• Tamra Andress

A Woman of Tenacity with Prophetess Jerri Robinson

In this episode, I had the honor of talking to Prophetess Jerri Robinson. We met through Clubhouse and I have heard her spitting fire in many different rooms. She is a tenacious believer in Christ who is a world-changer for sure.

Key Takeaways:

How tenacity led her to where she is now

All about Ambassadors University

How others have spoke into her life

About Jerri:

Mother. Mentor. Singer. Life-Coach. Advocate. Jerri Robinson is known as a Woman of Tenacity, her love and passion for people literally shines through as a ray of hope for those she encounters. It was at the early age of fifteen Jerri received the call to the ministry. Jerri’s life, to some can be seen as glamourous and exciting based on her personality, but her story is one of great hardship and consistent tribulation. Through it all she has consistently remained a staple of encouragement in her community and inspiration to those whom she comes in contact with.

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Show Notes: A Woman of Tenacity

Tamra Andress

We are in for such a treat today, you guys, and if you don't already know what the definition of tenacious is, you don't need to look it up because you're about to understand by the end of this episode, because Jerri Robinson, today's guest, Jerri, with an i, by the way, she is all that and more. She is a mother, a mentor, a singer, a life coach and an advocate and know her advocacy stems from a life of trial and tribulation.

She also has so much joy and shines like a ray of hope in everything that she encounters and that encounter today is with you, so you should feel blessed already. I am so excited to hear Prophetess Jerry Robinson to speak to your heart today and you just receive. So be open armed, be open minded and hear who she is and what she is, her life experiences and how it applies to you. She also has something incredible called Ambassadors University. You got to check it out. It will equip and prepare you for what you are called to do.

And I will get to teach in it as well, so I am excited to have that opportunity. You guys, subscribe and review. If you don't subscribe and review or you haven't before, this is the one and give her some love, too. That would be amazing. And also to stay up all the that you can text the word "Podcast" to my number. And you're really talking to me like 757-906-3734. And don't worry, I kick out the creepers. I'm excited for everyone who is tuning in today. Somebody out there needs to hear what she has. Her heart song is amazing. All right, ya'll be blessed.

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The Fit in Faith movement was birthed through my own trial and error, discovery of mind, body and soul alignment. And to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial crash and burn experiences. I've learned firsthand that being fit isn't about our physique at all. It's not about our qualifying abilities or titles. It's not about our potential. It's truly about our God gifted passions, meeting our purpose. You are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you want to call it.

And I want to be there for the moment that you say yes in freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fully fit in who and whose you were made to be. Welcome to the Fit in Faith Podcast with me, Tamra Andress. There is no better time than now to get fit.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Get me in the mood. All right, girls, this is fresh. I never listen to because it's so much fun. And I swear, it's like Morgan just knows you guys it's like, yes, bring the fire. Bring the heat. We are here today with Prophetess Jerri Robinson. And I am so excited to just go deeper with you. We've gotten connected from clubhouse, which is all the rage right now. I've been in rooms just hearing her spit fire of truth and God's glory. And so I believe whoever is here listening with us right now, whether it's live or on the podcast to come, you guys are in for a special treat to just get to know her as I know I am as well. So thank you for joining us.

Prophetess Jerri Robinson

Oh, my God, Tamra is such an honor to be here. And I'm like, I'm so like in all right. Now, this whole introduction, I'm still on an introduction. I'm so sorry. I love it. Simply amazing.

Tamra Andress

It's so good. You know, it's kind of like a little treat to because I think it's you guys are always so much more than I think we always give ourselves credit for it. Right. And we see ourselves in the sunlight and we look in the mirror and we're like, oh, this is me. But then somebody else comes in and they take a viewpoint and a vantage point. It's almost like God giving you this new mirror of yourself to say, this is who you are.

You stand in this authority, you stand in this just authenticity. And the word that I love that just jumped out in your bio is tenacity and it resonates with me. So good. So I'm excited to learn, like, how that was birthed in you.

Prophetess Jerri Robinson

Yes. Oh, my God. First of all, again, it's just been such an honor just to meet you, like you said, on Clubhouse and all of the different things that you're doing that is so amazing. And one of the things that I love that you said, first of all, is being able to take a step back. And that's something that I actually was talking about yesterday, Tamra, about how there's sometimes so people are so close to you that they're now able to see the real beauty of you or what you really have to offer is just like looking in a pair of glasses. When I had to go do my exam, when an object was too close to me, it started getting blurry. I oh gosh, I don't get scared. I said, OK. She said, the object is too close to you. And so God was going to show me that. He said when people are too close, their image of you start getting a little blurry and they really, really don't appreciate fully what you have to offer.

So that's so powerful that you just said. That is just amazing.

Tamra Andress

Wow. I mean, it's so true and so parallel to my own testimony too as you're unpacking that a bit more is because sometimes the people that we anticipate are going to be our biggest supporters or the people that should we think they should be our biggest cheerleaders aren't. And that's even family members. That's people who could potentially live in your own home. And that's that's a really hard thing to receive. And I believe that it's not necessarily that, like, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right. Or that you have to push them out. But there is this knowing of an inner circle that sees the full picture of who you are that is so powerful in us being able to continually activate, because if we're consistently brought up against this barrier, then it's really hard for us to continue to say yes to the God dream, to the God authority, to the God promise when they're constantly taking us off of the pedestal that God promised and that he has us on.

