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Change Your View: Seeing Through The Lens of The Lord – With Joseph “Jay” Stallings

It is time to change your view.

We’ve heard emotions are fleeting. But have you ever considered that those emotional decisions can cause lasting scars? Scars on the body, the mind, and the soul; not only on others but also self-inflicted? It’s imperative when we are asked when we are tossed to and fro, when we are rejected, when we are burnt, when we are hurt and broken, and when we are lonely – that our actions and words come only after consultation.

We are imperfect. There’s no getting around it. But we have the phone number, the hashtag, the google search bar to the one with the answers, the calm, the collected, the all-knowing.

As today’s guest so solidly declared the truth that “No one has commodity over the voice of God”. Ask and He Will Answer. Seek and You will Find. Instead of taking a monocular view on the situation, the relationship, the pain, or the problem, change your view to that of our creator who will point your eyes in the direction of your intended path verse your emotional desire.

Sitting with a friend who I can equally call a pastor and brother, who’s music opens the minds and hearts of unbelievers, whose life is a living testimony to God moves vs. man moves; I felt wiser after we ended the conversation. And my hope is that you will too.

Also, listen until the end to tune in to Jay’s incredible voice and song Untainted Love.

And be sure to follow Jay to find where he will speak, sing, or share locally next – you will benefit from the overflow and surely gain a new binocular perspective on the heart of God. Change your view and find Him.

change your view

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Show Notes: Change Your View

0:00:00 S1: So we’ve heard emotions are fleeting, but have you ever considered that those emotional decisions can cause Lasting scars, scars on the body, the mind and the soul, not only on others, but also self-inflicted… It’s imperative here as when you are tossed to and fro, when we were rejected in your Burton hurt and broken, and when you are lonely, that our actions and words come only after consultation, we are imperfect. There’s no getting around it, but we have the phone or the hashtag, the Google search bar to the one with the answers, the calm, the collective all knowing, as today’s guest so solidly declared the truth that no one has commodity over the post of God hand, He will answer, seek, and you will find instead of taking a monocular view on the situation, the relationship, the pair the problem, seek the binocular lens alongside our creator for your eyes in the direction of your intended path versus your emotional desire sitting with a friend, so I can really call a pastor and a brother, the music opens the minds and hearts of unbelievers whose life is a living testimony to God moves versus means I felt wiser after we ended the conversation.

0:01:21 S1: And my hope is that you will too, and if you tune in until the end of today’s episode, I will get to hear Jay’s incredible voice and song untainted love, and also have the opportunity if you follow him on social Alito, hear him speak, sang or share locally next, will benefit from the overflow and surely gain a new binocular perspective on the heart of that, we are all in pursuit of something more, wherever, whatever, or whoever your more is, I wanna help you get there. Holy, fully, authentically and truly fit. The fit needs movement was birth through my own trial and error, discovery of mind, body and soul alignment, I learned first hand that being fit isn’t about our physique at all, it’s about the wholeness of our heart and the root of our joy. This isn’t a fitness podcast, this isn’t a quick fix health detox ploy, this isn’t confusing religious banter, this is a whole body health check-up focusing on the heart, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shapes. As we explore and share our messy combat service homes, if you’re one step away achieving your idea of something more, tune in for practical fund and healthy ways to ignite yourself into even more.

0:02:45 S1: Welcome to the fit and faith podcast with me. Stargate is no better time than now to get them. I am so honored, first off, ’cause I know your schedule is all over the map, but probably everybody is, to be honest, but I am grateful to introduce you to the people on the other end of this who are gonna listen right now, we are gonna tune in later in the future. This is the infamous Josef Stallings information it is. You’re gonna be… I mean, you’re already there in my book, you are in our home, actually, because the man crush that my husband has on you is in and of itself really amazing, and it’s not just his boys, but it’s just your heart, and it’s the vulnerability that you have towards people at any given time frame… It’s pretty amazing, and I love that about you. And as I was reflecting on having you on, I was thinking about the wisdom that you always bring to the table, and I think so often people think that wisdom has to do with years, but I really think it has to do with the living in the years. Yeah, and you did a lot of living.

0:03:56 S2: Definitely a… I’ve probably done more living in a couple of years, and most people should be

0:04:02 S1: A true last year, but that’s okay. That’s a part of the walk, right? Yeah, exactly. So Joseph signs, I call him Jay, you might know him from Parkway. He is a voice around the city in 70 different ways beyond just being behind the mic when it comes to music, but just on the stage in sermons and with CBN and you play so many roles. So it’s pretty awesome. I’d love for you to just kind of introduce yourself ’cause I could probably completely mess it up or put on way too many titles.

0:04:33 S2: I guess the most important thing is that I’m a lover of Christ, I definitely love God, and then I’m a husband, a father, a friend. So I think I kinda go by that more than anything else, I had a conversation with somebody today, and we were talking about he was the authority that you walk in, it’s just… It’s crazy. I was like, yeah, most people don’t even know that I’m past it. I don’t introduce myself. Yeah, sure I can. And I am who I am, but I’m never going to be my title, I’m always gonna be who I am.

0:05:11 S1: Yeah, it’s okay, but I think that’s the reason that you allow access to knowing God in such a different way than what the standard, whether it’s pastor or just standard person does. And I just, I’ve always admired that about you. Because it is, it’s whether you’re on the stage or you’re behind the mic, or you’re just sitting next to me at a restaurant or a bar, it’s like I can relate to you at all points.

0:05:38 S2: That’s good. Yeah, that’s good. I hope for that. Yeah, I literally tell God, I said, If I suck at this, I’m not doing it. So don’t make me…

0:05:47 S1: So I guess it made me… Awesome.

0:05:49 S2: Yeah, I don’t wanna stop everyone. I think that… And I don’t wanna superintending just being able to be transparent and not have this… You can’t get here type of persona turns people off from Christ… Constantly trueman or just relationships. So I know a lot of friends are just shut down, and outside of me, they don’t really talk to anybody because they’re like, everybody face… His only person I know, and I’m like, Well, that’s sad, because I know real people. And really all you have to do is not be unreal to be real.

0:06:26 S1: Right? Well, it’s true, and I found that as I’ve walked into my own vulnerability over the last few years that people want, need it, want it, and it gives them this opportunity to also stand in that vulnerability. When you’re like, Hey, I’m messed up. This is the stuff I’ve gone through, this is the mess I’ve made, this is the imperfections that I carry on a daily basis, and there’s still gonna be that one removed person who’s gonna put all those titles, all the shame on you as much as they can, but if we can walk in our imperfections, it allows other people to see what grace means is such a tangible level.

0:07:08 S2: But I mean, think about this, that’s how you tell the price of a diamond is by the imperfection is… That’s so true. That’s so good. Yeah, and so I think that that’s important. And also not giving resumes when you meet people, hive done this, I’ve done that. I’ve been leading or for these, I’ve been pastoring this, and I feel like, you know, I come from the street roles, anybody he tells you about themselves too much is probably not what they say. Yeah, that’s so true. Before I became everything that I am now, I was in the streets doing cocaine and drugs all over the place and drinking and that gang life.

0:07:48 S1: Which is bananas to me because it doesn’t mean that you’ve had to change. You to be where you’re at now. Your heart changed and that’s the best thing is that you didn’t break barriers with people, you didn’t break down the bridges that were already cultivated in those scenarios, you kept them, if anything.

0:08:09 S2: They’re stronger math, ’cause I’ll still put some maniac

0:08:14 S1: What you should… That you… So, especially with that, with coming from a walk like that, there’s fears that can be accompanied by that, there can be the what-ifs, and I know from pieces of your testimony that you’ve experienced crazy trauma in those situations… Yeah, so it’s not like that just magically goes away because now you have Jesus in your heart.

