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A Call To Be ON WATCH with Brittany Dunn, The Safe House Project

When I first received education around today’s topic I was dumb-founded.

I felt betrayed even.

and then I felt guilty.

Like I had been living under a rock by choice.

The emotions entangled in the moment couldn’t possibly lend themselves to the entangled experiences of the actual victims.

And it was in that moment, that I knew I was forever moved to help.

Today’s conversation with Brittany Dunn, co-founder of the The Safe House Project, is unlike a traditional entrepreneurial or wellness podcast you might hear from me, but it is surely footed on a firm foundation and circling a topic that I feel honored to speak up and out about and I truly hope serves you in a unique way to find understanding and voice around sex-trafficking – a topic that seems far from reach, but is actually happening in your very neighborhood right now…and I don’t mean that figuratively.

Please tune in and more importantly, please go to in order to participate in the free 1-hour online training that will be a life’s resource to you, your community, your children, and many more.

I refuse to live under a rock, no matter what false information is presented…let’s be better. Let’s be advocates for others when they are out of control or ability to advocate for themselves.

Let’s be on watch.

on watch

Brittany Dunn

Brittany Dunn has the honor of helping leading Safe House Project as the Chief Operations Officer. Prior to Safe House Project, Brittany Dunn spent 10 years in International Business Development at working around the world. Brittany Dunn has a B.A. in Economics and English from Wellesley College. She has her MBA, and graduated top of her class from Thunderbird School of Global Management. She is a military spouse, mother of two, continual learner, world traveler, and protector of the vulnerable.

Show Notes: A Call to Be ON WATCH

When I first received education around today’s topic, I was dumbfounded, I felt betrayed even, and I felt honestly guilty like I had been living under a rock by choice, the emotions and tangled in the moment, could it possibly lend themselves to the entangled experiences of the actual victims and yet I was thinking about myself in that moment, my children, my husband, my own testimony, how I too had been in experiences like this that put myself in harm’s way.

I know though, in that very moment, I was forever moved.

Today’s conversation with Britney Don, who is the co-founder of the Safe House project, is unlike any traditional entrepreneurial or Wellness podcast that you might have heard from me here before, but it is surely put it on a firm foundation and circling a topic that I feel honored and just needing to, not even honor, to have to an obligation to speak up to them, and I truly hope that it serves you in a unique way, in order for you to understand as I did in that first moment and also be able to voice what’s going on around sex trafficking, this is a topic that seems far from reach for most of us, but it’s actually happening in our very neighborhood right now, and I actually don’t mean that figuratively, it’s literally a true statistic, so tune in. Burt’s gonna share all about this and uncover and unpack what is going on in society today, right here in our own neighborhood and our own nation. This is not a foreign concept. So now, ultimately that as much as I want you to tune in here, I would rather you even just go to… I am on watch dot org, in order to participate in the free one-hour online training that is provided to you by survivors, and they will be not only serving you with so much wisdom and information of on the ground tactics, but will become a life’s resource to you today, to your community, to your children, to your children’s children, and so much more.

So I’m grateful for Brittany for being here, and I’m just grateful too that I don’t have to… And you don’t either have to live under a rock no matter what false information is presented to you on a consistent is from things like media and TV or dives in Hollywood. So let’s just be better. That’s really what today is about. Let’s advocate for others when they are unaware on Abel and control of their own ADAC, and let’s be un-watch, this is your God wing. The moment that heaven says, for such a time as this, It’s time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover wealth and exude your wholeness, it’s time to become truly fit. However, this isn’t a fitness podcast, though I’m a retired personal trainer and nutritionist, this is in business jargon or tips and tricks to Landing Your successful fashion project though.

That’s totally why I’m a business coach. This isn’t a quick fix, health detox ploy though, I’m all for therapy and I love hopes, I do have a YOLO since me too to… This isn’t confusing religious banter, the… I’m an ordering minister, still figuring out the many things and facets and faces of Jesus. It’s really none of that.

