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Building Creative Culture with Nathanael Greklek

Nathanael Greklek showed up today without the bow tie and I won't be offended, but he came looking fresh and sharp, and talking to us about personal branding.

He shared with us how to be successful with personal branding and how to show up in a way that people aren't expecting. He makes a point to spread positivity and joy, and you guys know how much I love both of those things.

There are so many tools and golden nuggets in this episode for you to apply to your own businesses with your teams, or if you just have a personal brand that you're showcasing, this will apply to you too. Enjoy!

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About Nate:

Hello! I'm Nathanael Greklek, Chief digital branding leader of Mohawk Auto Group. The team and I create content for 2 dealerships and a collision center. I also hold a podcast Building Brand Legends. I have a passion to build culture, be creative and change the way people perceive the automotive industry.

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Show Notes: Building Creative Culture

I was going to say, what you can't see is that our guest today is Jim and out over in the Greek dancing. Like we both love to do so much. And that was actually one of the first ways that I was introduced to your off clubhouse persona that you, you just busted out a, uh, mini jukebox and started break dancing at a minute.

Was it all guys at your expense? It was a, it was a. It was a bro. It was an automotive branding slash marketing conference. Uh, and it just happened to be no, there was, there was women too. Oh, regardless amazing. And I'm like, well, we need to be in the same room and we are not quite in the same room yet, but you guys are so like in a vibe with us today.

Um, I'm so excited to introduce you to Nathaniel, Greg. We actually tried to have. Um, before with David Long, which ended up being an incredible conversation. I'm glad we got that time, but he was, uh, he was traveling, he was on the road again. And so I'm, I'm glad to have you in place in a studio so we can get ample Nathaniel time today.

Oh, my God. So excited. This is so much fun. I was like, so bummed. I was, so we were going to lake Placid and cause we were doing, we're doing an executive conference, uh, for the dealership group that I'm working for. We're doing it is for the managers and things like that. So I went up there to shoot a video and I'm like, I was trying to do this thing, like in the low back, if I lose my phone, I might get service.

And I was like, oh. And it was like one of the lowest points. I was like, oh man, I want to get into that. I'm telling my drivers. Cause I was riding with somebody with my passengers, like, all right, is there any way we can like move faster? And then we got stuck cause they were doing construction on the road and I was like, ah, go ahead, lake Placid, no cell reception.

So anyway, fast forward, I've been waiting for this time for so long. You are such a positive light and I love seeing your reels and uh, man, I'm just excited for what's going on. And what we're going to do. Cause I know this isn't the end. This is just the start. It's so true. And I love it because I, we actually got connected from seventy-five heart right out the gate.

Right. And so I, I have not actually completed it. How many times have you done it? My wife said no, no more times. And that was a part of my marital conversation as well can slide didn't complete, but I. The 14 and then I did it again and I was on day 17 and we just kind of had that, not unspoken conversation.

You know, how you have that with your spouse, where you're like, I kind of hate you that you're going to go work out again. And I'm in the middle of like bath and bedtime. And so, and of course not, my husband loves me at every given minute, but at that time I have that like moment of recognition. I'm like, okay, I gotta lay this selfish desire to the side, even though there's a lot of.

Selflessness that happens on the outskirts of completing something like that. Um, I just knew it wasn't the right season for me. And you had an infant. So if you were my husband, I would be kicking you out the front door. My wife is a Saint and she is amazing. That's all I have. That's so much. So if you don't notice Daniel, I'm going to tell you a little bit about him, because I think it gives us some context to the conversation.

Um, but I know that there's so much more to him than just having grit and being able to complete 75 hard challenge, which is insane in and of itself. We can have a whole podcast about it, but he's also a, he has a podcast himself called building brand legends. And that's what he gets to do on a consistent basis is, is really.

Create branding leaders, um, specifically in the digital space. And he does that with the Mohawk auto group, um, two different dealerships and a collision center, which I think is really unique. And I've never served other than with Lynn Lundy right now in the auto industry, but it is definitely. A whole culture and community in and of itself that I am finding is very tight knit.

Um, and the only thing that I ever knew about it was my dad was actually in used car dealership for, um, several years. And he would just go on vacations or cruises when he would win, but he was never home in the process. So I'd love to hear just like, how did you get integrated into that specific field?

And was it branding first or. It's funny. You say that because as I wrote, oh, that's like the number one thing that people are, oh man, how did you, you must have a marketing degree and a branding degree and you're just you're ready. Like you, you were, you were born into the industry as like, well, I have a bachelor's in criminal justice and psychology.

Um, I was unemployed. I was working out of LA and I was working for a for-profit giving company called twill. So I was, uh, doing that and then I was working. For-profit given the company and I wasn't really making anything, but I was helping them kind of, it was a startup. We were helping for every product you sold, we sold, you could choose the charity.

You want to give it to you. And we would give blankets and hats and things like that. And while I was doing. Mohawk Honda actually sponsored a vehicle for us called the w they were called the givers of warmth. So I was doing, I did a few videos for them before he even worked for them. And the salesperson that got us in touch was like, Hey, we're a hiring.

