• Tamra Andress

7 Deadly Thoughts with Pastor Travis Hall

The author of 7 Deadly Thoughts, Travis Hall, helped me realize that these thoughts can lead to incredible planting and life to grow. Join us as we talk about transformation and how God can use those moments to create beautiful gardens.

Key Takeaways:

Helping people protect their purpose

How these 7 Deadly Thoughts and overcoming them can lead to growth

So many transformational truths!

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About Pastor Travis:

Pastor Travis Hall has served in ministry since 2001 as the lead pastor of Life Church International, a dynamic and diverse congregation in Metro Atlanta.

He has 16 years of ministry experience, 4 years serving as a youth pastor, and 12 serving as the lead pastor of a thriving multi-cultural congregation. From university campuses to local congregations, Travis is a conference speaker who is passionate about investing in leaders and helping people discover, develop, and protect their God-given purpose.

He has recently published his first book, 7 Deadly Thoughts, and engages weekly with a community of growing leaders on his blog CultivateMyPurpose.com.

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Show Notes: 7 Deadly Thoughts with Pastor Travis Hall

I really don't know how to even start this one. You guys, this podcast blew my mind. I started thinking it was going to be about seven deadly thoughts. That's the title, but seven deadly thoughts just makes way for incredible planting. It makes way for incredible life to grow. And pastor Travis hall, he is all about transformational truths and transformation.

From death to life. He is a pastor and a coach and a brother and a podcaster and an author and a speaker and so many things. But ultimately I feel like he liked me is an activator. We're so aligned. We're so aligned in this idea of cultivating in this idea of helping people discover and develop, but the word that he uses that I have yet to use that I just, I fell in love with.

He helps people protect their purpose. So many of us are looking to propel people into their purpose, but what about the protection? They get there once they understand once there's clarity in that God dream and that activation of, and so it's in conversations like this, where I am not only ignited, but I am also reminded how important it is to partner with people to be alongside one.

Another, none of us are isolated in this grandiose streets, especially in the process of cultivating alongside our co-creator, our friends, our family, and the creator himself. You guys, I hope to speak to you. I don't hope I know. I know. I am sure. Travis hall. Thank you for being here. Cannot wait to also have your wife be on the podcast coming up next week.

You guys tune in, enjoy and go listen to transformational truths with Travis hall.

This is your God wink. The moment heaven says for such a time as this it's time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover your wealth and exude your wholeness. It's time to become truly fit. However, this isn't a fitness podcast though. I'm a retired personal trainer and nutritionist, this isn't business jargon or tips and tricks to landing your successful passion project though.

That's still only wine with business. This isn't a quick fix health detox ploy though. I'm all for therapy and I love whole foods. I do have a Yolo side, sweet tooth though. This isn't confusing religious banter though. I'm an ordained minister, still figuring out the many things and facets and faces of Jesus.

It's really none of that. So I'm wondering if you're wondering what is this? Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers. State of movers and lifestyle shakers, as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each of you fellow passionate seekers, the fit and faith movement was birthed through my own trial and error discovery of mind, body, and soul alignment, and to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial crash and burn experiences.

I've learned firsthand that being fit isn't about our physique at all. It's not about our qualifying abilities or titles. It's not about our potential. It's truly about our God gifted passions, meeting our purpose. You are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you want to call it.

And I want to be there for the moment that you say yes, in freedom, clarity, and confidence that you are living fully fit and you and Hughes, you were made to be welcome to the fit and bait podcast with me, Tamra and dress, there is no better time than now.

Hey, Hey, Hey everyone. We are so excited to be here today, pastor Travis and I was having an offline combo and it's going to get good and it's going to get juicy and it's going to get it wrong and it's going to get real. And so if you have never had a time to get to know Travis, today's going to be your.

Open the book. If you will open the binding of something, you might not have read before, because we don't practice. We don't prep. We just literally dive right in. And I'm so honored to be here with pastor Travis hall, who is not just a ministry leader. He's also an entrepreneur. And if you know anything about me, you know that both of these get me so excited.

And so let's, let's dive in Travis. Thanks for being here. Thank you for having me. I was so excited to be here today and couldn't wait to sit down and chat with. Likewise. So I want to just jump right into the conversation. There's so many to be had. Uh, one of the things I, I got to witness and actually partake in my first vacation Bible school last night, and, um, I have never participated.