Prophetess Jerri Robinson

That is so true, something that I begin to talk about. Even yesterday when I was at my church, I said oftentimes a lot of people talk about Joseph and how so such a bad thing that happened to Joseph. God begin to favor him with his father and then his brothers because of their jealousy, put him in the pit. And I said, Have you ever really considered that Jesus allowed them to put him in a pit so that he can get away from the people that he was going to help later on?

I really look at the perspective of Jesus Christ and how God thinks and how he moves his ways and not always his thoughts and not our thoughts. And so things that God do, he do with purpose and intention. And that's one of the things I love about God said, listen, you you think that you're in a bad situation. You think that's something that you can't handle. But God said, no, all things work together for my good.

I'm going to make it work for you guys. This is. All right.

Just so good. That's so good. And I know that that parallels to your own story.

So I haven't really officially given you your bio overview yet, but I'm going to let you dove in and go to like the roots, go back to the storyline that have you and your Joseph moment and and really has brought you to the place that you are now.

Well, I'm definitely a daughter of a eight living in New York City with my mom and dad. And fortunately, at the age of five years old, Tamra, I was taking out of my home and placed in foster care from the age of five to the age of twenty one years old. And a lot of people think, oh wow, that's OK, that's great. That maybe was in a situation that was really not healthy. Wow. I can't really say that I was in a healthy home.

I was in a loving home with my mom. You know, I just remember just such great times with her, right? But unfortunately, one incident where we went to go and visit my dad at a local church and all of that, and all of a sudden Tamra, we saw a whole bunch of cop cars just around all of my mother children. It was late at night in the dead of winter time and we didn't know what was going on.

We were crying with fearful at the age of five. You can only imagine I've never seen anything like that before. And they begin to take me from the arms of my mom and placed me in a car. And I know it to be now AQ's Children's Services. And as I was there, you know, they began to transfer me then to home at the home, at the home, at the home. And so I began to just go around pretty much from the Tri-State area.

I can't even count how many times and the homes that I was placed in. Unfortunately, Tamra was not places that were healthy, were not places that was suitable for a child that would like to just grow up happy. I was in a toxic environment, in a very abusive environment to where I could literally wake up and just touch the mantelpiece and see crack cocaine. When I wake up on my very first meal that I remember in foster care was alcohol, drinking alcohol at the age that I was and is crazy.

Like these are the things these this is movie stuff, but is really my life, you know, and being abused as a young child. But God saw fit to still use me. And he said despite of everything that you went through, despite of the pain that you have to go through this part of the abuse that you've experienced in the foster care system, there is still hope. And as I begin to get older, God begin to reveal himself to me in a brand new way.

I was sitting on my bed and I believe at that time the Lord had saved me at the age of 15 years old, Tamra and I know Jesus for myself. Besides my mom, I'm like, OK, I know my mom said go to church, but not for myself. And so at the age of 15, I gave my life over to God and I began to cry in my bed. I was up in my room at my aunt's house at that time here in New York City.

And I said, God, nobody loves me. At that time. I felt abandoned. I felt alone. I felt rejected. All of the things that I've been through, I said my parents is not coming to get me all these years. Right. And in a sweet, stale voice, Jesus said, But I love you.

Right then in the Tamra, nobody ever could ever tell me that Jesus is not real life. I'm like, No, you don't understand. I've experienced them. I heard them for myself. Right. And so in that moment, I literally told God, God, whatever you want to do in my life, I am willing. I'm an open vessel at the age of 15. And so at the age of 15, I begin to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and I begin to travel and preach.

And I have been on platforms to this day on the word network television and magazines and have traveled abroad and just done some great exploits for God. But it took a life of of, like you said, tenacity for me to not give up, not throw in the towel, despite what I saw, despite of what I've experienced in my life. And it goes deeper. We had about two hours, we thought, but I gave a little short snippet version of that.

And so, yeah, so powerful, so incredible that that's that the time frame that you are being grown and matured.

And yet you had to do it so fast, you had to really look through a different lens, not those glasses that you were talking about.

You were putting those on at such a young age and and looking through the world that I would never want my own children to have to look through a lens that I would never even put on any child, let alone somebody that young.

And so I'm curious, as you were going home to home, did you get to be or see your siblings during that time? So, yes, when we first started in foster care, I actually was with my two sisters, which was really good. And we got a chance to just be together for a short amount of time. Not a long time. Just a short time. Unfortunately, that hole was not conducive for it. And we got rejected out of that home.

And from there, me and my younger sister then lived with my aunt, which was unfortunately very, very abusive. The one she was strung out on drugs. And and that's the place where, unfortunately, we learned of of drugs ourselves. Thank God we were shielded. God didn't allow us to be affected in where we took drugs or anything like that because we saw what it did to my aunt. We saw the pain and what it did to us.

And and so living with my youngest sister, unfortunately. Well, fortunately, I will say the cops got involved, got Evan. Other aunts and uncles got involved and say, hey, we got to get these kids out of this toxic home and we were able to then go upstate to Utica, New York is a very small town. I don't know if anybody know you'd never come out and say that.

