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Christian Branding Identity

This week on CORE Talk, I talked all about Christian Branding. The logo and color palette are just one part of branding. That is just the visual identity, but there are so many more elements.

Doing a brand audit can allow you to see if your brand is meeting your why and purpose. You as a small business owner may not be as big as brands like Nike, Apple, or Chick-Fil-A, but branding is still a very important part of any size business.

Your content should reflect your why and how you talk to others. People looking at your business need to know the word, the message, and the mantra is all rooted in your why. As a Christian business, you want to show your heart and your purpose. All of this helps create a relationship, which is essential in connecting with others.

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Show Notes: Christian Branding Identity

All right, I'm going to help you do a quick branding audit of your business, so often we think that brand is just about color palette or perhaps logo, but that's only one element of your brand. That's just the visual identity of who you are. But even the visual identity, especially in today's virtual world, are there so many additional elements that you've got to get? Right. You've got to get succinct. And of course, as I always say, it becomes a process.

You evolve with your brand. Right. But at the end of the day, you're still going back to the bare bones. You're still going back to the basics. Even in the evolution, the basics are so critical. That's your Y, right. Your Y doesn't necessarily change even as you evolve. There might be more pieces to it, but ultimately we could strip it back down to the premise of maybe a rooted, systemic rooted belief, maybe a rooted value or underneath your belief system.

So we're going to talk about an example, of course, Christianity through the lens of God, through the lens of the Bible, as well as taking it to the basics of branding in somebody like Nike or Apple or we're going to use Chick fil A has a kind of a premise of both, and it's connected. But as I say, those things, you immediately have something that comes to mind, whether it's the brand identity or brand awareness or virtual experience or visible experience or any of these things when I say Christianity.

So I thought of a cross right off the gate. I then thought of the Jesus fish, right, that everybody had sealed on the back of their car. You might think just of the Bible. You might think of a rosary. You might think of Jesus face in and of itself. Right. And so Christianity has evolved from a root y into all of these ever visual explanations of who or how or what. And so it's the same thing with Chick fil A or Apple or Nike.

Right. You get the swoosh literally the way that that was created, because they said when you're running, that sound is a wash. And so the swoosh came about. Right. Chick fil A obviously has the sea and the chicken and it's red. And so people come to know and like and trust and can get behind that brand, just like Apple simple apple sign with a little bit of the Mac creation in the apple, you're never going to forget it.

So Steve Jobs data and I can't get his name from Chick fil A. They done a really phenomenal job in this. But are you, as a small business owner thinking that big? Because you should be just because you might not out the gate. Thank you, Nike. Or maybe you have the hope and the dream to be just that big. You've got to start and you've got to start somewhere with a solid foundation in order to build that representation.

So let's talk about it. Right. Branding message so important. This is beyond what you see. It is what you feel when you read, when you hear. And so it goes a level deeper than what most people say, like, hey, let's come up with a branding package for you. Here's your logo. Here's your colors. Here's your type font face. Right. There's so much more. What is it saying? And so to me, I think copy is one of the most critical parts of creating a brand, because if I don't sound like what you read, there is a incongruity and therefore that know, like and trust that we hear about all the time, it starts to create a sense of unawareness and a lack of credibility.

So even something simple like, hey, friend, how's it going? Do I say that when I see you? Hey, friend, I actually do. Or Hey girl or gosh, I'm trying to think of something relatable that people say all the time now or piece out. Right. If I don't throw a peace sign and say peace out on the regular and I'm putting that because it's trendy or it's popular, I and not me. And so when someone is reading, whether it's a blog, whether it's a Facebook post, whether it's a grand post, whether it's digital marketing copy on something that I'm making like visual, you need to know that the words, the message and the mantra are all being tied back to that route.

Why? Because that, again, is the immersion of who you are when it comes to the forward facing the experience of your brand. Somebody said it this way, that if you walk out of the room, your brand is what lingers. It's what people say when you're outside of the room, not necessarily how I show up. Right. It's not necessarily what they're reading on my website, because that's only one frame. That's only one lens of my brand.

And so when we are creating anything as a team, we're constantly thinking about not only the route, why, but more so importantly, what is the receipt of the thing that's going out into the public, whether it's a real whether it's a tick tock video. Does this connect with one who I am, who I'm called to be and to what I want people to feel when they leave? Because we know, as Maya Angelou said, and I'm totally going to say, that's wrong, but it's not about what you say.

Or what you do, it's about how you make them feel that they'll never forget. I probably said out of the way, but that's ultimately what it is. How is your brand evoking emotion? OK, so making sure you're really on par with that. So we've got your visual identity, we've got your verbal identity, not just with how they're receiving copy, which is your messaging, but also how are you speaking, making sure that there's a parallel between the two.

So if you're like, I don't really know what to say, how do I create this website, all of these words, I would really encourage you to sit down with a copywriting expert and just start talking, share your heart about the visions, your heart about the program, share your heart about why coaching. Give the back story to all of it. So I just did this and we did it through email marketing. Your email marketing is just as critical as your website.

So really, really, really paying attention to every piece and component of your business and how they all work together. So in the welcome sequence, I am sharing all of the back story of my why so people can come into community with me with a clear understanding of what it is that I do and more importantly, why I do it. So you think of two things. You think of the value of your identity, and then you also think of the virtual experience of your identity.

