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Becoming Better With Hope Moquin

Today we featured Hope Moquin from Becoming Better. Her message is that it is time to invest in yourself to become the person you wish you had. Hope Moquin is all about this. She is the Director of Student Life at the Free Chapel College under Jentezen Franklin in the same youth group she was kicked out of at the age of 15. She is also the author of “The Second Table“. 

Key Takeaways:

– God shows up in miraculous ways and plans our steps

– Even in our aches and pains, He shapes our purpose

– It’s time for us, as women, to step into the gap for those coming behind us

– Chasing the vision can cause us to neglect where we are at. which is part of the journey. You won’t have what you need because you neglected what you needed to learn from being present in the now.

becoming better

About Hope:

I am 23 and have been working full-time for three years at Free Chapel College under Jentezen Franklin as the Director of Student Life. My greatest joy. Fun fact, I work at the same church I got kicked out Youth group when I was 15. Aside from my job, I published my first book and launched a monthly women’s mentorship program at 22. When I have the margin, I love doing guest podcasts and guest speaking.

Where to Find Hope:

Show Notes: Becoming Better

I think today, more than ever, we all need a little hope, a little heart, a little actually a lot of happy and I am so honored today that I get to actually bring you and the tangible way, the hope. Today’s guest Hope Moquin is a beautiful example of the heart of the Father. Her testimony that started way back when she was young. She actually got kicked out of the church that she now works in when she was in youth group.

And so it’s just amazing to see how only God, only God can show up in these miraculous ways and plan our steps according to His will and His will alone, and to realize that our pains and our aches are actually what will shape our purpose. And so you guys got to tune in to Hope. She has a heart for women’s ministry. She’s also an author of The Second Table. Her book is incredible. Came out in 2019. And this next step of her journey is about teaching and coaching and serving to help us as girls and women to become better. So follow her on all the places she’s a breath of life.

And so I hope Hope brings you hope today. Tune in.

This is your God wink the moment that heaven says for such a time as this, it’s time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover your wealth and exude your wholeness. It’s time to become truly fit. However, this isn’t a fitness podcast, though I’m a retired personal trainer and nutritionist. This isn’t business jargon or tips and tricks to landing your successful passion project, though that’s totally why I’m a business coach. This isn’t a quick fix health detox ploy, though I’m all for therapy and I love Whole Foods. I do have a YOLO side sweet tooth though. This isn’t confusing religious banter, though. I’m an ordained minister still figuring out the many things and facets and faces of Jesus. It’s really none of that. So I’m wondering, if you’re wondering, what is this? Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each of you fellow passionate seekers.

The Fit in Faith movement was birthed through my own trial and error, discovery of mind, body and soul alignment. And to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial crash and burn experiences. I’ve learned firsthand that being fit isn’t about our physique at all. It’s not about our qualifying abilities or titles. It’s not about our potential. It’s truly about our God gifted passions, meeting our purpose. You are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you want to call it.

And I want to be there for the moment that you say yes in freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fully fit in who and whose you were made to be. Welcome to the Fit in Faith Podcast with me, Tamra Andress. There is no better time than now to get fit. All right, all right, welcome to the Fit in Faith Podcast, I am so honored to introduce to you today’s guest, who is a fellow sister. Quickly, you’ll find that out.

And she is an author and an advocate for all of us, especially as women, to become better. So Hope, welcome to the stage.

Hope Moquin

Hi. Wow. I am so happy to be here. I love watching this introduction. It was like so glam. I know. Like, wow.

Tamra Andress

So good. I love to do this. It’s kind of like a surprise and a treat to the guests every single time because it should stroke your ego. But more importantly, we should know that the beauty that exudes from you is all Jesus, as you know.

Hope Moquin

Yeah. Oh my God. It just shocked me like this is the coolest thing in the world. I love being. So have.

Tamra Andress

Oh well, I am so thrilled literally to have you. It’s I have stalked you on on social media for a while. So I felt like this is kind of a moment for me too. And this is going to be amazing just to share your heartbeat, because it is something that I, I think about my younger self and that’s a part of your mission, is to be the person that you needed when you were younger.

And I think then immediately to my daughter, who’s six, and how can I serve her better now knowing what I needed when I was that age? And so I just love that. That’s such a heartbeat to your mission, but I’d love for you to just take a second to introduce yourself. You always best at introducing who you are and just the heartbeat behind what it is that you do. And we’ll kind of just jump in conversation from here.

Hope Moquin

Yeah. So you will quickly find that I do too much probably. My biggest priority is I am the associate director for student life at Free Chapel College. I’m in a college room right now. I love it. So it’s a ministry training program in partnership with Southeastern University. I am a life coach. I’m an author. I have my mentorship program and I do way too much, but that’s what I love to do. And so becoming better is my mentorship program with developing ourselves to be those people that we wish that we had.

And so that is a super big passion of mine. And it stemmed from me seeing a gap and the Lord telling me to fill it essentially rather than complaining about it. He was like, why don’t you do something about it? And I was like, Oh, I guess so. And so that’s a little bit about me. It takes up a lot of my time. But when the stuff that you do, when you love it is not a burden, it’s a joy.

And so I’m like always so joyful. I love it so much.

Tamra Andress

I feel the exact same way. Even this a guy who like hardly knows me but shares my coworking space. He knows my husband actually more. I saw him this morning and he was like, you’re just like busy, busy, busy.