Everybody's like, what is Utica, New York? So, you know, it was near Albany, New York. Yes, it was really small town. And so we got a chance to go up there with me and my youngest sister and my oldest sister. And we reunited. Then my younger brothers were split up. So three of my brothers was in Virginia and then the other two were old enough to where they split up. So, I mean, it's a very unfortunate situation where you're longing for family, you're longing for that mother, father connection.

And to this day, Tamra and I want to say this to really, really just encourage someone to never give hope, never lose hope in relationship with your siblings. We were able to mend a lot of our relationship with my brothers and sisters. And so I believe that God is still evolving us. But we're getting there.

That's amazing. That is a crazy, cool testimony. And it's like one of those things they like when someone has a testimony that is just has a wow factor to it. There's always the people who sometimes will feel like ashamed almost or quieted because they've had a normal testimony. What's normal, I'm not really sure, but something unadventurous or something that didn't had a lot of trauma. And so they feel like they're not as purpose. Right. So what would you say?

I'm sure you interact with people a lot in there, like, oh, my testimony is nothing like that. I came from a healthy home, kind of right.

And my family dynamics were really different than that. So I would love to hear, like what you would just speak into that that variation of emotion that can rise up within us, that is honestly the enemy because every testimony matters. But, yeah, I'm curious what you would say.

Absolutely. You know, like you said, we overcome by testimony. And so any little thing that God has done for you, it could be as simple as God has kept me in my right mind. It could be as simple as, wow, God bless me with a scholarship to go to college that I dreamed about. Those are powerful, powerful testimonies. And guess what is not the big testimony that is impactful is actually your experience that you've had, that you're able to tell somebody else that they're able to now overcome their situation.

So no matter what you're going through, big or small, God is able to use you in who you are and what you have to offer. And I always tell people this Tamra I said, listen, if you don't come out of some things that you're in, whether big or small, they can't come out of what they are in. So your voice is connected to somebody else's success and deliverance. So good.

That's so good. And it kind of goes into what your heartbeat is around Ambassador University even. And so I'm so curious. There's so much that we can go down the rabbit hole. Right. But I definitely want to take time to just unpack that. And so knowing that you had this heart for empowering and this heart for serving and helping others to find that wholeness of who they are and activate in it, talk to us about what your role is within that and how people can get involved.

Yeah, so the ambassadors, universities, I'm so passionate about it because I found that there were a lot of people who would come up to me and said, Jerry, there's so much that I want to learn about purpose, about my faith, and not just about my purpose and faith, but also about business, about my marriage, my finances. And I said this is not really being offered in a more scalable thing. Right. To where people can actually say I can attain it.

Right. So, you know, and when you go to college, it's like forty thousand dollars. Thirty thousand dollars. And I'm like, oh, God, I can't do that right now. And so God told me to just offer it in a small amount. Hey, take a little course here, take a little course here for ninety nine dollars and that you're able to actually get a course and teach you about how to budget your finances, how to dove into mental health, even how to be a life coach, because I'm a certified life coach.

And so these put this university is an online university. They're able to obtain it wherever they are in the world. We have people from the Netherlands, we have people from Bahamas all with us. We have people from Evan right here in the States, in Kansas and New York City. Right. That is logging in right there from the comfort of their home and being tap into something powerful information. I think that the greatest thing that we can ever bless ourselves with is knowledge is not that's what's going to cause us to grow in our relationship with God is getting this information in your hand so that you can actually have something to give away to somebody.

But guess what? Also to empower yourself to be the best version of you.

That's so good. And I'm sure for you, like that conversation of generational change is like massive is so giving people access to the. Knowledge that allows them to break those generational chains is so, so incredible and it doesn't matter again, no matter what your testimony is like, everyone's history has a history and everyone's story is worth telling.

And so it's the knowing that we now, no matter what our age is, no matter where we are, no matter our sex, which, by the way, today is National Women's Month, start us over to the jail today.

I got so many dudes lately, which at the moment, but I also found that urine. And so just like giving giving women and not just women, but specifically women, because of the month that we're in the platform, the opportunity, the ability, the willingness and the authority to say you two can speak.

But we have to speak from a place of knowledge with to speak from a place of wisdom. So when you came to know the Lord and he whispered in your ear at 15 and you went out and started preaching like how much had been deposited since your childhood, like from your mom, or how are you gaining knowledge to continue to like step in to that place and to actually preach, which I think is so amazing, so young.

Oh, my God. First of all, my mom had us in a house and she would teach us the word of God. And it was like a little church inside of my house. It was just a maid. Mama was truly amazing. She taught us how to pray. She taught us about the word of God. We will have Bible studies and even music in our home. But then, as of course, my mom, she would take us to church literally.

It felt like every other day to your mom about that. My mom was always in church, but I loved it. It was something about gathering together with other people from different walks of life who had, like you said, different testimonies and different experiences. But we're able to come together and worship God and really, really heal ourselves from the inside out. And so from there, my late pastor who passed away, he began to teach me and pour into me the word of God, and he saw the hand of God on my life.

And at a young age, you say, Jerry, I want you to put down. At that time, I was giving my offering on the line. He said, Jerry, I want you to put that down because you're going to preach today on the pulpit.

