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Activating Your Ability to Take Action with Tamra Andress

YOUR: Yearning Over Ultimate Replenishment

Learn Your Profit Identity:


Who are you really? NOW

Who do you want to be? FUTURE

What do you really want?

What are your gifts and talents

2. Over

It's beyond your personal ability - not only for community and delegation, but from GOD

Asking God can only be met by ACTION

3. Ultimate

Are you dreaming big enough?

Are your habits matching the YOU that you want to become?

4. Replenishment

Is it really about success? Or sustenance?

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Show Notes: Activating Your Ability to Take Action

So for those of you that don't follow me on other social media platforms outside of maybe Instagram, you should definitely be following me there, TikTok. It's really fun. You gotta follow me there too. YouTube. Yeah, you can subscribe over there as well. Um, maybe just listen to the podcast and that's cool too.

And I appreciate you so much. But I also hang out on. Facebook, of course, my group. Yes, join that as well. Clubhouse, you might not have ever heard of Clubhouse. It's a social audio app where people can go and just talk. There's no feeds. It's just real time. It's real life. It's, it's speaking. It's an awesome opportunity if you wanna be a speaker for you to practice and hone in on your craft.

But it's something that I've done over the course of the last two years, since it came out during the Covid era and it's sky rocket. So many awesome relationships that even catapulted my opportunity to host, Grow Your business for God's Sake Conference. And so many cool things have transpired just by saying yes to a platform that I didn't have any idea how to use.

But I said, open it up one day. And I'm like, Okay, God, do your thing. Have your way. I say, To your will and it's been beautiful. So this specific episode is pulled from the social audio app clubhouse when I'm sharing in that space and, and dropping gyms, if you will, is something that they say, and I'm moderating on that space as well.

It's basically like I just have the mic on a platform with a bunch of people. It's a live podcast. To be honest. I'm processing this as I'm saying it out loud regardless. It's really cool. You're gonna get the goods here since you might not hang out with me there. But I am live 8:00 AM on Wednesdays and 11:30 AM on Wednesdays on something called Breakfast with Champions.

You can also find us on Instagram if you wanna find out more about it and join us on the social audio app and in the rooms all over. There's lots going on in that space. I pray it blesses you. In fact, they know that it will, but I still wanna pray. His will not mine, his voice, not mine. So get the nuggets that you need and activate friends.

Be fit in faith. That's what we're here for. Founders, innovators, and trailblazers in their faith who are saying yes as marketplace ministers. All right, enjoy.

Welcome to the Fit and Faith podcast. FIT is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs and kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamara Andres, and this podcast isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience.

I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi, and so we do go there unscripted. No matter how far, wide, deep, or high the there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside out into their greatest calling by sharing their truest stories, talents. As a purpose activator and brand builder, I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and who's.

We are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Good morning guys. I am so excited to be with you today. My name is Tamara Andres. For those of you who haven't met with all the party hats, I love to play. I love to party, so I do it, uh, through the work that I get to do and helping people unpack their passions, develop their purpose, and of course, that plan of action connected to it.

And I'm realiz. Over and over again with personal one-to-one clients with group coaching experiences, even with podcast guests that I've had over the course of the last five years, that the plan is the hardest part that they, they, they, and I say they collectively, me being one of them. Think that other people have a plan that you've not tapped into, that there is something dangling, some book you haven't read, some podcast you haven't listened to, some magic potion that you haven't taken that allows people to quote unquote, experience success.

And you for some reason have gotten the short end of the stick or drawn the short straw, whatever analogy you want to. And I don't want people to walk around feeling that way. It's one of the reason, authenticity, and why I love Marvin and, and Bill and Brandon and and Glen so much, is that there's an element of authenticity that has to be, um, connected to how you show up.

And this word has become a buzzword. And I think the reason it's become a buzzword is because people want it. But they really don't know the difference between authenticity and action and how they actually parallel to one another based on our identity, based on who we are, and for me and my faith, whose we are.

I am a Christian and I love to show up as the foundation of what God has laid out in my life, and that's not only my breath, and so health and nutrition and wellness, those are huge parts. Started on this mission of being fit in faith, and it's evolved into serving founders, innovators, and trailblazers, and that's what fit the acronym stands for.

That's what grow your business for God's sake, is premised off of. It's this element of mind, body, spirit connected to the plan, connected to. Action thereafter. Right? And so planning is important for forecasting action is important for activating the plan. But what happens when you take five steps and the plan is now void or you are going down a path and you realize, Oh hold, I am not in for this.

This is not me. I don't like it. I have a client currently who had worked with several other coaches prior to me for the last five. And she gets on one of our first calls and we're unpacking the vision. We're unpacking the next steps. We're unpacking what it is that she's passionate about, and there's a huge aha in the awareness factor that she doesn't even want to one-on-one coach.