So I’m wondering if you’re wondering what is this… Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each of you fellow passionate seekers is a bit-based movement with birth from my own trial and error discovery of mind, body, and soul alignment, and to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial crash and burn experiences, I’ve learned first hand that being fit isn’t about archaic at all, it’s not about our qualifying abilities or titles, it’s not about our potential, it’s truly about our God-gifted passions. Meeting our purpose, you are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you wanna call it, and I wanna be there for the moment that you say yes in Freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fully fit and do… And who you are made to be, welcome to the bit and big podcast with me, Tamara Andres, there is no better time than now to get it.

Alright, alright, I’m so excited to have you here. I’m actually currently on a social media fast, so for me to actually be showing up on Facebook, even though I’m not on Facebook, thank you technology and thank you Jesus for this incredible time and just an opportunity to shed light on your heart, Brittany, and everything that you have going on, not just for yourself, but for honestly, the world, and I am just honored to be alongside you in that opportunity to just bolster what it is that you’re doing. So thanks for being here.

Thank you, thank you for having me. I’m excited to chat with you today and share a little bit about what happened… Totally, my pleasure. So you guys, this is Brittany done, her and I got connected.

Was his early last year, early last year, she came in and shared with the core creatives women, ’cause we were looking for a space for us to be able to kinda give back, and she came in and shared with us about sex trafficking, and I was literally shocked I had no idea of the grandiose things in a negative way that the enemy has control over and happening right in our very backyard, it was a bit traumatizing, especially as a mother, but I just loved how you came in with such not just wisdom, but like confidence and it was confidence in God ultimately, because we know that we don’t have control even in these means, as much as we want to fix and heal and provide hope, but ultimately the hope is through him. And so as I’ve learned more from things that you’ve shared and events that I’ve attended, and I’m just excited for other people to hopefully have that same aha moment that I had, same awareness factor and same activation space for them today, so… Thank you, and I’d love for you to just dive in, Brittany, and just share with us how you got started in this specific area, this niche, if you will. Yeah. Let’s hear all about it.

Yeah, Cornwell, thank you for having me. My name is Brittney Dan, and I am a PayPal project and one of the co-founders.

But my journey with the Cast Project and really worth serving and victims of child sex trafficking began years before, it’s amazing how God has to plant that seed and how long sometimes it takes to watch it grow.

So really, the first time that I heard about anything in this same was in college through the voice for the voiceless campaign. And even then, it was an overseas issue, it was a booklet that showed the overseas challenges of trafficking and the impact of poverty and women’s rights issues on these kids, but it wasn’t until I moved down to Atlanta for my first job when God really started to open my eyes to the domestic issue, and when I moved to Atlanta in 2008, they were reporting that 300 kids were being trafficked every day in Atlanta, and I was blown away, I was like, What? I don’t understand what’s happening to kids right here where I just moved, and so I started working with a ministry out of my church down there, and we just started potluck and prayers, and we got together every week and we would pray over our city and we would do prayer walks through the neighborhoods event, and honestly, that’s where it all started for me, it was in the prayer, in that deep… That on my knees, understanding that, Yes, we serve a God that is bigger than all of that, but that we have to choose to step into hard. And so from there, my journey in this was a very much a volunteer journey for 10 years working with different organizations in a military style, so we have moved all over the United States, and so I’ve seen how this has played out in a variety of communities, and so the last place we lived before moving out to Virginia was a small town, a rarely small track top town called Berlin, Nevada, and it’s an hour and a half east of Reno, and know there is nothing… An hour and a half is to Reno except for the really small little town, and it’s where the brothels were still legal, and so my heart broke to see these girls who were so young and so vulnerable, being recruited right out of the high schools by the brothers because it was legal industry, and so they didn’t even stand a chance, and that just… That just shatters you when you watch the kids next door being targeted and groomed from such a young age, and so when we moved to Virginia, we had the opportunity to just come alongside other believers who have a heart for this issue originally to help find a safe house in South Africa. But that expanded into the vision for a Safe House Project and The domestically and save, and when we launched, how think human services and 300000 American chere were being trafficked every year in the United States, so it was the number of 300 that got me at the outset and unless than a decade, that member head grown to an estimation during the post… When you first started, it was 300-000 people on a given. It was a year, right?