And I was like, man, I'm scared. And I was the youngest person to ever preach at my church for the very first time where he began to pour into me. God then sent me mentors in my church that were poor to me because the prophetic anointing was on my life. So God brought me people that were mentor me in a prophetic just at a young age. I saw that God took me through all of that because he said, I need to accelerate you for where you're going so that you can be prepared for where you're going.

And so, yeah, I didn't go out, you know, just like I'm just going to go preach, you know, my bishop, he wanted to make sure I was ready. And when I went out to preach, he also made sure that I had an older person with me to cover me, make sure that I was speaking the right things to say.

And so that was pivotal. I think mentorship is so important in our lives. And then later on, are you familiar with Pastor John Eckardt? He began to take me by the hand and saw the hand of the Lord on my life, and he'd been mentoring me as well. And I'll tell people all the time, mentors is not always what they say, but is what they do is the life that they live before you. And so Eckardt has been instrumental in his life.

Yeah, I love that.

I think it's so good to because so often it's even under what I do. And what you have now under coaching. Right. Like everyone and their sister and their brother is a coach and it's like my third pinky can now coach you like. It's ridiculous.

And so is the understanding that it might not even happen immediately in a coaching situation, but in a mentorship.

And I have so many mentors, mentors that I had never even spoke to that I just follow closely in that knowledge, understanding in that deposit of a thought leadership. But at the very same time, the old mentor, the ultimate coach is Jesus Christ himself. And so stay rooted in the word and then following in the footsteps of those who are rooted in the word, allows us to have that ability to truly see with fresh eyes, but through the lens of other people, and then also to activate it within our own lives.

A love that you're doing that, for example, in that. And I'm curious, when you were in those homes, was there ever like a deposit that you felt from the Holy Spirit or maybe those people trying to pursue God or church or Jesus? And it was all blanketed from lies of drugs or alcohol or abuse.

Did you ever see him present?

You know what I mean? You know, honestly, in that moment, a time when you're that young, in your experience, all of the trauma, the pain. Just the all the different things that that I had to see and go through, it was hard at times to to see God in those moments. Sometimes, you know, I went through anorexia, anorexia. I don't know if people that are listening have ever experienced something like that, an eating disorder.

But I went through all of that and hating myself self-hate because I didn't think that I was good enough. I didn't think that I was, you know, good enough to even be here. Right. And so through even through the midst of that, God caused people to just come in my path and said, no, you are good enough. There is purpose in you. There is something there that God loves so much, you know? And so because of that, I think God that they were obedient to be able to pick me up and say, listen, I want to hold your hand through this process called life and be able to teach you, be able to pour into you.

And one of the things that I love Tamra about mentors, they don't give up on you when you give up on yourself. So many times. I wanted to just quit and say, you know what, I don't want to mentor. I don't want nobody else. I'm good. I'm going to go and there like, no, pick up the fall or I'm coming to your house.

And so good was so I was able to look past all of the hurt and look past all of the pain and actually see that I was good enough to be now and to be loved. Yes.

So beautiful.

Were you ever able to to actually do therapy, like beyond just therapy within the church or within mentorship in order to like kind of go back as one of the practices I had to do was actually go back and sit with the little girl and some of those situations that happened in my own life and see through the lens that God was there, that he was present, and it was my inability to see what what he was doing. Yeah, absolutely. Well, I wouldn't say that I went through in my younger years any type of therapy or anything.

And I think now more so that therapy is more common to go to. I think back in the days it was like, oh, therapy, there must be something going on with you. There must be something wrong. Right. And so I wasn't privy or had the resources to go to therapy when I was younger. Unfortunately, growing up in New York City and, you know, growing up in foster care, you don't really understand how to deal with money.

So I had to learn everything on my own and all of that and bump my head quite a few times and everything. But when I got older and I would say even now, I actually have a coach in my life that actually is with me every week going through everything. Even if I think that I'm Overstuff and I'm like I'm over my childhood. I forgave everybody for my mom. I forgave my dad, I forgave everybody. But she was able to take me back to even the childhood that I know you're saying you're over it, but let's still look at it.

Yeah. Let's make sure that there is nothing hidden underneath there that can really cause you damage later on in your life, because now you're mentoring others. So you want to make sure that you look at it very, very closely. And so I thank God for my coaches. I think God for my mentors.

Yeah, that's so amazing. I'm so curious.

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So thanks, Mom. Anyway, look, your call and simply email me coaching at Tamra Andress dot com. Either way, I cannot wait to see you activated. And this is going to be an incredible opportunity and a beautiful season to see you design the God dream that God has planted in you since your mother's womb. It's going to be fun. I can't wait to connect. Let's get started. How did you lean in to your gift of prophecy?

Oh, gosh, well, my dad, you know, like somebody speaking out over you as you were helping somebody else.

Well, the gift of the prophetic ministry, I actually got that a very young age as a teenager. It first started with prophetic dreams. So I would get a whole lot of dreams. And I'm like, OK, what is this that I'm saying? You know? And so what I did was I was a writer, so I literally have journals upon journals. And so I will write out everything that I saw, even though I did not understand it.