That she's actually not even passionate about that one because there's limiting beliefs associated to her ability to actually have outcome, and two, because she feels like it's going to tap out her capacity because she's an empathetic person and she knows that she's gonna carry the weight and the burden of what it is that she's doing.

There are a lot of therapists, even who I'm friends with over the course of the last couple years. Identity Doctor is one of them who I love so much. You guys gotta check her out. The Identity Doctor on Instagram. Lisa Marie, she's incredible, but people get burnt out when we are, are holding space for other people.

So if coaching is something you wanna do, I really encourage you to interview multiple coaches, find out what they love about it, find out what they don't love about it. And recognize that that may or may not be the right space or lane for you to exist in if you're starting a company. So where's all this going and how does it apply to you?

As you listen, I want you first and foremost to understand how can you make money? Just how. Not, not why, or who or where, or any of those places. Just how, How, based on your natural born gifts and talents, can you live a prosperous life. I'm gonna actually change the link that you guys are viewing right now.

Grow your business for God's sake, is eight days away. It's crazy. I'm actually gonna be giving away two v i p tickets that were gifted in today's segment. So if you want that, if you want two v p tickets or one of the VIP tickets to come to Nashville, I need you to drop in the chat. Nashville, Me, Nashville, me, Nashville.

If you wanna come to Nashville next week, you gotta be able to get there, but you are gonna get a thousand dollars ticket. It includes meals, it includes, um, individual parties that other people general admission don't get access to. It includes some free gifts that others won't have as well. It's going to be incredible.

We're gonna shower you with. And I know based on today's conversation that you are gonna leave fulfilled, replenished, and um, on track in action of the plan that has been predestined for you. That is the most freeing thing in the world. It's a predestined plan. And here we are, whether as coaches, I'm raising my hand, or as people individually or as entrepreneurs or business leaders or entrepreneurs, people working on the half of other people, we're creating up all these plans, which are critical.

We know biblically, if we don't create a plan, then there the no vision will come to fruition. And no action, therefore, after can take place. But what I need you to know connected to that is that if you are making plans outside of your natural gifts and talents, this profit identity quiz will help you come back into alignment with who you are.

So you have to connect your profit, your prosperity, to your gifts and talents. And I'm gonna go down an acronym based on today's room title, activating your ability to take action. Interestingly, purpose activator has been something I have been coined, a purpose activator, and so action and activating are two words that I could surely unpack, and I could also talk about ability connected to those natural gifts and talents.

But the word that spoke to me today based on an hour of being in the Book of Judges this morning, based on the hour of working out while also supporting Brandon in the room this morning was. Your, How am I responsible? How am I currently activating? You are the only person that can do that thing. No coach, no supporter, no best cheerleader, no child, no spouse, no dollar bill can put you into action.

Everything exterior outside of. And self is incorporated of the God within you. Everything exterior falls flat. None of it can activate. None of it can take action. None of it gifts you ability. Yes, there are love languages such as words of affirmation. There are things and resources that can be gifted to you that may help or give you a boost, but at the end of the day, the only thing.

We can rely on is the your within this statement you. So today's acronym that we're gonna go through is yearning over Ultimate Replenishment, Your Yearning Over Ultimate Replenishment. So the first why you yearning. Who are you really right now? Who are you really right now? If you don't know who you are, does anyone know, uh, what the details were on's back in Nashville?

Uhuh. S she before she's back. You guys hear me right? Sorry, TA's in two. Oh, I've been gone. That's hilarious. Well, I was like, wow, this is a great, How did this conversation go To Zero to Hero Nashville. Grow your business for God's sake. Grow for Grow for I'm gonna be giving away two V IP tickets here shortly.

Sorry, I don't know what transpired. I'm hanging out, chatting away over here. So I wanna go over the acronym the of your connected to the fact that nothing in that statement, activating ability or action can take place if you are removed from the. , nothing can happen. You are the gift to the action. You are the gift to the community.

You are the gift. But if you don't know your personal gifts, how can you activate? And are you stewarding what's already been predestined in your plan or are you struggling? Are you struggling to do the. Now, I cannot say that everything is easy when it comes to entrepreneurship, when it comes to breathing, right?

Like life is hard. Marvin gave some examples of losing family members or having some in the coma or just the, the friction that we exist in all the time based on our flesh. But what I think about when I, I am processing this with you, is just the heartbeat of why you're here. So activating purpose can only be connected to you because I can't do it for you, and no resource can do it for you.

So you yearning over ultimate replenishment. Who are you really right now? You have to be able to define that. You have to know your strengths. You have to know your weaknesses. I had an incredible podcast guest on yesterday. She cracks me up. She is a Christian influencer who just speaks to life. She has a business, uh, herself coaching in in the identity and the confidence realm.