We are hiring a delivery specialist, a delivery coordinator. And I think he'd be really good at that. Well, I was like, well, I'm not really making much, so yeah. Well, Um, something's better than nothing. So I started working in that space and helping people understand how to use their car. Cause everyone knows.

Now it's like a spaceship, right? Buttons, Bluetooth backup camera. How do I do this? How do I navigate this settings thing? So I became really dialed into helping with that learning all of the trims, all of the different technology that was available and they were doing. Mohawk Honda at the time was handled.

They had a social media, they had a Facebook and a Twitter presence at the time. And I kind of just got started in with. Kind of saying, you know, I think we tweaks on the here. I think we had tweaked something there and it kind of got to the point where I was creating videos and I was, uh, an iPhone seven, uh, GoPro three, plus a it's funny because, uh, we have a text group with my social media squad.

I called the Mohawk social squad and they literally threw that in there today that my first like two videos I ever made for Mohammad. Wow, this is so timely. I rewatched it. I know the mannequin challenge was a huge thing back in the day. I remember that was the first, that was the first video I ever made for Mohawk.

And I wasn't even working for him. I was working for 12, so I made those videos. So they knew that I had experienced making videos. So they kind of asked me here and there to shoot some things. And. I was meeting up with my mentor and I was like, you know, I really think that this could be just a job I do all the time, you know, going around and taking photos, taking videos, making content for.

Mohawk. And, uh, he was like, yeah, go ahead. Go for it. And so I wrote my own job description, my own title, uh, and I, I go into the GM's office, the general manager at the time, and I go, all right, I have a good idea. I think it would be great. What do you think? And I hand them the sheet of paper that I spent countless hours rereading and reading over and researching, and he looks at it.

Yeah, cool. Let's do it. Like I was it's crazy. Sometimes you just have to like ask the stupid questions, right? Like, do we get all up in our head and in our spirit about like, what if they say this? What if this doesn't work? I should, I need to go over it one more time. It needs to be perfect. And oftentimes either they never would have even ideated something that you're creating or they were ready and willing for.

To ask them. They just didn't know how to formulate the question. So I love that he was like, yeah, let's go. So you actually transition immediately into that like full time, or were you just dabbling in that while also doing what you were doing before? A little bit of a transition period where I was still doing this and I was still the go-to guy for a lot of the technology, so yeah.

Probably a year or so later. I mean, people would still come to me with questions that they couldn't figure out. So I would always, you know, help them out whenever I could. And always thinking about content that I could create out of it. And there are things like that. It didn't, it took a long time to, I mean, The, the Honda clarity was the biggest thing.

When I was a delivery specialist and I learned the ins and outs and the wattage and blah, blah, blah, all this fun electric car things, hybrid things. My husband drives a Tesla, so I am all into the tanks. So this was a plug-in hybrid and everyone, you know, people still come to me about asking me. All right.

I'm going to have to deep dive into my NAS is about two years, three years ago. All right, here we go. They still call me the expert for that, that I hope I hope it's a title. Hold the title. If you want the title that realize at the end of the day, we all evolve in. So do the video. Yeah. And so it's going to change.

And I think that's one of the beautiful thing about the evolution of any career and as been actually a difficult pain point for me when it comes to like labeling what it is that I do, um, even through clubhouse, right? I was at the breakfast of champions experience in New York city, which you better be at the next event, BTW coming to grow for God in Kentucky.

Um, knocking on your front door. So we, um, we're sitting there and I talked to several people who in different phrasiology, where's basically saying I love everything that you share, and I love your energy. And I love all of your passionate, I love the way you talk about God, but like, I don't really know what you do.

Like what do you do for a living? And I'm like, shoot, I've done a terrible sales job, but at the end of the day, That is what I do. Like it's all of the passions of who I am, and I don't necessarily think that we have to create a labeled box for what it is that we're passionate about, which is why I love hearing this evolution story.

Then you've got the pandemic of positivity around you. Cause I know that's another component of passion and we get to be all of the above, but culture is so used to putting us in a box of, oh, you're the branding expert. Oh, you're the tech guy. Oh, you're the. Oh, you're the, the, that, that the da. Right. And so talk me through, like, what did that transition look like when you became in the podcast or that you are today and also through the pandemic and positivity are people okay with just like creating a rap sheet resume for?

Oh my gosh. So the brand building brand legends actually happened around the time clubhouse opened up. I haven't, I haven't been doing it very long at all. I was granted. Seven months now, six, seven months. Uh, but yeah, that's very new and I'm still like evolving and trying to make sense out of it because it was only, uh, it was only clubhouse and probably two weeks ago I just went Facebook.

This is awesome. Okay. So you were, you were calling it a podcast that you were recording and also being live and requisite. Yeah, well, I wasn't, I wasn't recording anything. I honestly, I was, it was literally just clubhouse. There was, there's no recorded audio of all of that. So it's funny. I actually have it right here.

Um, this is all my notes from all of my clubhouses. So we're going back. Right now, and I'm, I'm throwing them and we're making actual videos of my acronyms. That we've, that we've started. So, uh, for anyone who doesn't know, building brand legends meets every Tuesday at eight 30 and we do an acronym. So we pick an acronym and I.