0:08:35 S2: Right, I had to deal with a lot of those issues, like face a lot of my inconsistencies and realize we weren’t actually based on everybody else… That it was me that was the problem, right? And so when you’re introduced to that concept, well, it’s actually you… That’s the problem. Then you really have like… I always say this, once your eyes are open, they can’t be… Colony know it’s there, you can walk past the Nest, but if you’d never pick it up and still outsource, tell my kids all the time, I’ll watch them drop something and then walk right over it, or one of their brothers and sisters drop something, and then they just walk right past it. You didn’t see that like, Yeah, I did, but it wasn’t me who dropped it… Right, but your eyes are open to it, it should be… Need to pick it up, right? Taking a ton that as… And so I think that that happens even in life, it… I might not have been the one to drop this or heard that person, but I can tell somebody did, so is it my job to look past it and overlook it, or is it my job to confront that thing, and by confronting doesn’t always mean it’s a bad thing confronting just means stepping up to it and say, This is what I see, and I think that’s what happens.

0:09:53 S2: God’s given me ability to do that in settings where it doesn’t seem like that should be done in the bars, in the A, talking to people until they’re like, Man, God really loves you, I see this about you… Wow, I wanna encourage you with this. You can go be in a pressing anything down the throat, but you’re telling them what I see what God has given a gifted me with, and if he gifted me with it to see it, and he obviously fix it… You were pretty precious.

0:10:21 S1: Wow. Yeah, it’s amazing you don’t yet… It’s a beautiful way to understand that concept of prophetic, because I think so many people, they can’t wrap their head around it, they think it’s like this other worldly experience that they don’t have access to it, and it’s really just honing in on our ear…

0:10:41 S2: Yeah, using it in… Using it in a safe place. I always challenge people, specially at my friends, like we’re even hearing… I forgot it. Yeah, about me. Tell me something about me. And then I end up throwing them into this big role with her, I never even realized that I could hear about God in those terms. And some of these people are people that have been in church a long time, you know what I mean? Some of them aren’t. Some people that never went to church. Yeah, but that’s the thing, I realized that God wants to talk to everybody. Nobody has a commodity on The Voice of God, yes, so good, but everybody’s trying to… We’re all trying to monopolize on specially churches being a pastor… I get it, so no, but everybody’s trying to monopolize on the guy, but what I think is like, maybe there’s somebody that the church that I go to, the church that I shepherd doesn’t fit that, but I might have a friend at their church fits exactly what they need… Absolutely, and I think that we’re not coming together enough to have those conversations, to hang out, to see that I think you would really fit in this setting because they have what you need, well.

0:11:54 S1: They’re looking at it, or that’s a number that’s not… Somebody tithing, right, that’s a family that he does this and volunteers here and does this, and that’s so not what God would have us do.

0:12:06 S2: And that’s the whole purpose. It anything that you set up and you set up yourself, that you make successful yourself, then you have to maintain that success yourself as… But when I’m doing things that God wants me to do following the way that God wants me to follow, then it’s on him. Yeah, it’s no longer on the… The pressure is a nonlinear on me, the pressure is now what he carries and he can carry it… Right, absolutely right. ’cause I’m flawed, I messed up. I might have another thought about or way I should go or do something different, but if God’s saying I’m the one maintaining this in the first place, I just followed me. Who sent you here? That’s good. Like you did. Okay, if I allow me, I bet you do. At the steps of a good man are ordered. It, I was in the military before I annotate. I was in that for a… I got kicked out.

0:13:00 S1: That’s crazy. I felt how long like two and a half years at Kitimat, in the middle of your street walk or… I have a right in there.

0:13:10 S2: I was still a street, I can really… Ethan’s amazing. Yeah, I got into a couple of fights where I was at and they were like, Okay, you go to Korea to get out on a general discharge, I was like on it out, ’cause I was just having my daughter at that time, Hawaii was like 18. Yeah, sure. I found out, yeah. ’cause I went in straight after… Straight after high school. Okay, so I was in a no-18 when I wanted to go to it. Otherwise said Everything, I went straight to

0:13:42 S1: The… So two years is still like a decent… Yeah, it longer. Mooney about two, three years to now, that’s the thing, every time I get to talk to you, I was was like, That’s great. And there’s always some more living that you did, I didn’t know about…

0:14:01 S2: I definitely have a good way…

0:14:02 S1: Yeah, it’s pretty amazing that that God can then use all of that, whether it was the right thing, the wrong thing, the good thing that… However you wanna label what it is that you were doing, it’s like that testimony is just… There’s so much to it. And I think oftentimes, when people find themselves in front of the Lord, face down, eyes lifted up, wherever you are, higher lows, people often even then consume Christianity from a space of comparison, and you’re like, Hold on, my testimony is not as big as him, so his God must be bigger, right? Or my testimony is not as like, Wow, as his or her, but to the very same time, like all of those pieces are so purpose, right. If you can get out of that comparison mindset.

0:14:54 S2: Well, comparison is only stopping to look at somebody else. Yeah, but if you’re stopping on your journey, if you have to stop and look at somebody else, then you’re actually stopping your journey… That’s good, right? Yeah, that’s true. I don’t mind reflecting. So somebody like, Man, I really love that about this, so now, I mean, God make me and mold me, I really like this aspect of this person… You know what I mean? I love their heart. Like you had my friend on a couple of weeks ago, Jesse, and we’re pretty close and we talk about a lot, and his thing is his prayer life is something that I ended… Knowest, I don’t wanna compare my prayer life, I also have four kids and one on the way extends, what I’ve realized is my prayer has to change and saying like, Well, now I have to pray and everything as I walking, as I’m talking as I’m in dealing with things as I’m driving, now I’m getting to spend that time with God, and then there’s days where I’m just like, Okay, this is my time to spend with God. This is what I’m going to do.

0:16:01 S2: Kids, I’m going to spend time with God doesn’t mean I don’t wanna spend time with you. But this is what I need to do, because without that, then I can’t pour out myself into other people, because then I become empty, and if I’m empty, then I’m just pouring out.

0:16:17 S1: Yes, absolutely. Yeah, that’s just the concept on the same thing and her people hurt people, it’s like whatever you’re being filled with is what’s gonna abundantly flow out of you. Good or bad. Yeah.

0:16:28 S2: You can either be the bag of chips or make your own chips. Yeah, right. God, like nowadays, you open up material, you opened that big bag and it’s like Haitian more for what half is given to me, that soda and so we walk into these churches, we walk into these ministries, and a lot of it is air. Yeah, wow. You’re not even getting any substance, you’re just getting a whole lot of air, and what happens is, is the package looks great, so retook at the package thing that’s going on, and then we get into it and then we realize that it’s a bunch of high air and then we’re disappointed and blaming the church for something that we should wait to realize in the first place.

0:17:22 S1: That’s a hard thing to do that because

0:17:24 S2: I like that bag. Was that bag before I even got there? Yeah, it’s true that church was a bunch of hot air before I even got there, and then I go and I get caught up and then I realize it’s hot air, and then I wanna play that Tarantino saying like, God, this is a me… I should have listened to you where I go in…

0:17:42 S1: Well, I think that’s in any portion of our lives too, that you can see from the outside, because I’m into marketing, you know marketing, it’s everything, right? If you can mark it well, you can sell well, and so that’s what everything has become, this pretty with a bow tie, and you’re amazed by how old is was the package that’s being presented, and you would think because this package looks this way, that it is all the glory, you’re missing out on so much goodness just because you’re so focused on the outside and… That’s a human being like, Oh, she looks good, he looks good. Or is that her… Show me that part.