I said, intentional, intentional, intentional. David, thank you very much. And you’d like to hear what you’re saying. But it is it’s like it seeps out of you when you have this overflow of energy and you do have the ability to do multiple things. But I feel like overarching. If you look back and you were to zoom the lens back on who is hope and what it is that you do and how God has gifted and talented you and called you into the space that you’re in, there is an overarching umbrella, right?

There is this overarching ministry heart’s servant leadership heart that you have to connect with people. So you said that you you saw a gap. What is that gap, do you feel?

Yeah, I think with women specifically in this day and age, is that like the generation who’s ahead of us, they weren’t really on social media. And so they have a lot of wisdom, but they also don’t have the same experiences that women and girls in this generation have. And so girls specifically, I think a lot of them, they love to hide behind a screen. And so everyone is big and bold behind a screen. And there’s so much comparison, there’s so many filters and everyone wants to put their best foot forward.

So we have a generation of girls who are being raised on a phone and on social media, and they’re wondering why their lives don’t look like this or if they do this and this girl will have the confidence to say something mean to them because it’s through screen. And it’s like there’s just this gap of a lack of community, a lack of guidance, and then this false perception, this false reality of what life looks like, a body to looks like to be a woman.

And they have all these people lost and hurt and confused. And you’re wondering why. And it’s because of a screen as a comparison and filters. And so my idea in my heart is to develop ourselves, be the kind of woman that we wish that we had. And so for me, I don’t really have a mom growing up. And so it was like I had to teach myself how to be a woman. And I tried to do that through looking on screen and through the celebrities and through these people who only post the really good parts of their lives.

And so I was like, why is my life messy? No one else lives messy. Also go, don’t stand. And so this whole idea of caring about ourselves enough to dig down and pull out those things that are kind of hurt and things that we kind of brushed aside and get healing in it and then develop ourselves, to be honest with our past, be honest, our current realities and use are a and let the Lord use it to be our greatest gift for the purpose of building other people.

And so that is the gap. And that is like my biggest passion is using what was wrong. And hitting the enemy in the face with it and letting the Lord use it for something good like you specializes in like he loves to do.

Yeah, that’s so good and so powerful and definitely like just a testimony to who you are and like the process that you have been on, the journey that you have been on in this becoming. I always say like that we’re always becoming, no matter what stage we are, no matter how old we are, because ultimately you you walked into womanhood solo single handedly. Right. And of course, like giving God the glory and all of the good and realizing that the enemy exists a lot and yes.

Through the screen all the time, really. So it’s more about mindset and heart set for us to stay in alignment as women when we do enter spaces like that that can create a negative impact or a negative space within our own mind, our own heart and soul, our emotions, and then end up following suit in our actions.

And so I would love that you’re on this mission. I want to hear a bit about how does the second table, your book that you author, kind of collaborate with this heart, this heart beat?

Yeah. So I have always been a reader ever since I was younger. It’s just like I wanted to learn, I wanted to read. But what I noticed in a lot of Christian books like not any hate shape, but a lot of them, they would talk about how they struggled when they were younger. They would talk about these hard times, but it would just be that they’d be like, I went through a hard time, but then the Lord brought me out of it and now we’re here.

And there wasn’t any relatability or commonality. And so I wanted to write something that pushed the lines of what was safe, that really pushed the lines of what was OK and like normal to talk about. And so I shared my story because, I mean, I grew up really quickly. I had to grow up around like 16 because I was wild out. And so I saw a lot of life. And I wanted to share my story in a way where you would read it and your jaw would drop a little bit because you feel like this is so real and so in a way where anybody can read it and they can say, me too.

And so it’s like an invitation for you to have relatability with someone that you might have thought, like has their life together because it’s not the case. And so it’s based on the idea of leaving compromise at the altar and just the detrimental things that compromise will do and how compromise will keep you from reaching your purpose or compromise will keep you stuck in a rut and then making honesty and non negotiable in your life. And so whether that be in your relationships, in your workplace, honesty with yourself, making that a non-negotiable to promise to always be honest and everything that you do, because the time that one time feels like if you’re just honest, you share your heart, you’re always going to be OK.

And then the other side of it is this idea of church culture. There’s a whole chapter and they’re saying, I’m sorry if you hate Jesus because of me. And it just goes into how Christians have represented Jesus. And it’s like no one should ever hate Jesus because of the way we represented him. And so it’s going back to the thing I believe in compromise, of being honest with ourselves so that we can represent this Jesus. The best way possible is that when people look at us, they want to know Jesus.

They don’t want to run away from him. And I think that’s a really big issue in today’s world. Again, with on social media. Wow, that’s insane.

And I always feel like whenever I’m on here, I’m always prayerful over like, what does God have to teach me at this point? And and collaborating with people like yourself who doesn’t matter like that generational difference. Right. I’m only like a couple of years older and I say a couple I’m a decade OK. I’m a decade older than Jacob, but it’s like the recognition that, like God, Stuart is our heart, no matter what stage of willingness we are.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re coming to know the Lord in your fifties or you’ve known the Lord since you were five or five days old or 15 or whatever that looks like. And so but what I’ve learned just in this time frame with you already is this idea of compromise and this idea of conviction through the understanding that people do look to us as quote unquote Christians with the expectation that we because we know Jesus should emulate Jesus perfectly. And that’s part of our humanness.

That’s a part of our flesh. That actually is the connectivity piece of humanity. However, comparison and compromise have been a filter that have allowed us to say and raise our hands over. Yeah, we’re a Christian. Yeah, I’m holy. I am washed white, I am clean, I am all of these things. But I do it imperfectly. And I think the part that people forget is that they are not true enough with their stories and they’re not open enough with their testimonies that they’re currently sitting in.