In… That’s in our country, y’all. And so often you have this visual, and we think of the movie that the girl gets jumped in a van and then taken away, and I would love for you to share more about the fact that it is more of this knock on the door, brother ince, that’s happening even now, even though brothels aren’t in the same context… Yeah, yes, and I think that is where some of the education needs to move towards, is that we have to kind of throw out our preconceived notions of what Hollywood has helped us believe might be what trafficking is, or our belief that it is human smuggling or child kidnapping, and really take a hard look at what this is at its core, it is the commercial sexual exploitation through force, fraud or coercion, if it’s an adult that if it’s a child, we don’t even have to have those markers, it is only the commercial sale of a child for sex.

And so when you start to understand that that’s all it is, not all it is in the time… Of course, huge definition. You start to understand how it’s become just part of our nation and part of the Patrick of our community, and a huge part of that is because the demand is right here on the American oil, Americans are the number one consumers, child sex in the world.

More than any other country. And so it’s our kids that are impacted as a result, and so what we have to realize is that it looks a variety of ways, it looks like 40% of it for us is usually comes to child sexual purse in the home that starts early, and then escalates into child trafficking Supercenter, these kids are in the home of their family when they’re being trafficked, only 4% is abduction.

So how do we help protect kids who may be a really challenging family situation, how do we protect kids who might be trafficked by a peer or by a neighbor or a coach, or somebody they really think they can trust? And a lot of that starts at home with teaching our kids healthy boundary, with helping them understand sense of self and the importance of consent, these are all very important topics that we need to address of our kids at age appropriate lacks, of course, but to really empower our kids to be their biggest advocate, and then for those who don’t have that, we all need to stand in the gap.

I love that, and I think it’s so powerful, especially thinking of my own kids and being a mom, it just becomes that much more… Not that it’s not real, just that much more tangible because there’s this at home, a minute-by-minute experience, I’m thinking of my kids at school and something like horrible like that happening, and us realizing that it is more of this space of commonality than it is this bizarre thing that happens every once in a while, and we’re learning that now, even in the news the last few days, and so explain to us like what does safe house actually do in this process, and how are huge victories like we’ve been seeing that are finally being brought to the table as understanding where a year and a half ago, I don’t even feel like they ever reported stuff like this, so where is that transition? And where is that? Praise report, go to obviously God just revealing things the way that he has in the last year, pedophilia and all of that, this is a really heavy prompt, timely conversation that was happening within my heart before it was actually happening on the news, so I’m so grateful for you guys for that awareness, do you feel if you’ve been sitting on the dream God has given you for far too long, do you feel out of alignment or obedience because of it, or perhaps you’ve been spinning your wheels on how to answer God’s call, but can’t quite define or design it into a business. Maybe you’ve titled this Gondry a Ministry, one, you wholeheartedly give all of your time and energy to get your passion, is it providing the profit you need to stay in your health your first ministry.

Do you struggle with the idea of earning money doing something you believe he want you to do with your servant? Do you feel unworthy as a woman to sessile it? I’ve been in every of those shoes, and I can promise you the moment I traded those worn out handles for his intended comfort, I was able to finally walk the Miles has taken to grow the dream, from ideation to activation, catapult my true passions into my full purpose. And now, while I’ve had a joy broch, many women over the past couple of years in a group setting, I still sense there are using straps to their well-need shoes.

So I design this course, the god dream design course, to walk alongside you intimately until you’ve claimed the gift of the shoes he has always wanted for you, you’re probably wondering if this is the sure fire way to claim your roots, to scatter your wings as a kingdom entree, why are we talking about shoes?

Well, these aren’t is… They aren’t easiest wherever the kids call them these days, and I am not giving you sandals like Hermes either, God’s choose truly why God shows have limitless souls that never wear down, they are promised to get you where He has shown you that you were intended to be, so come along for the ride, get out of that stuck analysis, porous estate of limitation and develop the mindsets, methods and models to bring to life the vision he has planned for you. Before your knit in, your mother’s will sign up today for your self-paced program where I will actually provide you live coaching a community of women to walk this journey alongside a package of goodies right at your door step and many more incredible deliverables. You can find all of the details on my site at Tamra Andres dot com, don’t forget, Tamara, T-A-M-R-A, I got the good version. Thanks, Mom.