I've witnessed them and seen them. I've never actually been there and I've never actually had a child go. And so it was fun to volunteer. But when I read in your bio that you were first a youth pastor on like this. Special kind of pastor to step in from youth into a major congregation like you have with life church in Atlanta, international church at that.

Um, and so I want to hear about that journey and, and maybe even the backstory of how pastoral seed got planted in. Wow. That's a big question. Um, I will let me back up a little bit. I, I didn't, my parents were very active in the church. Uh, my parents took me to church. I went with them. I had, you know, encounters and experiences with God, but honestly, my faith didn't really become real for me until I was 18.

Uh, but it took a journey to get there. Honestly, my, when I was young, uh, my brother, when I was 14, my brother was killed in an accident. He served in the United States Navy freak accident. 27 lives were lost. His was one of them. I was angry. I was very bitter. I honestly blame God for my situation and for my brother's death.

And so for about the next four or five years, I really was just angry, rebellious. And then everything I thought would be hurtful to God in my mind and my distorted perception of God, God had hurt me. And so I just lived this crazy life. Yeah, it was, um, I'm here by the grace of God. I won't go too deep into that.

Um, but it was, it was, it was quite a ride. It took a lot for me to finally get to a place of just surrendering and, uh, my life had hit the bottom. Um, I tell people my needle was at zero and it was going backwards, really fast. And it was in that place that God met me. It was by myself. I was driving in my car.

I had this encounter with God. I tell people all the time, I can explain it to you. Um, I can only tell you what happened to me. And it was as if the Lord sat down with me in that car, that's how it felt. And I remember feeling his love and I remember feeling like I couldn't go the rest of my life without God in it.

And I pulled into my parents drive. And I walked into their backyard and I looked up and I said, God, I know, four years ago, five years ago, I said, I would never serve. You will never, I would never. Talk to you, but if you'll forgive me and take me back, I'll I'll serve you. And so that was the beginning of a journey and God just has this great sense of humor.

I think sometimes he, um, he didn't just take me back. He called me into ministry. Um, I often say what God saves you from is often what he calls you to. Yeah. And, uh, that was my experience. And then my first experience in ministry was, was in youth ministry with my wife, Tina, we absolutely loved it. We still have a passion for the next generation and, uh, believe that God has something pretty special plans.

Yeah, so good. And it's cool that he, you know, you had that experience in that young generation time, right? Like, and that's probably why you have that parallel so much, is that eagerness to help and serve. And I remember sitting across the table with a gal who has a beautiful, prophetic gift and had never actually received a prophetic gift at this or a prophetic.

What message, I guess, if you will. Um, and we're sitting there and it was the first time we'd ever gotten connected. I was connected to somebody in her family and she spoke into me. The thing that she saw come out of me, like, right. Should I say she, she was the conduit. She was the voice. Just like we're here.

Now. She was speaking what God had given her revelation about something that was a secret of mine that I never shared with anyone. And she literally was like, this is going to be a part of your ministry just still, because it was a secret. I just kind of sat there and I was like, oh, Interesting what just happened.

And that will always be with me as this seed, this seed to say one, I still see you one you're known in that struggle. And two though, it might be a secret to everyone else. It's not a secret to me and you're going to serve in that realm. And so I love that that was, um, Story as well, whether it was him directly speaking to you or coming through somebody else.

I think it's so critical that we listen and we lean in, um, in the areas that were our, either our struggle or our pain points. Like you said, um, specifically with what happened with your brother as well. I know that there's a lot of empathy that draws, um, as you go through a grieving process like that.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And I want to make a point to mention that my parents, God bless them. What I put them through, uh, on the, on the, on the heels and going through tragedy and now their other son was kind of going crazy. The only thing they ever did was pray. And, um, I, I want to just encourage anybody out there who has a family member who might be making decisions that, that are hard and maybe a little heartbreaking and maybe a little discouraging, especially for parents, um, to keep the faith and keep praying.

My, my parents, they just never stopped praying for me. They didn't try to change me. They didn't try to force me into their ideas. Uh, living for God might look like, um, they, they just prayed and, uh, their prayers were eventually, I finally answered and I think there was something to be said about that because I knew that they were still a safe place.

