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A Gem Beyond the Gym: The Journey of Her 8-Pack – With Natalie Kimball

Do you ever meet someone and just know it was so universally intended for you to collide?

Today’s podcast guest was surely one of those people.

She came to the table or mic, whatever you want to call it, with such positive energy, and yet even in her bubbly spirit, she was calm and collected. She had this eloquence about her – and was just comfortable in her own skin. Which is pretty crazy to say for someone who has never been on a Podcast before. But at the end of the day…though I don’t think I’ve ever actually drunk coffee while hosting a podcast show…it’s truly just a coffee conversation between friends…or in this case…strangers. And as I learned more about her, I found out, like me…she didn’t start out that comfortable in who she is. It was a journey.

I hope above all of the things you gather in this educational episode around your mental and physical well-being, that you would know that you hold the power to change. That your pace determines your success in your health just as much as it does in your professional and personal life. And girl, I’m right alongside you in doing the head nod “Yeah, Yeah” response to that concept. I’m guilty as charged with living a fast-paced life. But the key to this lesson is intentionality in our strategy, without comparison to anyone else. Your rest, your pace, your body, your mind…they aren’t mine. And for that, you’re lucky, because I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night after my wheels spinning a million miles a minute from 3am on.

So sis…look in your own mirror. Go to the gym just for you. Don’t self-criticize. Don’t compare. Don’t inhibit yourself before you start. Start imperfectly. And realize, that each step is another shine in your own gemstone.


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Show Notes: Get to the Gym

Okay, my name Samaras, I’m your fan base podcasts and I am pumped to be here, just me… No words, no scripts, no incurs, no altos. I love authenticity, I hope to breed vulnerability, and I usually do this alongside another Dreamer mover shaker entrepreneur, passion is A… Is what I love to call them, if you’re a dude in a dude, but I am loving just coming together in community with other people to share their high and low stories, to share their journeys to come back, because I believe ultimately that’s for God would have us we would have us on the mountain top, and even though we learn as fun in the pit and in the valley, got out a on us right now, especially in this season of life and this time of our culture to shine. And so here I am, I want to teach you how to shine, I wanna be alongside you when you get your glow, I wanna catapulting to your calling, whatever that is. So this isn’t a fitness podcast, this is Morelos banter, that we preach Jesus all day long, and this is not just about nutrition or health or well, no, I lost some. Great, and I know you do too. It’s not okay for us to not be okay, was talking about all of these things in music, you guys, we don’t miss need a mental health podcast, we don’t just need a fitness podcast, we don’t just need a religious spiritual podcast, it needs to live… This is what a big is all about, it’s all about creating alignment from native, it’s about pursuing your wholeness and laying it over your life and over the line to love one that you have around you in your… So thank you for tuning in. I would love to get to know anymore, you can review, subscribe, whatever it is, send me a email, do at me.

It’s me, I have an amazing team alongside me, but you guys are getting me for now, so enjoy, I’m so coming to have a copy conversation with you is what I’d love to call up, don’t have my coffee right now, but… I have it in my system as you can see all of the… Let’s see this together and to keep going, or you resist.

And we’re excited to be here. I am specifically because I love meeting new people and getting to know people, especially when it’s on camera, which it ends up not feeling like it’s on camera, but we can always go back to our first conversation together, which is pretty fun, you are really not a normal thing, it’s almost… You know what, it’s kind of luray, not on camera, but as far as it is almost found a normalcy to me as far as meeting people through social media, because what we’re talking about before at the entrepreneurship mindset. Yeah, they’re scattered all over the place. It’s a track friends and all different states. Maisie, I had one more friend that I had… Yeah, yeah, the line. So we had talked on the phone, and then in a later… We met for the first time a person I was like, I already know you. I say, I actually get to that ties, a gal that I met via social media a year ago on Sunday, that’s… We’ve only met person one time… Yeah, it does. Me just connected. And when you follow each other and you really like obviously you have… Which is just chatting via text message, but you just have this bond because we don’t have the opportunity in our busy schedules, which we’ve talked about that last time out, busy becomes glorified. But having a conversation with people that way it’s like you’re constantly in their inbox, so you can think about them into in the afternoon and have a conversation with them just as much as you could for coffee at 80 a M and really… You’re not in person.

So it’s interesting, but I really have valued creating podcasts because I’ve made a strict thing on my end that I want people to be in person for eye contact and just one-on-one attention, and I know I can be scatter brain, especially with that entrepreneurial minds that you all… Oh, this, oh, this… Everything pulls you in different directions.

And so this has been such a treat to my year because it’s the 28th episode, and I had been really fun, and so just having that sell… Everyone keeps asking me, Can we do it from a far… Can I Skyping? And I’m like, No, yeah.

Have I given Joan, there’s so many people locally to say no and just go every… All over the map at this point. is worth it to me. I’d rather just keep going with this experience the… To introduce you, and I’m excited as you kinda introduce yourself to me too, this is Natalie Kimball, and I follow her via social media most years, no wholeness is kinda like my path, and so that mind, body soul is very important to me. And when I came across your Instagram, it was specifically around the body concepts a lot, then the more I started following you, there’s a lot of mindset, and there was a lot of that soul emotional piece that I really enjoyed, and then I was talking to Kristin Crawley who was on recently?

We’re connected, and then I really bizarrely, I am bowling with my uncle, and one is one now really weird, my promise on outer.

And he was like, Oh, you had Kristen on your podcast. That’s really cool. And he’s like, Do you know this girl? Not like… And I was like, I don’t… But funny enough, we were just in each other’s team, and he was like, Oh, my life, his wife as Sherry, you call beach mom, a the… Oh gosh, I totally Ferri to really forgot she does feel the area, so I was like, You’re gonna be… Be topped out. And she’s like, Like, everyone needs it. And cherishes amazing. She’s, Oh, my good, Mason’s like that. And he’s like, Yeah, she was amazing. She transformed her body, and I’m like, Well, cool, I can wait to hear more, so you’re in… We share out share beach model.

That’s our commonality. It’s just you go in alias though with a… It’s so funny on things come full circle, you immerse yourself and good people and transformation to where it’s like it all flows together, it’s more… The more I put myself out there as imperfectly as I am, it’s just the things that flow to you, it’s like I give childlike, it’s really… It’s just such good to energy in that… It’s so fun. Alright, so if you were to introduce yourself, you were like, Hey, as… So tell me about yourself. I do know.