She has a podcast called Confidence and Coffee. Her name is Ashley Hen and she had my community do an activity that I wanna encourage you guys with today to make a list of all of your strength. All the things that you love about yourself. I think sometimes we forget that strengths can also be things we don't love about ourselves.

So I want you to write more so importantly and what she said, What do you like about yourself and what do you dislike about yourself and on the like side for you to actually go deeper if you like that you, it could be exterior, that you have great hair. What about your. What about you? It makes you feel beautiful.

Oh, interesting. That your hair makes you feel beautiful and people compliment. So you have love and words of affirmation coming your way, and you were created by a divine creator who gave you that hair? I did read about Samson this morning, so that's not ironic that it came out of nowhere. Right? Who are you really?

Do you like your. Do you like yourself enough? Because if we are asking from a coaching perspective for you to create a business and develop a brand, and I need you to get on social media and do this thing, if you don't even like yourself, how do you anticipate that other people are gonna find an attraction quality to what you're offering, to what you're building, to what you're trying to grow?

It's like me giving you a dead dandy. Happy day. Here's your dead dandelion. You'll be like, Thanks for nothing. I want you to be alive from the inside out, that when someone sees you, they see the light of Christ inside of you. They know who you are because they know who you are. And it doesn't matter your fault, and it doesn't matter your weaknesses.

But I also need you thereafter to define who do you want to be. So if there are weaknesses on that area, On that sheet, on that list that you wanna develop. Awesome. Let's do it. If there are faults or failure points that are just a part of your past, can you let it go? Because dragging it in to the next part of the plan is just keeping you burdened.

It's just keeping you heavy, latent, It's just keeping you heavy, period. And if you're trying to activate and take action, I'm thinking of a rocket ship right now. You can't carry dead. and so we have to sharpen ourselves. You are yearning for something, my friend. Your heart is yearning. Your soul is yearning.

Your prayer life is proof. The things that you are putting in your line of sight, I don't know that they're connected to the things you desperately are yearning for. Because society, culture, they're giving you things, they're gifting you things. They're saying you want this and you think that thing is what's gonna make it all come to fruition.

But the key word, your you, nothing apart from you, no external thing. So you know who you are. Now you know who you want to be. Future, what do you really want? Want and need is very different. I teach this to my kids all the time. I want, I'm like, That's great. I want this. Do I need that? Is that important? Is that gonna provide me sustenance or is it gonna give me short term success?

I wanna be an author. Cool. Why? I wanna speak on stages. Awesome. What's the message? What's the. I wanna have a coaching company. Awesome. For what? Because if it's for financial reasons, it's not actually an accurate statement. It's not a part of the plan. God didn't create you to just go make money. That's not the point.

Prosperity's connected to people. But if you're positioning the prosperity in front of the people, Ooh. Mm. Can you hear the heartbeat of grow your business for God's sake coming out in the way that I'm sharing just by literally seeing a room title, activating your ability to take action. So find out what are your gifts and talents.

Find out how they're being stewarded in your life today. That's only yearning. What are you yearning for? Now let's get to the word over yearning, over ultimate replenishment, The acronym of your in this. Over it is beyond your personal ability. Not only will your community be a part of this, not only were the people that are a part of your team who you delegate things to be a part of this.

Not only will your inner circle your family be a part of this Yes, yes. And more, yes, but I think often we forget that it's God's ability over our. We, my friends are limited. We are limited. When we feel that friction of this is impossible, you're right. You're not wrong. It, it's totally true. It's accurate information that it is impossible in your own flesh.

And so I think a huge part of this is the your is knowing that if you are not connected to the divine source over everyth, Over every plan, every, every goal, every gift and talent even he is, period. He is. And so if the ultimate replenishment, if the ultimate ability is connected to him, he is able, He is the God of all possibilities.

Nothing is impossible through him, by him, for him, with. And so if you're thinking that something else will get precedence, even those elements of success, even those elements of like, you honor God for the thing that you like about yourself, you honor God for your strength and you question him in your weakness.

You question him in your faults. You question him in the failures. This is natural. I do it all the time, but what? He's setting you up. What if it's a part of the plan? Now, I don't believe that he, he does harsh things to us or for us for any reason other than to shapen us and to sharpen us and to know that this is for us in the long run.

But I am so curious why you're discrediting the weaknesses, why you're discrediting the hard points, why you're discrediting the value of the valley over his goodness, his sovereignty. This morning and judges, um, my, my husband asked me when he woke up, What'd you read this morning? You were up early. I was like, I know the Lord is knocking on my door.

I just wanna sit in his presence. And Judges is like a hard book to read through. Um, in some essence, in some other, mainly because it's a lot about war, it's a lot about generations and legacy. And um, there was a wild part where someone. Um, was raped. This is real, y'all. They were raped and they, they, their body was then cut apart by their, their husband later and sent to the 12 Tribes of Israel as a note, as a message to look what this one group of, of men, our brothers did to one of my wives.