But really girls, it’s time to fly, I promise it’s a spring as it sounds, cust, to speak to a lot other new cycle right now, ’cause it is… It’s been as hard as covers been, and as much as none of us would wanna have to go through it again, this would… We probably wouldn’t have gotten to this point in our recognition of this issue without covid, because what came out of that is people understanding that kids are trapped in sayeth or the Predators live in the online space, and as all of our kids are online for virtual school, we have to be even more on watch for signs that they are enduring predatory behavior, and so I think that what we’ve seen is just this momentum building for people actually having to say, Wait, hold down. And kind of seen hearts events over the years, but I’ve never slowed down enough to really understand what this is, and I think as we’ve all slow down in our own ways during the season, we have been given an opportunity to maybe educate ourselves a little bit more around something that it is a hard topic, and it’s a lot easier to say, I got a laundry list of things that I have to do over here.

So I’m not even gonna choose to engage the heart on the side and we’ve been confronted with it, and so that’s where for us, our heart beat is right now, we’re with all of the people who want to understand this more deeply, who are saying, Okay, I’m gonna take that deep breath. I’m gonna choose to engage for an hour of my time, even if its isn’t somewhere that I’m gonna invest a ton of my time in the future, I’m gonna do enough to understand, and I think that’s been a really neat thing to see. I think that’s so beautiful. And that’s really where safe houses come from, and like where they’re evolving into obviously staying under the mission of what you guys are doing, but now giving people like me or those other people who are in different spaces all the time, I can think of a thousand different spaces that you would want to tune into something like this and really learn and dissect, but also be able to raise your hand, raise your voice, raise your heart for situations that are incurring right in front of your face.

Yeah, so going back to kinda what does say Pass project do for those who are unfamiliar with us? When we found it, as I said, we were hearing that 300000 American children were being trafficked, but even Brasilia, that’s a lot of kids for nobody takes pain. Anything like what’s happening, and that’s when we realized that victim identification is at 1%, so that means only 3000 kids are being identified, and that was truly alarming, and we said, Okay, well, what’s happening when those 1% are identified, where do they go… How do they even be placed into a program or a safe house where they can start to receive the holistic care that they need, and that was just starting to learn that there were less than 100 bats in 2018 for child victims of trafficking throughout the entire United States, and so we… Those services being available, 80% end up re-victimized, and so that was really where when we made ourselves student as the industry, we have relationships with 120 organizations, but those are the gaps, we had to figure out how do we increase victim identification over 1%. And how do we increase capacity to serve more survivors, and so that has been our heartbeat for the past few years, that’s the work that we work every day to accomplish, of course, all of our training used to be in person, and then covid happened. And so what we’ve really focused in on this, in this season, is that we had the opportunity to go back to the tens of thousands of people that we’ve trained and say what was compelling, what do are your take-aways? What needed to be done better? And from that, they said, the thing that I will ever forget other survivor stories, they’re like, the statistics are impactful, but it’s the survivor stories to truly bring this home for me and can tell me to action. And so we gathered up an army of survivors who want a voice, who want to be able to share and protect the next generation, and they wrote the first survivor written virtual training that is going to release the September, September 17th is our big launch state, that’s so cool, I didn’t even realize as the here that they were the ones who actually put it together from their perspective… That’s so powerful.

It’s amazing. So really what it does is it they share a little bit about their story and put it out, we can all imagine or some details behind closed doors, we don’t need that. What they needed to share was, Where did I intersect community members who could have spotted and reported the trafficking, who could have said something feels off that we all have, that God give an intuition that sometimes things don’t add at, and what do we do when that… When we feel that way. And so it goes through kind of where they share a little bit about those intersection points with community members, and then we have a subject matter analysis of how can you sit and report the trafficking situation or even prevent it, because if we could all be on watch as we like to say, then we’re given an opportunity to start preventing these types of situations before they escalate to trafficking, and so that’s really what we’re working to do. Our survivors are really excited, that’s the other really amazing part of this whole thing, they just can’t stop talking about it, ’cause they’re like, No one has ever slowed down to… There’s an incredible survivor-led organizations, and they do everything they can, but they’re like, This is the first time we get to have a unified voice where we’ve collaborated brews fine. To watch them interact and be like, I don’t like being referred to as a survivor, or I don’t like this and have those healthy dialogues.


