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Coaching by Story Telling with Molly Trotter

You are going to love Molly's podcast today. She is such a gift and you've got to follow her on all the social media links below. I am so connected to her, not only from her like-hearted spirit and joy that she brings to everything that she does but the depth of who God calls her to be and how she stands in authority and competence in that.

I am grateful to be able to introduce Molly Trotter to my community, not only as a sister in Christ, but as a fellow coach and a cocreator in the space of helping others scale and grow. If you know her heart, you are going to want the opportunity to get into community with this beautiful, beautiful woman.

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About Molly:

As a former television news anchor, Molly Trotter has dedicated her life's work to helping people share their story and giving them a platform for their voice to be heard. After she left the news industry, she found her calling in the world of digital marketing helping coaches and consultants through building their authority online through her on-camera coaching plus helping coaches & consultants scale their online business to 7+ figures with the support of the one-stop-shop Dream Factory team.

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Show Notes: Coaching by Story Telling with Molly Trotter

Oh, man, you're going to love Molly's podcast today. She is such a gift and you've got to follow her on all social media. You'll get all the links below, but I am so connected to her. Not only from her like spirit and joy that she brings to everything that she does, but the. The depth of who God calls her to be and how she stands in authority and competence in that.

And so, Molly, I am grateful to be able to introduce you to my community, not only as a sister in Christ, but as a fellow coach, a co creator in the space of helping others scale and grow. I stand in the existence of their God dream. And so there is so many resources that you can connect with Molly over, but I want you to tune in right here right now to hear her heart.

Cause if you know her heart, you are going to want without a shadow of a doubt, the opportunity to get into community with this beautiful, beautiful woman. I love you. I'm grateful. All of you guys for being here. If you would share this podcast, Napa screenshot tag, Molly, and myself on social media. She hangs out on Instagram, just like I do all the time.

We would love to shout you out in response and yeah, I'm grateful to you guys. Thanks for tuning in to the fifth page podcast.

Welcome to the fit and fade podcast. It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit as space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs. And kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories.

And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Hey, having an action with the one and only Molly Trotter. I'm so glad to have you here. Thanks for being here. Yes, of course. What an intro. That was incredible. It's so funny because a majority of people are either they're really pumped about theirs or they really love the show one and nobody who's listening on the audible version gets to see it.

So it just. Well, it's a come see it live because it is, it's really powerful. That's so fun to see all the different people you'll be featured in it soon enough. I'm excited. Well, thank you for being here. You guys, if you don't know who Molly Trotter is, we've been on a live together on Instagram, which I've shared.

Um, but she is a former news television anchor, which I think is really cool because I have a couple of friends that are in that same pocket of industry who have since left and pour their selves into creating. Space for others to utilize their voice and specifically their stories to be heard. And that's exactly what you're doing.

So it's really exciting. And I want to kind of dive into the backstory of how that all emerged, but you can intro yourself to what what's the areas. I mean, Oh, gosh, you, you pretty much covered it. I mean, when it comes to, yeah, it's always the attention grabber, right? Like, oh, I used to be on television.

People are like, well, why aren't you anymore? Well, between the toxic topics, the toxic industry in general, the lack of pay, to be honest with you in the hours, it was like, I am literally going. Oh, and rather than owning my own schedule. And I was so tired of that, about two of my five years in, I said, you know what?

I just don't want to do this anymore. I am overworked underpaid and not really actually doing what I really wanted to do. And any time I try to bring a positive story or something that would get people, you know, uplift them. No, no, no, no, no, not like that. And I was like, this is going to be a breakup at some point.

I just didn't know when, but it was really years later, you waited another three years before you felt like I can do. Yeah. So five years into it. I said, you know what, it's over? And actually most people would be like, oh, did you walk away? And the truth of matter is, is no, I actually got fired from the news, the last station I was at because I was inspiring other people with how I was motivating them, whether it's my words or just through physical transformations, because I really got on a health kick and they said, no, we don't want that.

That's not what we do here. You don't want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. And that's where the light bulb went off. They fired me. I said, thank you, Lord. That'd be like, yeah. Wow. That is insane. But as you're saying that it's actually making me feel super empathetic towards, I feel a majority of the population who is, is doing this.