0:18:23 S2: Yeah, I really caught up in that come time, especially… Yes, sir.

0:18:29 S1: Da Beach. Absolutely, it’s a thing in and of itself, and it’s interesting that it applies to so many parts, everything in and it’s wild the way that God has aligned. Certain parallels, Yeadon, I think every generation at any point has those different parallels that they can really see it in, but in a social media-driven world, everything is based around… Right around

0:18:56 S2: That. That’s what Sue, I try not to make decisions really quickly. Yeah, that’s a good advice. You know what I mean? That’s a hard thing, because a lot of times people want answers immediately, and you’re just like, man, this one decision is going to be for the rest of my life. Do I make it quickly? Or do I just give it a little time? Because if it’s gonna be for the rest of my life, I think I might wanna be a little bit more.

0:19:25 S1: Yeah, you can handle the white process

0:19:27 S2: And then go… And me and my wife or having a conversation of the day, and it’s funny because we were upset at each other, right. And she was saying, I’m telling you these things and you’re not giving me an answer, and so my response was like, You deserve the right answer, so I’m not just going to… I have to listen to what you’re saying and how you’re feeling, and then I have to process that and then return an answer to you guys because you deserve for me to understand what your feelings are, even if I don’t agree with the feeling your feelings, and so they’re valid, right to you, and so I have to hear them and process them for me, and I think… I’ve learned that in the last maybe year.

0:20:20 S1: Yeah, yeah. ’cause we’re so quick. Everything is quick.

0:20:23 S2: I wanna argue with you ’cause I don’t agree about your feelings, but you’re telling me this is how you feel, but I’m telling you you do not yet that way.

0:20:31 S1: Exactly, exactly. It went to a portion of a marriage conference, we stepped out early, hopefully that doesn’t say something about our marriage, but we do therapy, so felt like it was similar. And they were talking, a large portion of it was about dumb fights, and they were saying the magnitude of dumb fights that we have within our marriage on a consistent basis that pulls away from the joy of the moment, joy of the vacation, joy of whatever is being is intentional at the wood point. And then that supersedes everything because you’re having this silly… Like this guy was talking about, they got in a fight, they were in London, the Otay, about buying sweatshirts for souvenirs and and being this whole huge fight at then tainted the whole evening. Yet they’re in London on a vacation for their anniversary. And they couldn’t see past that, so to have that wisdom and to say, Okay, if this is the Domitian, recognize this is really dumb, but it’s not done to you, otherwise you wouldn’t have brought it up and let me process it a bit more before I just come back at you and it ruins everything is…

0:21:39 S2: Because my response then might be something that you don’t only hear… Right, but when you sit there and think about it, but I’ve never made a good emotional decision, I have scars on my body from making emotional decisions and trying to get to somebody like punch in the class, or going through a fight, or somebody that had a knife or guns and violence, and all of that is emotional decisions quick, fast, I’m making it by the way that I feel in this moment and this time, but what I know about emotions as emotions are fleeting. They come and go. So I need to get to the place where I’m not feeling that emotion and make my decision from there, because that’s actual level ground. You don’t build a house on the rocks like that… Right, right. You have to find a level or you have to do something to level that ground to make it… But we keep on building emotional houses constantly, and we’re thinking that they’re going to stand the test of time, but they’re not because… It can’t be built. Right, so when you build a house, they have to get the ground that has to excite the ground to figure out what’s under there, and can they build a house here? So they have all these surveys and ways of doing it, these ground tests and all this stuff, but we skip all that stuff first, we just say, Hey, there’s a plot of land, I’m gonna come on in.

0:23:09 S2: We’re gonna build on it, and then we wonder why in the next year that that house falls apart, that relationship for as a part… That’s friendship falls apart.

0:23:19 S1: Yeah, it’s interesting ’cause when you… Well, first off, I have to say this ’cause it’s on my brain, I went to high school at Ocean lakes locally, and it had all these rumors that it was sinking, and it is… It’s thinking… But the smallest amount that I will never have an issue. But they decided to build next to this farm, this factory and the soil is constantly wet, so the whole… It was like literally like sinking. So really interesting that you said that, but also at the same time, if you’re thinking about it from the relationship, because I was immediately thinking of marriage as you were saying that, and I get to… I don’t know if performs the right word, I get to oversee. I get to tie the not between two people for the first time, and I’m so excited for my cousin coming up in July, and I was gonna be amazing. I’m so honored. I thought she was good about to ask maybe a bride’s made in kinda expected. So when she brought that out, I just lost it, I was like, all… That’s so cool. No greater honor, honestly, in that experience, but I am thinking of their wedding and their marriage, as you’re saying that, and they’ve been together and really lived life for six years, they’ve had so much happen, turmoil and emotion and people coming at them, they’re a interracial marital relationship.

0:24:42 S1: And so there was a lot of flack about that they live in the middle of Indiana, so what are they… How are they Rooting themselves? Exactly, and it took them completely removing themselves to rot themselves, which is a really hard thing to do or something I’m… In my own family right now, because you have all of this investment that feels so comfortable, right. And yet God has told them, This is purpose, there’s so much more to you all then what the eyes are seeing from your community, and I feel like you know, you could speak to that so well about how people view you from your ethnicity versus other things, when it comes to the table.

0:25:27 S2: Oh yeah. Normally, I probably look like a headline, great today. I be on Facebook Live, I may… Or something. Nice. But most people think that… And it’s funny, I was in this church and I was setting up, and I guess one of the Bishops or somebody was there and like a rock, I had all the time to her hats all the time. It is what I do. I have him or I just like it.

0:26:00 S1: I love it. I separated

0:26:03 S2: The bishop called me over there, I didn’t know he was like… I didn’t know who he was, and it was his church, but we weren’t using the building for something, and he was like, You have to take off your hat in house a guy. So I patted him on the back and just walked off, and then I got up there that worship, and then afterwards he’s like, Man, I was so going to… I was like, it was ’cause of my hat. You know what I mean? That would be funny, but like we view the way that people are and what they were, and that… I don’t know why people view that of how close they are to God by what they look at… Oh my gosh, totally. I found some people that were homeless that were way closer to God in some of the people I’ve seen driving around and saying that they’re close to being down… That’s true. You know? Yeah, so I think the heart of the matter. Where are people’s hearts? You could tell a lot about somebody. About how they speak. Well.

0:27:01 S1: I can… At the same time, luckily, you were grounded in who you were at the moment, in a contrary situation, my uncle who lives down in… He’s been… Southern Baptist is a mural. Beach has been in the church and he was like 16 years old. And when he first went into… Long before that, but for him, his own relationship, and he went in and he was wearing a short sleeve collar shirt with Slack, he thought he looked really presentable and great, it was mid-summer in South Carolina, and a man comes up to him and says, her naked, he was like, I’m sorry, sir, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. And he was like, Please don’t come to church here unless your clothes appropriately. So it immediately took in what was happening around him, and it was like at the time, it was in a other Baptist with the long sleep collar suit, jacks, the girls of the long hair, the dress is not showing any skin, and he immediately was convicted to… In the wrong way, evicted by the outside versus being convicted at the heart, and so for almost four decades, he walked in that conviction, that negative conviction, about three years ago, he had a massive change apart based on a conversation that he had at a carnival and someone just talking to him and just was like, I just so appreciate it was not a carnival, so he was outside of the church, so he was wearing shorts, wearing a shirt, and he was able to be a part of the salvation of 15 different people today, and he realized in that instant, and it took that experience 40 years later to say, I don’t need all of this in order to touch a heart, I

0:28:51 S2: Almost don’t trust it right now, yeah, I’ve been… My parents were pastor, but that was a bishop, so I’ve been in church a long time, so I’ve had a chance to see in a lot of hypocrisy, so I almost trust it if I suitability, I’ve seen that. Yeah, sure. Watch me, my wife watched the show called green leaf, and it’s about this church and all the politics and everything that goes on around, and I’ve been… I’ve been a part… Sucked a long time. So I’ve seen it. Yeah, you know what I mean? Eager laughing. Or this show, right? So true, we do this… And your uncles case is so sad, he had to go that long because of one word from that was divisive from somebody at church.