And I think sometimes we try so hard to make people see the way we see instead of letting the holy spirit do what only he can do. And just being there and loving well, because when it, when the time came, they were the first ones I came to and said, Hey, I just, I just received Christ. I just want my faith back in Christ, but I always knew they were safe.

So, um, that was a good message. Like, okay, we're done. We're finished. That's all we need. So good. Um, speaks to me even not necessarily from a parenting perspective, my kiddos are still little, so I'm not dealing with that yet phrase do this because it could happen as soon as we know. But, um, as an auntie, as a friend and a sister, People who have older kiddos and just always thinking and processing to myself, gosh, how am I, how would I get through that?

How am I going to act or be when I get to that state? And everyone's always like, oh, just wait, just wait. They might be seeing isn't now. Right. And I was away where it's sold, so I get it. And I'm like, oh Lord. And so I love that, that advice in, in what I had talked about. On another podcast was with this idea of simplicity.

And I think that leaning into prayer though, can feel really hard. There's something really simple about that. And parenting specifically can feel very difficult and so many strategies, and you're trying to control, like you said, and try to make this outcome for this little human being. When in fact it's already been written, what this little human being will become.

Um, and so I love that I get to. The rain is just in that part of our conversations, I think. Yeah, absolutely. Well, listen, I'm a father of five from the ages of 28 all the way down to two. Wow. Yeah. So I have quite a stretch and, um, here's what I can tell you. People ask me all the time. Well, obviously it gets easier as they get older.

I said, no, it doesn't get easier. But what is, what is easy changes? You just encounter, uh, new challenges and as a parent, new questions about yourself, um, am I doing this right? Am I navigating this space? Right? And to your point, I think spending some time with the Lord, that time in prayer. Oh, it's so valuable.

I think genuinely, genuinely listen. The holy spirit wants to be involved in our daily lives and help us to make these decisions. And I just want to tell you, listen for every parent there's grace. My, my first. He got the worst version of me as a father. I didn't know what I was doing. Uh, most of my parenting at that stage of my life was fear-based parenting.

I was so afraid he was going to make the wrong decisions. I was so afraid he was going to make decisions that would be hurtful or harmful to him or his future. And so, because anytime you parent with fear-based parenting, you ultimately end up actually having. Push them into the very thing that you were trying to keep them from.

And I did that now. The good news is today we have an incredible relationship. God has restored that relationship and he actually moved down here and he's, uh, he's hanging out with us now and he's actually involved in church and his he's in a life group and he's doing. But I tell people all the time, you know, your first one gets the most inexperienced version of you.

And then by the time you get to the last one, hopefully you've got some of it figured out. Yeah, this is a little bit again at the same time though, knowing that like, God is parenting, right. He's doing the parenting. If we allow him to, um, from that perspective of prayer and trust, And guidance. And so, um, your parents did a phenomenal job.

You're doing a phenomenal job and I'm always looking to lean in and learn from, from that area of expertise. And as you were talking, it was making me think through, um, even just your book title. So your book seven deadly thoughts, right. Came out. And I think through the thought patterns that occur both in the wayward season, as a parent, someone paralleled to what I believe.

Spirit and understanding that, that prayer space, there's still these thoughts that come into our minds. Um, and it can be fear-based. And so wondering one, the premise of your book. Cause I haven't had the, the joy yet to read it. Um, I did download it, so it's on, we got it on audible y'all um, I I'm an audible, even though I love to.

So, what I do is I listen and then I buy it and I put it on my bookshelf. And so I want to, I want to know, I want to know all about this concept and how it kind of plays into the conversation we're having now. And also the conversation I think we're going to lead into, which is that realm of entrepreneurship that we're both passionate.

Yeah, well, my first, my first 10 years of lead pastoring was in Mount pleasant, Michigan at an amazing church called faith community church. And I was located about three blocks off of central Michigan university's campus. And so we had a lot of students and a lot of faculty, we had a lot of student athletes.

It was really a great time of ministry scene. And I absolutely loved, uh, working with, uh, that generation and that demographic. It was just a lot of fun, but I kept meeting these incredibly gifted people. Gifted leaders, both in the world of academia or athletics and they were gifted, but they were really stuck.

And, you know, I would look at them and scratch my head because it was so obvious that they were gifted. It was so obvious that they had incredible potential. Uh, and then as I would sit and meet with them and pastor them. Coach them. Um, it became really obvious one after the other, that their limitations were not external at all, their limitations were all internal.