They're like going to work with the expectation overworked underpaid. Right. And this is where they. Stuck. And so to know that you've been in that, I think it's really powerful that God uses our testimonies in that regard for you to have empathy and to be able to speak directly into the women and men that you now serve.

Oh wow. 100% people are like, they they're always intrigued on the story, but what I love is like, I know exactly why God put me through all of that, because without that. You know, the time and time again, the over 10,000 hours in front of the camera, just the backlash that I got from people as being so different.

And really, I just wanted to be a light everywhere. I went just like Jesus. Right. But people are like, who are, you know, we don't want it like that. The candle stick in that little, you know, flame. They just kept trying to blow it out. And I was trying to protect it. And I'm like, why am I protecting this so hard when this really is not my tribe?

These aren't my. Wow. There's a lot to that. And I obviously the biblical reference of putting your lamp on a lampstand and letting it shine and not hiding it under a bushel, but feeling like you needed to in order to stay lit. I mean, that is very toxic. The word that you use, I think is right on par with a lot of the toxicity that we're hearing on a consistent basis.

And I personally don't want. The news at all. Um, we don't even have a TV downstairs. And so I'm definitely not listening to the news while I'm getting ready in the morning. Cause that's like a sacred hour with my kiddos and honestly, and clubhouse let's be real. So it's a combo Tombo effect. But I think that we have a choice in the environments that we get to exist in, regardless of what a lot of people think is the control aspect of that.

Right. I have to do this because of money. I have to do this because of the expectation. Or other people. Um, and, and so I love for you to talk into like, what, what was the change of behind, beyond them? Just saying those things, what were you like? This is the final straw I got to go. Yeah. The, the part that really got me was when they fired me, they literally had somebody walk me out the door and it was like, I murdered somebody and.

You're walking me out the door, gathering my things like I'm going to prison. Like I felt like I was going to prison. Like, it just, it was the weirdest feeling. And I was like, I'm so glad I'm walking out of here for the last time. And then at the, at the tail end of that too, I had a lot of friends and family saying, we were so disappointed in you.

How could you do that to us? And I'm like, excuse me, did you even ask if I was happy or what really happened? They want to decide what the masses, rather than actually asking me. So I felt really backstabbed and I felt really hurt to be honest with you. But I said, you know, I need to press in with this, cause I know God has something here.

So I moved away from everybody that I knew. I actually moved to Southern California and I moved in with my best friend. So it wasn't entirely true, but I moved completely to an area that I wanted to live in the most expensive area, honestly, in the country. But of course I have no job. Of course, you know, I had, I had, um, uh, a consulting business for fitness and nutrition on the side, so I wasn't completely.

Less stranded, but I went through a few different, uh, trial and error periods with different businesses. Like where do I want to have my impact? And considering I could speak considering I can network like crazy people are like over here, over here. So I got distracted for a while, but then it wasn't until God brought me into the digital marketing space, as well as into the consulting space.

Like. I brought you through all of this. So you can teach my people how to be real Bolden, authentic with their voice. So many people are just so scared to speak up because they know they can't ride that fence anymore. They got to go left or right. And you gotta be able to just be like, here I am, take it or leave it.

And when you do that, you'll feel so much more, just like you'll feel light, airy, peaceful, and sure. There's going to be people that you probably care about that are going to push you away. I have had my friends and family, honestly, friend and, and friend me on that social media. So many times I just don't even care anymore.

I'm like, so my story too, and it like at the beginning, I'll be honest when that was happening. When I was like stepping out in faith and what God was having me do, that was very juxtaposed to what I went to college for, um, what I was doing for my previous life. Even like my marriage. Status. Right. And I wasn't stepping outside of my marriage in that regard, but I was actually stepping into it during the season and my family and friends.

Like they did not like that because they were not getting the old version of Tamra anymore. They were getting this new, like older. Um, very humble one who was like, I can't do this anymore. Like, I don't have control over this, but all I do know is I want to live a life of peace of joy, of prosperity, but what does that look like on his terms instead of my own?

Um, and it hurts when people are saying certain things and they're like follow unfollow friend on threatened. Okay. At the end of the day, what comes down to is our identity in Christ and like who he says that we are, are we actually paving away in our identity for us to fall asleep at night and know that we have done something in his honor, rather than doing something for the world or the flesh.