And I said, this is going to come in handy somewhere, some way. And so I will write everything out. And then a dream started getting more and more relevant and I would dream current events that would happen. And so I actually dreamt 9/11. This was my first real prophetic encounter that I had that was very, very serious. So I dreamt the plane crashing into the Twin Towers and I woke up screaming. At that time I was living with a friend, coming out of foster care, didn't really have nowhere to stay or anything like that.

And so she. So what's wrong? What's wrong? And I told her what I saw and she saw. My God, you got to tell Pastor at that time, we both was going to the same church. And I woke up call I didn't call my pastor because I was so afraid. I called my choir director because he was he was a prophet. Right. And so I told her what I saw and he said, Jerry, you got to talk the pastor about this.

So I eventually brought up the courage to speak to my pastor, said, OK, Jerry, I want you to go and pray. And so I began to pray. Next thing I wake up, my friend is nudging me on my bunk bed. And she said, Jerry, wake up, wake up, wake up is everything that you saw. She pointed to the television, turned it all, pointed to the television.

And I begin to cry uncontrollably because I learned in that moment I could not believe that what I saw was actually on the television. And so not only that, I dreamed the Twin Towers, I actually also dreamt the plane crashing into the ground. I don't know if anybody remember that plane that crashed into the ground that was not able to hit the Twin Towers. And I dreamt both of those. And from then God begin to just show me my prophetic calling, begin to get stronger and stronger, stronger and became more of knowledge, word of wisdom, which means I was able to prophesy to actual people and tell them things that was coming, tell them things that they was actually dealing with.

And so from there, my late bishop began to read my my journals and he said, OK, I need to connect you with the prophet of the church. And he began to groom me in the prophetic ministry that I still have today.

Of course, that is so amazing. In your aimbot Ambassadors University, are you training and teaching on this?

Yes, I am, absolutely.

Oh, that is so powerful. I think words of knowledge. I think visions. I think dreams. There's so much purpose to this. And and Jesus himself said that the things that we would experience would be greater than what he did here on Earth. And we know him to be a miracle worker. We know him to be a healer. We know that he had a direct connection with God. Yeah, we have that.

We have that power.

And that's what I think so often the church can be hindered by, because things like that can feel fear. They are fear based. And I think that the fear or the unknowing feels very scary. And I'm sure even in the moment you're the one experiencing it, you felt scared. You're like, what is veining?

And so as it kind of progressed and you've learned to lean into it, do you feel like a very secure sense of safety in in that expression of how God speaks to you? Oh, absolutely.

Now now having I mean, I'm thirty nine now. And so I've been in the prophetic ministry for quite some time now and I'm definitely very comfortable in it. I wouldn't say comfortable to the point where I'm not surprised because God still surprises me all the time. Like I literally Tamra would be prophesying to someone in my church or Prophet Centerstone when I go to preach out and I'm like, God, how in the world, you know?

And they're like crying hysterically and they're like, oh my God, oh, God, yes, yes, yes, yes. And I'm like, really? I don't know. I like God. Like God amazes me every time.

Romi is just really, really amazing. And it's something that oftentimes we try to explain to people who are apathetic, but sometimes the words slip ups because we can't even believe that the stuff is coming out of. Yeah, absolutely.

What do you feel like in your quiet time? How are you practicing like that deeper connection in that overflow from him? Because I think you are you have to be such a steward. If you have to be such a vessel for him, you have to literally submit everything that you are, because if you come in as Jerry Robinson, like you're going to say something crazy in God, going to be like, Really? Taxes there really not so well, what is your work, what is your secret time?

What does that look like? Well, first of all, my ministry definitely, definitely the foundation of it is prayer that was one of my first administrations in ministry is to pray, you know, and you can only imagine, right, being in foster care, going through all this stuff that I went through, you know, just having a solid prayer like that was my way to get away from everything that I was dealing with in the world. I would run to prayer and I would cry out to God and and ask God to help heal me, heal my heart, heal me from all the things that I experienced in my life.

And through those moments, at a very early age, God begin to develop even stronger my prayer life. And so God took me from praying for myself to now pray for the people, then pray for other people to pray for the world at large. And so it just expanded my prayer time. And so I then begin to even hold something called a prayer watch live on my Facebook page. That whereas now, like thousands of people that join in weekly my prayer, but it start from prayer.

I always tell people any people who say they are without prayer is not a profit. Your prophetic voice. You have to have a strong foundation not only in the world, but also in prayer. And so having a keen attention to prayer and to his work is really, really, really going to strengthen that prophetic ministry in your life. So, yeah, I love prayer.

I don't know why it's just so powerful.

I was on a women's retreat this past week in Tolu Mexico and there were seven other women there with me and I. I'm such a planner. So is like this needs to happen and this needs to happen and like definitely a control freak got to repent all the time over my need for control. I need to know my need to have it all figured out.

And I never felt this like sense of security or peace going into it about a plan.

Like I could have put the puzzle pieces together. There was something just hindering me from doing that and knew women were coming on like super last minute. So I'm like, OK, God, like only, you know, what's happening with this group is going to be like and so I'm there. And every single morning I just started with prayer. I just looked into the word I just was receiving and waiting for a word of knowledge or a conversation of what is today's understanding going to be based on the truth of what he already had deposited over it.

He was giving me words to like have higher day be around. And we prayed.

