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Claiming Confidence With Heather Crossley, Conversation Designs

Are you ready to claim your confidence?

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Heather is looking to help you claim purpose and truly walk out your life with intentionality and joy.

Don’t let arbitrary things become addictions in our lives!

She will be the helper for your dull or lackluster life that you can’t quite pinpoint!

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Show Notes: Claiming Confidence

Hard today. Obviously, Heather and I are in a different state, but that’s only because we were coming to you to converse, which is a part of what she does, and we’ll talk more about that, but also just to… It tetoua.

Yesterday, I had a live about isolation and we don’t… I feel alone or go stir crazy in your home, even though we’re hoping that you’re staying healthy and safe and clean, so we’re here today for another recording of the fit and valve podcast that I am come to bring you. A friend who I have been following on social media for a while now, someone that I just admire the way that she serves her audience and the people who follow along with her, and I am such a sucker for images, and so if you wanna pop over right now, to go check her out on Instagram, you will love her feed, it’s fresh and clean, and I feel simple, and I think that that’s really what people are looking for now with the jargon of everything that they have being pushed to them on a constant basis, so… Well, so there, I’m glad to have you virtually here today.

Thank you. Thanks. So how can we all…

I am really excited to be here.

Yeah, so I always just kinda jump in and I never know where that jump in is gonna be, and so I would love for you to just kinda go with it, to share where you are maybe in the world right now, and share how you got there and how this is something that they’re like, where your passion started?

Yeah, so I… Titania, do you want to work? I was like, Yeah, and they are going to… To… Okay.

For a Giants birth pans away now, so I’m like a little east coast.

And I, I, I went to school at and Tahltan communications, and right now I’m currently kind of doing an entrepreneur program with a in-school business wild doing purpose coaching, and my Buller Popes Crete is to help women fully embrace and step into their purpose, so they can bring positive change in influence into their homes and communities, because women who know their purpose, lift nations and to that tool… Well, you need what a world of just people lifting each other and sparing others to do the best, that’s a really good… So what inspired you to get into that place? Was there something that you felt like was void in the market, or where do you… Not being mentored in the way you’re hoping… That’s a good question, I think.

I’ve always felt that women and everyone are about… Women weren’t really living up to their potential, we’re just… There’s a power that we hold, and there’s a reason why God made us mothers and with the voice of the world, it really did means that… How are that women really hold…

I’ve had lots of opportunities to just at college to be over different women organizations, and one thing that I always…

I wanna say frustrate me, but concern was how women couldn’t see their value and their potential, and so I aim not saying that I know mine fully, but I’ve learned that as I step into that purpose, as I embrace those in qualities that are unique to my life, is more fulfilling, I have more meaning, purpose and direction, and I’m able to inspire the slip others, so… I wouldn’t say there was an exact moment, I… Now, I do remember when I was… So think 15 emails, a tea.

And I was listening to this conference, my mom had a twin sister and we went, this man and this lady was speaking, and she said that she firmly believes any virtuous young woman can change the world, you know in your head, you just kinda dismiss, come… It’s like that I… That time he…

I felt like God was heard, that little dismissive comment I made was like, No, Heather, she’s talking to you, and you can’t change the world and you have a place to play in this whole existence, and so since then, I’ve just kind of been aware of that, that I A… And wanted to create something that would allow women to really see their goodness and step into that and claim it, and bless their communities and families and homes… That’s beautiful. It’s really ironic that the conversation already has taken a turn where I’m like, Oh, I see you, like I see you, Jesus, I see the purpose in this conversation already, because in the last week with my for creative coaching gals, we have had unpacked this question as our beginning query or our beginning thoughtful or mindfulness practice, and it was, are you pursuing a life of potential or a life of purpose?

And so I love what you’re saying, and I think the potential piece has a lot of importance for people to understand what that is, but I think the cool key concept of how we both share and inspire women is that we want them to be operating in this place of purpose.

And the example that was shared with me, the podcast, was that Jesus himself had abundant potential, he had the ability to heal the nations when he was here, and yet he chose specifically just picking out different people, and through that staying really on course with his purpose, he I answered, what it is that God would happen do while he was here.