And I think people pleasing is how we often end up. Oh 100%, it's it? I, from a recovering people pleaser and it still happens. Right? Because you were just like, I care about you and I care about you that I don't wanna make you uncomfortable. But I realized when I really speak from truth and I'm being obedient to where, where Christ wants me and having a Christ-like attitude and everything, I am going to poke the bear.

I am going to make you feel uncomfortable at some point. And it's not my intention to, you know, cause. I, the likely story is the holy Spirit's just using me to kind of poke at you to get you to pay attention to something that you've been ignoring for so long. And one thing that I want to say that it has just been such a huge impact on my wife has a lot of people say, you know, what's God's will for my life.

And a lot of people are looking for that question to be answer what's God's will. Well, when I boiled it down, this was what I came to. It's not the circumstances that you get thrown into and all the, the, the garbage, it just goes up and down all the time. It's the person that you become a long time. So you may not make the exact right choice every time, which we all stress at some point about.

Right. But God's looking at how are you becoming more Christ-like in every decision that you're making. And that's where I had to get to. I'm like, okay, look not, everybody's going to understand this. You're going to lose people that are close to you. That's okay. Because you can't be a prophet in your own land and they're expecting the old version of you rather than who I'm calling you to be.

You know what I mean? Reach girl. Yes, it's so true. And I was actually having this conversation the other day because I feel really called to like serve my local community. Right. And I, and I really want to be embedded in that place to be able to support what is, I see, like out my window right now and on a consistent basis when I drive by or where my children are.

And all of those things, but I've found a lot of like pushback in, in how I show up in the world and, um, it, and it's with the faith as a forefront of how I show up. And I was just on another podcast telling him, like, I am really not like a bumpy Bible Thumper. Like I don't carry a Bible under my arm. I'm not like, Hey, oh, do you love Jesus?

Oh, great. We're best friends. Or do you not love Jesus? I don't like you, like, I just lead in love. Right. And I lead in a lot of energy and I lead in. Um, but I think that it's, it's a really interesting thing to realize that sometimes the place that you're most accepted as the place that you're afraid to go outside of your.

Right. Yeah. Cause you don't, nobody wants to be like having their back turned on them. Like when I got fired, for example, when I have family members that literally turn their back on me, the things they said were so hurtful and I was like, wow, well, the older I get, it's like, you know, that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with their perspective and awareness and all of that when you really dive deeper.

But I love what you said there and it's so true. Yeah. I totally agree. So you're, you're now in San Diego, was it San Diego? You said orange county. So. Oh, amazing. Okay. So you're there and you're like, I'm trying all these different things, which I think is there's an important season for all of us, especially when you come into that space of like, there's going to be an identity shift.

I don't know, fully how we're going to step into that. It's no different than like the calling conversation that you're having is like, what is my purpose? Well, I think the purpose is a process of becoming it literally is what my whole new book that is coming out is about, is the understanding that like you've never actually been.

It's never actually been fully clarified. And so that is why he says to seek and seeking is a process. It is not a, okay, now I'm going to have all the answers because we found out what Eve did in the garden and how that didn't serve her very well. He's not going to give us all the answers. So that's what walking by faith is.

When did you know, and when did you like fully shift into serving from like a coaching consulting? Um, Yeah, I would say about two, three years ago now, um, is when I really started pushing into that, I had people come to me for, um, a lot of social media things because I saw hi and myself and how I was making a lot of momentum online with all these other businesses.

I was kind of dabbling in. And then I realized obviously throughout that journey, The leadership aspect, the on-camera the confidence aspect. Um, just how to brand yourself online, because just looking at the online space of really, it's still pretty untapped at large, for most people, some of the people like you and I were like, we've been doing this for a long time.

Like, this is great. There's others that are just getting on and using it for business. Like it's crazy. When you think about that. So along the way, little bits kept shining out. And I was like, wait a second. If people keep coming to me for this, like I had to sit in and be like, all right, Lord, what do you want for me?

And that's where he's like, finally, I got your attention. Here we go. And so the clients I've been able to work with. I'm just so grateful of people that have made a huge. You know, whether you look at it for money, the people that they've been able to, how many people have been able to impact whatever your thing is, I'm just like, wow, you're such a person of integrity and you really want to give back to the world.