So things… So all the things we were talking, business life, everything cross at all, everything, I think it all exists in one… Okay, so I think that that’s very, very Jon in it. A little bit, you just get me off, I need…

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, so all my family’s over there, my dad, the family, and we moved to Washington State when I was about one years old, and so that’s where I was pretty much brought up as a child to community college, to college, a school, exercise science, my voters of science, I had a little bit of a hiccup and… Not silly, a hiccup, but I went to geology school and I… And a lot of people don’t know.

Yeah, so I’m also a geologist. What does that mean exactly? So I can certify the grade diamonds and gemstones, so it allotments in moist… In like, not in like, I’m trying to process what that means. Now, that’s a law.

As in gemstones, not JIM. I know that it’s a very confused as Essen that was never aligned with my passion, but it was a really great opportunity for me to pay off… Pay off college. So that’s why I took it. The whole thing fell through. But I had an amazing experience and I was… Yeah, I was surrounded by people from all walks of life, from India to Asia, they come to this school and Carlsbad, California, and I did that at the 19. so that was a pretty cultural… It is one of the best experiences, a-And yeah, because I never had that dorm room experience, I always missed out on, but it’s like I had such an in… So a different, so different. Yeah, and also plays into your ability to now connect with so many different people from what you do because you were faced with it like, Hey, sit in a classroom and learn together, so… That is really cool.

Yeah, and it’s a lot of time, it didn’t teach me discipline, it really instilled my discipline is everything else goes, but yeah, so I was a little bit there. I went to a community college, I got a diagnostic health and fitness tech certifications. That was a long one. Exercise Science degree, I’ve done numerous numerous newer certification sense then. And when I was working in Washington state, I was their health coordinator director in this college at The Carl I… Yeah, so I did a lot of the programming, the corporate wellness, personal training group classes in the boarding, and I was one changes back then, so I would start my days at five in the morning… Yeah, the college, and then I’d have a break mid-day and I’d be at the studio Orly until 7 or 8 PM at night, doing TRX, kettlebell group classes. Or complete a version.

Yeah, yeah, so I did that for about a year. I met a guy down the San Diego and I said, I am not moving to Virginia, to Virginia, as I’m very much… It was a moment in my life towards it, I’ve been in the same small town, my town, it’s under 6000 people, so I… That’s a… So yeah, I do, yeah.

Yeah, my graduating class was like 18. A… Even less on that. Yeah, a lot. Yeah, I was like, this is an opportunity. This person is so special and so… Just good, good soul. He’s amazing at one… No one together. So a real that… And so I was like, This is the perfect opportunity for me to get so incredibly uncomfortable and push myself in a way like I have never done before. Well, and it was completely awful, it really, really, really hard in the beginning, you know, I, I, I, I, I, I, I only… Yeah, her early 20 is away from all my family, all my friends have started from scratch as I… Yeah, I had got on a double date with him in another girl, friend of a friend, and we became really close friends, but she was the only person that I knew, and he was gone all the time, and I decided… I looked all around Virginia Beach at the time, and there was nothing that was really surfacing that I wanted to do as far as gyms go.

Yeah, and so I built one the… That’s a… The ten in a rage.

Yes, I… So when I put myself out there, and so I’m people introducing myself. And they’re like, Cool.

Or yeah, like not rely… To your house. Yeah, I’m not going to you that rod and then, honestly, I just think with everything, it’s like you put your… Hindi knew what I believed in, I knew that I was so good at what I… What I do, and I just kept putting myself out there… We myself out there and I grew a business.

So create ground up. And how long ago was that, that… Oh, about four and a half years. Okay, that’s amazing. Yeah, so a lot of transitions that time, I’m trying to think from a social media perspective, that wasn’t… It wasn’t like a crazy prominent as it is now, in the sense of Instagram, it was still there, and there was definitely like the influencers who skyrocketed at that point.

How did you use your marketing strategies for that at that point, or it was really just getting out in the community in the handshake, it was a lot of community, and then as far as just doing different things, I was total at the time. Yeah, so it’s like Wherever I tried, I group one attendant, if I was going on Google as you, what… I was just connecting in a way that I could and just failing and then doing something well and then feeling… And a lot of it was after a time and I gotta gotten the ball rolling is out of one person telling another person and He has a word of mouth, they say is the best marketing goal, the a-a setter.

Yeah, so I started with that, and then since then, I’ve been in multiple different gyms… Yeah, so I was training out of board primitive girlfriend shoes for program, and they were like, Hey, we wanna help you out because I actually… This is a fume story, I was having one of the worst days of my entire life, and I just switched gyms, I had to move, I was living in and I was living out of my friends law…

I know my live straight crazy. Okay, that’s what we all been there, girl out. So when my ex and I had broke up, I was like, I have to find a new home.

You and I knew Jim. Oh, right, because it’s your gaming the House and I…

I ideation this, I like… No, I literally have to move an entire house, an entire and full equipment platform squat. I literally everything. So I found a I-A training. Yeah, so Ning out from the sky. And I was like, Yeah, why not? You can add on. And he had brought another trainer on and then I start getting a weird Bobs, it’s just kind of like the… Sure, it’s like when you know, I’m being pushed out.

Yeah, and there was one day my car broken down, something else happened, I can’t remit, it was just a pilot of things. And I was calling my dad crying. is like, This is the worst day ever. He’s like you… He’s always positive or enforcement, you got it. You got it. Yeah, I sat duster back and my go pity of time, I’m like, You know what?

Yeah, I’m gonna get it done. Yeah, and then an email with one sentence that said, I have to leave the job… Oh, wow.

And you’re like, I’m just gonna do it.

No, I’ve got an email from the run the iconoclast on… No, not that exact time with all the other things going on… Yeah, I ODed.

Yeah, yeah, and I start, I was crying my eye and I called my dad, and I was like, Dad, all this all was just basically victim victim, but… Sure, and he is the sweetest person, and then I’m just complaining. And he’s like, Well, what are you gonna do?

Get up.

He’s like, You gotta figure it out. Where you do home? I’m like so much I can’t go as I hear it out. Yeah, so I literally one of the phone with him and my girlfriend for primitive, she’s like, Hey, we know we care about you, I know everything that you go through on train here, so… Yeah, so I was leasing space out of the warehouse and their facilities. So they were incredible people. Yeah, yeah. Are you still there?

No, I’m not there, no.