So in another part to that, he’s sitting on the cross, or I’m not sitting, but hanging on the cross, that people are saying, you have all this potential, if you have the power within you, why don’t you just get up off the cross and law and be free and he held a… And she knew that he had that ability and had that power, but instead he hung there for us and carrying arson and knew that this was the place, that this was his purpose for being alive, and this is this purpose for walking the earth, and so we… As business owners, as women, as moms, we have a multitude of potential in so many different areas and so many pockets that we could pursue, but when we really come into alignment with knowing our purpose, we have that aha experience that where you’re walking into right now, where you’re like, I am seeing the fruit, I understand that this is my comfort zone, but also the place that you’re willing to be uncomfortable to pursue or more purpose, and to know that everything that even the times when you’re 15, even the times when you’re five… Shoot, I remember memories from me in elementary school that they literally work… There were seeds that God was planting without my awareness that I know happened to as a resource and an individual piece to mind fingerprint and my identity, so she… And you said it already so beautifully, but I know you could unpack it even more when you are coaching a woman or guiding a woman through this process of understanding her potential and understanding her purpose, how would you… Was an activity or a resource that you would provide her to understand that… Yeah, so the first thing we start out with it is more mindset, so we start with mindset tools of receiving a lot of that strategy, you hear a lot of this over the internet, but it’s different having someone in Hong and where your deficiencies are and what your habits are what how your mind and brain or gently filtering just the everyday thoughts pattern than your reactions to them.

Yeah, so start with mindset, and then we go into what I call a journey map, and this is where we have the individual look at their past and find those key moments that… A decision needed to be made, and whether it was the right decision or the wrong decision either way at that point had a big impact on their life.

Yeah, there… We can then look at this kinda estate loads we with our life and target those areas and ask them, What made that experience enjoyable or what was so terrible about that experience, what did you learn from that and what did you… If you were gonna talk to yourself at that time, what would you do differently, and as the individuals are talking, we start to see patterns of what they value with their talents, their natural talents run…

I feel like sometimes a week code talents into the… In a singer or near something, Reeves, just unique ways that we communicate with others, and the unique ways we view and see the world or our ability to attract people in our… Chrisma?

Yeah, I…

I feel like we give a little less focus on the hidden talents per se, but as they’re talking, their values and talents and the environment that they thrive in begin to naturally come out from their past, and so I just list Livin and identify those things.

Yeah, and package it up for them. And then through that, we cater those talents and the values and see how they can apply into their day life.

I feel like a lot of times people like, if I have a purpose, I need to go start a company, I need to start this or to do that, and you don’t… You have so much power and so much influences within our home and communities for just thinking who you are, and once you all now step into that and start even just with a simple mindset of shift, you’re a whole aura and life really brings on a vitality that impacts others and just rings, read greater breath into your life. And that’s one of the joys I’ve been able to see is people go off and create things versus people who just start making these small adaptations in their life that makes such a huge difference in living a life of meaning.

I think that’s really wise and a really important part of people understanding what we do in the coaching process of that, because often people immediately assume they’re like, Oh, it’s for business owners only, and our our… So many vast opportunities for people to understand the importance of a coaching experience and where that gives you a… An opportunity for abundance in your life, and it doesn’t have to be cultivating a business, you don’t have to be an entrepreneur, you… I’m gonna have to have a desire to do that. A cool thing about an experience I’ve had with women as we’ve unpacked their passions, which is essentially where you can find your purpose, because your passions are not given… God is the passion of Christ, that’s who he is, and so he innately gives us those things. And I think oftentimes, we forget to tap into them, I can already see so much that’s gonna come as a high or a low point in people’s life from an impact perspective during this crown via situation, and so it’s gonna be neat to see five years from now who is walking in purpose because of this time, and so knowing that there is an opportunity for goodness to come out of all of this, but to know that your passion is really a part of… Again, that individual identity, and as you said at the beginning, you see women who are able to walk in confidence or own those spaces of who they are and not really walking out what it is that their purpose to do here, and I often feel it’s because they think their passion isn’t as well-equipped or well-developed as somebody else’s, and therefore they just kinda shot at away from it and say, Oh, that person’s better at public speaking, that person’s better at serving her community because she can make a… Horse is the best neighbor, and I don’t have that ability. And so knowing that each person has their individual gifting, and it doesn’t mean that that passion is meant to have an impact in the world, but you also might just be within your church, and that church has a ripple effect that pain in Acts the entire world.