We prayed so much more than I plan to pray. And it was like, it's so amazing to see us praying, but without there being any instruction to pray.

It was just pray over that or we're walking and we're doing a feat, a challenge for some of the women.

We were going up distance that some people had never gone and we had to stop every five feet to just pray and worship and and pray and worship and massage and pray and worship and massage and to know that that journey was not just the deposit of that one person, it was the deposit of our own lives. Like the testimony of prayer within our lives on a consistent basis is so wonderful. The transformation from day one today seven to see that when you had just never pressed in like that, they had never sat in worship at Worshiped at sunrise.

They've gone to Virginia. But to sit there and worship like everything around you and just to be present with him in prayer, there's just there's truly nothing better. There really is.

And I'm sitting there and as you're talking about, I'm like, I need to go.

I need to be in there to go into Costa Rica next, because that is so.

And I didn't look at your page. I thought you was like on a vacation or whatever. And so I was like, oh, yes, I like that and I like that.

And I like I had no idea. That is so amazing.

You know, I often and it's it's just in parallel with your with your university and with this live with this prayer that you offer every week is we're just on a rap wheel, we're just on this continuous treadmill to nowhere.

And you don't take the time if we don't take the pause, if we don't take back ownership of our own life and just admit in prayer and worship, there is no time for him to deposit fresh, anointing fresh and new, his new power, the opportunity to to operate and overflow. It is so necessary for us to have that moment of peace and quiet. And you are seeking it so much younger than me in a place of turmoil.

Yeah. Which is beautiful. It's a beautiful part to who you are because I can't imagine on a consistent basis when things are just you're having a good day and it's like Jesus. This is so good, you have to keep your positive. Yeah, absolutely, absolutely, yeah, I mean, I always tell people Tamra that I always look at my walk with God as a glass, as a cup, and I always say that whatever is poured into the cup is for you, but the overflow that comes out of the cup is for everybody else.

Never give what's in the cup. You always take that sustenance for your so so that you're able to charge up refill and give somebody else what you was offered through your paran, through your relationship with God. So that's how it is.

And this is their piece of self-love or self care that everybody talks about now and realizing that it's not in vain when the self-love and self care is partnered with God with with a purpose of rest, when it's up with a purpose of smoking, when it's when it's worship, when it's at church, when it's a bubble bath, just like God speaks me in this moment. And maybe the speech is quiet and that's exactly what you need needed for you to do.

It's that realization that it's not selfish to have that cup filled first. And that's exactly why I'm so passionate about bringing women together outside of their home, especially as moms and especially as wives and entrepreneurs. I mean, all of these things add up and it's necessary for us to realize that at the core of it all, we're just a little girl. We're just like this daughter that, like me really wants more. But the rat wheel and the treadmill is the life of the enemy.

Yeah, yeah, it really, really is. And I tell people all the time, you know, if you're busy like motha, you can never be like Mary. You know, you got to be able to sit and say, wait a minute, you know, Martha was getting mad at Mary, say, God, Mary's out there, you know, just sitting at your feet, grabbing and all this up. And she said he said, listen, she's getting the best.

You need to come over here and sit down, stop doing all that work, you know, so sometimes we can be doing so much, so much for God and doing the things of God that we often neglect the relationship and to sit at his feet and just clean from God and oftentimes just get in a quiet place and say, God, just fill me up. Right now I be laying out, I'm pulling out. I need to be refilled by your word and by his by your presence.

It's so good I had this and I know. Go ahead. Oh, no, no, no, I'm good, I'm I'm I'm with you or so good, I had a lot of pressing in over Mary and Martha, so for you to bring that up is actually comical because I had always yearned for this, like Mary Spirit and I have beautiful women mentors, in fact, who are very Mary like I can just everything about them is Mary and I am so Martha.

I am so like 24/7, seven years is going to be the party and I will host the party.

We will bring everyone together. And so I went through this season. It was probably like a year where I was just like, God, I want to be more like Mary. I want to understand what this still means. I want to understand what just like resting at your feet feels like. And I was reading on an airplane by myself. I was reading the whole book of John. And when there was a specific part when Lazarus was on his deathbed or dead technically at that point and Jesus was going back to the town to go wake him up.

And the very first person who greeted him was Martha. Yeah.

And I remember receiving that word and just started bawling, crying by myself, because I said, you know what, she might be busy, but she's eager for him.

And she was the first person who knew without a shadow of a doubt what he was going to do, what he was capable of doing. And it gave me this utter release to know that I can be Mary and Martha simultaneously. And just like you are and just like I am, we're all purpose with a different identity, with purpose, and that we can own that.

And so I felt like this release that he just told me in that moment, like, you are like Martha and I love you because you're like Martha and I had this whole identity change of like, I don't need to be like Mary. I love Mary, I honor Mary. But additional as there's the Martha in me.

I think we have a little bit of a time glitch, are you there? Good, because. Yeah, yeah, I'm here. Can you hear me? Maybe. I got to you, OK? OK, I'm like, maybe I should open this one up instead. Yeah, I would say what I love what you said because I always feel guilty because a lot of people say, Jerry, how in the world that you do you do what you do, you know, you hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, hear round the world that you do everything.