Break it up by letter, and then we help people build their brand by that. So creating value. What, how do you start your brand? How do you clap for fans? You know, things like that. It's, uh, it's so much fun. And that, that was an evolve evolution in of itself because I did all I did was one acronym, one night and Tony with the keys, who many people, uh, I don't know if you've had it on your podcast yet, but the podcast, but I've been jamming to his grow for God's song lately rise and grind was a favorite, but this one has totally hit.

He's amazing. Yeah. I, uh, so I've been watching Glen for about a year and a half before breakfast with champions and, uh, you know, I got the shout out. Oh, so happy June 7th. I'll never forget. I had a quote. And, uh, so I've been following that, but Tony, with the keys, like I was like, man, I need to meet this guy.

And he actually. Part of my club, my he's part of my podcast. He hops in my podcast. We go back and forth. We have a good time and he's always giving insight. And so, you know, just a small evolution and he goes, one day after my acronym, he goes, you should do this all the time. All right, let's go for it.

Let's send it. So that's what we've done. That's what we've done for the past six months, seven months, going through acronyms of how to build your brand and become a legend that is so epic. And, you know, I think the concept of branding and, um, designing those things around who we are, and also what we do is, um, is something everyone needs access to.

And I think it's been kitted as like you're an entrepreneur or you have a business and therefore you're a brand. I had someone by the name of Jeff going, speaking into my life at a mastermind this past weekend, he has a podcast called Hey creator, a, you used to check it out. You'd really like it. Hey, creator, I'll get a touch you back afterwards.

But he was having. Super like existential, like philosophical conversation with us and basically just helping us think outside of the box. And I'm also a branding expert when I create people's businesses, but I always start with the identity of the person first, because I think a lot of times people will go with what's popular.

I can raise my hand cause I did that several years ago, I went over. The color scheme that was popular or the font script that was popular to realize one that really has nothing to do with your brand. And two, if you're choosing things that you don't love, eventually you're going to fall completely out of love with it because you don't love it in the beginning.

And so he says to us, your brand is just a myth. Branding is a myth, it doesn't exist. And I'm like, what, what do you mean? Like, I don't know if I believe in that. Well, if the brand goes away, You're still you. And if you're saying that you are your brain. Does the brand have more importance or do you have more importance?

And where's the identity factor? And I'm like, oh, you're punching me in the gut right now. And so I feel like there's this. Yeah, there's this really like massive conversation that could happen even over top of the branding of knowing who you are. Um, and I know you and I are in the same base belief system.

And knowing that our identity stems from God allows us more confidence in that, because we don't have to call ourselves. We don't have to label ourselves. We don't have to put ourselves in a box because we just get to say, I'm a child of God and he is all things. Yeah. I think that's a, that's something that really has definitely brought me to where and help me get to where I want to be and where I already am, because there was never a sense of like, what's my purpose, right?

There was always a sense of whatever I'm doing. I'm giving 110% every single day, every single time I show up. And that has really been one of the biggest benefactors to helping me get to where I want to go. So whether I was food running. So I used to be a food runner at a, at a restaurant I would sprint upstairs.

I would skip stairs. I would make sure that they had their food as fast as possible being super friendly, super helpful to the point where I was, you know, working at Hollister stacking clothes, right. And having fun there, moving on over to valet, running 16 miles a day with a smile and then helping people shoot videos and helping people deliver vehicles.

And now. Well, I get to, I get the opportunity to brand one, in my opinion, the greatest auto group in the nation right now, in terms of culture and, and progressive thought of branding and personal sales branding too. So it's, it's just amazing. Uh, that's something that I've always, you know, I had my vision and I know whether I feel it here.

Uh, maybe God closes the door here. And he opens the door somewhere else and it's just been, you know, my whole life has just been a door, opens a door, closes a door, opens a door, closes and waking up with gratitude has also been one of the greatest things, because I know that I could have been. At 11 months old on the operating table when I had open heart surgery.

So, uh, being granted gracious.

Oh, the vehicle right here. Tell me more like, I know how, what happened. So I have a thing called tetrology of phyllo. Uh, I have four things wrong with my heart. Um, so when you're a baby, Your, your septum isn't closed because your mom does all your pumping for you. But when you're out, you need to start pumping.

And mine didn't close up all the way. So I was supposed to get a surgery at six months old. However, I had an ear infection, so they couldn't do it. And then 11 months old, I had the, my surgery. Because of that now, uh, I have a few things wrong in that's a, that's a short story with your heart and you did 75 hard as, uh, uh, yeah, I will carefully.

I've been I've, I've been an athlete my whole life. So I've learned my limits. I'm going to say I've learned my limits and I've pushed my limits to where I know what will happen if I don't stay within my limits. Uh, I used to run cross country, uh, to the point where I would be hacking and wheezing, like basically giving myself a sports induced asthma.

And they were like, whoa, you gotta slow down there. But I never, I. Found a way around things. So I still stayed in track. I learned how to do hurdles. I had long lanky legs and then a short torso. So, which I still do. Um, I don't know if Glen saw the, the high cake, but you can ask him about that. Um, uh, so like I, I did hurdles, I did high jump and I just did short, short distances, but I was able to Excel at that.