0:29:44 S1: And it wasn’t… They didn’t come with the Bible and say, Hey, God says you have to do data.

0:29:50 S2: So what I realized is I have to even be careful what I say to people, because it could either make or break their relationship with or what they’re trying to attain. You think about it, you’re like, Man, I have to make sure I’m not religious. Yeah, yeah. Gosh, I gotta make sure I’m not a Pharisee, said, you see a tree? I know the word, but I gotta make sure that I know relationship more than I know everything else that…

0:30:17 S1: You’re really good at relationships. I can tell you that. That’s for sure. And it’s interesting ’cause that same situation from the siblings perspective, my mom, she was completely away from the church because of all of those things and many more that occurred in those religious spaces that it took her the contrary 40 years for him to come to her… Apologize for everything that he had put on a front for, he called it a ball and chain, he called it this experience of like, I hate that that’s where I was, and I hate that it turned you away from God, and so they just had this incredible time together after, they’ve always been kindred ’cause they’re kids, but deeper than that still, because of everything they went on in their childhood, so to have that experience and simultaneous to my mom, like opening her heart to the Lord, she was just blown away and she didn’t need that she didn’t need him to come say that, ’cause she had already formed her own opinion in her own truth of, I don’t need that religion, I just need… I need him and we all just need him, right.

0:31:29 S1: And people can’t see past the facade of the front, the package in order to get to like the tiniest speck

0:31:36 S2: As we talk, like you said, we’re taught that, we’ve been taught that for the last… What, 80 plus years, even longer than that. Ever talent? Think about it. It’s so true, been taught that… Yeah, look, look, look the part… Look the part first.

0:31:55 S1: Look a partner, then you can Yeronga

0:31:59 S2: Interview to address a Strait. Nice.

0:32:03 S1: It’s funny though, ’cause even from interview perspective, I have a lot of people going through that season of their life right now, and we have a LinkedIn, and you’ve got indeed and all these abilities to get a piece of paper. Now, LinkedIn gives you a little bit more of a face value with that experience of a profile, but you’re taught to present yourself, just like we use it at the beginning, I could write down all my accolades, but I choose to turn the paper like… Right, and I’ve always appreciated the way that you all approach in Parkway, even past arabiya, I’m not on… My name is not Pastor Joseph scaling, my name is not Pastor Rob Jones, my name is not Pastor Anthony heart. When you decide that, that’s who I am to you, right? I’ll claim that name right, but until then, it’s not… It doesn’t matter.

0:32:55 S2: It’s a weird… Still like when people call me, pass on the amassed is to capture the Owego

0:33:04 S1: A co… Everybody stop. That’s

0:33:07 S2: A teahouse. I’m just saying, Yeah, just let me be that first, find out who I am, that standpoint, because I feel like, man, relationship is so important and being able to let somebody see… Like you said, the vulnerability. That’s even a thing. I heard somebody say, Pastor Robbie is… Man, the way that he just leads is, I haven’t met a lot of the leaders like him, and I’ve met a lot of leaders, I’ve had much HESTIA, a lot of people who say they are great, and they’re really not that great. A him, he is what he is. And he says what he says, and he means it. And that’s what I like about him. The US always says, he was like, if I give my trust… That’s the best I can give to you. Yeah, I trust you. I’m giving you my trust. Yeah.

0:34:10 S1: Are you ready for the women’s wellness weekend? A time for us to come together to align our mind, body and soul to detox, design and develop ourselves from the inside out, your road to life-changing health and wellness begins during the ocean side to night Ted experience. We use our natural surroundings to rebalance and re-connect with our true self, it’s time for us to come together in a space where we can rest. Refuel are June, hope to see you there. That’s true, and it’s like such a hard thing to do, but… And I feel like I went through a season where I did it easily. Right, and then you get burned.

0:34:59 S2: Right, and then you don’t do it

0:35:00 S1: At all. And then you’re the opposite, you’re on the opposite. Waiting, they’re like, Tangled tough. I can’t break her on, and that happened to me so many different ways, and it happens to everyone in different portions of their life, but there are those specific situations that you can… You hold on to… And so recently, I’ve been experiencing that a lot in family situations, and somebody said… They was telling me, I’ve seen the growth in you Tamra, I’ve seen how strong you’ve got in as this has happened, and I know it still hurts and I know it’s still painful, but you’re so strong. And their advice was Just, don’t harden your heart. Picking your skin was good, and I was like, Man, that’s so true, because I have such a generous heart, I am such a trusting heart, I have such a giving spirit about me that I had since I was little, but I was starting to close off, and if I can’t trust them to eat, then you lean on God, because that’s all I had to understand the comprehend and I didn’t even know in my own home if I was like… In a trusting environment.

0:36:13 S1: Yeah, so just to have your trust shaken is a really difficult

0:36:16 S2: Man, you have my wife on, and she talked about that at our journey through trusting each other and finding trust again and kinda going through that, it’s difficult because she had an affair and then I was just like I’m done, I don’t even trust people… Yeah, I gonna trust nobody. Like the very person that I love. So who, like you said, who can you trust? And I kinda have this thing where I normally take about a year to be friends with somebody for real for a… Takes about a year as a bacterium like, I know that I’m a good friend. I know that I’m there. You need me and we’re from… You call me. Yeah, I’m there shot. Yeah, I’m loyal that… I have a lot of friends that tell me I’m bold to a folk, ’cause I’ll just yet that’s also a strength to… Absolutely, and so learning those waters is one of the things that I’m constantly, constantly trying to re-evaluate and learn again, because it might work with some one person, I have a friend that we got close really, really quickly, but then the next person that came, I’m struggling a, but I’m thinking like, Oh, I should, because this last one was like…

0:37:39 S2: Yeah.

0:37:39 S1: And it worked out. Amazing.

0:37:40 S2: But this one is like, I don’t know if…

0:37:42 S1: And that’s a good thing to be because that cautious-ness will also age you, but it can also hinder, like you said, it’s a strength, but it’s a way you guys attention all to a constant changes. Yeah, absolutely, and it’ll be contingent on every situation in every season, and I am thankful that I continue to get the opportunity to test my trust, because we could just block it all off and just say no, but I don’t feel like… Without relationship, which is what we kinda go back to without that you’re starved from what I feel are purposed, were all purpose to do and that’s love

0:38:27 S2: Meant to be relational beater-

0:38:30 S1: Wise, Adam would have just been hanging out by himself.

0:38:33 S2: And everything in this world is trying to pull apart for relational, like Facebook is great, but then is gonna be… Yeah, you can talk about people you don’t even know… Right, yeah, you can post things. You say the same Atwater confronting that person face-to-face is where if you were sitting in that… In front of that person. Would you say the same thing? Yeah, we… Would you say the social action.