I’ll probably do it beds and stuff now, but as forward to now, I train over at fitness, Noriko gains, and then I’m primarily moving… And this is a very recent development, a, because I’m very much like you, as far as mine, body, soul ration everything, it’s all encompassing. So I’m switching over to more of the IP programs as far as where we address everything, and this is primarily online, so… Okay, tell me about that, ’cause that’s kind of you’re launching that in the process as I… Tell me where that’s going on that looking like… Yeah, so as far as it’s something that I’ve started, brand a brand new, but it’s basically I take you as you are, we look at exactly where you’re at today, whether you need a bit put up a notch or we need a bumped down a note. Everybody is so different, and it’s a hard program to explain because I come in and I take you exactly how you’re at… Yeah, and some people are like, I train… We train five days a week and go on and like, Yeah, I need to go on this diet, and I’m like, We need to work on your mindset and your mentality, or toxic thoughts, and the things that you’re telling yourself, you’re saying you’re not good enough, why this you’re in all these relationships that aren’t serving you.

I had one girl and she was being hard is because he had lost weight, I was like, We spent the first six weeks just working on mindset stuff, and she checked in with me today, she’s like, I’m not having any negative thoughts at all…

Oh my god, a woman. That ease the biggest win, if we can just secure that and know that there’s gonna be waves, there are gonna be off on down… But if you can get to a place where you’re like, I’m good enough, I deserve this.

Then you add on, right. So everybody is so different, ’cause some people come in and they’re strong, well, they’re like… Their mental toughness. I like Jesus woman, like, Okay, got it. And then we’re just focusing on way training a form, so it’s an individual piece where we focus on relationships, mindset, way training, nutrition, and I have other people as far as specialist when it isn’t in my wheelhouse that I refer out to, and that’s all included, that’s so so I… So I like… So I can smell be some… Not local, right? OBE virtual as well. It is also a market doing this, this is all online, and it’s not something that I’ve… Like I talk about a little bit ly done.

Yeah, and I’m definitely able to take on at least one to two more right now, but as far as I… It’s so much more in alignment, you know what I… You just kind of outgrow something only…

I love my training, I love it, and I love people who wanna learn and these… When we were taking a charge, but I realize there’s something missing. Everybody’s like… For example, a lot of my clients, you change my whole life and you don’t know it renewed out of the country, people who… With professions, so it’s like, I just realize there’s more to it, there’s a lot more to it, and I wasn’t sure how to touch it, and so I’m super, super, super stoked that I trailing over some of the things that people have said about you. And one of the things as we’re talking about this is like, you improved my self-worth, and I think there’s so much to that, and it kind of parallels when I have these retreats and women are coming in, has their point of brokenness and it’s so many different places, and we can all be even operating on a high level of efficiency and still be… Have a broken wheel. Right, and we are just like, like your dad, I like, What are you on to? Just keep going. And so, oftentimes, because of our society’s mentality and the pace at which we move, we just keep going and we just disregard that broken loose Creek, whatever. Well, and it’s the times that we take to actually slow down and stop and reassess all parts of who you are, including more probably more importantly, that mindset in that spirit set of where you are emotionally…

I was the same way when I was completely broken when I came, I was always athletic and work down and was a gyms for many years, a personal trained in nutrition coach through my 20s, and so I always had like… And when I thought a decent body, but I went after it for all the wrong reasons, and when I came in to my face and really assessed my identity and was like, Who are you… What are you living for?Ticking away those negative mind sets and taking a story line of intentionality in my life, it shifted everything I’m in the best shape of my life now, more than I ever was when I was training five, six, seven days a week.

All iterative thing they’re saying is so much an alignment is… One of my girlfriends I was talking about was this season for me… Yes, ’cause I’m 29, this season of me, for me is letting go. ’cause a lot of us… It’s full force ahead. I wasn’t giving, I’m texting and doing emails when I’m getting my blood draw, like the role legitimately. And it’s so interesting to see, we all think that we do more and more and more, and more and more, if you just focus on being in the present moment and being intentional and focusing, okay, what are my problem areas, but not hyper-focusing to the point of destruction, I 0-0%. How can I fix this? Okay, I’m gonna apply this to my life. I’m not gonna do well on… I’m not gonna room an eight, I just think about all awful and does it, okay, I’m gonna move forward one step ahead in… It’s changed my life, and just as far as the way that I coach everyone, everything as we meet you where you’re at today.

Right, and that’s the thing is, just like Rachel Hall is always says, it’s the best version of yourself today.

And you don’t criticize the person who is ahead of you or the person who seemingly is behind you, but they have it all together because their best version is different than yours, and so you can focus on today and priorities your own emotions in this exact Hart set then you can say, Okay, today I have enough energy to also work out today, my importance is I’m going to just fuel my body correctly because yesterday I fell off the wagon and today is a new day and I wanna be the best version of myself, and falling off the wagon is a thing in and of itself because it’s all about balance, essentially. Anyway, so when we celebrate my father-in-law 60th birthday, an E-a portion of his cool, I don’t feel falling off any wagon, I’m like, who this is, yummy, and I’m celebrating in tomorrow work my botafo, and it’s just a matter of how you present that versus being like, Oh my gosh, I can’t eat this because this will happen, and this will happen, and this will happen. It’s not about the food, it’s how you’re nursing every part of your… Your being… Yeah, it’s so crazy. And that is when this concept of wholeness, and it’s interesting that you said like the mind, body, soul thing speaks to you a lot because I had another girlfriend, she’s called the Impact coaches where she does retreats as well, and we kind of share this.

Now, what the in diagrams that have the two circles that comes to a center part, so it’s like the in-body soul of the circles coming together and what that center point looks like, and she calls it with sweet spot and minds like the balance point, and this is like that place and everybody’s journey for balance and how can you get balance in your life, and there’s gonna be seasons where two portions are stronger than the other because of things going on, but we’re all kind of shooting for that center spot, and so if we can get there, your experience with food, your experience with working out… And I’m sure you hear all the time, I hate working out.

I hate salads, I hate water.

It’s like, No, it’s actually really good for you. You don’t actually hate it. It’s all mine set.

It’s all mindset. And one thing to… I’m doing that back to basics Nutrition Challenge. It’s almost like a clean at school E, It’s basically whole eating, so I’m like, it’s very hard to describe because it’s not a diet, it’s an educational tool because a lot people… I hate all of this stuff.