And I always tell people, you know, God grace us for everything. He grace you for that. He grace you to be a mom. He grace you to be an entrepreneur. He grace you to be able to minister or preacher, whatever, whatever God has called you to do and don't feel guilty for what he has given you to do that that is what he has placed in your hand and being able, like you said, to be able to balance that Martha and Mary personality, to be able to say, I can be a Martha, but I know how to sit at his feet, too, you know, and I know how to have that balance.

And so this is this is like Tamra the number one thing that everybody always ask me, how are you do all of that? I'm able to keep that balance. So, yeah, it's that is a really, really good I love that.

And I'm the same. And I actually have this conversation even around balance. And I'm like, balance can be fictitious.

It can be hard for us here. You can try this one, please.

There you are. All right, there we go. There you go.

So is this knowing that balance and everyone's talking about like I want that balance. I want that work life balance.

I want that home life balance and balance is very difficult to achieve because I just think it's very fictitious in the fact that at any given point of our lives, there's going to be a seasonal change where the thing that takes priority is going to look different this season than it is last season and last season. With covid and all the things, everyone was off kilter. No one could be balanced yet. You and myself, we're still moving. We're still moving.

We're still activating. And so I believe more on this understanding of alignment than I do balance. And it's the same concept, but it's this vertical alignment to Jesus, vertical alignment to God, so that we can serve horizontally. And without that mind, body and spirit alignment, my mental health has to be taken care of. My emotional health has to be taken care of, spiritual soul, all of those things. We have to be in touch with them again.

Seasonally, things will change. Is your physical being the priority every single day? Maybe not. Maybe you're really busy and you're dehydrated and you have a gun to work out and you're not moving right now in this season because the entrepreneurial side is taking over or the motherhood side is taking over. Whatever it be, it's this understanding that ultimately, as long as you're vertically aligned to God himself, the horizontal overflow exist. And balance is is a tricky word to be put out into the universe that, again, people secularly are trying to utilize.

But I was a gymnast for sixteen years, and I can tell you Balance Beam was my favorite and beam. There was no balance on the balance beam. It's hard. I feel like you're constantly teeter totter. Oh, no, she's paused again, but her picture is really clear. We have so many people who are with us live right now, and I'm so grateful for you and I'm so glad of this met you today. And Morgan, thanks for tuning in.

Jerry, are you there?

Yeah, I hear you, but I don't see you.

There you are. You see me, I can see you. OK, we're done here. We're done here. Yeah. So talk. Talk me through like some things for the for the listeners today. What do you feel in your spirit is just like a word for now, whether it's this understanding of vertical alignment, whether it's this Mary and Martha lifestyle that we live, whether it's about your ambassador university and and people just saying yes to their God dream, what does that mean to you?

Oh, my God, it's Tamra.

First of all, what you have spoke about as relates to alignment, making sure that you're in proper alignment with God, with yourself, soul, body and spirit, because oftentimes we can just take care of everybody else. Right. And oftentimes we feel selfish because we're taking care of ourselves. We feel like I'm being selfish, you know? And so there's a lot of people who have that imbalance to take care of everybody else and treat yourself on the back burner and not taking care of your health, not taking care of your mental health.

And all the times we get depleted and as God is like, listen, I need for you to to in this moment to know that you're valuable, know that you're worth the time to sit down and watch this and have a meal to sit down and read a book to sit down and go take a hike, go take a walk and get some fresh air knowing that you are valuable. So those that are watching, those that are listening, those that are tuning into this this moment know that you have a place in this world and that you are valuable, that your voice is needed for a generation.

And I want to share this Tamra that every you're not call to everybody and everybody's not going to like you, but you are called to somebody. There's somebody out there that need what you have to offer. There's somebody that what you had experienced in your life, you know, and don't let the things that people say, the tags that people placed on you, you know, because people are say to a lot of us, I remember when I was in foster care and my social worker told me right there in my face that you would never graduate high school.

And I was like, OK, that he said, don't worry about college, he said what I would do is I would go and get a job. And he literally told me, he said, go get a job. And it actually makes me emotional to this day because of everything I experienced. He said, go get a job and go get this apartment is Section eight. Now, if anybody I don't know if everybody knows about Section eight, but is pretty much a living subsidy that they give you to help you.

And he said, take this, go and just live your life and go get a job. And I and I and I really sat and I listened to that and I said, no, I'm work more. I'm worth more than being on Section eight, you know, and and getting this handout and living just a mediocre life. And I decided Tamra that not only will I graduate high school, but I did it with honors and I will graduate high school with honors.

But I also went to college and did a dual degree for Walden University and graduated with my bachelor's of science and finance.

And so I left I broke that barrier of generational curses. I broke those barriers and those labels that says you're not good enough, you can't do it. You're you're you're not quick enough. Whatever it is that the label that people have placed on you, I want you to know that you can break those barriers. You can destroy and annihilate all of those workhouses that people put on you. And watch this. I was able Tamra to sit right there in New York City and everybody knows about the train stations in New York.

If you don't where you come to New York, you got at least right at one time on the platform waiting for my train and my social worker went past me. And I did a double take because I couldn't believe that I stole my social worker and I went like this and he turned around the same way and he said, I know you. And I said, yes, you was my social worker. And he said, How are you doing? Oh, my God.