And so giving people that, that confidence boost, knowing that it’s not a matter of affecting change in your neighborhood and everyone automatically is held at Sage and whole and healthy or whatever it is that your passion is, but knowing that they have access to… Now, share that wealth of information and that love, essentially, it all comes down and boils back to love and value to their children that will then impact their children, that will then impact their children, so it’s really… Passion and purpose is all about Legacy, and that’s what is… Is in when he was here.

Yeah, you reminded me of a quote. I just printed it out just like the other body, ’cause I really liked it, but it’s in this article a least we as a part Atalanta that…

Oh, take your time. That’s awesome.

Okay, so it says, When the real history of mankind is fully disclosed, will feature the echoes of gunfire or the shaping sound of love, the great armies is made by military men or the peacemaking of women in homes and in neighborhoods.

Well, what happens, and the cradles and kitchens proved to be more controlling than what happens in Congress and I… A long time. Well, because we now…

I like to loneliness as it’s what happens in the cradles that really changes… Impacts the world, and I know as a mom, and everyone has been influenced, hopefully mostly for good, but at series for bad, and we have the power to make a difference, and I just firmly, firmly believe that everyone here has been prepared and uniquely tutored to comply or at this time, and God, how it worked for them to do, and it doesn’t matter how smaller, bigger, whatever you think is, it’s that effect and God’s plan that’s going to make a difference for him to do his work to love His children and bring them home and that’s what… I just feel like that’s what the power of women is, is creating and creating a life of meaning for your family so that they can go and continue that ripple effect that you’re just talking about… Endless. The world.

Yeah, that’s amazing. Gosh, and then that’s why we love what we do all because it’s for you and it’s for that ability to connect with one person and see them and watch that joy, and you said the word or, and that vibrancy of their life, that vitality come to life in you… But it’s also knowing that the huge impact of the huge influence at that one person can have so… So incredible. So I wanna kinda pull that because we could keep going down and just talk, this is a coaching and all of that, but I wanna know from a personal testimonial perspective, where were those highs and lows for you and how has it been a trajectory point for your path.

Yeah, I eat… So this gets really personal in at a I… I love it. Okay, so I… Let’s see. So I haven’t looked at mine for a while, but I see there’s a…

Okay, so then third grade, this is a low point, but in third grade, there was this kid, and I want say it’s name, even though we’ve talked about this experience fritillar.


And I was just… We’re heading back from lunch with my little higher grade class back to a school room, and I was with my sister, I ancestor… I think I said that already, the NWA were the same class, and our two friends, and I was just kind of in a good mood, I guess, and this kid, he is okay, well run down to the nurse office, and so he kind of just angles bumped into us on his way, and I just kind of diced his behavior. I wasn’t trying to be malice or make fun of him, but in a sense, I was sure, I later found out that he didn’t pass out ’cause he didn’t make it to the nurse office in time, and I don’t know what condition he has, but it was obviously station that he passed out and didn’t make it back to the classroom, and I just felt so bad for, in a sense, judging him before recognizing and understanding his situation fully, and it was in that moment that I decided… And it’s something I’m not perfect at, that I would never judge someone before I really got to know their story, and I…

I had to replay that experience a couple of times, there was another time that I remember in seventh grade where a similar thing happened. And yeah, and it was just this room, the huge reminder to me like You don’t know people’s stories don’t know their background, who are you, to judge them and to… I don’t know, put blame towards them when you have never even experienced what they’re going through.

Yeah, so those are some lows that helped me identify some character traits, I didn’t want to hold on to.

It’s good.

A high moment was, I was doing it a service mission, and it was just in Southern California, but we were there just helping people find Jesus, and Waterson picked me out of the crowd and randomly just had me stand up and kind of speak to everyone about my experience so far, and it was a little bit racing, but it was… As I was walking up to speak in front of everyone, I just said a little prayer and asked God that He would bless me with the words needed to just inspire and help my group. And it was a really eye-opening experience because I was speaking… I knew that it was God’s words and that he was using me as his instrument to let his children know that he loves them, that they’re doing a great work here, and that he’s appreciative of their efforts in their time and their sacrifice, and that moment helped me to see really the essence of Proverbs five to the Tree, Trust Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and all the ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path.

I… And yeah, that was another highlight, realizing, helping me realize and recognize that when I put my full trust a little or he’s there and that he has my back. And through him, I can do all things. Again, that’s not proper.