Yeah, it’s amazing, just another restorative layer for them, which is so beautiful, so it’s been incredible to watch so that I’ll be coming to life, and it’s called un-watch, and that’s because really even a SaaS project, it’s powered by say, Pass project and the mole Foundation. But we just wanna be facilitators who provide resources to empower survivors to have a voice, and so if we can create the platform where they can continue to realize and do it… That’s all we wanna do.

So this is really just the start of something, it’s not the end of something, when we launch, it’s the beginning, This is an opportunity for survivors to continue to contribute to, that we will continually update it with new content, new stories, new ways that they are impacting our communities, we have so many Survivors now who have gone into the medical field to our police officers who are teachers because they want to be those resources to the next generation and help really be on different lines.

And so that’s what I love too, is we get to share hope, we get to share our God’s restorative journey for people, and just celebrate them the same way a cancer Vivo is celebrated because neither one of them ever asked to ensure that trauma, and so we shouldn’t force victims of human trafficking to walk around with the shame, they should be celebrated in the same manner, and that’s why I…

I never thought of it from that perspective. That’s a really powerful thing that I’ll take away from this conversation, is knowing that we go for runs on behalf of cancer survivors, and I know Safe House has actually put together runs for the same reason, but to know that there’s this other layer that of shame and I don’t think that people who have… And I’m saying this just from a perspective of having known people, they don’t really carry shame and guilt in the same way that sex trafficker would, but they still carry this identity factor that then it feels like they’re always beneath that, that survivor word… I understand that fully and wanting to break free even from that and giving them a voice is really the way that you do that, and to understand how can I then prevent this from it happening to other people in any form or fashion?

So I’m amazed by that, I really love that. That’s the component in the way, in the angle that you guys talked about it, and also I think you mentioned it, but I want people to hear and catch this for sure, that this is a free training, there is no investment on your behalf needed other than your time and your openness to receive, and I think that’s such a critical element of how this can continue to grow and take shape and really have a ripple effect, which I’m such a proponent of. Every ripple effect, that’s God-given. And so I am so excited to see how this continues to infuse the community and America specifically because we are in such need of it.

Yeah, we’re really excited. And the other beautiful part about this is, so we kind of talked about the education side, but what same has really founded to do was to accelerate spas capacity, and so we wanna see more of these safe houses felt in our… Today we’ve launched 90 new beds and restorative safe hates across America.

We are on track to add 160 in 2020, and that systematically doubles what’s available, and so just that movement and for progress is a step in the right direction, but we have the ability to do more, and so 100% of donations that are given to the on-watch through the match platform, go directly towards continuing that acceleration of safe house development, because what we also don’t want is to ingredient fiction and say, I’m sorry, but there’s no place for you to go. And so we really believe that in order for us to eradicate trafficking in America, we have to have education and we have to work for Bennett before it happens, but we do have to have treatment opportunities for those who have already been impacted.

And so that’s what I love about the community of organizations that we get to work with, is that we wanna make sure that the survivor or my favorite way they like to be referred to themselves or… One of them did yesterday. She was like, No, I’m a warrior.

So the way they’re warriors is, I love that, that’s a… It’s an earned title or in strike to… I really like that, and they all have their own flavor. And sometimes how we have to revert back to using the survivor word ’cause other… What you feel like… Yeah, like what?

Wonder Women can initiate, man, what… Yeah, that’s a big thing too, is to recognize that because I think so often there is that understanding that this is just a female industry, it just girls are affected by this, but tell us the statistics around the men and boys being involved, because that was something that was super shocking to me.

