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Hire a Coach and Make More Money: Coaches are Appreciating Vehicles

Why should I hire a business coach? Many times, we focus so much on the cost of hiring a coach we miss the huge potential ROI (return on investment). Any money you put into coaching and learning more about how to build and grow your business is an investment that will appreciate if you put the learning into action.

I have seen clients go from just a dream to bringing in enough to quit their full-time jobs. The key is putting what you learn into action. Business coach services vary greatly in price and in ROI. Make your choice wisely.


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Show Notes: Coaches are Appreciating Vehicles

Great. So I'm going to start right sharing about these hearings. 54. Do you see that? Is it backwards? I don't know. Let me tell you about them just in case. I don't know. Can you say that? Can you add, I don't know. Anyway. Oh gosh. Knocking tables out and everything. This number right here that I wore on my ears tonight and knowing that I was going to be sharing with you.

Like I am now came from a heartbeat, uh, but it also came from a testimony. It came from the knowing that this young. And I say young, we're probably the same age, but I'll say young because she has a young spirit. She started her business with negative $54 in her bank account. And now I get to witness her six figure almost seven-figure business, take root in the homes and hearts of multitudes of women across the country who are leaning into their God-given.

Their God-given gifts, talents, purpose. And what we know from her is ambition. Ashley Faye is a dear friend of mine and such a sweetheart, and she's a conference host and she has like the QVC of Facebook. If you haven't followed along, go do that. Ashley fades designs, but I'm not here to just talk to you about her negative $54 or her testimony or the impact that she's making in the world.

I'm here to talk to you. Sales and how sales can feel really slimy and I've even done some other YouTube videos about this. So go back and check out the other one. We'll put the link for a direct access on how to do it later. But this revelation that came to me today, uh, I think needs to be. And I think it's a, not only a tool that God deposited, um, it's also a revelation for you.

It's a revelation for me as a consumer and as a servant. Right. And to know that we are exchanging value in such a way that allows you. Freedom and allows us ability. It allows money to be exchanged without a need for greed, and also without a question for value. And I see this all the time, right? I'm on sales calls with people or.

In-person with someone. And they're asking me about what I do and what my prices are. And I think our prices need to be prevalent. Okay. First off, there's been a lot of coaching that I've received, where it feels under a $2,000. Share it out. If it's over $2,000, don't put it on your website. Don't make it known to the public and I've created different ways, whether they're coming onto my landing page and they're applying for something.

And in the application, I am giving the information for how much money it's going to be. So they're not caught off guard or it's just point blank on my website. Um, I also offer it to them freely when we're talking, this is how much I am and what happens when I do that. What, what, that's a lot of money and I always dealt with the sales objection of that's expensive, or I don't have enough money or I can't right now, but I will one day and, or I have to ask my husband or 10, I split it into payments, which I don't mind by the way.

Or, um, I just, I wasn't expecting. And my curiosity is first off. What were you expecting? And secondly, you spend money every single day. You carry around items. Whoa. Again, shaking Mike, or you carry things around with you. I mean people's bags. Their purchases are definitely not in this girl's bank account.

They're definitely not even something I ended up splurging on. I'm not really a purse girl or a shoe girl. I'm a hat girl and we're willing and it's okay. And the value is right there in front of our face because it's Kate spade because it's Louis Vuitton because it's, whatever it is, how have they positioned themselves?

So well, That they're worth more than a mentor or a coach or an item that's handmade or a friend and you don't pay for friends. Sure. But you might in fact pay for cheerleaders and me as a purpose activator, you should pay for me. Yes. Why accountability? Guess why and hours and hours and hours and dollars and dollars and dollars and testimony and life and learning and college, um, degrees.

I wouldn't say bachelor's and so much is learned expertise that I get to trade with you. And cheer for you in the process of you activating that in your own life. So here's the analogy, here's the God deposit. And I hope that this speaks to you. Well, I also hope that it has you questioning when you negate something that cost anything really.

We, we value exchange like this and we should be exchanging like this and not sitting on our dollar and not depreciating her daughter. With material items. So I'm on clubhouse, I'm driving down the road and I have not often, um, have clubhouse down driving and thinking about coaching simultaneously. Like there's a lot of things going on.

I was listening to a really good conversation and she was telling us about the 20, 30, 40, 50,000 hundred thousand dollar clients that she had had and how she positioned herself in that. And I thought to myself, Wow. That seems fair. I love how she positioned herself as exclusive as the expert, as the nation's best, this social proofing that she's been featured in magazines and TV shows and famous people's experiences.

Right. Hollywood glamour. And so with that social proofing, with that information, you're like, yeah, sure. That makes total sense. I'm going to hire her, but what about when you go to a car? And you're looking at the Kia. You're looking at the infinity, you're looking at the Tesla and you're immediately giving weight.

You're judging from the outside, in on the value of that car. You can't wait because you have money for all three. You have enough, you can afford them. All. Which one do you choose? Is my curiosity. Let's say you're not a Tesla person. I love Tesla. Um, let's say you go up to the infinity and it is shiny and new, and you're so excited and you trade you trade full value.