Yeah, in an doorman credit you strength and we… Yeah, the other highlight, and then the example I shared with you before with… At that conference I was sitting at where God was like, Heather, she’s talking to you in… Those were moments where I realized, Okay, there’s something I can do to bless others, and I can do that because God’s behind me and he’s going to fill my mouth to say the things that are necessary to lift, motivate and inspire people to step into the purpose and come to who they are.

So they bring that to God’s table.

So that would be at a base, it’s wild when even as a young person, and I see this in my son specifically, because he’s quickly impulse it, this is just a one I ran, that’s how he is. But I see often how he been emotionally handles or responds or is self-reflecting or even self-critiquing things that happened after he’s made a choice, after he’s made in Stein, and also having the innate ability to recognize that was wrong.

That’s not who I wanna be. And then being able to take action towards the evolution of becoming better and become the best version, and I just love that that’s not taught, maybe when you’re little and you’re like, Oh, as a mom, right, as we are guiding and stewarding our little ones to say, You think that was the best choice. Let’s think about that again.

Sure, but I’m seeing this in situations where I’m not there or I will not speak, so that I can watch what happens, and it’s pretty amazing that that’s an innate trait, Elo, God giving us that goodness and that self-awareness and that identity from birth that doesn’t… Be coach in or out of someone, and so I think it’s really valuable that that can happen at that age, but it’s also still happening as we are progressing through life in our 30s, 40s, 50s and there after, there will be check points that we have on a given daily basis and in it by minute, hour by hour, as an opportunity for us to either listen and one in and tweak, because we don’t get it right all the time, we’re not perfect or imperfect impact on knowing that God’s whispering at any given moment. And we have an opportunity to choose how we respond and how we Sheikh on those things. So thank you for sharing and how here, especially when you’re little and you’re like, Oh, at that day you can carry the guilt, but now you can release yourself from that and know that he didn’t know any better, but the fact that it self-checks and self-regulate he was pretty amazing.

Yeah, we’re gonna say something.

Well, I thought you were gone to the… The one I…

I was gonna ask another question, but if you have a way that you’re in, you is love, that you talk about how God sends us here with the compass of rightness, and I feel like oftentimes, as we grow up following a hard or that compass gets a little muddled because we gain information and our mind starts to take more control that the carnal side of us… Yeah, and man, it’s just ponds, a lot to say about them, but the estate, I was like a connecting with with mother nature and following her heart, and that’s what we need to do more of, and I know that I’ve struggled a lot in the… Especially last five years, I kinda got caught up in the mind leading my life, and it wasn’t a very… Didn’t lead to positive experiences very much though, and so I just love it. You said that God has given us that Compass, and as we follow that intuition that he’s given us, we can stay on a path that’s good for us, leading us to God into the less peoples around it.

It’s really good. I’m in the process of writing a book. This is a fun thing about meeting new people and talking to a podcast, ’cause you don’t know everything about me, even though social media might show one thing, and one of the things I’m talking about is specifically about this, and it’s that concept of a moral barometer, have you heard this?

Yeah, and so my husband specifically is in HVAC, and so this concept of a thermostat, and we have a choice in a thermostat, you gauge the temperature outside and then you adjust yourself in your room in your home to meet that expectation for yourself on how you want to feel… And so this is your internal moral barometer as an opportunity, if you look at it as a thermostat, you engage the world around you and you set the expectation of your… Your zone, and that’s called us into being at maximum capacity in the FITS of saying that we have the ability to adjust the hottest situation, we can bring it down the coldest situation, we can regulate it back to this temperature that we know is what… Where he would have us be, and that’s understanding our alignment of our mind, body and soul, and our vertical understanding of who He would have us walk into, and this is a part where in that more a barometer, there is that control factor of staying in your comfort zone, and knowing that we actually have a greater capacity and it’s important for us to push the limit and to know that there might be people in your home at any given time that are like, It is ring in here, can you please turn the on and you’re like, Oh, this… My comfort zone. This is where I like it. Or vice versa. It is so hot. Can you please turn the AC on?

It’s like, No, this is where I like it. Everybody’s gonna have a different moral barometer, a different thermostat that they’re setting their life to, and it’s really important that you know that there’s gonna be other people who can come alongside you and not only test you and make you come out of your comfort zone, but also there’s gonna be a huge amount of people that enjoy the temperature that you sit at, and so knowing as we cultivate these businesses or our individualized message or our individual imprint on the world that we can’t be for everyone, and while God intends for our light to shine and penetrate all places, even the dark, we are not gonna be able to hang out in the dark, that’s not where we’re called to be, and I mean that in the sense of some people are called to be in the dark, but their thermostat and their moral barometer can handle it.