So the value will come in. How are people receiving and are they getting something good? Hopefully you're not creating something that you don't intend for there to be good valuation, but also understanding that in that value of delivery is all you also the finances, right? It's also the piece of valuation exchange as you give you will receive. Basically, it's the same understanding. I'm so grateful for that expression. And even in Chick fil A, even in math, they could not have established this sense of clarity and who they are from a messaging perspective, if their product wasn't good, if how they were receiving or serving was not to the highest caliber.

And that's how they've premised their entire being. And the same as you as a business owner, you think small business, but it's really big business dreaming from a small seed starting. It's a small mustard seed of faith, right. To get that Nike swoosh to what it is today with global recognition on every single athlete. Right. If this is where you are and you're starting your look, I just want to affect my family or my church community.

That, too, is such a gift. But you can't recognize, even with your minuscule perspective, how your messaging, how your valuation could create a ripple effect for generations to come. That's why I believe in creating your business on a rock solid foundation instead of the shifting sand instead of I'm going to call it this today. And it's going to change into this tomorrow. And it's going to be this color today and it's going to be this color tomorrow.

And I'm going to say and speak this way today and tomorrow, I'll try out this new language. If you do that and you allow the wind or the society or the secular mindset to dictate what it is that you are serving out from here every single day, you two are going to feel a little nutty. You're going to feel incongruent because you are then shaping yourself to the way of the world versus shaping yourself to your truest identity. Your truest being true is being identity.

Come to me recently and they were talking about how hard it is for them to understand and wrap their head around tech, specifically social media. I mean, who hasn't felt that one day at a time? Right. It's knowing that you do not have to be an expert in every single thing that you do. You do need to be an expert in your brand. You do need to be an expert in your visual and verbal identity. You do need to be an expert on how are you serving that valuation exchange for people.

Right. And so all of this comes into branding. And so what I told her, I said, hey, if it's this hard, if it's actually inspiring you to quit, then we need to shift focus on what it is that you're focused on. Yes, you're outside. Representation is so critical. But maybe if you hone in on this, why and I say maybe with confidence that it is clear that this should be her set. But I like to encourage people to make the choice themselves.

So I'm just giving a what if what if what you're created to do isn't focus on the social media, is it to focus on the exact phraseology or the way that you have to post on every single platform? What if you know the why you are the root and somebody else through delegation gets to do those other pieces? Branding isn't necessarily you, me, me, me. You do your job every single day. People can come and help you with that.

My team is critical for that to happen because I can't possibly be in all the places that I am, and yet I am because of them. And so I'm so grateful for that. But you have to learn to delegate a portion after understanding this core of who you are. Rooted entrepreneur, right? That's a CORE. Stands for a community of retired entrepreneurs, if we're rooted in the valuation of our identity vertically, horizontally, serving becomes a gift, it becomes easy to serve, becomes clear for other people to receive.

So I started the beginning with the cross or the Jesus bash or the Bible. The rosary. Right. You can think through, just as I say, that perhaps different denominations of Christianity, perhaps as each new visual exposure or new brand logo, if you will, can you logo Christianity? I think you can. Hence the Jesus fish. But does that cause confusion to people, the fish? Because we're self taught to teach a man to fish.

There's a root understanding, but if people from the outside looking in don't understand that, it's hard for them to grasp hold of the truth. So in verbal understanding of messaging, the way, the truth, the life, perhaps the trilogy. Right. It's the understanding of the Father Son, Holy Spirit, the trilogy. That's hilarious. The Trinity is awesome. Trilogy is a series Jesus forgive me, the Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Right. It's these understandings that this messaging can get convoluted. Even my phraseology can get convoluted. The word kingdom activator, kingdom entrepreneur, these things are used often. I hash tag them in and of itself. But I've had people specifically say that when you say kingdom, this is how I feel. So my root y might be this, but what's being received from the outside world is also very critical. So there's always two parts. The Y is fundamentally critical because you're the one looking at yourself at the end of the mirror, the end of the day.

And then also how is that messaging being received? So as a Christian entrepreneur or a Christian business coach, I'm very mindful of the fact of how I present the word. I'm also very mindful of, in fact, of how I present myself, because I am, in fact, a representation of my belief system. And my belief system is, in fact a representation of my father. And so everywhere you go, realize that there are arms and fingerlings and all of this stuff that is going to all these different people, and you want to make sure that the CORE that root is healthy and well, so that when somebody comes to the vine with the fruits that you're presenting them with, which is ultimately your brand chick a, when they serve up that really good chicken biscuit, the church, when they serve up that really amazing community, communion, pulpit, message worship experience, Nike, when they give out the shoe hopefully to together Mac, when I get my MacBook right, this is really good, but it all comes back to a Y and it comes back to a vision and it comes back to a God dream that he gives the one.

You are the one, my friend. Don't let other people dictate what he has given you as a gift, as a treasure, and allow yourself to freely evolve into who he's called you to be without limitation of what the world might say about a color palette. His promises reign true forever. Y'all know what to do with this guy like review share. I appreciate you so much and I cannot wait to connect again with next week's CORE Talk. See you.

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