You say, I'll get that car. If you, and you get money. And you have no problem. You have no qualm. Maybe you want to deal maybe even a little spice doc off that so I can get something extra. Okay. Okay. Okay. That's a bonus. That's what we offer as coaches. Here's the bonus. Add on for you to come in at the end.

It's a promotion price, an early bird special. These are all words and phrase allergies that we use no different than a car lot. So you would exchange value with that person. And I would love to say that you're paying in full you're paying definitely in full and if not, and you're using credit. Yeah.

Making a monthly payment, which also I take also a lot of coaches take and there's different ways that they can take it, take it where it's higher initial payments and there's interest and all of that stuff though, shocked by that you're willing to do it in the car. And the next part of this car analogy, which I love that I'm doing a car analogy because I'm not a car person at all, but I'm just going off of the mini mini cars that me and my husband have had.

And thanks to him I'm fully paid. And so you're either paying in full or you're paying in a monthly and you're fine with either. I'm fine with either those coaches are and you take it off the lot. Wow. What happens immediately when you drive your car off of the law, whether it's used or new, my cars are all used.

I learned the new thing the hard way, and you drive it off a lot and it immediately depreciates it immediately starts costing you. You have to go to the gas station. You popped a tire. You have to go and get your tires exchanged you throughout. Not me. My daughter often, cause she gets car sick and you have to take it to get cleaned.

You ripped the leather and so you have to get the seat refurbished refinished, the paint starts chipping and it needs a new paint job. Is it change the fuel or. Engine checked and all of these things are happening and you're okay with it. Now you might get frustrated, especially if those things happen unexpectedly and you're on the side of the road unexpected late, or getting a tow unexpectedly.

But at the end of the day, you expect it enough because it's the cost exchange of getting you from point a to point B to the dream destination of where you hope to go later that day. Later that year on vacation perhaps, or just home every single evening. You're okay with the depreciation and you drive it happily.

First of all, problems, if the other things are happening, right. Because you also are willing to fork over the payment for all of those things, because you have to get from point a to point B and here we are to the coaching. What if you stopped looking at everything as, oh, that's a lot of money and you started looking at coaches, mentors, trainers, therapist, anybody who's trying to give you their expert knowledge as the vehicle to get you from point a to point B a vehicle.

In fact that doesn't depreciate. It actually appreciates your value. What if it's not difficult to exchange the money because you know that the money is going to be given back to you. It's actually going to make you more money. Now I know you might be thinking, well, I don't do this kind of thing with cars, or I actually do invest my money in places that will make me money, but you have a job.

You have a destination. And instead of not saying you don't need a car very important instead of investing in the things that are material that depreciate on a consistent basis, or instead of saving up for the thing that is ultimately justified. How much better would it be if you could make money on the process to get the thing without thinking about the thing paying in full instead of having to make payments or have interest, right.

There are so many beautiful things about coach, about exchanging value. With somebody who's going to get you the a, to B experience, making money along the way, appreciating value along the way, giving their hat to you. So you can get to where you're going. Easier with less effort, with more momentum connecting you along the way to communities of people that equally value what it is that you're doing.

And they too are. They too want to get their health, right? Their physical health, their mental health, their spiritual health, their home, their hearts, you guys, there are incredibly talented experts, thought leaders, industry leaders, CEOs, managers. Coaches and trainers that I have the pleasure of working with consistently.

And if I didn't get to partner with them in this process, if I didn't get to cheer for them along the way, if I was not their accountability partner, they would not have had the vehicle to get them where they are today. Not in the way that I was able to do it, not with the same testimony that I was able to.

And so if you aspire to be a coach or any of the things I mentioned, I've worked with realtors, I've worked with, um, video videographers. I've worked with crafters, I've worked with event planners. I've worked with, um, boutique owners. I mean, really the sky's the limit. It's the knowing that you need, need people on the journey, just like you need the person to come in and fix your car.

And in order to get the car, there has to be an exchange of value. And it doesn't have to be like a depreciation, right? When you drive it off the lot, it gets to be a valuation exchange of appreciation and a vehicle. So that's what coaching with me is about. That's what coaching with anyone really is about, but make sure when you look for a coach, you look for somebody who is ethical, not a salesy slimy car salesman.

I live 70 cars, salesman friends. I love all of you. I'm just joking. I just know. The industry also from the flip angle, make sure it's a good vehicle. Make sure it's something that you can stand behind and you're going to be proud of at the end, make sure they have the ability to get you to the dream that you want to go to the destination that you intend to go to.

And make sure they're willing to be more than just a coach. They're willing to activate. They're willing to keep you accountable. They're willing to cheer for you. They're willing to connect you. They're willing to put you in the spotlight. All of these things and more coaching is such a gift. And I just hope that this served you even in your own coaching experience, even if I'm not your coach.

I hope that it's a tactic that you can now put in your tool. In order to serve your next client and get you to your ultimate dream. So you guys, oh, subscribe, ring. Do the thing, comment below. Share this. I would really appreciate it. Thanks. It's tan. Miranda's oh, and by the way, if you want to get connected with Morgan information.

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No, just kidding. Keep going, keep going to podcasts and stuff.

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