And I know that from following my mind and pursuing things culturally, that I have to hang out in a certain area at a certain temperature for me to be at my highest operating temperature, if you will.

So I just think it’s really interesting as you share that, that correlation, it really matters and people… People believe that once you in all out, I don’t know what that is, because we’re never… I don’t think ever gonna be there, Polly, figure it all out until I’m in heaven, and even then I’m gonna be like mine, love like you at… You should have no entity, is that inter… But realizing that because we don’t have it figure all out or figured out doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue that per place of purpose.

And I tease, you should pursue a harder… Yeah, I love that. What is your book on a… What is an about that I gather not… I do it to publish or… Self-publishing, so I’m in that stage right now. I actually took advantage of this season that we’re in of the world, and I stayed up really late the other night, which is like super… I am APs at 830, I’m out to the world, so if you’re in Ngati, I’m not responding until the morning at 530, so if you like to sleep in…

I did nothing.

I will wake you up, but… And I was like, I don’t have to wake up tomorrow. I’m gonna do this. So I submitted to two different publishers on Monday, of one, waiting on it for a while, so…

Oh, I… So exciting. Such a place to be in life. So I’m a play, you have a designer to write… Yeah, no, I enjoy writing, but once it becomes an assignment to me, I have negative energy towards that, just winter much about school, and honestly, my twin sister is a fabulous writer, and that was one thing we kinda got compared to in… Yeah, so there’s not that I was a bad writer. But I always thought I wasn’t a very good writer.

She’s a really good or native writing storytelling. That’s awesome. She just remembers everything and I do, the towers were told us… Right, flawlessly. And I was like, Let’s just get this broader then… Yeah, yeah, I love that. We got a little compared to that, so yes, I enjoy writing. I wanted to get into blogging and let that has just been a task I haven’t been willing to face it, got it. That they… You get a TA, that’s the cool thing about what we do is, again, you’re not gonna have it all done, we can’t possibly have it all done, and so knowing that there is a next level, there’s a next opportunity. They’re there, they’re always there.

That one… Let’s switch in here.

Yeah, you totally… Well, I feel like you’re already micro-blogging, right?

In Terai, guess what? That’s around it, many, the anti… Now, they’re calling it micro-blogging, it’s all the rage now, so you can just get into your block, so I want either because I know you have been working, you don’t just do this thing, wheels moving on a continual basis, and you have some programs and stuff that you wanna share… And has that been skewed based on when it launches because of everything going on, it actually… It hasn’t been that it just had a level time up with a rating, there I… You are how you’ve been putting energy into this new program, so I’ve just… So over the past two years, I will… That’s eight years I’ve been gathering information with mentoring and coaching, I’ve gone through different mentoring sessions, different coaching sessions, and really felt drawn to helping people well, of tap into their purpose.

I feel like we just talked about in nanowires, but I was going through it at through my undergrad and all that, and it was just… I didn’t know how to do it all at the same time.

Yeah, so last year I took to people through a pilot course, they more just kinda came to me and was like, Hey, gather, I’ve heard you to send it… A lot of those stuff, can you help me? I was like, Yeah, yes, I can.

And Costa and was just kind of blown away how Hellyer just blessed me to help them step into their purpose, and I thought, This is something I need to move forward with, so I’ve been working on creating a program and I have eight students who started this week actually, I just palaces where I’ll take them through different mindset tools, helping them understand different blocks, blockages that they have in their life, and then we’re gonna walk them through the journey map, like we had talked about before, and then a 11, I’m hoping to fully launch and then my rates to just help cable really find a life of meaning that is really rad, so from an end goal perspective with finding life of meaning, finding purpose to us… And I feel like a lot of the people do I surround myself with, we get that, we’re like, check, that’s also I walk at, what about the person who is curious but doesn’t really understand even what that means, what are they receiving from a soul level, from a spiritual level during this time with you, that they can then use that in a… That’s an interesting Inquest on…

I feel like I… Maybe, maybe this is too much of an assumption, but no, I think it’s fair to say that people wanna find direction and meaning in life, and everyone comes to that realization at some point or another, but I think most people are… So renames cases coming to mind, but I can’t quote it, so I either essentially that worse, they’re searching for food or this earth… Water, but they don’t know where to find it.