So I totally hear you in the past is past, but present is present. So what are you struggling with today? What are you doing today? What is the conversation in the prayer life like now? Because we are always becoming so unconvicted in that and and definitely desire that that sense of transparency and that sense of truth. And I walked out the. Same conversation with the Lord five years ago now, where he was just like, just lay it all out on the table, like, why hold anything back?

Because I already know you and I already see you and I love you even still. And if there are people, human people and who have a different thing to say about that, who don’t agree with what you say or don’t love you through it, I’m still here. So it’s like this necessity for us to be transparent, in order for us to show up for ourselves, like you said, but also to emulate Jesus, right.

Right. I love that you’re spot on. I can’t wait to read it and get my hands on it. It’s so good. So you guys have to go check out her book, The Second Table. It’s I love the name of it and I love the concept. I think it’s so necessary. What are the parts of your bio? Was that you actually work or go to not work? You actually go to the church that kicked you out of their youth group when you’re 18?

I have to know this story because it sounds very parallel to something that is going on in my life.

Yeah. Oh, my gosh. So I work in the building that I did, I got kicked out of when I was a gopher in the youth program. So like I grew up in church. Your typical Christian family had a mom, a dad, my mom, she was there not emotionally presence. That’s what I mean by that. How had a dog went to church all the time. So we moved to Gainesville, Georgia, and started attending this church.

And what does a 13 year old girl do? She gets into a relationship with an older boy and thought that was a good idea. And so my life just went downhill so quickly it turned into an abusive relationship. I started doing drugs or drinking, became crazy. And I was so disrespectful that I got kicked out of youth group here. And my parents, I had despised the church so much at this point that they would pay me one hundred dollars to go to church every Sunday at our main campus.

And so I would get paid to go to church every Sunday. I got in trouble for shoplifting and then my parents had enough of it and they’re like, we’re moving you. And so they moved my happy but all the way to Florida and got me out of here and just kept on going down a bad hill, had a traumatic experience, got more of a harder drugs.

And I dropped out of high school when I was 16 and I was like, Deuce’s not doing it anymore. And this other ministry program in Florida, they took me in at sixteen, which was crazy and a month. And I had this encounter with this Jesus that I made fun of my whole life. And he ended up changing my entire life. Never been the same since. So I did two years of there. And at the end of those two years, this church was opening up a college for their first year.

And the Lord was like, you’re going to go back there. And I was like, no, I’m not crazy, but I did. And so then halfway through my second year, I got hired on full time. And what’s funny is that our youth pastor was actually the new college director and so was a full circle story. And now they are like my family. We are all tight. And I tell the students all the time, I’m like, there is hope for you.

Yes, yes. This is crazy. That’s like those are the situations.

You’re like only God. Like, I couldn’t even make them up because that is uncomfortable. That is not fun to have to step your foot back into situations like that where you felt shame and probably guilt and even like this understanding of like empowerment when you left because you’re like, oh, yeah, I’m out. At that point, my parents are taking me to Florida and knowing even still that you we’re going to continue living a life that you were. So when Jesus got a hold of you and you had this encounter, like, what were the things that he was telling you?

Like what was that shift like? When I was coming back to Georgia, when you were in Florida and you had that encounter in the ministry. OK, yes, so I broke up a little bit. I could not I’m sorry, you know, you can’t really put your words on a real radical encounter with the law and like with Christianity. And that’s why it gets it gets difficult when you try to evangelize and share about it, because, like, I can’t put it into words because it was so, so meaningful.

And so what I can do is I tell people like there is for you, you just have to ask or you have to believe that it can happen to you. But to try to describe it, it was just like it was big enough to switch my whole life around. It was big enough to make me stop doing everything cold turkey and to feel loved and accepted for the first time ever. Like I had heard about Jesus, I heard about these rules.

But being there was the first time that I heard that he loved me. And I was like, what does that mean? I was like, wait, he loves me. And so to love someone means you love them as they are. You can look past what they’ve gone through and you can see them for who they are and where they’re going. And I’m like, wait, Jesus loves me. And I think that’s the person that actually genuinely felt loved and accepted.

And I was like, wait, I want this for the rest of my life. This is better than drugs. This is better than Superboy’s. This is better than all of this. I was like, this is the kind of love this is the kind of not just feeling, but this is the kind of person that I want to continue to get to know. And so that was great. So when he did tell me about the George, I was like, I mean, I guess whatever you say, that’s what I want.

That’s amazing. That’s so crazy. So close that we’re your parents in Florida when you were there.

I want yeah, I woolgar. And so nobody agreed with me moving back to Georgia. They all thought I was crazy. I thought I was crazy, but I was like, I know that this is what God is telling me. And so whether everyone hates me for it, I have to go because I know this is what God is asking. And I do that too sometimes. And it’s going to be testing and it’s going to be confusing. It’s not going to make sense.

But if you know that you know that you know the Lord’s asking you to do something, it doesn’t matter who says what. You be obedient to the Lord. He takes care of it. Lord didn’t took care of it so good.

And I think that there is that’s like the component of trepidation, especially like we’re talking about comparison at the forefront. It’s this like other people’s deposits all the time and why it’s so necessary for us to say in unison with the deposit that he gives us on a consistent basis and that he does want to share and he does want to talk and he does want to show you which way and where and how to go and when we feel that sense of fear, likely it’s because there’s going to be a breakthrough on the other side.

So it’s like keep pressing in to that to find out who he is. As we’re talking, I for the first time, I don’t watch TV like ever or movies. And yesterday I had the opportunity early in the morning to start watching the chosen Netflix series about Jesus’s life. And I had not yet seen it. Have you seen it?