My cony. I was like, Oh, like nasty. I don't even know things like that happened. And we hear about stuff like this in the sex trafficking world all the time now, and it's still happening. And the whole element that I learned through all of those things, even the hard points of war that I was just telling you about, sorry, if that was a trigger for anyone, is the fact that God is sovereign over everyth.

That we do or don't do, that we have or we don't have. He is sovereign. He wants to give to you. He wants to make it right. He wants the plan to come to fruition, but we get in our way. We get in our own way. And often it's not even that we're doubting him, we're doubting him within us because we doubt ourselves.

You doubt. You doubt the circumstances. You're doubting exterior elements of resource. When God owns that, he's in control of it. So the over the over of yearning, over ultimate replenishment is what are you yearning over? What are you yearning over? Because when I ask about success often and what does success look like to you?

What does it actually mean? What does it feel like? What does it tangibly look like? Often it's culturally driven, and I can't wait to get to the last word in this and unpack replenishment, but I'm gonna get to ultimate next. Because when we create a plan, when we utilize our gifts and talents, when we understand who we are, when we put God in position with where he belongs, and where we should present our worship, and our surrender and our sacrifice, daily ultimate grows, ultimate becomes huge, ultimate feels impossible, But we have now aligned ourselves with a possible God as the prior.

And so your dream expands, your platform expands, your community grows, the things in which you've never even imagined hope for or prayed for, come to fruition because he is in control, because you've gifted him the keys. But there's another element of ultimate and ultimate connected to action are your habits.

And we talk about habits in this room, mindset, heart. Relational set emotional intelligence. These are things that business coaches don't talk about. They're like, What's the plan? Okay, great. Let's check, check, check. Let's do, do, do no not by your works. Are you loved not by? Are your works? Are you valuable?

Not by your works. Are you worthy? That's not it. The ultimate sacrifice that was given on your. Is for replenishment, is for your goodness, is for all the fruits of the spirit that you desperately want. I believe in your core, but you're naming them something different. You're naming financial legacy, and God is like, No, it's just goodness.

It's just the overflow of my goodness. You're, What are you naming? When I ask that question, What do you really want? What are you naming? Because if it's not connected to Galatians 5 22, if the root of it is not one of those things, then you're likely not going for something of godly nature. It just is.

This is even in connected to our parents. Um, our parenting is what I mean. So like thinking about the things that you want for your. What do you want for your kids? Really, I think at the heart of a, of a mama, of the heart of a father, it's like we just want them to be good humans. We just want them to experience the best that the world has to offer, not the hurt and the pain, and the sorrow, and the war, and the fighting and the um, retaliation and all of these things that I saw time and time again with children, God's children in the Bible this morning, and I'm seeing it right now.

You can look around and. People are weeping, people are weary. People are are literally losing day in and day out because they are not yearning over ultimate replenishment. They have no sense of identity cuz they forgot Step one is you. They forgot to put God over everything else. They aren't actually realizing that the ultimate things that God has promised to us are greater than all of the little hopes and prayers and wish.

That we have on a whim day by day, wishing on a star when God is the creator of the star. Lastly is replenishment, and then we're gonna have a couple minutes to, to gift the v i p ticket for go for God replenishment. Is it really about success? Is it really about achieving the goal? Is it. Because when I ask the same question, who are you really?

And is it really about success? Is it the same? What about your future self? Are you defining yourself by the success that you've attained or are you defining yourself by the character in which you've become? If you've spent any time with me, you know that I have a book called Always Becoming. It just had its first birthday.

It's been incredible. It's been 10 top number one seller in 10 different categories over the course of the year, and it is a message that was literally gifted from God. It wasn't even titled that when I first started writing it three years prior, which sounds long to people, but again, God, it was a God ordained, God timed experience because I was healing in the.

And I didn't do it. I didn't write it, I didn't gift it to the world as a, a self-motivation or a self proclamation because y'all, it's like the grimy parts. It's the hard parts. It's the parts that I could sit in, shame over. It's the parts that could keep me out of action and keep me stagnant and keep me in the side of the list I mentioned of the weaknesses and failures, but I don't wanna stay.

I didn't wanna stay there and so I gifted this to the world. One, to get outside of self. This is a release mechanism, a release to say this no longer bonds me, binds me, shackles me. This is a, a milestone and what I get to say moving forward is out of no sense of perfection, out of no sense of condemnation.

Out of no sense of driving towards success or achievement. I said perfection. Out of no sense of self, do we always become, always becoming an act of surrender. Replenishment is what you get. On the other side of surrender sustenance is on the other side of surrender,

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