Yeah, and I think sometimes people just don’t know how to put the words to it, they just know that their life is lacking, it seems to… And I don’t know why.

Yeah, and I… This program that I’m working on, I’m creating will help the person who recognizes that they need purpose and meaning, or want to just kind of hone in more on that a little more… Yeah, or the person who is just like, What? I don’t know what’s going on, but my life lacking fulfillment.

Yeah, this program I’ve created will help people to, if nothing else, just begin to establish patterns of healthy living in their life that will help them to align themselves and accept themselves as who they are with those God-given gifts and talents that they have. That’s a real sort of question as I… Yes, that’s so good. That exceeded my expectations. I try really hard to stay right here so that people surprise me and don’t underwhelme, it’s hard to do that, but the main answer, I’m excited for people who listen in and tune in, because I’m not there right now because I feel like I’ve found of a living water, and I do understand and I’m able in my reflection in that water to see my identities for God, but I feel like I don’t feel… I know that I lived decades, I was gonna say centuries, but I’m not that old without comprehending that, and it truly does feel like you’re wandering a wandering ales through the desert.

I am part hedonism.

I love sunshine, but okay, this is too much sunshine, or they’re starving, and often times because of the auto-pilot that we are set on to live at the supersonic speed, we don’t even have the cerebral understanding that we are hungry or thirsty… Right, and we try to fill it with other things, we think… Well, I’ll just… I was listening to the radio the other day, and I got kind of upset with the person who was talking to, she was like a women that being on your phone actually boost like positivity in your brand. I like real.

Does it? I don’t know, it’s… Yes, you’re getting that from… But everything I’ve read is totally against that, and she was promoting some type of…

Oh yeah, I don’t know, I… But it was… And I was like, That’s just gonna make more people depress because they’re not communicating with people, there’s sucked into this is… I let… Yeah, I am. That’s not having any more value to their life…

I agree with you. Is it saying, good? It’s sucking this route and then we’ll try to fill it with things that we think are going to make us feel better, and it just becomes where those arbitrary things just become addictions in our lives rather than only owning our life, choosing what we wanna do too, so when we wanna feel I’m standing in our purpose to create something better.

Yeah, that’s so good. I love it, I love it. You can tell that you’re passionate about it. Cause you’re like radio host, and I vented about that for a while, so I don’t know who… Destiny commented, I sing people about it, is I think that’s the thing, like so often, and we’re in this space, so we’re naturally being re-targeted for everything that we’re talking to about right now all legitimately, they’re gonna come to us with coaching, they’re gonna come to us with tooth joy, they’re gonna come to with all of the concepts are not to be in our new speech. Right, and I go on I and open to it, but I have a click-bait curiosity because I’m looking at it from a business perspective, but also I still, even in the awareness of my identity, I still wanna choose joy, I still want to know that there’s more to life, I still, I’m curious about these pursuits that people are on, and so of Lit and I will read, I love to read, and so I’m learning about these people and what they’re sharing and what their background is, and again, I can’t judge what or how they’re bringing their life to people, and yet at the same time, I’m really curious about what and where they’ve actually pulled their source of information from, and so I want people to be really mindful of the fact that it seems like everyone’s old coach not right, everyone…

I’m a coach, and that’s awesome, but I want you to know and really dig into the how and the why, and ask them point blank, how did you get to be where you are?

What validates… And you don’t need to ask for validation from them, because validation comes from the Lord himself, but I do believe that it’s important for us as consumers to understand where that wealth of knowledge is coming from, and I have a girl who, girlfriend who is launching her… Her free MOMA Collective is what it’s called, and it’s just an advocate or women who are looking to own a healthy life and no judgement in the realm of how they pursue their health for their families, their kids specifically is a huge passion for her.

What the ERA in the top were non-toxic products or vaccines versus not vaccines, education versus private education is independent versus home school, all those things.

She goes into all of the CTL and somebody could easily be like, Where did you get that? How do you think that that’s the right source of information and she can provide all of the resources that she wants, and she does, but at the end of the day, it always comes back to your was and you are clearly so moved by it… Again, this goes back to your passion and why you have experienced and how you’ve experienced these highs and lows of your life, what’s your wine, and if people understand at the root of who you are that your Y is affected and that’s where your power comes from, and that’s where your source comes from, and that’s where your energy comes from, There’s no negating that… I can’t negating that that brought fire a friend of yours, but to say the line, I… So I just want people to just be aware of that, find out there, I find out where they’re coming from. And honestly, at the end of the day, whether you agree with them or not, or you pursue what they’re trying to share with you from a consumerism perspective, at the end of the day, if you know there why you can celebrate them and you can say, that’s amazing that that is where you’re going and how you’re affecting change and joy and love into the community for me.