You’ve never immersed yourself long enough to know how good it feels when you actually feed your body whole, you just don’t know, and the people who eat that way did it, if you knew the amount of bloating… I did lose weight, I trying to lose fat on my piano, I didn’t need to it amount of balloting.

I was down inches just because I was feeding myself with my foods… Right.

It’s insane, it’s really… And it really goes back to any other portion, just like when we’re feeding our mentality that the negative wrong loading concepts of what we think will feel us and what we think will be hold just like McDonald’s. It’s like the quick fix. What can we get to make us happy and satisfied right now?

It is a long game.

We’re not here to be experts in anything tomorrow, and the best version of yourself today is not the expert, you’re not gonna be there because if you stop learning and you stop becoming… What’s the point of living?

It’s… Yeah, and it’s so funny as far as the… I can’t remember what it is, but you going through phases when you get to college and you think that you’re the expert, and then you go through the phase, you’re like, I know absolutely nothing and not like I’m very confident in what I can offer, and I’m in an amazing coach, but I also know and I’m very authentic and open to say Things are going to constantly change, I do so much continue education from the highest level of surgeons and what people… I literally… Rock trigger point, anyone. This is the latest… Yeah, what I said before, this is the long… Right, we just have a little bit of a better way of thinking, so I think as far as our coaching, even our mindset today… I mean, a year from now when I go on that podcast, I have a totally different mindset to where it’s like my frame of thinking is just different, and I want that for myself, I also have a total able… Because if I stop learning, I just don’t know what the point of living in your same knowledge basis, and so when people are like, Oh, you…

I feel like you’re wiser beyond your years and like that’s gonna… Always taking things in, I wanna feel myself like, What do you have to give me? What do you have to give me? What can I learn? What book can I read with points in to do any of those, and at the end of the day, what can I learn from myself and from my own body and my own emotions, because we have enough things being thrown at us of 247, so yeah.

Our bodies teach us enough, it’s just a matter, are you checking in with yourself the way that you should be checking in with yourself and aligning that… A lot of it is a lot of girls, I’m not progressing in. It’s like, Do you even know where you’re at right now? In alignment, because it’s like if you don’t know your starting point, if I don’t realize that I’m telling myself I suck, 47, you’re not gonna be in a solution mindset, if you’re not a solution mindset, you’re not gonna make progress because you don’t believe in yourself so good.Is so good. It’s so true, and it’s such a recurrent pattern, and I would like to put full disclosure a lot of this stuff, and I’m so excellent at what I do because I was so bad at everything I did, I neither as my form everything, but I always wanted to I always wanted to learn, and I think if you are not open and receptive, every single person, whether they are good, we’re about… Or able to teach you something, so the auto-horrible interaction and yeah, that I learned from the… That’s not at all how I gonna be.

For someone like you, it’s like, there are great passive people, I’m just like… Spoken Know what I mean? Yeah, there’s gonna be so many things that I take away, but I have to be open, I have to be receptive, and I have to be present. If I’m thinking about a million other things, I learning, learning how to be present was the greatest thing that I have ever learned, I so wish that I learned it before I had babies, because I didn’t learn it until after I had kids, so I’ve gone through two pregnancies, and I never got to just sit with this growing human inside of me, and so the fact that you get that blessing as you move in through your life, it is such a valid, essential piece of womanhood, of manhood. Of just our existence. Yeah, and I want that and I speak that over people all the time, I’m like, if you could just learn now, it will benefit you, it’ll benefit your babies, little bit it… Every experience you have moving forward, if you can learn to just be present with where you are today, it’s not the best because we’re not finished and it… We were… Then that’s a whole another conversation, but we’re not… We get to wake up tomorrow, that’s a blessing and a gift in and of itself, so what are you gonna do with your today to meet that expectation of what you have for yourself… Yeah, it’s really, it’s really that slowing down because I would not be able to take… I wouldn’t have these takeaways from leaving this conversation and be able to apply it myself if I couldn’t tune out everything else, and it’s a very, very hard thing to learn, but it’s so imperative if you wanna grow… Because again, we have to take a look where my app right now, you’re going to get better by doing whatever you can right now, whether it’s cleaning your house… I go, do that. Did that… Not a lot to go.

I was like, I am so anxious all the time… Yeah, I can’t find stuff.

Wow, that’s gonna Abacus organization. Yeah, everything. That’s great insight, but it’s a… Yeah, I can’t find… That’s gonna add, I can’t… For example, you can’t find your keys that’s gonna have 10 minutes to your day is an anxiety in stress, I’m running late and then this person may be upset, does it… So tragic to the basics, we do eye… You start your day usually getting dressed, showered, whatever, and getting your close on for wherever you’re going, whether it’s a work-on outfit or you’re going to a business professional thing, or you orient Beach.

We have to get our clothes on ’cause we can’t walk around naked, unfortunately, I said Now, how it… We had to go pick out low, we have to put on class, so in that part of your house or that part of your room is overwhelming, or it’s the first place that you start talking negatively to yourself, I’m fat, I can’t fit into this.

Nothing I put on, it looks right, this is so out of style, this is so four years ago and I can’t afford to get anything new that starts your day. And so our anxiety wheel is happening the moment we hit the floor and we start going, and so I did the project, the challenge a couple of years ago, and as a… Yeah, it’s a 30-30 days.

I’m sorry, three months of 33, I… As in Le, the bag that you’re carrying, it includes the shoes, you choose the hats you have on the jury, you’re wearing only 33 items for three months and you had to mix match, there was probably like a com… You can make so many combinations out of 33 pieces, I think I had three parishes black leggings or work out a… The matter was, as many the black leggings that work out, fans as you want it to go in that on you just… You do, that’s not fair, that’s your actual business on the drug as a…

Yeah, you only have the whole onside and hand or…

I initiate… We had to be out something for work out plus ’cause if we were going to the gym, and I was a threat much to do one, but it was such a cool challenge, and at that time, I went from having about two to three bins per season that I would alternate through to zero in and everything was in my closet, I could see my winter clothes and I could see my spring and summer close all at the same time. I layered, I changed things up and since then I have Haslam do or drug or what not, but I still… I’ve not put anything in bins, and it was so intentional for me to go into my closet and I would get dressed and I always… I liked my bins of clothes just as much as I liked my clothes now, but any time I bought something, I would take something else out, I love that because it’s really… And that’s an example as far as for our mentality or whatever we have in our life, it’s a simplicity… ’cause you have so many distractions. Why do I need… It’s like carrying something in your brain that I… Ebola so good. I don’t think I like that back in the day, ’cause I was just doing it to simplify, but I hadn’t put it into perspective of how much that’s added in what I do and everything on of my Orissa you do one thing is what you do everything.