I haven’t. I’m not a TV watcher. I’m literally not at all. You have to watch this. It’s Ideal client on YouTube. And so I just I kept hearing about it, kept hearing about it. And I clearly I need to watch this thing. So I ended up watching four episodes are like twenty, thirty minutes each. Yeah. Literally I don’t watch TV, so this is like really abnormal. My kids were like, what are you doing?

Like you have to watch this show and they can, which makes it that much more better that they see me like investing and learning more about Jesus. But as you’re talking, there is this specific part where Jesus comes to see Mary Magdalene and she has was in her her sin at this point and just trying to like feel was feeling suicidal because the demons had overtaken her and she wasn’t sure what was north, which way was south. She wanted to just to succumb to the death of this.

If the demons and Jesus sees her and he calls her by name. And at this point she had changed her name to something else in society so that people just didn’t know who she was. And he called her Mary. And when she heard her name and she heard him speak the exact prophetic words that they had recited when she was a little girl with her dad, she was just in a normal life. She dropped a cup out of her hand.

It was a cup of alcohol fell on the ground. She turns around, she makes eye contact with him, and he just embraces her head and just embraces her. And when that happened, it was like the demon slut at that point in her head just fell on his chest. And so I’m thinking to myself, through the many encounters that I’ve had with the Lord, it was so similar to that. And like you said, it’s hard to really put words or imagery to, but it’s this like deep knowing that you’ve been transformed and anyone who asks her questions thereafter, she was like, I don’t know what or who it was, but I know that it happened and I am now the living miracle.

And so I like, love the ministry that you’re helping just cultivate and. The heart behind what it is that you’re doing, because ultimately it’s like giving people this fresh understanding, this fresh experience with Jesus, not through you hope the human, the imperfect human, but instead the introduction of the perfect Jesus, right?

No, you’re totally you’re totally right. That’s why when people ask me, it’s like, I don’t know how I got to where I am. I really don’t know anything. The only thing that I know is that I love the one who made me in that has seemed to work for my life. And that’s why I, like, fall in love with one who made you and let his hand guide you. And then you’ll end up where you’re supposed to go.

Stop trying to figure it out by yourself or anything is just like trust the one who knows you and trust that he knows where he’s taking you and just get on board with it, because where he’s going is where I want to go. Yes.

Yeah. Because when you’re in tandem with that and you realize like the fruit that comes with every step of obedience, even past the fear, it’s it’s so good and it’s so sweet that there’s no other option but to stand in boldness and boldness and sweetness was something that was just brought to me this year in a vision on New Year’s Day in worship and prayer. And it was actually partaking in communion that a comical communion, because all I had was these little like cinnamon squares and a cup of coffee.

And I felt really guilty about it. And as I actually took the cinnamon square, he was like, I actually am that sweet, because so often we take it with with just dry bread. Right. Which I, of course, like this is the the body that’s broken for me. And I’m thankful and I actually am thankful for that blandness. But now that I’ve had it as like a sweet cinnamon square, I literally don’t want to take communion in any other way.

And then same thing with the I am I haven’t drank wine or wine or alcohol for almost two years now. And it was a conversation that he had literally when I was drinking the coffee where I was thinking, gosh, this should at least have some grape juice or probably even water at this point. And he said, no, I actually am that bold.

And I was like, come on, like come into the throne room in this understanding that he’s that sweet and that bold. And our life can be a testimony to that. Even in and I keep going back to this for some reason, it keeps pressing on me, even in our imperfection, in where we are right here in the mess of today. Right. Right. So good to I.

I’m like a big dreamer. I am. I got the business mind. I’m putting on my entrepreneur hat really quick.

I have to know, like, where do you see like this dream going, this vision, this mission. How do you plan to expand it to be able to just touch more humans or people, more girls.

Oh goodness. I the Lord has really challenged my beliefs and being a bigger dreamer and expanding my perception of what my life should look like, my perception of what I think this should look like, and to be specific with my prayers and with my desires that he has put in me, because if he’s put our dreams in our hearts as because his hands on them, so he has a plan for them. And so I am so planted where I am right now, there is no greater honor than leading these college students and using what I have learned for them and to watch them grow everything in the world I love.

And so if you’re a young college student, seventeen, twenty six free college, this would be something that I think would be so beneficial to you. I’d love to get to know you and then with becoming better, that is like my limbs, essentially. I know that long term women’s ministry is where I’m at. I think that the areas where we have been hurt the most and in the areas where we have struggled the most will be the areas that the Lord wants to give you the most thought in and will be the area the Lord uses you the most.

And and so for me, our struggle with women, I struggle with mother figures. And so I know that I know long term that is where he’ll be taking me. And I don’t know. I don’t want to I have no idea. And so I listen to a podcast this morning, and it was all about growing to where, you know, that you call to go into starting with what you have now. And so with where I’m at now, I have the college girl to have my social media platform super thing before.

And so what I’m doing is investing everything that I have and to what I have now and just letting the Lord take the next step. And so my goal, Hope’s goal is to have ambassadors eventually for becoming better and to give them the resources to have their own groups and to let people go out and make disciples. Because I really don’t care. I don’t it’s not about me. It’s about what the Lord has written through me. And so to give these girls the resources to start their own groups and to develop them so then that they can go out and develop more people.

And so this idea of committing to ourselves become better so that we can raise up a new generation where they’re going to be becoming better. And a generation that me, my people, that we cared enough about them to work on ourselves so we could love them the best. We could and so I know there’s probably a lot, but that is like my dream, I want to write more books. I’m on my second one now. So a sneak peek.

