• Morgan Hart

Battle For Balance

We are all healing all the time.

Living our lives on a see-saw, craving and stabilizing every component of our humanness to experience balance and wholeness. Yet it’s a battle. The victory is ours, but there are forces and foes that push us out of center, traumatizing us in hopes of pushing us out of intentional alignment.

May we realize the fight is not our own. May we recognize the true need to love thy neighbor. It’s not a matter of comparison, for every emotion, no matter the predicament, similar or vastly different, all stir the same unfortunate emotions of pain, anger, brokenness, loss, confusion, and sadness. Not one human knows life without these concepts. And we all innately crave and crawl towards the light, in need of love and joy and peace.

The victory has already been won. Yet we stand in defense instead of offense. We have the armor. We have the sword. We have the power. Yet we forfeit our sound mind when the enemy wins a fight. Today, I refuse. Today let’s fight back. Today let’s not settle for the lack of balance when we’ve already been gifted it. We do deserve it. Our sins and enemies do not. We stand a midst a war…

To my African American sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, friends and those I’ll never meet – please know we are standing in your raw emotion alongside you. Please know while we may not know every angle or comprehend fully, we surely weep too – for the lack of a balanced humanity. There are many who crave it and many who break it – but as I tell my 5 year old son, “the good guys always win, even if it appears the other way at first!” I pray today, we each encounter one act of love, one moment of peace in a neighbor, that pushes us one pace back to center.

Love transcend all. His blood covers a multitude – even out of His broken heart – He gifted us access to wholeness. I refuse to stand defeated. Will you stand up along side me to recapture our heads and hearts in the name of Jesus. May we fight for mental health and heart healing. May we not just focus on our own balancing see-saws and look out to the eyes of our neighbor battling the very same wobbly line. May we plant our feet firmly in Truth, centered in goodness, knowing until He comes back we will face these disgusting trials and tribulations, but we have authority over the hate to put it beneath our very feet and fight back in love.

Ephesians 2:14

14 For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility

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