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Adding International Retreats to Your Business

Have you ever wanted to go international? Not just with your business, but with your friends or with people that you hope to help transform their life from the inside out? How about having a business write-off for your international travel? That's always amazing. The heartbeat behind what we do when we create international retreats or retreats in our own backyard is to take people out of their regular life to affect change and be connected with not only themselves, but with others.

Learn more about international retreats work in my business and how they can work in yours in this episode!

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Show Notes

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast. It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories.

And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith. Had you ever wanted to go international?

Not just with your business, but with your friends or with people that you hope to help transform their life from the inside out. How about having a business write-off for your international travel? That's always amazing. The heartbeat behind what it is that we do when we create international retreats or they don't have to be international, they can be right in the backyard.

I did that as well is so transformative. The connection, the intimacy, everything that happens in these experiences is truly a godsend. It's truly a miracle in the making. It's one of those. Abundantly beyond what you could hope for, or imagine, because you're doing something pretty risky. You're taking someone and plucking them out of their comfort zone out of their regular routine, out of their own home, out of their own Headspace.

And you're planting them pluck to plant, right. You're planting in somewhere. They're not familiar. Maybe they've been there before, but there is nothing like traveling with people, especially traveling with strangers. So be prepared, know that if you are not. A natural born connector. If you're not somebody who's willing to like take inventory of emotion, to take inventory of the things that somebody needs intimately, to be able to take a step back, because this is not a vacation for you just to bare warn you.

There's adventure. There's incredible things that you get to partake in and your spirit is lifted and you might be rejuvenated by the transformations that occur, but I can assure you on every retreat that I've had, my sleep has been lifted. My time has been kind of segmented, but there is such overflow that occurs based on the transformation that you intend to set up.

So that's kind of the first place. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? What's your heartbeat towards it? What's the transformation in order to cultivate a business, no different than cultivating a bank brand and a band. I was going to say band, no different than cultivating a band. What are you doing?

No different than cultivating yourself. Y what's the passion point. What's the heartbeat. What is the outcome? So people are very, we centered and I say, we very me centered when they come to your landing page. When they hear you talking about this experience, they're looking and sensing maybe your energy or your excitement or your ideation towards it.

But what they're listening for is am I going to like it? Is this something I want to do? Not only with my. But with my time and again, with that know, like, and trust their ruling early, handing the keys to their life, to their control. I'm a huge person of surprise and not every retreat that I've ever been on has been very surprised oriented.

If anything, they tell you exactly to a tee what's happening that day, even your free space is listed. Well, if you come on a retreat with me, you don't get all of those insights, all those details. And it's so funny. It's like gripping a steering wheel really, really tight when you're in. Maybe I'm a huge downpour of rain, right?

Like you're, you're holding on both hands. Your phone is definitely not. In your hand, you got both eyes on the, um, on the road, the windshield wipers are going really fast. That's like the first day of travel out of the country with a pseudo stranger, other than us connecting virtually right there saying.

To the experience or saying yes to the sales pitch, the saying yes, to the words and the language and the hope they might also be saying yes to the previous experiences that they've seen or witnessed you go on. So if you're a traveler, a travel blogger, for instance, and you're like, Hey, this time everyone can come with me to Puerto Rico.

Amazing. And they're going to see the type of person that you are, the type of traveler you are. Are you staying in a. Like hostile or are you staying in a bed and breakfast or are you staying in a luxury hotel or are you staying on an intent? Right. They're witnessing you as you are presenting to them, your being brand and business.

So when you say, Hey, I'm doing an international retreat or a retreat, they kind of already have a taste in their mouth of who you are and what you're about, but you still have to create a framework. So we're on this adventure day. We'll end it. I don't really know what I'm doing. I don't know why I'm doing this, but I'm putting my hands and trust into Tamra or into you.

And so day one, day two, it's like, okay, it's not as crazy with the rain. It's kind of a little bit lighter or they're feeling a little bit less in control a little bit. Or a little bit more in control, but less grip, right? So a part of this schedule, this knowing what's happening versus what's not happening and allowing the holy spirit to lead you in that way.

It's very different than what people are used to. They know when they went to wake up, they know when they're going to eat breakfast, they know when their kids are going to school, they had everything aligned. And so in an experience like this, and they're fully immersed, you do want to give them a sense of knowing you want to give them a sense of relief.

You want to know that today we're going to be doing something that's a little bit more, um, less on your heart rate and more in your Headspace, right? Maybe today we're doing a lot of. Maybe today, we're not going on any adventure, but if you want to go shopping, you can write, you want to weave into the experience, every different genre of person and making sure that every day is not back to back jam packed with all intense right intensity, intensity, intensity.

There is no sense of relief. There's no sense of release. And so making sure that you have. Ebb and flow to your experience that allows people's energies to go up their hands to be released. And they're jumping full force into the experience, or they need a little bit more grip because that's a lot on anybody, especially again, if they're a stranger.

All right. So I talked about schedule. I talked about why I talked about building it and named it. And claiming the transformation that's going to occur next. You're going to be broadcasting it and bringing people into the experience. So after they've said, yes, they've put a deposit down with you.