They’ll be out next year, probably twenty, twenty two. And so that’s that’s just the goal. But I’m really committed to the process. I know that sounds Christianities, but I think we have to learn to be committed to the process and to fall in love with the process. So whenever the promise does come that we’re able to sustain it and we’re able to do it, will do it with excellence because we took the process seriously and we didn’t despise the process.

Oh, that’s so good.

Such a word for now especially. And what I like to call our microwave society, we’re like everything is, oh, it’s warm and hot and you’re ready to go. And that’s just not the way that I wouldn’t say that God doesn’t work in an instant. You and I have both experienced that that quick, rapid response that he’ll give us in the time of need. But at the same time, it’s like this process of the journey is really the part that we are able to grow into and emerge into.

And nothing worth harvesting takes two seconds to eat and enjoy, not to the fullest extent of his boldness and of his sweetness. Right. Like think of a vine, think of the grape, think of the wine. Think of every part of that process. It takes much longer. And so I love that you’re you’re staying present in right now, even with that, like, future dreaming, because so often we don’t want to wait and we want to just catapult to that dream.

Like if God deposit’s a vision, which is how he speaks to me all the time, I can see it for myself and I can see it for other people.

I immediately want to get there. I’m like, oh my goodness, we have to get you across the globe. You’ve got to be on all the stages. You’ve got to be able to speak into the lives of women. And then at the very same time, I’m like, wait, you’re not ready?

Wait, there’s something else that he has that’s a part of your process. That’s a part of your journey. That’s a part of you being right where you are right now in Georgia, that if you weren’t there, then you’d be out of line with where his vision is. Right. And so that’s that continual obedience, even despite hardship or even despite what feels slow. I have a girlfriend who wrote a book called Now Waiting. Her name is Sarah Johnson.

She was on the podcast a couple of years ago. And this book is just incredible all around the the experience of the wait and how if we became more patient and more present in that process, there would be so much more enjoyment of today and that we wouldn’t be so eager to outlive the blessing that is right now.

Yeah, there’s so much that goes in those even like Hebrews five, it says that Jesus learned obedience through his suffering. And so suffering isn’t like a minute of whatever suffering is, anything that your flesh isn’t happy with, anything that your flesh isn’t comfortable with. And so it says that Jesus learned obedience through the process. And what the problem with this generation is that everything is so accessible quickly through our phones is that we have learned to get everything within an instant.

So we don’t even know how to withstand this process. We don’t even know what that looks like to be committed because there’s always what’s next, what’s what’s there like? I can get anything that I want any time. And so when it comes to being committed, we don’t know how to do that. And what people meant is that we I think what I admire about this generation is that they are so hungry, they’re so ambitious, which I love it.

But we’re going to miss out on what God has. We just are so ambitious. Just because God gives you a vision doesn’t mean you neglect where you’re at. Now, if God gives you a vision, that means you steward, where are you right now? Because chances are the people that you’re around now, the people that you’re ministering to, the area that you’re in now, there are things that you need for the vision that God gave you.

And so if you just chase up this vision, you neglect where you’re at, you’re not going to have what you need when you need to get to the vision. And if you aren’t staying connected and being involved with what’s now, even if you do get to what’s next, you’re going to you’re not going to have what you need because you neglected what was now. And that is the biggest failure that I see in this generation because it is like I want now.

And so if you want your vision and you plant yourself where you’re at now and you serve that, how do you give your all and you grow to where you want to go and then watch what the Lord does, because then you get there, you’re going to have what you need because you were faithful and appreciative.

Appreciation and gratitude doesn’t come out of the lack of not being put it in your process. It’s so a part of that because you can’t even know how good the thing is until you’ve worked it and worked it and worked it and learned it and learned it and learned it.

And then there’s this experience of knowing that happens, that that’s how you become wise wisdom, no matter age, no matter generation, is existent only because of the process by which that person got poured into learned, taught, received, like the years that you’ve been investing in this process. I think I was looking at your website, which you guys is amazing. You have to go to hopes, hope and want to say your last name.

Moquin Moquin. Yeah. And Hope Moquin Dotcom. You guys have the link right there if you’re watching, like. And it’ll be on all of the links, but there is just a beautiful part where I was like, oh wow, I was really enthralled by the numbers. You said seven years of ministry. And I also knew you were twenty three.

So I was like, oh, man, I do when I was twenty one twenty, nineteen eighty. And I am sure there are many within my community of women who wish that they had come to know Jesus sooner. And interestingly enough, when I was 16, 14, 15, 16, I was actually invested in youth group and a part of all things Christian. Right, but also living in secret and living in the dark simultaneously to trying to understand and live in the light.

But it was more of a show than it was a truth. And so it wasn’t until I was twenty nine years old that I actually came into the understanding of that moment where Jesus grabbed hold of my face and my head and lifted my chin to his eyes and gave me that experience of love and that experience of deep knowing that I am seen and fully loved in that that understanding of shame and him not looking at me like that at all. And so I think it’s so necessary for us to continue to press in so that we can be the shoulders that the next generation stand on.

You said that earlier, and I just imagine that like that saying up by the shoulders be the giants that they stand on. Right. And I feel like the way that you’re cultivating and the season that you’re in is such a testament to everyone that’s to follow, but also to recognize that there are women generations ahead of you that here you and that need to continue to hear you. And so I really believe what you’re doing in the mission that you have is way beyond the generation that you think you’re serving now.

So I’m excited to see just what God does in and through you and on this journey. I think it’s going to be beautiful. Oh, my goodness.