Owning records in high school. And I wanted to go to college, but I worked three jobs in college and sports and working doesn't really work. So, uh, yeah. So here I am. I am you're here. You're breathing and your heart is beating. What about, I'm curious, just because I was thinking of you being 11 months old on an operating table.

And of course my mama heart is immediately like, oh my gosh. I can't imagine how your mom felt when you became a dad. Did you have, was there like components of fear at all? Associates? So it's funny. Cause you know, my daughter is, uh, 10 months. She'll be 11 months. Oh no, wait 11 months the 26th. So it's like, it's almost surreal.

Right? Where now this is where. My mom. So this is where my mom was in the ICU, the NICU with me, you know, and she was literally, she told me that she used to just play praise and worship music. And, uh, she was actually able to, so even this is, this is crazy. So even in the darkest time, I would say as a mother, this would be no, she is praising and worshiping God in this hard time.

And as ministering to people. In the hospital with the condition that she's going through. One of the biggest things that I've, that I took away, that, you know, it it's insane. That is so incredible. And I honestly, I feel like in a state of being of, I am now in the belief system that I am now and like, Known that there was a God and, and even I thought got saved.

And I say, I thought I should really like process that one day, but was saved when I was, um, a freshman in high school, then went through a whole evolution of like church hurt and striving and perfectionism and all that stuff. Um, and really never, I always loved music, but did not grow an affinity to like deep worship music or the true depth of.

And beyond the words until I was like 30 years old, 29 30. And so my kiddos were one and two at the time. And since then, if you come into our house, especially my husband is home. There is just praise and worship, always on the radio and our kiddos. No. So many songs, and if it's silent, they'll start singing and that's what comes out of their mouth.

And I just believe that there's such power in knowing words that are not necessarily your own, but are specifically scriptural scriptural in order to help you overcome even silence in your, in your season. And that being a hardship, um, I am all for praise and worship and which is one of the reasons I even love to dance.

It doesn't necessarily have to be praise and worship music that I'm dancing to, but it often is. Um, but I can, I can bust out a brief, uh, Vito break, dancing song too. Have you heard of this song at church? Is that by Kirk Franklin? Yeah. I was like breaking out on that, on the dance floor the other day. Yes.

This song, it makes me so happy. I grew up, yeah. I grew up with all of the old, uh, the old gospel side. Kirk Franklin God's property. Yeah. Oh man, I'm going to have to send you that. I played it at my wedding. It's called the stamp remix. Yeah. I'm my mom. Like that's all we ever had. We had CDs of like, Christian gospel music.

Wait, we might be talking about two different songs, but I love old Christian gospel. I'm going to say, okay, we're going to have to, we have to exchange podcasts after this, and now we're exchanging songs. This is, what's so fun about this. You guys, you get to take notes while we're not because we're right here in the moment.

Um, but I'm curious, even just from those, from the songs, from the transition of your life, like you've had a lot of like really cool odds and end jobs. I was the same, I think, as, um, someone who had. A passion and a vision. Uh, it doesn't really matter what it is that you're doing. You just get to do it full out.

Right. And so I've always been somebody who just attacks things with that a hundred, 110% mentality. I'm curious how obviously, integration of positivity in working with the pandemic of positivity as a co-founder right. Talk me through what that looks like and how you guys plan to move that forward in the world.

Yeah. So, uh, this. With David Long, who we were on the show with that one time I cut out sad day, but, uh, so, uh, Grayson piece. So, uh, the pandemic of positivity we're, or we're actively currently changing, you know, we're going to do the pillars of positivity. So we are creating seven pillars for productivity that are going to kind of set the tone for.

Who we are and our movement, and it is to help create a more positive world by assuming positive by having people take the pledge, text the number. 9 1 9 5 6 3 0 5 6 8 5 7 9 2. Hold on. We got to do it again. 9 1 9 5 6 8 5 7 9 2. Text the word pop pandemic of positive. Yes. Uh, so we encourage everyone to go to pandemic of, take the pledge and, and pledge to be that salt and light to somebody around you to, to spread.

There's so much negativity out in the world and doing one positive thing a day. For me, I always like, here we go. I love the acronym hope, right. Help one person every day. And I, I, I w actively look to make sure that I do that. And. The pandemic of positivity was one way that I could hop in show my positivity, show my creativity because I am a content creator at heart.

I love creating things. It's so much fun. You know, God has given us the gift of creating things, uh, and a whole life for his glory in that sense. And then being able to kind of take this movement to where we want to bring it, which is going to effect our homes, our communities. Our municipalities, our government.

And eventually the world. So it's, it's one step at a time, one positive moment at a time that we can make, and we'll be throwing up pop events, uh, where we'll, we'll get a group of pop people, uh, pop, pledges, pop, whatever you want to call it,

pop party and bring those who are, uh, in the hip hop, sledge, you know, actively engaged with them and just. Build that sense of community around positivity, because it's so easy for everyone to stay on negativity. It's so easy that, you know, the news is all of that. Everything on Facebook, you know, everyone wants to post negative things because it draws attention or like, oh, Ooh.

