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Collaborate to Motivate

What have you done recently that you are really proud of? What have you achieved that I can applaud? What moments or wins have you passed by like a check box to do item instead of an accomplishment? What goal have you reached? What resolution have you stuck to? What word have you kept? Wow you are awesome. I’m giving you a virtual fist bump! 👊 Met with a jumping high five. ✋🏼 We spend all of our time focused on what’s ahead. What goal we haven’t yet achieved. What task list we still need to accomplish. But why not take a reflection moment over your last week or month and highlight all of the things you have done that will be the stomping grounds for the day you do reach the intended destination?! (Though I think that place is fictitious – that’s another post though)

I was recently inspired to try this exercise and it was so freeing and uplifting that it’s now being added as a weekly practice! And what’s even more powerful is when you say it loud. And a step above that is having a community of encouragers to say it to – not for the applaud, but for the “just keep swimming” push and the deserved celebration accompanying the small wins!

I’m growing collaborative groups to do activities like these – to glean from one another’s highs and lift up when it’s a low. To cultivate community around our dreams, passions and purpose. To emphasize our Godly call and set road maps to walk it out. To have a safe space to communicate about our hearts desires met with practical entrepreneurial insight on how to apply your gifts and grow your business/ministry. A space to create alongside other world changers – the place to prove your community over completion mantras! If this sounds like something you’d benefit from or be interested in knowing more, send me a DM or 🙋🏼♀️ and I’ll send you the private link to join in! The next core group launches end of February! There are many incredible benefits accompanying these groups and I can’t wait to watch dreamers catapult from the concept to the cultivation via the designed #CORE collaboration. Together is so much better than alone! Stop dreaming solo. Dream bigger and access resources – actual humans instead of google bots – that can help you get there! Proverbs 27:17 17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

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