You’re so encouraging. So I receive the receiver, see?

OK, OK. You know, my feelings overcommercialized, but this is too good a timing to pass up the chance to tell you about this incredible opportunity that I have cultivated with you directly. And mind you, the passionate kingdom entrepreneur, stop running the race on a treadmill to nowhere, stop the analysis, paralysis and the overwhelming, honestly, the isolation of business building.

You know, I am all for women supporting women and the concept of community. But this newly developed program takes that concept to an entirely new level. I am giving you an all access pass to my team of experts and strategists in order for you to develop your own business to the fullest extent.

I’ve taken my business with these incredible people from an idea to five figure months in less than two years. And I want to provide you the keys to this freedom and sintered joy. This is a coaching program with direct conversations with real people in real time.

Ask the confusing hard questions that have you lingering in rabbit holes. Get the direct insight you need to design the dream into a fully operating, abundant business. You’ll listen to this ateam. OK, there is a branding and content strategist, a mindset and financial success coach, a biblical foundation teacher, a marketing funnels and ads expert, and of course, yours truly, your Christian business coach.

If you are ready to truly invest in yourself, in your God dream and the people that God is calling you to, this is the only place to start that gives you a full Lindsey development strategy that you can lean into as a trusted knowing source on a firm foundation.

Y’all, I am uber passionate to see you flourish and illuminated within your purpose. You can enroll now by heading over to the one on one coaching tab at Tamra Andress Dotcom. Remember, I have the simple version of Tamra Tamra are a I don’t know if you know that story, but it’s from The Price is Right about a week before I was born.

So thanks Mom. Anyway, book your call and simply email me coaching at Tamra Andress Dotcom. Either way, I cannot wait to see you activated and this is going to be an incredible opportunity and a beautiful season to see you design the God dream that God has planted in you since your mother’s womb. It’s going to be fun, y’all. I can’t wait to connect.

Let’s get started again. I have another question for you. Are you ready, General? I’m just is not that hard is I’m curious when you are in the current setup that you’re in now and you’re serving people who are in school. And I know sometimes people will go into Bible school or ministry and still kind of be in their mess. OK, so like I was in getting my ordination and ministers license and remember walking alongside other people in that journey and we were still like becoming right.

Was still pressing into who we are. How do you steward how do you speak into the life? The people who are still yearning and really haven’t had that full encounter yet of change. Right. So how do I how do I communicate with people who haven’t had that full of change but they’re on their path towards it?

Right. So your life coach or whether you’re doing it in ministry, I think either they’re probably similar. Yeah, no, that’s the cool thing about life coaching, is that I feel like I’ve been like an uncertified coach for years and it’s like, let me just get a certification because it’s like the same thing. But what I needed when I was younger, which I think that some of us go about it the wrong way, is that when we really want somebody to change, we always tell them that we’re like, well, this is what you need to do or you have the potential to do this.

And this is like where you know that you want to go and all that kind of stuff. And none of that works. It really doesn’t. If you tell somebody how much potential that they have, that doesn’t mean anything to them because you don’t know what that person is walking through. And the person that you’re telling has so much potential, they could be contemplating their life. And so someone who’s contemplating their life, this potential means nothing to them because they don’t even know if they’re going to be alive.

I know that sounds heavy, so stick with me. But what people need, they need to be reminded of what they value. People need to be reminded of what’s important to them. And so if you can get to somebody’s heart and you can get them to start talking about what what makes them passionate about what they value, that’s going to spark something in them to cultivate a change and to bring out a change inside of them. And so when I was when I was on the right path, I wasn’t fully there.

If someone would have sat me down and been like, what are you passionate about? Like, what makes your heart drive? Like what makes you happy? And then I could start talking about it. Then it would be like, oh, because once someone can hear themselves talk about what they’re passionate about, they’re going to recognize that their life is either leading them toward or away from it. And if somebody isn’t passionate about something enough, they’re going to want to make that change and get to it because they care about it and people are always going to attend to what they care about.

And so when we can point people back to what they care about, I think that we can leave them on the path to get that life change that they’re wanting to have. But people will always be drawn to what they care about. We just need to help people remind themselves what it is that they do care about rather than just saying you’re wrong, you’re not doing it right. You’re not going to get there. It’s like like what are you passionate about?

And let me help bring that out of you. That is super passionate about that, because I’ve seen it done both ways and I’ve seen the fruit of it when it’s in the right way. That’s so good.

I was actually just in a clubhouse this morning talking about this idea of like being able to exist within all of our passions and not having to segment out certain ones because they don’t seem Lingley aren’t deemed worthy of a business or aren’t deemed worthy of conversation or aren’t deemed worthy of a job or a recognition or a title or any of those things. Not that any of that matters, but it’s the knowing that God like fully deposits every component of hobby, every component of passion, every gift and talent with intention.

And none of that falls on deaf ears or blind eyes to him. He sees every bit of it. So if you love cars and you love flowers, like, let’s use it, let’s make something with it. Right. Like, I like it. Somebody love cars and they loved flowers and they will. But the Beetle, the bug, the Volkswagen Bug actually have like a flower holder next to the steering wheel that you can dip like fresh flowers.

So. Right. I just I just pull that idea out of thin air. But it’s true. Somebody had the idea that they loved the car. They love flowers. They made the flower holder in a car. I think I need that because my little boy picks me flowers all the time and right out of the field. So it’s just it’s recognizing that your passions have purpose. And I remember sitting across the table from my husband in our backyard five years ago in the midst of this season of just trying to figure out who I was through the lens of the Lord for the first time in my life, standing in the mirror and being like, I don’t recognize you and I don’t know where you’re going, what you’re doing, how you’re even showing up or waking up for the kids that you’re raising, for your husband, even for myself.