But I love it, I know it.

I just remind… An article I read recently for this entrepreneurship program I’m in, talked about finding your passion and how you need to pay attention to those moments that really excite you, and that segment extends to every single time you think about it, you’re just like, Oh, I’m just so excited about this eye and also those things that just make you really angry, the injustices in the world, just every time you’re like this, just being mad and someone needs to stop this or do so in a… And pay attention to those things because those things, if they excite you that much, if they’re making you that frustrated… Yeah, there’s something about them that you can do about it. And he talked about the root word of the word passion, which I’m not remembering his elite said, But it related to the idea of sacrifice, we… A nesting.

And so if you can find something you’re passionate, it means that you’re willing to sacrifice so much pain and time and effort, like the pain in the sacrifice ever will be worth it because the cause means that much to you, that is… It is a… That’s a good kind of…

I just really love that example of finding those things that excite you and I as is that anger you, it really just take it out of… Yeah, and that could be a sign of like, Hey, this is my calling, because there’s passion behind me burning about these…

I don’t know know if events, These ideas, these theories or whatever it is, injustices in the world, and God’s calling you to do something about it. He said that it was a good indicator on that, and I totally agree with it, it was just… That is so good.

I love that. No, I think it’s so good. It’s so cool, because you’ll find yourself even after this conversation, if I’m listening to a podcast or something happens with my family or something like that, there’s gonna be triggers from this conversation, we’re all gonna like, Oh my gosh, that’s such a amazing example. And so for us to be aware of those highs and lows, it goes back to what we set at the very beginning, those are the burning passions of the joy and the burning passions of injustice, and ultimately that is why that is where you gain your Y. this is how you know that your finger identity is so different than any other person, because surely, there’s gonna be people who have experienced similar scenarios as you… We heard the Me Too movement that that happened.

There was a lot of me too. Right.

Each of those women were affected or changed or imparted in such a different way that they are all to a specific… They are called to a specific people that they can affect change in their life based on their story, and so I think that it’s just really important for us to know, again, wherever you set your temperature, there’s gonna be the community that comes around you that enjoys that temperature too, and then not to discredit what you’re doing, if a huge group is over there hanging out with at different temperature, that doesn’t mean that you should change your temperature to or where they are, you stay in the place that you’re called, and that goes back to that concept from the very beginning of potential versus purpose, we have the potential to change that moral barometer, but is it the right thing to do, and is that where God has called you to be, instead living in purpose in the place that he’s positioned you, and knowing that that passion is a part of your purpose is so…

I love that you said that. In me, I’m a story teller. Yes, I… Oh, so good.

So when I learned this idea that it doesn’t matter where you are, the Lord has something specific for you and you’re needed, and it makes a difference in the big picture, even though I… Ingram congregation in my church was holding an event, and I just like to do with people, but I got assigned to be in the back, like folding, nape, I tattooed, I was like, at the engine, I wanna be with in front of the people I ate, talking to people not, is it my twin God, so I got to do to help people through the advent and all the teeth pulling now is is so… It’s not very fun.

And then I started thinking, Well, I started think all the posts… Well, they’re ever snacks back here and she doesn’t get Carnac, so that’s good.

And then I realized, this might seem like a small thing, but it’s what’s helping people feel clean, it helps the buildings stay cleaner, which I don’t know, still can seem kind of arbitrate, but the point that I learned from it is that God means me here, and God might call me to do the simple things in life, and I might… In fact, I guarantee I will not understand the big picture of it, and that’s okay, because if I know in my heart, this is what I’ve been called to do, then there must be a reason for it, and I may not be able to tell how it’s going to affect 2000 years from now or whatever.

But it’s going to make a difference.

So I’m gonna do it with all my heart and soul and put all my joy and energy into it, because I know it matters on some grand scheme of things as a, a orange author of the Bible like, Oh, that they really know that people today would be reading and living their words.

Yeah, I wonder if they did.