And that's where I love to attract is those that just know it's so much bigger than them. And especially if I can work with a faith-based entrepreneur that lights me up even more because we know what's really kingdom rooted, but yeah, it was two, three years ago that I was like, I'm pressing in on this and I'm going all in.

It feels right. I just come alive. When I get to pour into these people of everything that I've learned. And that's when you know, it feels good. It doesn't feel like work. And you're like, oh, I know the ripple effect is going to be so much deeper. And so I knew that there was something there. And then, you know, here I am today and I'm just so grateful that I get to do that full time and really just get to love on people because people come to me and they ask her what's, something's different about you and what you do.

And I'm like, Would you like to know the truth I get in there? I'm like, this is why, you know, this is like lead with love. You're not a Bible Thumper grade with love, and you have that essence about you that light. And they're like, there's something there that I like. And that that's how, you know, people are just attracted to.

Yeah. And you know, you hear that like attracts, like, right. And so it's like, there's this knowing, and I was on a podcast for somebody else earlier. And they were just saying about the fact that they don't lead that way, but like people will approach them and say, are you a Christian? And he's like, right.

And like, then there's this, this whole connection that transpires, because of like, it feels like that sisterhood, brotherhood, I was never fully in a sorority. I have like snap bids and all my roommates were sorority sisters. Like kind of felt like it. But even then there was like this backstabbing. And in kingdom and true kingdom experience and expression, that truly doesn't happen.

There's like this propel and this momentum where we're like, okay, come on, let's go, come on. Let's go. Let's rise to the occasion of what he's calling us to. And you truly do that on a consistent basis with the people that you get to work with. Um, tell us more about how you actually like serve them intimately from a business perspective.

Yeah, I would say like the biggest thing is that I always boil it down to this. And if you guys can catch us in any business, it's like gold for you. People just want to be seen, heard, and appreciated. Like when you really boil it down to those things, it costs you nothing, but it means everything to somebody else.

So when it comes to people, sharing their voice online, chances are. You know, they just get confused. They want to share all the things it's kind of muddy. Maybe they have a couple different, they're a serial entrepreneur. They have a couple different things going on. They're just like, uh, and then they're frozen or they get stuck with, how do I look on camera?

Oh my gosh. Like, why am I the authority? They have all these doubts and that's what the enemy wants to just penalize. When it's not true because you have your authority in the kingdom and God has given you the authority to move forward and share the stories and the ups and downs with other people and allowing that to be mentorship to others.

So I just make it release systematize and really like, okay, we're narrowing it down to be so clear that when you get on. Okay. Here's I, here's a couple of tips for your, what are your three pillars? When people come to your social media, I want to talk about entrepreneurship, financial freedom and women's impact.

Okay. Great. Now what are the topics inside of women's empowerment? Financial freedom entrepreneurship. Okay, great. Now you take that and you boil that down to three points on whatever that topic is. Go live with it less is more, and I just boil it down. So simply by the time they get on. There, I just need to teach them because I did the same thing.

I have a sticky note right on my ring light. And I'm just like, okay, boom, boom, boom. Because my brain is going to try to tell me, oh, we got this going on. Or what about this? Or whatever, it's going to get me distracted. It's going to try to save me. Right. Cause putting yourself out there as vulnerable. So I'm giving a really simple process for people to be like, here's what I'm about.

Here's my quote, unquote TV show on my Instagram. Right. This is who I am. And then I'm going to be really clear about, you know, The call to action. So you can go do something with that. Cause it's not a lack of information that people have. It's a lack of taking action and accountability. So what's that getting clear on your message, showing them how to take action and then being intentional.

So, um, my clients that are usually in the six to eight figure realm, it's like, how do you go find those dream clients? Cause they're not scrolling on social media to find you they're busy. They have things to do. So how do you get in front of them and present something of so much value that they can't say no to you?

Get them in and be able to start cultivating that conversation because everybody who's had some success, six figures and above, or like, okay, everybody's just going to try to sell me well, how can you provide enough value to build that rapport? Where does it feel like that? You know what I mean? So there's a couple of different tactics in that way, but it's really just coming from a place of servant leadership and really just pouring into people and back to the seen, heard, and appreciated.

Everybody wants that. Now, how can you put that out there to be attractive and to show people I'm really for you. And I wanna, I wanna help. It's so good. I hope people are taking notes because this is definitely a master

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