And I hate that saying so much because it made me do it such a hard look at myself, and I really disorganized in my house and these things are disorganized, and it was one I added… I was trying with my coaching with everything, I was adding so many layers of complexity… Sure. To where people couldn’t follow it, it was great, it was great information, it’s like the top of the top, but I realize I’m not gonna… You know, I’m gonna go on you the wardrobe, and then start your home, all your clothes, and I just start staging bins. I’m like, Here, you can take more. So the stingy this, I’m just gonna do nothing is so much, I’m not waiting, I, I’m a bosom winning it at whatever you have in your life, make sure it’s… There is just such a beauty… A, yeah.

In simplicity and is there… Is so true, and that’s all the way down to your workout regimen, to your plate, what you’re staffing your food on, even your… Your spiritual life… And I think for me, and for a lot of people, when I hear people trying to learn about their faith or what that spiritual walk is for them, they try to put on so much, they try so much information. Even I had a gal, the retreat recently, and I don’t even know where your faith is, and so I’d love to have that conversation as well. But she’s like, I don’t even know how to open the Bible. You guys overwhelm me because I don’t even know where the Book of John is, and I’m like, Listen, hold on, Lemme hear.

I have tabs on my Bible, so it tells me, here it is, I don’t know, and it’s…

I can’t recite scripture to you, I’m an ordained minister, and then don’t have the capability of doing that, please don’t let the way that I share about my faith to turn you from opening the book or starting… Whatever that is, same thing with you. If somebody sees your Instagram page and they see your a-pack, they’re like, Yeah, no. Well, if we just do it, you didn’t get an eight pack over night, you opened the JIM door, you picked up the weight and each day day by day, you got to that place.

So it’s a journey that we’re all on.

It’s not just an overnight. I expected expected result.

Not at all. I think as far as before a judge criticize or compare… Comparison will always kill you. And I can’t remember who it was, goosey, and I kind of said this earlier, it was just that when we just lost it, but as far as learning things, as far as what they’ve mastered, we’ve all started… Nobody was born knowing things I was not, I didn’t do. Yeah, knowing fitness. Sure, I have an insane passion.

Since the age of 15, I was a oared. Yeah, I was 95 pounds or not, 13 pounds benching. 95 Porteous this little noodle.

I know I wanted to get to my body way of A…

I never did, but I was doing the maxim or polite girls, I was benching, I was doing all these things, and I was getting constantly made fun of at the age of 15 being a woman, being immersed in weight lifting, we… But I didn’t care, I was like, I wanna be strong. And a lot of it was because of a weak mentality that I had, it was just one of those as far as I think most women now, even in their later ages, but for me, especially in the age of 15, I was so insecure. I thought I was fat, and I was a 1-7 house. I’m the same height, I was 27 pounds lighter, so… And I had a mentality, I need to lose some fat, but I just kept getting stronger and I just build it the way that I like, I guess wants like… So I think in that do it up that the last skeleton and it’s our perception and what you believe about yourself, but if you’re intimidated doing anything, find people in that wheelhouse that are open to communication is good.

Yeah, I got a take away.

Yeah, I have a role that’s a bit coaching program, she was talking about other coaches when she met her work out when she didn’t… Wasn’t perfect on her diet, would ridicule her and be little her…

I said, I want you to feel open and honest and that you can tell me anything… Yeah, because if I don’t know where you’re at, if I don’t know if you mayor the new whatever, I can’t help you.

I really can’t help you.

And it was the first time I know we were both rawal way is just like just, you make an impact on someone and they can change the mentality, it’s… Well, it’s just being powering to an authority of any sort, and we were like, Oh, we can’t go to them for this, so then you start bottling it like that, and where are you gonna wash your outlet outlet ends up becoming something that’s probably not healthy for you, it’s an on actual mobile standard, so what bothers me so much in the fitness industry as far as you’re coming and you’re gonna meet me, or I’m gonna meet you exactly where you’re at, because a lot of my girls… Again, I had a girl, she was like, I wanna be able to back out 200 pounds again.


Yeah, and I go, Why? Why? And it really came down because she just wants to feel comfortable or on skin had nothing to do with backs citing, 200 pound it, and then I bring her right to the gym, she can’t do a body weight squat with reform.

I have lower back pain, I have this, I have this word. Leaving two months now, I just correct it.

We… So I, I… Where are you asked?

Yeah, I’m not gonna load you… Yeah, and how you would try to cheat some unreasonable standard… For my own ego here, I have never…

I hated the teachers in school, that made me feel dumb because I asked a question… Yeah, and I am the question of Can… At A I got here, I know the right people to talk to and the… The mentors that I have, yeah.

They were excited to talk to them. I don’t know why I’m like blowing up your good, but they love it because they see that light bulb in me, and I can transfer that, it’s all a revenue base, all retain… Just so what I mean to where watcher like you come out to do a hip flexor stretch the other day, the… And it’s true, they’re filling a good person to help just their is or some from everything they’re doing. It’s awful and so interesting, and so I think even the concept of form, I think that that’s such a valuable thing because it’s the same thing when I learn concept to flow, and what that means is you can’t do anything correctly unless you learn the form and the key component is everybody’s form, though, there’s a standard is different because everybody’s body is different, so while you see somebody using this weight, they probably taking a long time to get there, but additionally, their body doesn’t have the same ailments or the same needs, and so stynes… Well, that as far as the girls that I train, ’cause I train a select number of girls, it’s… We have to meet you again exactly where you’re at now, maybe you have Negus or someone all As or an internal rotation at someone, so it’s like you’re not doing the same thing, right? We’re starting in different areas. Yeah, I’m constantly working on my weaknesses, so Haver focusing off her, how can I improve? How can I improve? That’s a content question that… And I’m not comparing… Yeah, I started doing, I think is how you go 90 or 10 months ago as it was the down thing, I wasn’t making time for a type of recovery, and this is a prioritization. When I’m in town, I’m going, no matter what is awesome, but I went in there to practice reading, I… That was my first goal.

I don’t care what twisting, turning, the real… The next person, you know what, I Torino move.