0:38:58 S1: Just like you said at the beginning, and it’s sad, like having you on in such a short duration from when the tragedy happened last week, Virginia Beach, it’s I think so heavy on people’s hearts and to hear and know that that person had the gumption to take the social media-driven disconnect and bring it to face-to face, I to eye and still emotionally respond in such a catastrophic way, but to know that even though relationship is like where he was probably completely broken in… Right, he was in the same building with all of those people and probably just felt completely isolated. Right, and so for us as Christians, but also just as people, just as a human beings, whether you’re in your faith, are not like to recognize that that’s a constant need in people’s lives, and that’s why I like paying it forward and making eye contact and holding the door or taking that extra moment and not being a supersonic speed all the time though, that’s what

0:40:04 S2: We’re in, that is the issue of there being a super… So we get everything quickly, we don’t hope we want, so we don’t deal with disappointment because everything is so accessible so quickly…

0:40:16 S1: Yeah, even to the numidian menteith

0:40:20 S2: Is a tattoo or whatever, or pornography or relationship, I’m gonna sleep with this person so I can feel better about myself, you know what I mean? Whatever it is that makes you try to speed up there, but the thing is, is about once that is done is the issue is always still there.

0:40:38 S1: Yeah, and it’s just like you said at the very beginning, it ends up still coming back to you… Oh yeah, and the conversation with Anthony when he was on the podcast was about that mere moments at the end of the day, regardless of all of those other… Whether as fast as you’re going, as slow as you’re going, whether your prayer life is this, whether your prayer life is this, whether you have relationships or you don’t, or you have trust or you don’t, you’re still at the end of the day alone. And so if you can find solitude a peaceful place because you have that constant of a God being there with you all the time, having that relationship, that vertical relationship helps every single horizontal relationship, yes. Every day, all day, because you’re never actually alone

0:41:27 S2: It. I wish in the Bible, they have so many, so many stories about how we have to see ourselves or the other… You said Anthony was talking about the mirror, and we do have to see ourselves, but then we have to see what’s in other people too at the same time, which is hard because we all wanna be self-indulgent. You know what I mean? I’m just gonna go into my own world, do you… What’s the best for me? Everything like that. But I think about the Woolston box, like it said that she heard that Jesus was coming, in the word, it says that she heard that Jesus was at… It was actually sign in-house, he was a Pharisee, it’s not the same… Simonetti was named assignment, and she goes there. And Simon says, if he knew who she was and he wouldn’t have… If he was a real profit and knew what she did, that he wouldn’t let her touch it, touch it like that, because she brought her alabaster box, she poured out the perfect… She cried and she drives his feet with her hair. Right, everybody knew who she was when she walked in, but nobody stopped her from getting Jesus…

0:42:42 S2: We as the church, we see people that come in and we know, some of us feel what’s going on to them, and instead of just looking and talking about them, why don’t we take them to the feet of Jesus… That’s really good. Instead of just saying, Hey, well, we know that they’re a prostitute, you know that they’re a drug… Do we know that they have issues? And you know what I mean? Sure. Can’t be worried about where people came from, we have to be worried about where we tried to take that, where they’re going, where they’re doing… So are we the catalyst to get them in or reacted to push them away.

0:43:17 S1: Yeah, and yeah, that’s the exact example of my brother or my mom and her brother, it’s really interesting because even from the perspective of her with her hair and the whole concept of washing her feet is just… It really means a lot more to me when I actually experience it for the first time at… And that’s something I would encourage to look into and comprehend, even with the marriage coming up, to see that experience between a husband and a wife is just unbelievable, but we all walk all of our fear dirty, there’s no one person who has not stepped in mud, not one person, and it’s a matter of owning that different variation, but even just today, I was reflecting on the fact that everyone talks about celebrating, being unique, everyone talks about celebrating our differences and stand up for what you believe in and be that one… The difference, the world changer, but I think we need to do more of celebrating our similarities, then we do need to celebrate our differences, because at the end of the day, we all are human, we all have the same shaped heart… Our DNA is different. Sure.

0:44:33 S1: Our Ancestry is different. Sure, but we all need that same thing and ideally, we all end up in the same place, right. And so, why not necessarily… And I understand the value behind that uniqueness and celebrating your individuality and you’re getting… And not trying to be somebody else, but the very same moment like let’s link arms with our brothers and sisters who are different, and celebrate the similarities in that, and that’s the whole concept of community over comments.

0:45:05 S2: That’s the whole point of a lot of times, like some of the other groups and things like that, I guess because we have kids…

0:45:12 S1: Right, right, that’s so true. Yeah.

0:45:14 S2: We have kids. We’re all similar in that we have kids… Yeah, I might have more kids than you… You might not… I might have boys. You might have girls. We might have both. That’s good. But we have kids, and so because we have kids, there’s a common ground where we can meet and we can talk about things that nobody else could have talked about it… That doesn’t have

0:45:37 S1: It. Yeah, it’s a

0:45:39 S2: Teenage. Get it. You have a rambunctious boy. I have remotes boys. Yeah, right. Yeah, so we get it. Yeah, Mell walk up to me and hit me, and you’re like, No, no. So I’m like, It doesn’t bother anaesthetist, doesn’t bother me. You know how you were somebody else that doesn’t be like, what does he do.

0:45:59 S1: He… He’s just beautiful Atkinson, ’cause that’s good to see. And he does it all the time to strangers. It just is what it is. His principal out of school, which is called the head of school, he actually has to cover himself every time he sees Cooper because he’s be lining right towards them and he doesn’t know what’s gonna happen, and somebody’s always like, Hey cool, I pleased He has… Well, he into much, very much a way, but he gets it, he knows what to expect, and then I have some friends who don’t have kids and they do not know how to handle Cooper, they just kinda always look flustered and they’re ESOL and I’m looking at could concoct yourself. And then at the same time, I’m like, He’s just a kid.

0:46:42 S2: He’s like, I’m doing it because it’s getting a lot of the like… And I’m going to keep on the… Well, you arising to

0:46:48 S1: Keep… Would keep to it. And he does, and so then I had a friend who came and he didn’t have kids at a time, now he does, and he has a Cooper, and it makes me giggle inside… You’re welcome to the side. I

0:47:03 S2: Have you taking Katyusha be like, You’re welcome. It

0:47:06 S1: Makes me so happy and it’s hilarious because the mom always talks about it ’cause she’s a and a little girl, she went a little Waverly, she got a Cooper, and so we just always connect and it’s so true that you can have that connection point. His mother had, I’m sure it’s the same with fatherhood and any point of connection that you make with someone, which is why it’s so important to foster those similarities because then you can create a relationship and

0:47:32 S2: I love… I love the differences. Yeah, right, absolutely. We can all find that similarity because I love the fact that he’s like that, I think I was probably like that as a… That’s probably where my boys are like They actually met is a lot like that seemed… She’s just a strong jump on everything you supporting, she’s causes like a little bit Joshua, not at all, but I love those personalities because those are those personalities to say what needs to be done… Oh, I’ll do it. Yeah, yeah, that’s true. Okay, done. Yeah.