Yeah, 36% of survivors are now Boomer according to the Department of Justice, and so that’s what I think we have to recognize is that everybody is impacted or has the potential to be impacted, and so our heartbeat is to see more safe, has lunch to get more boys homes out there to really create a coordinated response to trafficking, so that whether you are a child who’s coming out of that situation or you’re an adult who never was able to reserve those necessary services, that your story doesn’t stop at identification or estate, but that you really can live into whatever it is that your dream is, that they feel shaped and where you want your life to go, and how can we help you get there? We just want to be facilitators in whatever way that you want us to be part of your journey, and we feel privileged, it’s not even that, that’s all it is. We befall privilege to walk alongside you for whatever season is that you’ll have us, and then we love to say, Great, God’s got you, you have an incredible life ahead of you, and whatever you wanna be called, or if you wanna be called nothing, I don’t really care. Because I just wanna celebrate that you are truly free and not all of it, that freedom, and I think with that freedom and even being in the same house and going through those therapy experiences, it then gives them the understanding that their individual imprint is purpose, and I think so often when things like that happen to us, that can be so detrimental to pulling away our identity factors, and ultimately like God is the restorer of identity, he’s the one who says who we are because we are His and chosen and loved, and seen and known and you can feel so isolated in those spaces, and the women who have come before, a couple of the situations that I’ve come, to witness what they’ve said or what they’ve gone through, it just has that blanket of, I am nobody, and I am simply being used and here you’re saying, yes, you are somebody, and God’s going to use your story and turn that into a space of redemption, and to be able to integrate that into everything and infuse that into everything that they do is totally my heartbeat for all people who are growing a life’s purpose or a life’s abundance based on their story line, ’cause that’s the whole purpose of what we’re called to do. Use those things.

Yeah, and it so amazing is… We have One survivor, I had the privilege of walking alongside the past few years, and she still has a really hard day sometimes, ’cause everybody does, but she knows who she is, she knows where her identity comes from, and so when these hard days come, she can stand up and write, and she knows that she can truly rest her head now that she has faith in the gods gather, and I live see that in her and seeing that is that the way that that… Right touch. It really, truly is that new creation feeling, when you see somebody go through that healing transformation, and she did the work, God did the work, it had nothing like we all get to just be a part of that, and I love seeing God’s copy the glory in all of this, because it’s his healing journey and the way that he shepherds our hearts that gets us through anything that each of us face, and I just… I can’t even put into words. credits, so amazing. And then in that process though, to know the women that you’re alongside and the organizations that you’re alongside, God uses them as the angels and the advocates of his behalf to say, No more, I’m not gonna stand for this. And so there is an army rising up, and it’s so evident in all of the things that are transpiring in culture right now for people to claim their voice in, to claim their identity in Him, and allow there to be a stopping point for this, and I’m just really hopeful that situations like this and the on-watch program will be something that allows people to gain authority in that space, no matter how invested or they are not like we all are linking arms, saying that we are standing… Were standing against this, and the more that we can do that, the more that the voiceless become the people who are actually creating the havoc it… Because we are over-powering them in that place.

Absolutely, and that is where I just long for the day that survivors can just feel that empowerment as a collective group, that they can mean share, that they can share about the hope and that’s what’s gonna change. And this issue in so many ways is when they have a community that’s truly supporting them and supporting that password, and I like what’s happening right now, and I also think that if you even Hainaut getting involved with this issue, it’s hard. I understand that, but if God calls you into it, he doesn’t call the qualified… He qualifies the call. And so there are so many things that I would say I was not a public speaker. I told God, I am not a public speaker for… And I don’t run notation that it never… To God, you don’t do something.

And so last year, between two of us, we trained 10000 people in person, you get over your fears of public speaking very quickly when you’re rushed into the public speaking around…

Mahalia never run a 5K. I was found away out of getting out of the run in high school, that was just not my thing, and last year, God called Kristine, myself and our CEO to run the marine corps marathon, because we are party partners, so good at it. I wanna go again. But we did it, and here the girl, I still never run a 5K and I… Yeah, multiple, five gas era. That hysterical… The only time Grace I’ve ever done, I didn’t go, Alesi, I’m good for a lifetime things God.

I’ll just say, If you keep telling you a you, I don’t recommend it, ’cause you usually get threshing to passing the ways that he can stretch you. That’s so good. But we’ve gotten to see the miracles.

I love that, that part.

I love that.

Not that everything has to end up in a miracle, but we have seen the way that God shows up and He shows up right on time, and his resources are in abundance because he is a good, good father, and he has a heart for each of these people. No matter where they are, whether they’ve been identified or not, and he has a heart for each of Ives, and he is asking us to be part of this, and so how do we step into our calling, whatever that looks like, in whatever way that is… Even if it’s just having that hard conversation with your kids at home, having age-appropriate conversations, being a safe place for the people in your community to come to, being a resource for that single mom who is trying to figure out how to get her kids involved in activities and just need somebody to drive them, all of those things, the ways that we can really overcome this is by going back to that, where we are a village and we are a community that empowers one another and stop judging one another or creating a speech against one another, how do we unify and how do we come together there under the banner that we are all God’s children and move forward in a way that we are all on watch to defend the vulnerable, to lift one another act and really support each other. And when we do that, guess what? Satan doesn’t have the foothold, because that’s Loganathan.