And now it’s like I’m one of the more mobile people in the class, and it’s like I mastered my breathing and then I can work a little bit on my mobility, and now I’m doing hand stands and different stuff, but that’s all… Over a course of 10 months, and he looked at me in the beginning, even the set you do, the… That it didn’t matter as I knew what I was there, where… And I think as far as women, especially why I am so immersed in women, their mentality, I don’t wanna go to the men, Walker, people are gonna look at me. People are judging me, I don’t even know where to start. Is a lack of education and then a lack of confidence works… It doesn’t map. Look at me on on.

Yeah, and that’s hard to teach, but I… It’s in a… There’s a little… I always say there’s so many things I can give you negated, but I can’t do it for you. Yeah, I’m gonna teach you out of fish… Yeah, I can’t give you the fit, I gotta teach you out of it, the IT Outsourcing.

One of the things I was thinking about when you were talking about asking them in and asking them win… When I gather my entrepreneur girls together and I asked them why they’re here, we always do the 5 rule, and so after you say Why… Go another one. Deeper but one.

But why… But why, and as you get to the end, usually people are crying, but as always there, because my dad left and I’m like, I… Like you came here because he wanted a better, but… But I think… But I… It’s always so suits always… We have this surface level, whatever we’re telling ourself that we want, but it’s never a a… Of course, I wanna work out to have a great looking body, and I pride myself in that… Yeah, but that’s not the number one reason. Right. I want to feel so good. Yeah, I wanna feel good.

Yeah, and it’s so interesting, the emotions that come from it, but I like, I crave that for people because that is the breaking point for them to now build, and until they can get to that place where they’re okay and competent enough to go deeper with their emotions, you’re never gonna build the confidence back that you want, or you see Natalie on the bench press doing because she’s already worked through that, and it doesn’t matter age and it doesn’t matter life’s placement, it’s literally, have you done the work?

I’ve done the work, I’ve been on my knees many times, and now I’m at the place where I get to share it with you and help you grow. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna be on my knees next week, I have no idea what that looks like, but I know that I have an ability to now get up and that confidence, that’s the confidence that keeps uprising… You have to like what you’re saying, it’s all about alignment, I don’t compare yourself to me.

Yeah, I’ve been waiting since I was 15. and on many mistakes, I’m 29, I started way lifting seriously as a 15. yeah, so you think of, I’m here to help these women and coach of the… Every mistake I made all working about that was like, I wanna be…

I’m gonna start doing them on my Instagram where it’s like the stuff that I used to think was true… Yeah, the so many things and people almost be little themselves, I’m like, I’ve been in constant Emerson with health fitness, mind body, all of the stuff for that long… Yeah, you’ve been working out for two months, it’s a true… Yeah, yeah. Give yourself a brain.

Give yourself a break.

Focus on what you need to focus right now.

Yeah, yeah.

Don distracted by all the noise. ’cause there’s a ton of noise, there’s too Instagrams to have a bunch of faulty information, there’s a ton re… But don’t get distracted by the niche focus on exactly where you’re at in your alignment and build on that day by day. That’s so good. One of the questions I was gonna ask, and you kinda mentioned on it, is like who helped you in getting to this place, like who were your mentors, or who are your people that you follow?

Oh my goodness, they’re… There are so many people, I would say, as far as it’s constant immersion and interaction with people who are in different wheel houses that I can learn from Kyle. So I took my first corrective exercise course in Dallas, Texas, and I can’t is probably about two years ago, a, and it was this huge course, and there are so many things, just even a lateral walk for glutes, well, my toes turning out and hear… Everybody’s already know, he just knew everything and all these mine details that I knew that he was teaching two inches of difference… Wow, you bring in two inches and an makes all of the difference in engagement and he was so forthcoming with information, I stayed after the lunch for the area, if anyone else any questions during lunch on that, that may… That… And then he was like, literary entire life, I’ve been the question why I always… And he put it out there. He’s like, If anyone ever has any questions? Yeah, he was like, my email is here. I’m like, He… I literally thought my head, I was like, He’s gonna river that the…

I started emailing and then phone conversation, so it’s like, Well, now I text today, so now whenever I have a question about a client or I wanna move forward in something or… That’s a big thing that’s coming up. And he’s like, I really think you should be a part of this school.

Yeah, he’s been amazing. He connected to me, it connected me to see me Springer, who’s the active and attractive girl that I do the live at lunch with, and she was a role that I was mentioning that I… We had just started doing those… She’s like, No, when we wanted to do a podcast, right? Okay. And I was like, Well, we need this. We know all this, and I’m like, Why don’t we just start back to the basics, why would you start… Yeah, he… That’s not a thing too… Are so imperfect. Oh, it’s so good that we… Cause I am here was when I was running from yoga, I literally had no time and be going back to Ford as like, No, I’m just gonna make it… It’s gonna come in. This isn’t rehearsed in not… Just do it, you’re gonna get better. So we’ve been doing that on Instagram since I don’t even know, December.

So on my days, on Mondays, I titled… We went to ideal world, the sun. That’s our first time meeting. Oh my gosh, that’s so cool. And I was Arius, I’m like, You’re exactly what it… She’s like, You’re smaller that I be.

So she’s like a picture, a pen… You’re like things… I don’t know what to say. I’m a little human like I was like, That’s hilarious, ’cause I’m like, Just so start to see her. But he was like a… On those things would be like in a… Let’s say necessarily inventor, but as far as someone who is very much in line.

Yeah, everything that’s… So that I do.

And to have somebody like that, that you can bounce ideas off, am I going in the right direction? Does this sound like it would be useful the more you have that ability to open up and share with somebody about it, and even in the parts that are faulty, even in the parts or you’re like, This isn’t going so well. Help me here.

So to have those people who are mentors and can lead you in the right direction, or you have a client who’s like, It’s not working out.

Where do I go with this? It’s the same way with a friendship or a relationship, or even a meal plan, it is, this isn’t working now, Okay, let’s re-calibrate and let’s get that to what the original Y was and go from this.