Generally speaking, I have a thousand dollars upon. And then from there, depending on how long I give them, cause I do mine a year out. I give them 7, 8, 9, and then depending on how long they're securing it, I give them a month, a month breakdown. It has to be paid out at least two and a half months before the international travel happens.

And there are several reasons for that your final dues are done at that point. Your excursions need to be booked and things like that are starting to take place in transpire and you need their full commitment at that point. Right? Two months out, you're starting to give them a packing list. You're starting to give them COVID tests, regulations, travel regulations.

You're starting to get them equipped for what is the experience going to be like when they're flying into this foreign country? Who are they looking for? What's the name of the taxi, right? There's a lot. Moving pieces and you want them to be as in control as they can, while also being able to release the stress and release the expectation that they need to do anything.

I am so much about bull immersion, let them come and simply be, take care of all of the little things I even ask my opinion. Who are coming. What's your favorite way to take your coffee? Because coffee is kind of a critical, like they're waking up and they need they're in a foreign country. And there's people that they just shared a room with or a bathroom with, or a space with.

And everyone's a little bit like on edge a bit. They need to have a thing that's comfortable to them. And to me, a comforting thing is the way I like my coffee. So providing. Also allowing them to explore, explore the culture. That's like the massive point of international travel. Don't take them to another country just to see the beach and the water in another country, and then stay held up in a house.

No, take them out and about and experience the language, the people, the energy, the restaurants, the food. There's so much things to explore. It's why I love travel so much. So make sure you're layering that into every single. I mentioned the holy spirit earlier. And this part is why hosting a Christian international experience or a faith based, or a holy spirit driven experience is different than any other, because I know the transformation that I would like to see happen, but I also know God will provide more.

I know he's in the waiting. I know that he's in the midst when two or more are gathered. And so every single morning, Plan to wake up earlier than I usually do, which is already pretty earlier. And I would get my Bible out and I would get my journal out and I would be looking over the day's agenda, which was also very critical.

I kept hold of, didn't tell them all the details again, until the morning of what do you need to wear? What do you need to bring? This is the plan of action today, right? Um, but I would just sit there in the midst of the morning and I would be praying over a word like, God, what do you have for the women today?

And of course, the day before, whenever. I came in. I started to like sense energy and how people were going to connect and whose story meant whose story. And I knew a lot of the stories, but I still was unsure personality wise, how people were going to pair. And so that's another thing to think about is if you know, The backstory, which is a part of the onboarding process.

And you are having phone calls with people prior to them and joining this sign on experience with you. It needs to be very experiential from day one so that when you're bringing them into the fold, they're not one, a complete stranger, as I was mentioning earlier, they might not know other people, but you already know how to integrate them into the experience and into the community.

Right? Sometimes sisters will come on sometimes. These will come together. And when that happens, you have to be strategically prepared to bring them into a community, a unity while also being willing to break up those comfort zones, because that's the biggest part of international travel. That's the biggest reason that I bring people on retreats.

I want to jolt people, head, heart, home, and. That's the business side of things, but the whole reason, excuse me, that I do mind body soul alignment experiences is because nobody ever takes the time we're moving at a supersonic speed. It's next to impossible. And so this is a time to do that. So if you're a business owner and you are looking to host a retreat of any sort, I would love to consult you to help you in that process.

If you're somebody who wants international travel and to experience it firsthand, I've had people come on in. Just so they could duplicate them. That's amazing. That's an amazing way to learn firsthand while also getting traveling experience in and meeting new people who could potentially come on your retreat later, that has also happened.

Like, I want to go with you and you do yours because no one, no one, no one could duplicate this experience. Just like you do is exactly why you can have a business, a brand and you are uniquely made. Out of your entrepreneurial thumbprint out of your creation because of who God sees you as and who he has purpose for as you for you in the earth.

Right? So recognize that. So I went to reschedule curation, location, uh, activities, up, down, all around, do all the things, cultural, learning, gathering your people and making sure that you doing the connection piece, the mission. Holy spirit. He would drop that word in my heart every single morning. And then I would share that with the community.

And I would say today, we're focusing on this and that's where my Bible study would lead right after that. And so when everyone woke up and people were trickling in for their coffee, I was already in the heart and head space to receive them and also to pour out. So make sure that you are fully engaged in your transformation and your.

The flow so that you are not overwhelmed because this could be a very overwhelming experience if you let it. But I believe that God is here to shake up the world to bring people into further connection and intimacy. And I think retreats could literally be added to any. Single businesses, genre. I want to see how you're going to do it.

And if you have any questions, you know where to find me, ask them below in the comments, subscribe, ring a bell. I'm going to be giving you guys valuable content and information like this on the weekly, if not more often. So get involved and I cannot wait to see you shine, soar, and travel. Invite me. I want to go see ya.

The most powerful thing you can do to unlock your greatness and step into your next level of abundance is to get in the room with others who have been where you want to be, and perhaps are going where you want to go. But oftentimes we can put ourselves in the wrong room based on exterior vantage points, what they wear, where they go, what they do when we know in our heart of hearts, that we should be following people and standing along people who are.

In true wealth, stop feeling alone in the journey of growth as a business leader and an entrepreneur who loves God, stop struggling to find the right answer. When it's already been written, stop giving up on the desires of your heart when God placed them there with intention, stop standing in this lack mentality.

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But you've got to be in the room. I IRL let's go.

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