That’s what we get to do.

Come on, preach sister. It’s so good. Yeah, she went from that public gunning to public speak to just being able to preach the gospel, which is even more amazing, but literally just stand like Jesus did for the people who are cast ice and for the people who did carry shame and guilt in a huge way, no matter what age, no matter what ethnicity, no matter what gender, none of that mattered, just standing for the human race is what you guys are doing, and I just absolutely love that, and I love that through this program, people are gonna be able to see that and hear that you guys also have some other fun things in the works and… Are there other ways that we can get involved at this point? That we can help support.

Yeah, absolutely. To donate a Safe House Project dot org, donate, which is always welcome, especially during the season where we cancelled 10 events, which no fundraising organization wants to cancel tonight.

Really, what we’re asking everybody to do right now is on September 17th, go to I am on watch or G and take the training, take that first step and then share it… If you do one thing, it’s sharing that message that really was gonna help empower us to conduct trafficking through education, and so we can all do that, we can all be on watch, so I just appreciate it, so… Yes, and I wanna show them, I have to transition over to the screen, I try to do all you were talking before, but it actually closes off your mic, so for those that are tuning in visually on Facebook, I’m gonna lean over into their actual website and show you where you can do that. And it’s literally, it’s 10 modules currently. Right, and only an hour, which is go… We can hand over an hour for these people who have been fighting, and I know that you would do it on behalf of yourself in a situation like that, or a child or one of your loved ones, so let’s really link arms in that, so let’s check it out for a minute. Here, you will see the actual safehouse website. It’s gorgeous. Love it, you guys will be able to get all of the different information here, if you go to their home page, then you can go right into the UN watch training, but I am about to give you a sneak peak of the back end of their website, which has not been launched, so this is its own site stage, it won’t have that word there, so just ignore that, but I am on watch dot org, and you can go here to get the free training and watch the videos and learn specifically of the same types of things that the tens of thousands of people who got training last year were combated with and convicted by these statistics, this information that was completely… I had no idea about so you can go to the UN-watch training. All it’s gonna ask of you is your email and your name, and you will be able to actually jump in and start unpacking this… There’s specific ones like the child abuse and family trafficking, I’m super interested in the boys one for my son, and just really understanding what is going on on such a deeper level that we can’t possibly understand or wrap our head around. I think that’s one of the biggest things for me is that half of the time, I just… My brain has never operated in that capacity ’cause it’s never been understood fully other than what Hollywood has portrayed, and so getting into a conversation with a survivor, I yearn for that, and I think it’s just gonna be such a gift to so many… So, Britney, I just thank you again for being here. Are there any final words that you’d have to say or share, I’m gonna post all of this in the show notes, it’s gonna be live on the podcast here in a couple of weeks, and I will surely be sharing on all of my social media, so you guys definitely, it’s the I am on watch dot org.

Yeah, no, thank you for your time today and for each of you for listening and being part of this, it’s not about one organization or one person, it’s about community, it’s uniting to end this really hard issue in America.

Yeah, thank you so much, we so appreciate you and everyone that’s in partnership with you and will continue to be through watching this specific module, so you guys be blessed today. Open your eyes. I think that’s the biggest thing for me that I learned was just that there are so many opportunities right in front of us, and instead of just hearing about it or seeing something in passing it by be the voice that stands up for the voiceless.

Thank you guys.

See you soon. heat’s me again, I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ember within you something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey before you go. Let’s solidify the plan.

I’d love for you to take a step right now and declare your take away by snapping a pic of the episode you Tennent, share your sparked moment and tag me at it they esque or me personally at Tamara Danda on in step. I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the Fitbit podcast listeners, we’re totally in this together, community over competition is the motto, right? I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast listening up, I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out.

You know, I’m a writer, so I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say, I’m ready to rule to blame with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy, Powell and wholeness to next time.

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