Yeah, and I just don’t think people take the time to do that. And when you have somebody deciding, sister doing that with, they can call you out before you have to say anything… Well, I think it’s too, it’s like someone who can criticize you without judgment to where it’s like she’s like, You take criticism so well, and I was like, I really never been told that, and then I actually really sat down and thought about what she said, and I was like, I don’t take negative criticism laser, I’ll get people in your life, you’re just putting me down with no solution…

Oh, you’re doing that wrong. Okay, then tell me how I don’t help me. don’t belittle me, and I think that’s a really big problem in our society. To where it’s like, We’re asking questions, whether this was a huge, huge breaking point for me. Yeah, if you’re gonna ask someone a question, make sure they’re good in that wheelhouse, so you’re not gonna ask relationship advice from someone who’s cheating on a Withered, right. He wanna know their opinion, it’s probably not gonna be the best… Or someone who’s super judgmental, if someone… Every time you come to them with information, they’re going to put you down or put down in your ideas, don’t go to them, and I know I can go to Sammy, and she is not… There is a aborting, it was to the areas, and she was like, Oh, he’s so in disband.

And I was like, Oh my gosh.

And I wasn’t even upset, she’s sure, but she worked at all…

I was like, you even was like, Oh, I was like, I have so much trust in her and I believe in her, and I know it’s coming from a good place, and I also know if she’s saying it, it’s true, so I… Right.

I was like, I really need those people. Yeah, I have some things to things to focus on, and it was such a great reminder for me because where was my alignment? I was focusing on something that I had no control over, and I am such like a…

I wanna help you, he… And now I’m to a point where I’m like, I was chasing… And I think about it, I was just thinking about this example, like you’re running with someone like let’s say I have a client who doesn’t ever text me back, doesn’t wanna work out me, I’m just running after that, they’re not even looking back, I’m literally choosing that I can you wait for me then? Our headphones in.

Are there ignoring that I go… How about… Used to coach, this is us how it used to have relationships, now it… You’re on beside me like a…

I can’t help it. On you on me. Yeah, I wanna talk to you. We’re gonna do this together. Oh, your ankles or whatever. Okay, we… We gotta stop and gonna stretch it out. We’re gonna do this together.

It’s a partnership, so it’s a three-legged race versus other ahead of you, you’re never gonna catch him in case someone… Yeah, it’s like… So it was like a minute faster in the mile pace, and they just don’t care about you as they are so focused on themselves and they don’t care about how it… You feel it? Yeah, like he ends…

I got a B in the…

I’ll get you one day, but I’m not going to you so I get… Yeah, with the season of letting go…

That’s good.

If you want my whole, I want to help you, but it has to be in a solution mindset-based… It’s fine if you’re not there yet, but you have to be open to it… Yeah, so my whole frame of coating… Cool.

My whole frame of coaching and frame of mind, everything, and I will tell you that is my confidence and who I am as a person, everything has just been aligning, Oh, you’re not gonna text me back for a week or… Yeah, and it wasn’t like, I’m not like I… There you are, not a bother me, you know, you just don’t… It doesn’t fit in your real house or there’s something or whatever is as I communicate clearly my expectations and I like that I am doing my part… Yeah, and it’s still… There’s nothing there, then I’m just gonna… It’ll be a right here, yeah, I…

I’m still gonna run the rate… Right, that’s so good.

Don’t gonna go. I think that’s what every relationship in your life, every single one, it’s on me, but I’ve reaching… Yeah, no, yeah, even friendship, my marriage and things, it’s like sometimes you’re gonna twist your ankle and your husbands be like, Okay, let’s work this out, and sometimes it’s gonna go back and forth, so I wouldn’t see it’s ever like… Maybe sometimes it’s a complete valet when Sam and I get on a call… Yeah, one week maybe. She’s freaking out about it.

Sure, I Arlington.

Yeah, work whenever we’re especially in… Around your cycles instead?

Yeah, I’m on pastries everything. Yes, and it’s like she was talking one thing and then she’s like, Oh, I know I run this, and I was like, Yeah, no, I just like to say, you ate one cupcake. Yeah, I did break the whole diet… Right, you right up king.

It’s a initially, okay, that’s a killer. Are, I wanna get back on track, but is a caller that’s gonna be so out and it’s all gonna be in alignment in your system before long, so I think it’s so… So important. Yeah, just surrounding yourself, it’s like you’re the sum of the three people you hang out with is like, Oh yeah, I’m like, oh, in a too.

So mentality, everything, people who constantly… I want to help you, and it’s not in a way like, Oh, well, what can I get out of this? And it’s always…

We’re all serving each other because we all wanna be better in our own different ways… Yeah, we’re not the same person.

You’re not gonna take anything away from me in… It’s good, you’re not… And it’s like in coaching too, with Can I… Or very similar businesses. So if someone wants to hire you over me, that I want them to quarters… ’cause I’m not gonna be in the way… They feel your energy. Yeah, yeah, it’s a monetary loss, but it’s like that doesn’t… Does it align with my values and their needs, and it’s not certain… The bigger picture, right? It doesn’t it matter in a… Yeah, you got A… And that’s that community over competition concept, that if you have that one in every relationship, if you know that they’re in support of your good, and then ultimately just want you to exist in your goodness, and you’re not attracting and you’re not adding to it, just let yourself be symbiotic with people, be on the same page and just like, It’s okay. It’s so necessary, and I know that I definitely didn’t do it for many years of my life, and I was always like at E to be pages ahead or… Again, the comparison mindset, it’s just always about the story that you’re telling yourself that is limiting you from being your best version of you open else, nobody else plays a picture on that, even the people that you’re close as well, and there’s no… There’s no guide. There’s no too, but I hate her. And if you are a solution mindset, growth person, surround yourself with those people and they have to be alongside you to support you, and what you do is not gonna do it for you, and we’re gonna go through different seasons of where we grow in different ways… Yeah, the things that I’m doing now, my life was once all Senator of fitness, and then I was like, I am not… I have nothing more. Not sure. So I was like, What? I don’t know a better… So salinity different, I wanna go to different countries, Backscatter both found I want to be well round down, and now that I found that it’s made me such a better person, a better post, everything that… Everything you do, I think, is what you definitely…

I love it, I love a gonna be a tagline for the whole thing, ’cause it’s so true, that’s Sabin my brain always of like feeling the anoint. I also love you at the sitting that it comes to the point of her, it’s like you need those people who in your life who have you take a hard look, you know… Yeah, but it’s like you also have to be accepting of it, I want…

I want criticism that is going to make me better, a better…

’cause I post all the time, I’m practicing hand stands and stuff, and I a crazy… And there are some people where it’s like, Okay, comments. And it’s just negative, right.

Or other ones like they’ll comment something and it’s directly like, Hey, do this, this and this on the… Thank you so much. Yeah, it makes a huge difference. Everything, but you also have to be accepting of that if someone’s gonna criticize me, it’s like that’s not… That’s fine. Yeah, it is a positive. I’m like, That’s just a… Just in a… It’s kind of… Yeah, to feel well, I think… But I’m like, I don’t have anything the same to you, but if you have something positive to say, you… You wanna help me?