But if you can create that positive moment and reflect on gratitude and make the world a better place. That's what it's all about. Yeah. So good. I was envisioning as you were talking because I was a part of a dental system company called gen decks. And, um, it was like, I think I was like 25 years old. I was in the middle of multiple businesses prior to that, and then multiple businesses to come and we did a.

$2 million build out on an RV. And this was way before, like RV living and RV lifestyle and tiny homes was popular. And, um, we did this massive like branded experience where we were going to all of these convention centers across the country, even into Canada. And I was like in charge of, um, creating the content for it, developing the website.

Follow and track and getting the hotel and imagine trying to find a car washes across the country that could fit these massive vehicles, but people would come on into this, this experience. And inside of it, it was called the gen Dex experience. They would walk into like a very beautiful seven different flat screens in the facility, high tech, $140,000 pieces of equipment.

And they would come in, like they were going into a dental office and they would get to test and try all of the products. And so, as you're saying that I'm thinking how rad it would be to have a vehicle that's actually going and popping up and all this cities. Right. I could just see the yellow vehicle, like the massive is it would be so cool.

That's awesome. Yeah. So I'll just give you that little branding, the, what you guys do with it. So talk us through, because I think a part of this, it's less about the message, even though. So powerful. It's more about the activation of right. And I am all for activation. I think ideation is awesome, but if we are co-creating with God creating as a process, right.

It's bringing what is on the inside to the outside. And I think culture is very similar to that. So I'd love to hear you like your specific take. You said it was one of the number one auto groups in the, in the country. If not the world, talk to me like how has culture at the root of what you guys are doing from a branding person?

So everything we do is to inspire our employees, our communities, our client partners, um, to become the best versions of themselves. That's our mission. Our mission is when we just so happen to sell cars. So the, the owners and the managers actively participate in working to make you or help you become the best version of yourself.

And. Actively talked about it's actively, uh, given opportunities to do that. That's why I can actually do this podcast right now, uh, because they understand that. That this is helping me become a better person and they add this whole branding thing too. You know, we're helping sales people brand themselves.

You know, that's unheard of, I mean, I have nine people, I call them, um, my, my BA my branding betas right now, they are, uh, they are nine salespeople who have their own hashtags. They have their own logos, actively branding themselves within their community. That helps them become better. You know, when you have to go out and you have to choose the persona that you want to come through that door, when you have to choose, uh, where you want to be, what does it look like for you to, to have to where you want to go?

What is the vision? What is your mission? What are your values? You are becoming a better person and you're helping those around you become better as well. So the. Way that I love to look at it. And the way that I see it right now is that, you know, the owners are actively around. They come around, they say, hello, they actively are talking to employees.

They don't just come in and they don't just leave. They are, they walk around, they try to help out. And they, they care about you. You know, there's so many, um, there's so many times I've heard and you know, when people join, we call the Mohawk family. It there, it's not what I hear around anywhere else. It's not what I hear when we are, when another sales person or another service person comes in, you know, they are always saying, you know, Andy or Jeff or John or Greg, you know, they actually care about who I am.

And how to get there and to the point where now we're doing adaptive leadership courses on how to become a better leader, how do we lead with dignity and help those around us become the best versions of themselves. So that's what I would say that, uh, culture. Yeah, absolutely. And I think, like you said, at the very onset of that entire thing was the fact that like, they are humans who just happen so cars, right.

And, and when you have a transaction like that with just a fellow human and you're like actually pouring in and being poured into by that versus what so often you hear, and I think of even an auto dealer, I think of like, here's my business. Right. And they're like automatically like blocking, like, and there's nothing about me.

If you're watching this live, I'm literally covering my face. It's like, you don't need to know me. All you need to know is here's my number. And here's how you get in touch with me to buy a car. Other than that, I don't really want to be with you. But if you approach a human to human interaction and Joshua Lee, who's on clubhouse all the time, he's a LinkedIn professional.

He talks. The H to H, which is like, there's no business to business. There's no business to consumer. There's only H to H which is human to human. And I'd set that a level further. And it's only heart to heart because even in humanity, people are having discrepancy. And I think that if it goes layer deeper, we stop looking at what's going on.

On the outside. We stopped caring about the business cards and we start starting to look at each other's heart, which is so crazy that we are talking about yours. Yeah. Um, because there's, there's so much depth to that. Um, I feel like it's brandable, you can bring, oh man. I know. And you know, that just, that hits all the points that I always talk about.

And this is the thing that I have been creating in working with, uh, Andy and the. Creating this sense of branding. So you'll know if you go to Mohawk Honda, Mohawk Chevrolet or Facebook page or YouTube, you won't see the, the, the typical, Hey, here's your car. This is this God, this is my mall, blah, blah, blah.

We're actively showcasing our employees. We're actively showcasing our culture. We're showcasing the fact that we are in the community, helping the community. This is, this is what. This is what it means to be a dealership in the community that you live. It's not just, Hey, when every three years, when you have a car issue, you know, come see us.

And, uh, when you come in for service, we want them to actively follow us and become a part of what we're doing in the community. So, whereas. Right now we're doing, I'm sorry, if you can hear the

I'm literally right next to the service drive. So I apologize. So getting them to come in, we're doing a school drive a school supplies, drive four things in my very own, which is a local charity for, um, displaced kids going through, uh, domestic violence and things like that. And now because of the hurricane, there's a lot more neat.