I don’t know, I could have positioned them in such a place of purpose that they…

I have to write this because it’s going to be what people need forever, and I often feel that way. The other day I was watching at Tony Robins, his Netflix thing that’s on right now, and I’ve heard of Tony Robins, a lot of my mentors had gone to Tony Robbins experiences and how it’s catapulted them into the things that they do now. Obviously, from the faith-based perspective, there’s more to what I do, I think then in a different sense, but I was sitting there taking all of my life’s experiences, all my highs and lows, and I was like so moved, I was balling serially folding clothes in my… Remember my kids were out with my husband, so I had this random time and I literally could count on one hand how many hours I watched TV a month, so this was a super rare occasion, falling, crying, and I knew in that moment I’m like… It was a message from God saying, You are destined for more.

There is a vision that God Himself has given you in the time that you’ve been knocked down on the floor dreaming or you’ve been in your bed in silence is praying is its purpose. And so for us to know, even in those small moments, the times that you’re silent and by yourself, they’re just as important as the time that you’re in front of the stage with the magnitude of people that you’re speaking to, and that goes back to women being confident in what they’re called to and knowing all not in comparison, that that person’s may be seemingly more grandiose or more visible calling, doesn’t mean that it’s more important than your calling that are calling as stay-at-home moms or are calling us teachers or our calling as writers. Maybe you feel like you’re always behind the see, maybe you’re like the one person on the assembly line who’s putting the lug nut or the Tire, why that analogy just came to me, but without that look, not think what would happen to the person driving down the street the millions of people driving down the street like, you are so purpose, and I just want people just like you, that you have this burning passion and similarity to me, We want that you guys to have freedom in your calling and know that it is so much bigger than you could possibly understand the words that you’re scripting today, the words that you’re sharing with your neighbor, the words that you’re writing in the letter to your pin how across the world, whatever, whatever is burning inside of you know that there is… There is more to it, then you can even possibly understand if it… Yeah, so good.

I am so grateful for this time with you, I feel like in the midst of everything going on, even you’re coaching How cool that that program launched on Monday with the whole world was in chaos, and these women are like, Oh, on my purpose today, this is happening.

Yeah, I feel like God’s hand was in that ’cause I just felt good about that date for some reason, I could have started sooner, like you know that for school a on large 16 and it’s gonna be okay, no.

You couldn’t plan that. That’s the thing that’s what’s so cool sometimes, is that even outside of our cultural understanding of what’s good and what’s bad, God’s like refined this out… Got Sister, I got it on. The good is, ’cause I don’t know what I’m doing anything. We need that vulnerability. People need to understand that we don’t have it all figured out. So I am grateful that we’re here and that we still were able to share, and I meet women and whoever is listening to know the purpose and know that this conversation in its unplanned, unturned experience. It was purpose too. And I’m just grateful that you have the opportunity to meet people in the way that you are doing it in such a uniquely beautiful way, ’cause it… Or necessary, a mentor that…

Yeah, Geraldine.

We’ll see later if you wanna find out more about Heather, actually, before we jump off, where can they find you?

So they can find me on Facebook at conversational designs, and then also Instagram, conversational Design School and outta that link and link it right to it.

And what about your program? Where can I find your program? And I link to it on… It should be posted on Instagram coming May 11th. I’m gonna be launching officially on the and my website right now as a work in progress, that it’ll be on the website, conversational design of come.

Awesome, and then you find on Instagram, I’ll be posting it up there, a link to it… Yeah, on a, I pray for your success and I pray for the purpose that’s gonna be instilled and understood and uncovered in all of these women, ’cause it’s already there, all is just a matter of pursuing it, so thanks again and all Aston, little more.

A camera and dress. I’m your kid in Paphos, and I am so excited to… To just be here to share with you other movers, dreamers, shakers, entrepreneurs, pastors, whatever, if you go ahead and you got a heart, I’m so excited to explore, that is who you are and discover your wholeness or how your… Well, the… Well, and your joy, I love to Zoo happiness. I want people to know that this is not a… This came a trial, you guys, this came with a lot of effort, I came with a lot of lows and so many highs, and I want us to experience those together, this is a real community of dreamers and I’m excited to help catapult your calling, your kingdom experience the purpose of your infant on world, wherever, however that is, so… Come on for the ride. I’m excited to chat with you. Comment, review, send Musashi, it’s me responding. Even having credible team. And so I’m just excited to get to know you. Let’s connect plus a community

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