0:48:06 S1: I’m not afraid. Yeah, it’s so true, and that that is so important to harness in on those and you celebrate them, but it’s just like the same with the church, if we can know and not look from the outside, similarities, not that… I mean, heart similarities, because Parkway has 14 different nationalities represented every gender, every variation of age, and I just love when I go there, and I remember when Gary and I first went there, it was very unlike where we came from, and I felt immediately like home and pastor always say, this is heaven. Is the heaven looks like… But until they set foot in a place like that, right, they’re missing out on the goodness that the Lord has for us. Yeah, because when your brothers and sisters in that way, it’s like, it’s next level

0:49:05 S2: I’m uncomfortable when everybody looks like me… Yeah, yeah. Or just like somebody else. Yeah, they… I mean, if I go onto all the white church, I’m uncomfortable, I go into all black church, I’m on copy. It is not because I don’t like it, sue is just because I want different opinions. I want different perspectives, and I know you grew up in the same name one I grew up in, and I want somebody else’s prospect because you might do the same thing that I would do, that’s true, but I need a different perspective, but I was… Talk about monocular and binocular. A monocular view is only my view. I can only see what I can see. That’s it. Sure, but by not over… You take somebody else’s perspective, put it into my perspective too, and I could see a whole lot further that way, if I go outside right now and I’m trying to see as far as I can see… There’s only a limit to how far I can say something. But if I put on binoculars that limit stretches way further than if I was just looking through my own eyesight… That’s so true. So perspective is important, and you have to have people in your life that have a different perspective that look at things differently because you might not look at it that way…

0:50:21 S2: That’s so true. I’ve said things before, and somebody’s like, Oh well, you shouldn’t say that, I’m like, What? Well, because of this is like, Oh, I didn’t read all the bits…

0:50:28 S1: Not about like that. Yeah, yeah, and then it’s always around us because our spouse is because they’re the opposite sense, that’s always gonna happen, but it’s nice to have that in friendships and in spaces and working environments that maybe they’re not your buddy, but to have that around the table is so important, I totally agree.

0:50:47 S2: I’ve been in television production for a long time, and I get to sit down and talk to people to people and things like that, so I find that I actually love conversation. I might not like to talk as much… Yeah, ’cause I’m actually not a talker outside of people I know, I can talk to people I know very well. If I’m in a new room, I’m probably not gonna talk. Yeah, you like, I’m probably gonna just sit back and you realize some things that can… You analyze. Can’t trust that one. Just this way, yeah.

0:51:20 S1: Yeah.

0:51:21 S2: Yeah, but yeah, I’m gonna take it in and then when I get to know them that I’m talking, I’m not shy. Yeah, but

0:51:28 S1: I’m also… You’re an observer. Yeah, you’re… As much as you are conversationalist with the people that you know, you’re an observer first, which then allows that cautious-ness to take place, which is probably where

0:51:40 S2: Metadata and people would be like, Ah, I don’t know about Jay.

0:51:45 S1: I don’t know what he’s thinking. Is

0:51:46 S2: I take, I’m not allowing you to… It’s a reason for that, but

0:51:50 S1: That’s the purpose. It’s crazy ’cause when you get up on stage and you’re sharing a sermon, and I’d love to hear how you prepare for this because I think it’s so interesting to hear the differences on whether it just comes, so you wake up and on, boom, or you’ve… Pages of notes or what that looks like, but when you get on stage, it’s… So it comes so naturally to you to speak and to share, and so it’s not just… It’s definitely not scripted, and I love that about you, I love that it comes from the heart and it comes from your story line, but then you’re so vocal about connecting people, connecting the concepts to all those different types of people. Yes, I think from my experience that I’m… I always feel Reed afterwards, I’m like me and that was good. I’m

0:52:37 S2: Good. Yeah, like I told you, I may do it. God, if I saw him do

0:52:42 S1: It a drop in a different…

0:52:48 S2: Betcha, lot of times the way that I prepare… It’s funny, I used to prepare different years ago than I do now… Right, yeah, ’cause it was in the PowerPoint, it was a presentation. I had to be perfect and the scripture, this story to go with that. And then God was like, What are you doing in imereti in your word? He’s like, Without me it. Oh yeah, that probably I should be. So to be one of the people that help me all this… And so when I start to do God, I started to just calm down. What are you talking to me? What am I running this right? And then I take that what I’m learning, like I’m preaching this, I think, or the week after, and God’s been talking to me about a whole bunch of different things, conversations with friends about a whole bunch of different things, and really… I wanna talk about what do you do after the win? Because after you have this great battle and you only Boonton, you’re like, It’s great. But one, what do you do after that? Yeah, it’s good, I should challenge all of Jesse’s prophets, killed them all called on having that altar, and then he ran away because he was afraid of what Jezebel will do them because he wanted…

0:54:13 S2: Because he won Owatonna. That’s really good. So hard. That’s what happens. God gives me a little glimpse of something and then I have to go research it, that’s good. And so then I’ll start thinking about it and I’ll start having conversations with different people… To me, the conversation with different people helps me craft the most…

0:54:36 S1: Absolutely, because perspective prefects not to shorts, which is probably why you are able to touch everyone, because we have that insight, that’s really good.

0:54:44 S2: And then Sunday mornings that I have it, I’ll have like, I wanna go here, I know I wanna use this picture, and I know I wanna go here, I know I wanna end with you, that’s also I’ll have my top, I’ll have a… You get it. And I just fell in the West.

0:54:56 S1: Cool, I love that. It’s good. It becomes natural that way. There’s been a lot of conversation with everything that happened on Friday, but then also just over the course of the last few years, and there’s been a lot of conversation around revival in our city, and I feel like you are footed in that, and your lead worship at I mean, I can’t even keep track of your schedule. It’s… Yeah, I can’t… Where I do gonna be, I’ll find it on Facebook even. Oh, he’s here tonight. Oh, he’s here tonight. And I love that, I love that, but I would love to hear your perspective on that. Like it was shared at session on Sunday about they feel like God’s putting Virginia Beach on them on the map, and whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, he’s using it for good, and we are in a fertile place, and there was so much history around our area already with bringing the Bible to the nation and seeing all these pop-up groups and pop-up churches and worship groups, and it’s just like… I feel like the city is on fire right now, and I don’t know if that’s because I was blind to it before, so I just three years ago.

0:56:06 S1: Or is this something you feel like has really taken momentum…

0:56:08 S2: No, I think that is something that’s taken momentum I feel like probably up in the east, up and down the East Coast for Janie beach is gonna be one of the areas that reveal pops up, and I think that revival needs to pop off everywhere, really. And that it needs the people who live in that area to help it first, because it’s indigenous to that area, we know that sound, we know the field, we know what people are talking about, what people are experienced, what people are going to… The estates. Somebody coming to the city. Yeah, but what happens is the enemy comes to still killing, destroyed… That’s what his thing is. How much more can he destroy people coming together by trying to pull people apart, aright, and so then these math… This mascara care happens, but now people are saying, No, we’re not gonna allow it to pull us apart, we’re gonna come closer together because we can’t allow the and Mills still district. We have to know that that is his PO in the first place. It kills still destroy. And we have to say that No, we’re not taking that. We’re going to pray.

0:57:13 S2: We’re going to come together, even… Is it the way that I would like to do it? I’m going to still join and come together with these people because… I know it’s because of the cost. I remember in the Bible, there was… The disciples were coming to Jesus and like, Hey, they’re preaching in your name over there, and he was like, Well, are they preached to my name…

0:57:32 S1: Right. Earth, that’s awesome. Because

0:57:35 S2: They are, it’s all coming, it’s all going to Jesus, new Bilal, go into God. And I think that we get so caught up into what every denomination is doing, and so I alike… He said, What’s the similarities that we all wanna reach people, but we all wanna help people, we all want people to know who God is, we all want people to have a relationship with God, and if that’s the case, then my way might not be the right way, for that person, I have keys to my house. Yeah, that’s good. I don’t have keys to you that I could… To knock on your door, you let me in, but I don’t have key core. That’s really good. So everybody has a car.

0:58:11 S1: Yeah, that’s so true. Everybody gotta be met different… And

0:58:15 S2: So when we think about that, like, What’s happening in here? Everybody has a key. Do you wanna be a part of it and be a part of it? If you don’t, they don’t sit back in the back around and talk about it.