They are getting inquiries from all the way. So we're upstate or I'm in upstate New York, New York city is about two, two and a half, three hours away from me. And they're getting inquiries from New York city because of everything that's going on. So we're actively playing a part in being able to help our community because we.

We're doing this drive and we're, we're keeping up with the news. We're teaming up with, um, please organizations and we're teaming up with the community. You know, we're actively out there, we're on the news or trying to get people to come in. We actually, it, honestly, this is one of the things, you know, melodic Honda, Mohawk Chevrolet.

They, we are so gracious that we can, we, we are. Abundantly blessed with our finances and being able to give back. So we actively preach that as well. You know, we have been giving so much, so let's go out and give as much as we can. And we have salespeople going out there going Facebook live on their pages.

They, Hey, I'm here in Walmart. I'm grabbing all these things. Uh, I've grabbed these things for things in my very own, you know, if you can, you do it too. And it's bringing. The sense of community and culture, and we're all one big family, right? You know, I'm your, I'm your brother. You're my sister. And the next person I meet in Christ, we are all, we are all one.

And when we can help each other and bring people up, there's so much more than that we can do. And it was crazy. We went around like, Hey, we're going to go. We go grab some school supplies. Do you want to donate? We pulled about a thousand dollars that day to go out and get school supplies, which. I believe is up on a Chevron.

Yeah. It's up on our Chevrolet page. So if you want to see the fun that we had, you know, going to Walmart and get a thousand dollars because we are, so I did this, it was like we had three carts of stuff and I go, all right. Do you think we're under, over. I think we're going to be like right there. We were way off really under, over under the cards, we were only about $600.

Oh, you know, it was actually $1,200. Cause then it was like, oh man, we still have all this money. We got to go back

for backup. They had to come bring another. Because my van was full of things. I had five people in my car, so we couldn't handle any more. So it was, you know, that is what it's like to be in the Mohawk family. And to be able to give back to the community and inspire our community, our employees to become the best versions of themselves.

So we can inspire others to become the best versions of themselves too. So what I love about that imagery so much is that. Because you're focused on the people instead of the brand, but the brand becomes that because of the people, those people that were a part of that experience are going to remember that forever, right?

Like they're going to be able to take whether Mohawk auto group is a part of that story or not. They're going to remember the place in time, the emotion that was connected to it and the give back piece and how it changed them for the better, just to be a part of that. So fun to create memories in your culture outside of what do you have to do when you punch the clock from nine to five.

And I think for, for decades, for eons, we've gotten that wrong. And so to realize that we get to bring all of ourselves to our experience, and that's what I'm so passionate about being an entrepreneur for is that I don't wear one hat when I show up every single day. It's totally different. My desk is filled with different things.

I get to interact with different people. Every single day, I get to wear a new outfits every day. Like I get to do new stuff all the time. I was actually a little disappointed. He's not wearing his bow tie right now, but it was a mantra of videos. I got my Botox, but no, like, I love that you're, you're actually embedding the whole.

Rather than just projecting the culture. Cause I think that's what a lot of people do. We are this, this, this, this, right. And that's great. You have your mission, vision values down. We're so proud of you, but is it embedded into the people and that's what you guys are doing so well, actively working to embed it and uh, to the point where we actually have for.

Events this weekend on the same day, hopefully we're, we're pulling a, never run out of content is what you're telling me. Oh, absolutely. Now we have so much content. It's crazy. You know, and the fun part is that we were starting all these fun things. You know, whether it's a fireside five-star reviews with Dax or the Craig and Greg show or the plate challenge, which is actually one of my favorites.

We have a, oh boy, you're gonna have to check this out. So we, we created a game out of, uh, changing plate frame. So one of the things that a lot of salespeople do is they change plate France. So we create, we create a bracket Honda. They go head to head and then the winners go against a store, winners go against each store winner and it's

taps into that community piece. But also the competition piece, which I know a lot of you guys enjoy

trophy. Do they get a medallion? Do they get a plaque on the walls? I wish I was going to tell, I knew I was going to talk about it cause it's literally like, oh, it's crazy. And they can check that out. It's on our YouTube, it's on our Facebook page. Just type in play change challenge. I love that. So we're about to have an event here locally in Virginia.

And one of the things we're going to be talking about is like, uh, employee retention, employee satisfaction, um, what's happening with unemployment versus that, and really helping entrepreneurs and business leaders and even, um, pastors talk through these conversations about how to keep that. And I think this conversation would be a massive impact for them to understand that it's about that embedding process rather than just preaching and, and having it on a wall medallion somewhere.

Right. Um, I love that you guys are doing that way. What additional. Uh, resources or information would you provide to those types of people who are struggling with either the retention or the acquisition of new employees? So I would, I would tell them that it's not an overnight success. Uh, so we took over Mohawk shovel.

The podcast is over, not an overnight success.

just the fact that like, everyone wants that one, that one trip pony kind of answer. So keep going, keep going. No, it's not an overnight success. We took over a Mohawk Chevrolet two and a half years ago and we had to rebuild it. You know, we had to, we took over. Uh, previous franchise and we had to bring that culture in because nobody understood what we're trying to do.