And that was like a deep area of depression for me and also just a facade that I was trying to get past and break free from. And he asked me that exact question. He said, what are you passionate about? And I was completely silent. I had no words, actually no real recognition, because I had worn this understanding of what does everybody else want from me, this people pleasing life that I felt the need to do these other things.

And yet none of them were my deep rooted passion.

And he was like, we just spent a lot of our life savings into that business that you ran for multiple years, like you didn’t like it, you weren’t passionate about it.

And I was like, it was it really wasn’t for me.

There are components of it that I like the people I liked. But similar to what you said, that place of pain that was around women and motherhood and all of those areas that was where I was planted was with moms and with women. And I for my entire life called myself a guy’s girl. Like, I don’t like girls. I went into a sorority on a snap, did and went into the room with three hundred women.

It was like, I got to get out of here. This is terrible. And I think the reason I thought it was terrible. I think the reason I never. Or allowed myself to have deep friendships with women who are now some of my best friends is because I was hiding and I was living behind a door that I didn’t want to open, it felt like a can of worms that felt like I was the only one. I was suppressing myself like a highlight reel before highlight reels were even a thing.

I was living a highlight reel and it’s terrible. It was exhausting and painstaking and like just not cool. So to have that moment with my husband and him just be like, what are you passionate about? And then for you to parallel and say, this is actually the starting point, find out like, why are you passionate about it? What are you passionate about? And then start pursuing that thing. I love that advice. I love that insight.

And I’m just excited for people who listen to this, for them to have that understanding. But I think a cool part about it is in a way that I coach around. It is first, let’s start with the pain points. What maybe testimonial? It could also just be things that like get your blood boiling. What makes you angry? What makes you, like, want to combat or raise your hand up again or wave a flag or whatever that is.

In addition to creating the second column on the sheet about all of your passions. And oftentimes we can find connecting points from the pain point to the passion point. And this is the process. This is that journey. How did you come from this place, whether it was a pain or a trauma or a route that you had to uproot or just something that makes you mad and get to this place of passion, which is also, generally speaking, of freedom.

Because when you create if you’re a creative, you thrive. And just like we were talking about before, like you do all these things. But it’s because you’re passionate about it, because the energy that comes from you is just ignited, but likely because and like I asked, I wanted to parallel what’s the back story, what’s the why to that? Generally speaking, there within the pain point one hundred percent.

That’s my one thing that I will talk about all the time. Like I said earlier, your pain and your age, it will be your greatest gift in the world to offer to people, but only if you let it, and only if you allow the Lord to shape that in you.

And if you allow the Lord to take these pain and take these heart and shape them and mold them into the purpose that he intended for it in it’s scripture, whatever the enemy had meant were that the Lord wants to use it for good, but it takes our cooperation and us not being so prideful in it in the sense that, oh, for me, this is this. No, let’s take the focus off of ourselves. Yes. Is it validated for you to hurt?

Absolutely. Is it validated for you to have your human emotions? Absolutely. But is it OK for you to wallow in setting up the rest of your life? No, you are you do not get to be that selfish. You don’t need to be that selfish because there is a whole world who is hurting and who needs someone to tell them that, hey, I hurt too. But I can use this for good and you can use it for good.

But it takes us taking the focus off of ourselves for a little bit surprised and a generation that is so self-centered. Take the focus off of yourself and if you can fall in love with the people around you and you can have a heart that is so burden for the people under you, then it really does come into play. James, Chapter one counted as joy. When you encounter child count, it is joy when you hurt because you are able to relate to people.

Now you are able to sit in commonality with people. Now you are able to reach people that you would never be able to reach before if you didn’t hurt that way. And there is a saying how so often we pray like Lord, take me out of this dark season, Lord, take me out of this valley. But what we don’t understand is in those valleys, in those dark places, that is where God is giving us what we need in the process.

And so we need to be careful what we pray for because we could be praying for the Lord to take us out of the place where he’s trying to develop us in the other room, selfishness. And so it’s like, Lord, make my thoughts, come into agreement with your thoughts, make my thoughts, be agreeable to your will, because then we can have those connecting points from our eight to our gift. But it takes maturity and takes discernment and takes careful prayers because we don’t want to pry yourself out of the place where God planted us.

Then come on, you have the wrong way. And I learned the hard way.

So good. I think honestly, I think most of us do learn it the hard way. And when I saw that you’re like seven years into ministry and twenty three years old, I was doing the math and I was like, oh man. She’s been like rooted in her faith. And like, I desperately want to say that, like my daughter, who absolutely loves church and we read the Bible on a frequent basis and we worship together. And it’s really all she ever hears that she’s going to stay within the church.

And just like your parents, like, I can’t imagine paying her to go to church, but I would do it. I would one hundred percent do it because you would want them there to be this continual deposit of love, of goodness. And even if you were rejecting everything that was coming in, you were still in the mist. And so I. I think that that was a part of your process, that was a part of your journey to say like we’re going to pay you to be planted in the place that you are going to eventually go back to and work.

That’s so cool. So I want to ask you one final question. And it’s around something that I also read on your website. Again, you guys got to go check it out. Even if you’re just, like, consuming the words, it’s just a breath of fresh air and truly affirming as a woman. And so you said these words. You said we were made to be confident. We were made to exhibit the love of Jesus. We were made to be leaders.