0:58:27 S1: Spreading the kill still and destroy section of that equation, that’s a scary part, but at the same time with I feel like the magnitude of force that’s happening, we enforce in 11… We… Of course, not for bad. That’s happening that people are literally see it so much just jumping on and jumping in and they’re willing to not just risk their own key, they’re like, I’ve got this person, I know this person, so they’re coming to… And it’s… That’s a hassle. I remember my mom used the word bandwagon by two, three years ago to me or sitting next to the pool, and she was like, you know, Don’t put all that information out there, everyone’s gonna steal it and it’s… They’re just jumping on the bandwagon. I’m like, but isn’t that the point? That’s a good thing, right? And before, there was this concept of like, Copy cat, right, like what does that mean? And my mom always said it was a compliment if somebody copies you, not that they’re trying to steal it, and so to have this band wagon for Jesus… I’m all in. You jump on. Let’s do it, Toyah. Exactly, and that is at some point going to be what draws people in, so the person that you’re meeting in a space that only you would be in, they’re gonna be drawn to you because, Hey, he’s like me and he goes to do this, and she’s like me and she comes from this background.

1:00:01 S1: And that’s gonna happen, it’s natural, just the way that that happens, but at the same time, if we’re drawing them into a space that we’re celebrating the differences of the people in the room, the differences of the people that have come together in the same name under the same name under the same year we go… They recognize, Oh, this is different, because God is not one thing. He’s not an excited. He is so angular.

1:00:30 S2: Everybody I know, every single person I know wants to be loved. Yeah, exactly. Everybody, I’ve seen a lot of hearing people, I have friends that in the jail at a jail in jail. People that are in church, out of church, Enoch, we all have that one thing. You wanna be loved. And I think the only way of being loved is by giving… Love you. What I mean, even when it hurts, when it’s hard, man, that’s hard for me to do, but I’m gonna do it yet because I know that this person is worth it, and that my time spent in is worth it. Today, my day was crazy this year, I get in my car at 4 20, I’m trying to make it, there is traffic. I’m like, I need to get here. I’m trying to do this story, so I’m like, Jessica, you drive… ’cause I gotta get on the phone and I gotta look up these pictures, ’cause I got a story, I gotta do tomorrow, I need to find this picture. You know what I mean? But then everything works out. You get here, you’re no longer stressed out, you’re no longer the Coliseum breathing, right.

1:01:46 S2: But everything wants to stop me from getting here… That’s what happens.

1:01:50 S1: Yeah, always. And I feel like it’s hard too, and I’m probably walking through this now is like learning too, as much as you wanna love at every given turn and I do… I have that desire. I feel like when the love is reciprocated, even though we’re still called to love, regardless of reciprocation… Yes, it’s a really hard place to be in. And then two people perceive your love differently, so the way you give a lot of just like we know all the love languages and things like that is different than how someone else receives love, and you’re like, I am loving this person hard, and they are hitting me back with some punches. And why, how… And so it takes time on our behalf, it takes that investment, it takes that I’m gonna jump over every hurdle that’s getting in my way… Yeah, to show you that I love you. Because telling people I love them. Now I use not enough, it’s not enough. They need to show and tell…

1:02:52 S2: Yeah, I don’t even wanna hear it. Yeah, no, I just wanna see the way you move. I’m that type of person. I’m not a… Show me, I hear you. I’ve heard that before, he… I’m old enough now to her to come to a year.

1:03:06 S1: Probably prove it, but…

1:03:07 S2: Yeah, let me see it. I see as… Even when I evaluate leaders that wanna be leaders, I really, I wanna see where their heart is, I wanna see what they got going, how they serve

1:03:22 S1: And behind closed, estoppel

1:03:25 S2: In a and agitated. And see what they do. Yeah, yeah, that’s how… You tell me about the person.

1:03:31 S1: That’s so true. That’s so true. I haven’t had a lot of mentors in my life when it comes to leadership, I’ve seen and watched a lot of people, but I’ve never really had somebody that I can say like, This is my mentor, and I’ve been put into my situation at friends and working there, and it’s been such a blessing in so many ways. But there has been the two… It’s actually a husband, a wife team, I work really close with both of them, but specifically one, and she has had the just like the coolest rape. You looked at her Visitas so awesome, so many things that a lot of people would aspire to really think that this is… They made it and she still going, so creating, still developing her new ideas, but I’ve been watching them this year has been just bananas because they came in and they just reshot in the sense of everything was broken and they’re expected to fix it and fixing things is hard, and it doesn’t always… It doesn’t always benefit everyone, but it doesn’t always suit everyone’s idea of how you fix it, right. Or perspectives, different different scenarios, but I’ve watched them handle like relationships, the rut, all…

1:04:44 S1: And it has… They always put it first above everything, even if they know that that they’re likely gonna get hurt or that person is gonna get hurt based on the experience, and so it’s been just such a sweet experience to sit back ’cause I’m generally that person like, Okay, I’ll do it, I got it, I’ll lead albian front. I’ll post this and I’ve been kind of forced because of my position to sit back, and it’s so important for us to have those relationships where you can sit back and watch, and like you said, you’re an observer, and I love that you suggest doing that in relationships more often, like almost a first…

1:05:24 S2: Yeah, I have a friend, we’re pretty tight now, and I was coaching basketball and he coached basketball, his son was actually playing on my team, so when I met him, you know, that means really good conversations and everything like that, and then he was like… A couple of weeks later, he called me, was like, Hey, I don’t know anybody in this area, and I really like… We had a good conversation, and I would like to get to know you even more. And I told him, That’s great. I think that that’s great, but it takes me here. Yeah, yeah, I don’t think people dim, brutally honest, and it’s… Sometimes it’s like if these people longer like was, I would love to be your friend right away that that’s not gonna happen for me, and I don’t wanna give you in a false expectation of what this is, is like… It takes me a long time, because when I’m in, I’m all the way in. And the fact of is that once I’m in, you could actually hurt me. Yeah, absolutely. Right. And so we became good friends. It took a while. But then we became good friends.

1:06:29 S2: We think, I think… Go ahead. I think that that… It’s worth it. You have to understand me, Your Self-Worth To… Yeah, absolutely. Are on of things? Knowing who I am, I grew up in a black church. All black church, pretty much. And when God called me to lead worship and things like that, there wasn’t any worshipers that looks like me, and I’m doing this music and I’m like, God, I made you like that for a reason because there wasn’t anybody like… Yeah, so just do it. And I’m like, Well, I don’t have an example. Yeah, because in the black church, they were either gay… Yeah, really feminine. Really fine, not right, right, right now, or it just wasn’t even the type of workshop that I… I would do… It’s more of this gospel and things like that. I’m like, I don’t have anybody. And he was like, Well, that’s why you’re here. Wow. You know? Yeah, and to know who you are, you know he loves you. To know that you have value, and I think that’s the biggest thing that needs to come out of anything. I know that you have value. Once you know you have value that you won’t discount yourself from people, well.

1:07:44 S1: And then it gives you the capacity to love and to be loved because you value that relationship, saucer and know that I can love you, this…

1:07:55 S2: If you don’t value yourself, there’s no way that you’re gonna value me…

1:07:58 S1: No, definitely not. Or they’re gonna value… They’re gonna value something, which is what I was

1:08:03 S2: Utilitarian in the person Reynosa. I mean like, I have no value. I might look at you like You have value, but I don’t have the composite, give you any value. It because I have… No, but

1:08:16 S1: That’s so true. And that was what I was thinking when you were talking about this friend, and that’s a while Connection, relationships is important, oftentimes, especially with when you have gifting, which everyone does, but when when you recognize your self-worth and your value, you become a light… And so people are like, I want that and I want some of that. How… Do they rub off on me? And then I’m not eating, talking about.