So, you know, they bring in someone like me who comes in with higher all the time and like, who the heck is this guy? What is he doing? Why is he taking photos of me? What is this thing? Why does he have his phone out twenty four, seven trying to grab content? What is content? You know, it's all these things that he was telling me, Anders, you'd be like, yeah, it's, it's, it's crazy.

So there's, there's that, you know, it's an active process where you have to continuously do it and. It's not like you said, it's not just putting the plaque up on the wall, but it is actively getting engaged with your community and letting people know, Hey, we are doing this. Who can, who can, this is who we are as a, as a group who can join, what are we going to do?

And how can we make what we're doing a better place to work and live because. We tell them all. We tell everybody all the time and I talked to myself, you know, you spend more time at work than you do at your house. Right. You're going to spend eight hours a day, 6, 5, 6 days out of the week. We're closed on Sundays.

Thankfully. Good culture. Knowing that you spend eight hours a day, you have to build that over and over again. You have to keep reiterating it. Cause you know, if you don't, if it's cool, if you do like, you know, if you do it once a month or once a year, like, all right, here's the annual blah, blah, blah. It's not going to stick.

You have to do it over. You have to continually tell them, show them what you're doing. Tell them why you're doing this. Why do you want to be in the community? Why do you want this place to be the way that you want it? Because people don't understand unless you tell them. And I would say actively communicate what you're trying to do as an organization.

So let's bring this back. You know, I've talked a lot, pay, be patient. It doesn't happen overnight. Take action continuously and keep reiterating over and over to the culture. Like this is what we do. This is who we are. As a company we're working to help X we're looking to do this. We're looking to be this part of the community.

These are the events we have scheduled who can make. We are, we are, this is the practical, right? I love tactical practical and practical is my thing. Uh, for my building brand legends, tactical and practical is all it was, so have your event and this is where Mohawk differs within the community. So we say, we're going to give X amount of money, but.

We are going to be there. We're going to be the boots on the ground to help you out with whatever you need for volunteers. Maybe you need something specific. We're going to help you out with that. You need a vehicle that we can drive. Um, do you need a vehicle that we can provide? This is a new one that many dealerships can't offer because they don't have someone like me or someone on my team, but a lot of charities don't have the ability to create content themselves in terms of creating that basic line of what the chair is about, how they got there, who they are.

And we get to sit down and. Really deep dive into a conversation about this charity group, their, their mission, their vision, their values, and create this high quality content that they can put on their Instagram that they could put everywhere. So we have the ability to do that. So, and that would cost them thousands of dollars, right?

The, the amount of value that that creates is brilliant. So we there's so much that we can incorporate. We showcase, you know, that I am going I'm I spend three hours. Going to shoot a high quality video. I shoot on a Sony for anyone who knows what that is. It's a high quality camera. The megapixel is 63 megapixels.

That's about four times the size of your phone camera. And we shoot 4k. We show you all of these things to allow people to have the best experience, not only in our dealership, but our community at large. And we showcase that over and over and letting people know like, Hey, we're going out, we're going to go shoot this charity.

Let's see how we can help them even further. I have never heard of that. That's a brilliant, I love that so much. And I mean, they're already, you know, you're already an asset to that, to them, right. To Mohawk. So it's amazing to be able to really utilize your resources to the fullest extent rather than just what people think about.

I was like, I don't have the finances to do that, so, sorry, I can't help you. Like, there is so much more from a resource bucket that we need to pull from on a consistent basis, time, energy, ideas, service, right. Um, I just love the people aspect of that is so powerful. And ultimately I think from a community standpoint, it becomes less about the cars that just is the positive.

Right. That's just like a bonus icing on the cake. Oh. And by the way, I bought my car from there, but they also help my children's school. They also helped my, uh, this sex trafficking organization. They also help it. Right. And that's so powerful to be able to kit that experience, brand it for people. Um, I want to give you a, like, just a couple more minutes to share, like, is there any topics of conversation that we didn't dive into?

I mean, I am learning about you for the first time, but I feel like so much of it I already know. And I'm so grateful for that.

right now. Yes, we are, sir. Uh, so this is actually something that I would agree with Glen Lundy about starting your day early. So before I even met. Him on Facebook. Uh, before I even saw his show, I was always waking up at five o'clock, but I never had, you know, I never had, what do I do? You know, what do I do now?

Okay. Maybe I'll go work out or they don't read a book and, you know, kind of start my day a little faster. Maybe I can do some chores, but I really, uh, the, the morning five has really been a blessing for me because. Get to write down my gratitude, my goals, and, uh, I love the encouraging message is, uh, it's fun.

Cause I sent, you know, I have so many people in my phone, you know, uh, for, for a kid who had a phone since high school is still has all of those contexts. I have the same phone numbers. I wish I had the same phone number, but if I did, I would have two phones and I started losing my phone. So I got one phone and I have my work phone.

But, uh, so I, I randomly texts like, Hey, this is the thing. I don't know if you still have your phone number, but I just want to say you have a great day, you know, and the replies like, oh my gosh, I haven't thought, yo, thanks so much, you know, I am. Okay, cool. You know, and, um, you know, there's a lot of people that I know personally, that this is going through a hard time.