We were made to know what we stand for and what we are worth. We were made to be the examples of what we wish we had. Let me be your advocate in helping you become the woman you are called to be. And I just think that there is so much need for this. And so my specific question to you is, when you are doubting, when you feel like self-critical or potentially even imposter syndrome, how do you stand in his confidence?

I think that this is a really real thing that not a lot of people want to be honest and and so, yes, I’ve been in seven years, but I have had my doubts. I have tried to run away from ministry. Time after time because I said I am not good enough for this. Too much crap is going on in my life. My life is too messy. I got tortured. I can’t do this. I am doubtful.

But what has brought me back every time what my mantra for this year has been this idea of having a heart of a patient expectation. And what do I mean by that? To be patient is to be an expectation for something to to be OK, to sit and wait because you trust that it’s coming. But but to not rush it in somewhere, so far as I know. But because there’s there’s a lot goes into it. So patient expectation is that, you know, where you’re going, you know what is true, you know what’s there.

But we can’t rush it. We can’t run to it. And you have to trust to be patient in it. And so when you’re doubting, it’s like, you know what the truth is, you know where you’ve been, you know where you’re going. But because life happened, because humanity is humanity, sometimes because life is messy, sometimes we can find ourselves in these places where it’s like, I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel hopeless.

What I was passionate about doesn’t make me passionate anymore. I thought that I was called it did not really know this door shut, this door open up. Kind of confused what’s going on in song forty three.

David was so in tune with his emotions. David was so honest with his friends. He soul, your soul is your mind, your will and your emotions, he says. So why are you cast down in God for I shall again praise my salvation and my God. And so my advice for anyone who’s doubting anyone who feels stagnant is sometimes you have to talk to yourself. You have to talk to your soul, your mind, you will, and your emotions.

Because David, his spirit was willing, because the spirit was with God. But it’s our soul. It’s our flesh that we are always battling with. And so when you are doubtful, you have to have the the discipline to talk to yourself. I am not going to be. To talk to you, so the ability to get your soul in alignment with your spirit. And so regardless of what’s going on, talk to yourself and say, look, I know this is hard.

I know this doesn’t make sense, but this is the truth that, you know, and you have to get yourself used to yank yourself in alignment with it sometimes. And that’s what it takes sometimes. And so for anyone who’s doubting, I would say to have the heart and care for yourself enough to have the hard conversation with your help and to make yourself get in the word of God, because people’s opinions, people’s podcast, people sermons, they will only go so far.

But the only thing that’s going to help you, the only things is going to change is the uncompromised word of God. And you have to take the action to read it and get it instilled in yourself, or you will never make it. You won’t. You have to have a love for the word. You have to be rooted in the word. Or when the storms come, you’re going to fall. And you can’t do that. You need to care about yourself and care about your ministry not to be rude and uncompromising.

The word of God.

Oh, man, I am loving this. I don’t want it to end their lives so amazing. And I am like I am expected just to see everything that God does in and through you. And I’m just so excited that he got us connected the way that he did. And I just believe for the people who are listening that you guys are welcome. And that’s such an important thing. And I know now like a tag line that people say, like, here’s a seat at the table for you or whatever that be.

But it’s the recognition that there are people who have walked through the muck and the mire. There are people who have been and sometimes still are in the valley. And yet I can stand alongside hope in the valley and raise our hands or vice versa, because we know that there is a mountaintop on the other side. We know that in that valley is where the dry bones start rattling. Right. And that God’s going to breathe life and that space for us to continue to climb to the next peak.

And that is life. It’s not meant to be this straight path, straight narrow path, like there is a roller coaster in the experience, but it’s the staying and abiding and that abiding is the word of God, that abiding is staying in connection with him, in alignment with him, in your prayer life with him. And when you’re talking to yourself, I can tell you something. There are somebody on the other end of wherever you are who is listening and will actually speak back to you in that time frame.

And so if prayer is the place that you feel comfortable speaking out loud or if talking in the mirror is the place that you feel comfortable, be willing to listen. Just as much of it is that you speak because oftentimes we pray, we say the words, and then we’re out and we never take the moment. And the time of the process is a two way conversation. If you were to just meet someone, say something and then dip, there’s no way for them to even respond or have any words of encouragement or have.

And next answer for you, if you ask a question and say peace, what do you expect to happen? Like, you have to answer the question on your own. And that’s when we get in trouble. That’s when we fall prey to what the world has to say. And we listen to that versus listening to what our father has to say in the process. So hope you are a gift. I thank you so much for being with us today and can’t wait to connect further.

Let everybody know beyond just your website, which we dropped. Is Instagram’s the best place to go?

Yes, my website and Instagram, those are really the only two platforms on. I told the lawyer that he’ll have to use someone else for tick tock. They’re not going to happen.

Yes, I love that. So, Moquin, you guys, again, such a gift, friend. And we are going to stand in this promise of becoming better with you, because that is truly my heart as well for women and men to just to take the option, take the opportunity and take the hope, not just you no pun intended to to keep going to keep pressing on to that better version, best version of who you are and who God promises you to be.

Love guys. Thank you so much. The. Hey, it’s me again, I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go, let’s solidify the flame. I’d love for you to take a step right now and declare your take away by snapping a pic of the episode. You tuned in to share your sparked moment and tag me at Fit in Faith underscore podcast or me personally at Tamra Tamra Andress on.

Instead, I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the Fit in Faith Podcast listeners. We’re totally in this together. Community over competition is the motto, right? I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to lead a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app. I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out. You know I’m a writer, so I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say.

I’m ready to fuel the flame with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy, help, wealth and wholeness. Tune in next time.

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