1:08:41 S2: I’m a life, I’m a life. Everybody, I’m laziness, what I’m Allis

1:08:48 S1: True. People see in you now, so then they want it and they’re like, Hey, let’s go get dinner, Hey, start wanting to spend that time with you so that you can rub off on them. I think that there’s value to that because I think that that’s important, but you then become lackluster, and so it’s very important that the people you are rubbing up with… That sounds sexual. I don’t mean it that way, I just mean spending time with that, you’re getting light from them to… Right, and there’s the symbiotic, I love you, you love me. We value one another, we have value in ourselves, and now we can’t find well-lit friends at every turn, and sometimes it takes our competition at just… It’s a really hard line to. You

1:09:44 S2: Know what it’s funny, ’cause David, David in the Bible, he wouldn’t do this, can run away from Saul. He goes into this game, but he doesn’t go into the cave by himself, as indicated with all these other Mayan, all these other men were deplorable, they were in debt. They weren’t good. They were nasty. They were dirty. He goes in there, and then when he comes out of the can, it says that His might mean David’s mighty men after… So now, because of who David was, he was able to change them and two might be mad instead of what they used to be, we have to know what our value is so that we can constantly change the people that were… Now, not change them, enforcing this set, but it should get at people’s relationships, people’s ideas, people should sing better than people should play better, people should talk better, they should get along more, but that takes just being able to change your atmosphere, controlling the atmosphere that you’re around, and controlling by saying, because I’m here, this atmosphere is gonna be great because I walk into this work. This work spot is gonna be better.

1:10:53 S1: Yeah, well, and that’s because we don’t have to carry… We don’t have to carry the burden of that weight saying, Oh my gosh, I’m surrounded by this many people… There’s no way I can make the situation better. It’s literally Jesus, that’s it. And so David walked in with him on his shoulders, passed that around, and the MIT came, not by man, but by God, and that He’s the only one who has that power, we would be exhausted. Exhausted, if we try to do that by ourselves.

1:11:25 S2: Most of us are… Yeah, is anything that we make ourselves and we have to maintain… That’s right. That’s good. Most of the areas, ’cause we’re trying to maintain something that we didn’t make in the birth place… It’s true. Well, and I think that just kind of convicts me in the concept of what I was just sharing with the love concept.

1:11:48 S1: I can’t love them the way that they need to be loved, it’s His love that exudes from me that they need and that they will… Then turn to to say, Okay, now you’re loving me. Right, yeah. So for me to try and dry isn’t gonna gonna create any solution. Interesting.

1:12:12 S2: Just loving them and allowing God to finish that love… Right.

1:12:16 S1: Right, right. Start sometimes too.

1:12:19 S2: To go through the car wash and it’s all these sprays, everything like that, but my favorite part is when you’re going out of the car watching it has the dryer, I’m going there so slowly, ’cause I’m trying to get every… All that, everything. And then I pull up to the vacuum when I vacuum it out… Right, it’s finished. To finish, I might be the one using the vacuum, but I’m not sucking it up…

1:12:48 S1: Yeah, that’s sure. That’s good. Eternally interesting.

1:12:53 S2: God is the one who actually… We might do the motion, right, but if we did it without in the vacuum clear, we’d have a little room and take us a whole lot longer, we pick it specs up, especially ’cause we have kids to a back to the go some next somewhere. You know what I mean? Like when you picking it up by hand… Yeah, that’s so… And I think that’s the way that we go in two relationships a lot of times, is that I have to clean everything up instead of… He’s in a vacuum cleaner. Yeah, that gonna be everything be this, but guys like I have tools for this… If you just come to me.

1:13:29 S1: Yeah, I’ve got it in. Yes, on Monday, someone was talking about their van, they’re like, I just had to clean this thing was a complete mess, and she was like, I use the leaf blower. I was like, That’s brilliant. Like gonna do that, just give you that for a taurine can be the force of wind because God gives us that ability if we allow Him, and we so often have the ability to just say, stay back. Yeah, and that’s so hard, not that he’s going to… He has the right of way, the rite of passage, but we can get in our own way. He’s such a genetically.

1:14:06 S2: I love you, not I… No, I’ll get you out of it. I love that. Now, I’ll get you out of it to a new…

1:14:12 S1: Come in, I’ll clean it up, I’ll bring the vacuum in after, make it… Just refine it. So it’s really good. I think my biggest takeaway from today was… I mean, there were so many different things, I love spending time with you. But the way you use scripture and you bring it to the table, and you do that all the time. It makes me want more of God, it makes me want more insight to His goodness because to be able to provide such a tangible resource for people, I hope the people on the other and learned something new, ’cause I always do every time we’re together.

1:14:51 S2: So I think God’s been telling me lately that glory to glory is also a maturity maturity, right. The more time that you spend with it, the more time… You know what things I like, what things I don’t like. You know what I mean? Jesse knows that kind of stuff. My wife knows how I want my coffee. I don’t like my coffee, that only comes by spending time… Right, so time currency is really the only currency in heaven is by spending that time on the gods where He reveals himself to you. Jeremiah 33-3 says, Call unto me and I will show you great and mighty things that you did not know. That’s so good. And so if I’m spending too them, I’m calling out to him, I’m asking him for revelation, and I’m spending that time with them and then I’m not talking the whole time. Right, ’cause we had a conversation, we’re having conversation, but a lot of times when we pray, we think that it’s only one way, we end up having a monologue instead of a dialogue because we’re never waiting for God to say, This is what I wanna do, just resting my presence, they have a really good friends…

1:15:57 S2: You have to say absolutely nothing. You can just sit in the same room, you see something that you guys look at each other like, I

1:16:03 S1: Know what you’re thinking, right?

1:16:06 S2: Yeah, and I think that that’s what God wants to do it, all of us. Yeah, he wants us to know how he feels and what he would do in that situation, but the only way of doing that is by spending

1:16:19 S1: Diets… True and goes circles back to relationship, which is what we promised from the very beginning, and above all, because He is love, it goes back to love, which is our entire purpose for being here. I’m grateful for you for… Thank you, thank you so much for sharing. I feel like this one I get off with everyone, I’m always like… So when are you coming back? I need to spend another day ’cause it’s so good, like Madelyn I just… Every time I spend time with or you guys are such a power couple and such a testimony for Gary and I, continue in putting in the hard work, and it’s not easy, and it’s, you guys are so good at being honest about that, and I don’t think that a lot of Christian married women who are leaders in the church take that ownership, and so I’m grateful that you guys have that ability to stand firm on the fact that you’re imperfect as you’re going towards the right direction together, so… Thank you, onward network. Always. Thank you guys so much for tuning in and you will hear more from THIS GUY Soon… No doubt.

1:18:03 S2: Like a chin to raise my fans. It is mercy. It seems to find me… Sarada play in the grace. You do, there is not a great. And have you ran restorer? Trastevere shop is what I see too. Your Worship is a Anise… A deferment. See you for the guye. The Guinean, the font always open now or a tatarst territories. I am an

1:21:30 S1: RA. Come in as Pasolini. That nicosia.

1:22:28 S2: I aetolians. I like more in a soothing to Como. So I… Greatnes. I do a Deaton.

1:23:57 S1: I hope in today’s episode, you sense an Ignite to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your wholeness journey before you go. Let’s solidify the flame. I’d love for you to take a step right now in declaring your take away by snapping a pic of the episode you tuned in to share your sparked moment and tag me at Fifth with the hashtag faith podcast so I can help you stay accountable. We’re in this together, right? Community over competition is the motto. I’d also be credibly grateful if you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast was the hapless you blame and share the gift of wholeness with everybody until next time, cheers to your health and happiness.

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