately the Bible. People think that convenience is all about opportunity or is all about what’s the word I’m looking for.

I just blank is thinking that it’s like a coincidence. Convenience is a coincidence. That’s what I’m looking for. But it’s actually not. I really believe in something called a God wink.

I think God actually plans convenience in our day. To say thank you, to give him praise, to bring glory to him, our eyes have to be open to that, especially in our businesses. Do not get distracted. Focus on what is right before you, the people that are already in your repertoire, the tools and tricks that are already in your handbag. And so here is something from the Bible or Zacharia utilizes a massive convenience factor and he gets to come into connection with Jesus himself.

He sees a tree before him in the midst of the crowds gathering around Jesus as he comes in to teach and preach in the gospel of Luke. And instead of just, you know, wallowing in the fact that he was a short statured man, which it says that in the business, no offense to anybody short listening, there are convenience factors for you and God puts them in place. He sees a tree and instead of just standing there amidst the masses and not being able to see Jesus, and he wasn’t actually, if you will, a Jesus follower at the time, he was a tax collector and he really took the entrepreneurship realm into his own hands and really seeks secular mindsets of money.

And that’s not why I’m here either is wealth knowing that there is so much more than money in the world and and Jesus knows that he wants to teach us that every single day Zacharia climbs the tree, Jesus calls him out and says Zacharia and actually invites himself to dinner at his house in that time because he took something to the next level. Here is the main component of convenience you have to activate in order to establish convenience. It can’t just be something that sits on the side of the tree is their climate.

If the door opens, walk through it. God is ready for you to step out of the vote, friend. And I am to. I want to know what your convenience factor is, blessings and have an incredible holiday season. If I don’t chat with you soon, make sure you check out CORE Talk with Tamara. It’s coming to the podcast soon if you’re listening on the podcast now. Thank you for listening and I hope this blessed you have an awesome day.


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