Good to see you. That is good to see you automatically. After I said it's good to see to it blurt it out so bad all weekend I graduated high school. He said, You did. I said, have top of my class. So wow, congratulations to you. And I said, yeah, I'm in college right now. I'm in college. And in that moment God said, I gave you that moment so that you can know that you have value, you are worth it.

And he is so good to see you keep doing what you're doing. And I said thank you. I was able Tamra to go back after all of the stuff that I've been through, God was able to vindicate me. He wants me to go back and tell. So I'm getting emotional, just talking honestly to be able to tell somebody, listen, it's everything that you've been through. Your life is not the end for you. This is only the beginning of what you are getting ready to experience.

The goodness that is getting ready to come to you. You are worth everything that God has for you. And so I was able to go back to my social work, tell him that. But I was also able to go back to access the place from all those years ago. I was taken from my mother's arm at the age of five years old. I was able to go back Tamra at my all years after I went twice in my twenties and in my thirties, I was able to go to Manhattan, New York.

They called on me to say, Can you come speak to the foster care kids and let them know your testimony? And I went back to the force, the access building. And I begin to tell my testimony is all of the young people that were still in foster care and let them know this is not the end of your story. You have so much to give to the world. You will not be a statistic because many people say that foster children are supposed to be prostitutes.

They supposed to be out in the world. They supposed to be on drugs, they supposed to be the discarded. And I came back and told them, listen, I made it out. You can make it out to you can be that successful story.

Yeah, it's so incredible. I was literally the whole time thinking because I didn't necessarily read on your bio if you've done any work with the foster care system since I assumed you had knowing your heart.

But holy cow, what a moment that that word vindication really spoke out to me. That you said is like knowing that you've been vindicated and that he has given you this renewal opportunity to just speak life into something that was supposed to break you. And I love that you got that moment. I love that you continue to get that moment. And I pray all the time for children specifically, but knowing in the foster care system how how much detriment takes place there.

And yet at the same exact time, like they're all children of God, they're all in our family. And as a family members, we have a responsibility in that space to speak life, even if we don't have direct access. What can we be doing as community members to help serve that area? Child, children, family. Right. And so I just think it's no different than being home like homeless families that are out and knowing we always see them because they're visibly there where we don't see the foster care children because they're in a house that they probably shouldn't be in.

And so it's this recognition that there are ways to serve. The Big Brother Big Sister program is one of them, which is amazing and so many others. So I am I am so grateful. I am even convicted in this moment to do something and let my children be a part of that process. So thank you. Thank you. Just so grateful there are so many amends and hallelujahs and Almanzo every year and I are just so grateful that we have this time.

You guys, if you don't already follow Jerry, you have got to do so. Jerry Robinson profit is Jerry Robinson and she has so many different beautiful titles. But you've got to know that she is a daughter of the king. And above all things, that's the crown that she wears.

And I love that so much about her. Her story matters. Your story matters. Get connected with her. If the Ambassador University spoke to you, we talked about it earlier on. Go and tune into that. It's literally Ambassadors University Dotcom. That's with an S Ambassadors University dot com. And you will be seeing more of her if you've not unkillable. You're totally missing the train, not the Manhattan train, New York train, but the actual train because it is going places and Jerry gets on there and just brings fire all the time.

I'm so grateful for that. It is like church on a Monday afternoon. It is like church on a Tuesday morning. It is like church on a Wednesday. So you are following in your mom's footsteps and you are bringing us to church every. Day, and I am so grateful for that, Fred. Oh, gosh, I'm so grateful to you. Listen, I'm telling you, I'm so excited, even so much so Tamra I really want to offer anyone that's watching and listening in a mentorship program called Leading Ladies Mentorship Program.

And I'm really one thing about me is I love giving back. That has always been something of a foundation of mine. And I would like to give three of your listeners, viewers free mentorship for three months. If you are interested, you could definitely, definitely reach out to me support at Robinson dot com where you can get in contact with me, Jerry Robinson, Dotcom, and we'll make sure you get get in there. I just believe in giving back and making sure that the next generation know that you are valued and you have somebody there that want you to win.

Come on, Jesus.

So the you have a heart of gold. I'm so grateful to be in community with you and excited to support you in the Ambassador University as well. So thank you for that opportunity. And just today was so good. I'm so grateful that it worked out. And we've got people already flooded in saying I'm interested. So you're going to get some emails here soon. All right. Love blessings to you, to your family, to everything that is deposited into your spirit and your heart and your soul and your mind and your health and your home and your platform that we just asked for expansion and all of those areas.

And just that abundance would reign that she would be the fruit that people need to see and the overflow that people need to experience for them to have the transformation that you have given her so early in her life. Lord, we thank you for all of those blessings. We thank you for the testimony that she walked me. Thank you for the mighty force that she has for your kingdom and your sweet name. We pray. Amen. Amen. Amen.

All right. Yeah. See you later.

Hey, it's me again, I hope in today's episode, you sense and ignite to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go, let's solidify the flame. I'd love for you to take a step right now and declare your take away by snapping a pic of the episode. You tune to share your spiked moment and tag me at Fit in Faith underscore podcast or me personally at Tamra Andress on.

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I'm ready to fuel the flame with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy, help, wealth and wholeness. Tune in next on.

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