So sending that encouraging message, like it's just a nice reminder, like. It be a blessing to someone who really needs it and, you know, be the salt and light that God has called us to be. Right. You know, we have a hundred campuses. My life for his glory. So I love that so much. And I think a lot of times, and that there's like the conversation of love languages that come into play.

Whenever I think of sending the encouraging message, because I am, I am not a words of affirmation, love language kind of person. It's, it's actually further down for me. Um, and, and yet at the same time, Really good at writing. And I'm really good at affirming other people. And I'm really good at wanting to see other people like brought to their inner light out to shine as well.

And so it's really fun for me to deposit it, but if I ever receive it, I'm like, oh, thanks. Like I got a lot to do. I have a lot of becoming to sell evolve into, but I've received a couple of. I guess one of our people listening who has a participating, she's like it's nine days. Get it right. So nine days, thank you.

YouTube and Facebook.

And I love you all just receive. I think there's a component and it makes me think all the way through the conversation of, of branding all the way to the conversation of 75 hard even is like that understanding that there is a process of giving and then there's also a process of receipt of receiving and it takes that humility piece.

And it also takes that activation piece for us to do. And, um, they both, they both take a placement in the heart of the father as well, which allows us to then have a place and person and being to emulate. Um, and so that's something that I want to be better at is like receiving those words of affirmation and actually taking them to heart rather than just being really proud when I give them out, you know, I'm the same way.

Honestly, it's like someone sends me a message. Like, I don't deserve this. I have to do, like, I just want to help somebody and then you get it. Thank you. And I'm like right there. I'm like right there at the wall. Mike. Thanks. Yeah, I could have done more. That's honestly what I think it is most of the time, especially if it's like a celebratory, like, Hey, congratulations.

I'm always like, could it have been better? And it's something I really have to. I have. Sit with and realize that, um, you know, our, our place of blessing, our place of abundance, our place of, um, greatness is different than other people. And it's okay if they're giving you those affirmations. And, and it's also a gift to them when we receive with graciousness.

Um, and so I'll challenge us. As we send the encouraging message to also receive. Now, you're going to get one from me. I'm not going to tell you when, but you're just going to have to receive it. Well, I'm excited. So good. And at the annual, is it amazing being with you today? I can't wait to tune into the podcast.

So it's actually live on podcast listening so far now. It's not podcast listening. Yeah. I don't know how to do this. I'm still

doing live on Facebook. Live on Facebook on Nathaniel. Nerdy Nate. And we'll call it the official name, the Daniel Page, or the nerdy name. I might, I might change this in the thing of gee. I kind of liked that, but for now it's 30 minute with a three. Yeah, it's a memorable. So nerdy Nate with a three and a eight 30 Eastern standard time.

And, uh, today 8:30 AM or PM. He, um, honestly, when you said that earlier, I was like, oh man, I'm in bed by. Yeah. I know a lot of people are in a bed. It's okay. So that's the only time, you know, my daughter goes to bed. I've been in the, you have to spend it. I just spend a little bit of time. Uh, As much as I can with her and my wife.

And then I hop on, on Tuesdays. We go down there and, uh, we, uh, we, we go for it. I'll stay up for a pop party. I'll stay just once, once in awhile, you might see me in there. I'll come find you. But I love that so much. And I know that it's bringing such joy to the world and I can't wait to see it kidded as a book.

Okay. I'm going to get to all business strategy with you. I want to see his acronym as a book. I want this whole thing as a book, right? Then I want to see it as a podcast on all listening apps here before the next, like 30 days you got that come on 30 day challenge seven day. Okay. And then what else can I give you eventually?

I think you could make it into an e-course, which would be really fun, but you have all the branding pieces that I think the world needs more of and that they're honestly missing. And there's a lot of. Level branding conversations happening and today's message is I'm truly heart level. And I love that so much.

So keep doing the work that you're doing any final things that where else can they find you on social media? Are you on Instagram? I am on Instagram. I'm on LinkedIn. I'm not currently on YouTube, just a Mohawk Chevrolet. All right. So listen, listen. Okay. Before everyone goes. Oh my gosh. I was running. Seven social media is by myself.

It was very difficult for me to be like, okay, here we go. I'm going to make my own content now, you know, that's hard. That's hard. But if you're going live on Facebook, if you do go in, live on YouTube. Yeah, I can do that. I actually use live stream studio six. I'm getting there, you know, it's a slow progression.

It started off in clubhouse. I'm like, all right, I can do. We're on Facebook live and never going to go to YouTube live. And then we're going to get on all the other platforms we're going to get there one day at a time. Really, really cool. You've done so much already. And I think again, a part of that receiving and, and being able to be okay with that is also the reflection of where you've come from.

So I love that you said that earlier. This wasn't even in my path and yet here's the open doors and there'll be more open doors in the future. So keep saying yes, friends stay say, jovial. I love your spirit. I know the God within you has a greatness to share to the world that you've yet to tap into my best every single day help one person.

You know, I love it. Hope live in that hope life, hope dealer, hope dealer. All right. Thank you for being here. You got it. Bye bye.

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