It is interesting that when the people who put you down and then you… Okay, well, what can I do better?

Yeah, most of the time they go radio silent, nothing, and that’s the whole pointing thing, right. So you point at that, how many things a pointing back at them, regardless of the seriousness of whether it’s a correction of a handstand or it’s a huge character pointing and they’re just like, You are this, you are… This really your fake… Your self-righteous, you sell fish and you’re like, I’m sorry that you see there… Yeah, because that’s not my heart at all, and at the same time, they don’t need to justify what they’re saying, I love that I… And this is, I would say, even within a few months, I like… If you perceive me to be all these things like I know or I’m just like, Okay, you have…

I just don’t get to do that and I…

I used to care.

So enter some could be little me, tell me I’m a horrible human being. I’d be like, Oh my God, what can I do to change your mind? As it is the… I’m like, me and… Or I didn’t do anything. Maybe I said something or they took something some way to where it’s like they came to me and I’m like, Hey, this really hurt my feelings, and I’m like, My loan had no idea. Let’s come to a solution. Right, but now, if you hate me and you don’t like what I do, I think goes in the lake has a DUI, because you were at the place where you know that you’re competent enough in the things that you do are for good.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, for good and whether that could meet somebody else, that’s the part where you’re just for your hands up, and it’s a hard place I’m dealing with that within my family, and it’s a hard thing to do, especially when you love them and you do want that affirmation back from them, but I have to put my hands up, I’m like, it’s so interesting that somebody so close to you can be so blinded when all these other people around you see you for who you are, that’s what’s so interesting with that it’s like, I’ve had many relationships, but I think most people do within their family too, and it’s reshaping for me, it’s been reshaping my language, how much I tell someone… Letting them come to me and said, I’ve always come to the… There’s so many things. I wish we had this relationship, it doesn’t matter what you wish and I… So I wish I had… It doesn’t matter. Yeah, so what do I… Is that Ray family member you have that I can’t control their actions, but I can control my response… Yeah, my response and also the language that is, there’s so many times I have a family member that will freak… Oh yeah.

And by changing my language… Yeah, there are responses are almost like a…

Okay, well, I give up.

It was a what… And I’m like, I… Yes, I don’t like that at… What is that a tie… That is… Take me forever to learn. And it’s no one where people are in your real house, it’s another thing where I’m not gonna go to them for advice on mindset… Right, right.

They’re freaking out the… The… There are a eating… You did not do a stand-up… Right, that’s not gonna be the person I can still have a relationship. But it’s like, where do they fit? Sometimes they’ll fit at all, and sometimes people family memos, and then it’s like, you learn… This has been a new finding for me this past year, I know where they sit and I know our relationship, it’s not what I wanted or not the wish to for the…

I am an empath to the freaking core, literally, I will read an email and I will cry because I’m like, so… And it’s ridiculous, but it just… It’s so wild. I probably 25000 chills, just a to… In this conversation, yeah, I thought… And people were like, What?

The anti I got, I didn’t go, Oh, so I just say I was…

I was serious, my entire body, I’m like, I shall… Everything that you’re saying ’cause it’s so much in alignment and it’s a rarity to meet someone who has that is… I feel really less is grateful that this alimentary schedule together… Yeah, and that I was out. That’s fine.

It’s cited in Eastern a couple of times, but it’s been so good. I’m so grateful for you to be able to come on and truly share what it is that you’re doing behind your social media, behind, or even all of the programs that you’re offering, like a… There’s so much more depth to the one a, right, based on the You told were… Makes me so happy, because not only was I proud of what you were putting into the world from a girl-like standpoint of strength and what you offer, but now it’s even more I get to run even stronger because I… And what you’re doing, and it’s just that ripple effect, it’s gonna positively affect so many people’s lives, not just here, but I really believe with all of the world travel and all that stuff that’s in your heart, and the fact that you already move coast to coast, it’s gonna continue to grow.

Yeah, yeah. So it’s so exciting.

Yeah, and I really stick to just have this relationship with you now and just see how that book, this connections is what it’s really about, it’s like how can we serve others, ’cause at the end of the day, especially as women, your purpose has to be deeper than you, yes, you’re doing all these things for you, but you’re purpose.

I’m doing this for all of the men, for the people who are my mentality for the people who went through a hole, the struggle, ’cause as a point, and I feel like I live that way where I was like, I’m gonna gain this for me so that I can be a certain way. And now it’s like hands-up, I’m like, if I learn something, you’re getting it, if in you’re gonna hear about… It is something new, I’m gonna tell you about it. And so it’s not a matter of me or you or anybody who’s socially influencing people, it’s not for us, if you get to the root of their why, and I’ve gotten to the roof so many people’s wise this year, and it’s a beautiful thing when they are in truly comprehension of the ultimate goal, which is for others, I will be… It’s all Walt, I’m so excited. This is so fun, thank you for being here in Guyana.

In all of her insight, you’re already have for website and stuff here, but as the podcast comes out, we’ll share more, Check in, went on Monday today for a I in light and lunch and artist moment, so… So the notes, real life. I love that. Legitimately so came and I… It’s like anything in my… Okay. It’s meeting you where you’re at. I had a weight as allergies, horrible here, I’ve had to re-Meeks. No, like this is really appointment what it’s gonna… Literally, it’s being flexible. So I… Whatever your life is, it’s gonna die and give us grace and it will give you a very… Student though, it’s pretty amazing. But we’ll be in touch.

The all.

So I came and in your idea Post, and I am so excited to just be here to share with you other lovers, dreamers, shakers, entrepreneurs, masters, whatever you head and you got a heart, I’m so excited to explore who that is, who you are, and discover your wholeness your health, your well, the… Well, and your joy, I love to food happiness. I want people to know that this is not this case of trial, you guys, this came with a lot of effort, this came with a lot of lows and so many highs, and I want us to experience those together. This is a real community dreamers, and I’m excited to help catapult your calling, your kingdom experience, the purpose of your infant Olmo girls, wherever, however that is. So come along for the ride. I’m excited to chat with you. Comment review, San museum, send me an email. It’s me responding even have an incredible set.

And so I’m just excited to get to know you. Let’s connect less great community and let’s walk in our calling.

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