It was the way they thought about themselves. It's been said that the most important thing about you is the way you think about God. And I would follow that up with the second most important thing is how you think about. And I think the first question impacts the second question. How do you see God?

Because it will ultimately determine really how you do see yourself. And I began to run into these limiting beliefs, these limiting thoughts, um, you know, how it is. I mean, you can't jump into a clubhouse room without somebody talking about mindset and without somebody talking about living, like everyone's having this conversation.

And what's interesting to me about that is, is this is not a new idea. People would be surprised to discover that this actually shows up in the book. And it shows up over and over and over again, God was the first one to address this issue. And the apostle Paul actually addresses it head, head on. He talks about strongholds that need to be torn down in our thinking.

Uh, the scripture tells us in Romans 12, we've gotta be transformed by the renewing of our mind. There's a lot of heart talk, but we're, we we've neglected the renewal talk, what happens and how we think. And so. I began to lean into this. And as we started to address these limiting beliefs or these strong holds, uh, I watched people come alive.

I watched people rethink what was possible and they stopped limiting themselves based upon lies that they believed about them. And they started to believe what God thought about them. And that made what they thought was impossible suddenly possible. So that's the premise of the book and they are seven thoughts that I really drill down pretty deep into because of the ones.

Re over and over and over again, reoccurring these different thoughts that people were wrestling with. I mean, some of them 20, 30 years that they were wrestling with. So, so I thought, well, I can't sit down with, you know, thousands of people, but I can write a book and hopefully get it into the hands of thousands of people and help them get unstuck.

Yeah. That's so powerful. And I think the thing that you started with is really the thing that culminates to the entire concept is like, how do you see God? And then how do you see yourself? And it's that lens right. Of that lens of perspective. And when we allow the world to create our perspective, which is what happens from the moment we're born and we're not leaning into the word, which is a part of that, armoring right.

A part of that, um, Ephesians six through 10 armor that we're supposed to put on over top of our, our helmet, right? That's a part of the mind that's where mindset and in conversation happens is like, got. Given us the weapon and the tool in order to do that. Um, but so often we aren't armored and, and as a little girl, I was never taught about the armor of Jesus.

I was never taught about that. I never knew that that was even a thing. Everything was in my own mic in my own control, my own perfectionism, my own striving to do. And every time I'd look in the mirror, I saw nothing that was worthy, nothing that was, um, living. Stations of the pedestal that people had put me on that I put myself on.

Um, and you do feel like even in potential, and I think there's a huge conversation just in potential, um, is that there's untapped potential based on our limited perception. And so understanding that that's where potential is unlocked, because your perspective is now not your own, it's a perspective that is designed by your creation.

Yeah, absolutely. In fact, you just, you just about, um, read chapter three tomorrow. So the next one together. Okay. Sounds good. So chapter three, the title chapter three is the danger of a poison to perception and your perception. Our perception can become poisoned really, really quickly. In fact, there's a story in scripture.

That's pretty incredible in the gospels where Jesus is, is, is at this, this place. And he's teaching. And two guys come looking for Jesus. One comes looking for him. He heard about Jesus and that he could heal and another guy came, but he didn't come looking for healer. The scripture says he came looking for a law breaker.

He came looking for a blast femur. He came looking for, uh, this false prophet. And what's interesting is, is both men found exactly who they were looking for in the same person. Because, uh, one of them had a poison perception of who Jesus was. And so I believe this, listen, the way you perceive me will determine how you receive me.

So your perception of me or our perception of God will determine how we interact with God. Our perception of ourselves would determine how we interact with other people. And we often end up, you know, our poisoned perceptions will cause the entire world around us to live. Well poisoned. We'll look through this lens that we've been told is true, but isn't necessarily true at all.

And so that's why I think that conversation is so important. And to your point, um, yeah, I don't think until we discover our identity is in Christ. And, and not in what we do. I think it's, I don't think it's possible to truly have joy your peace. And I don't think it's possible to have lasting authenticity.

Right. I think it was John Maxwell said that the greatest thing about my leadership is authenticity. I think that's true, but I don't think it's possible to be truly authentic until I've placed my identity in Christ because only. Am I free to take off my mask and stop pretending to be somebody I'm not because my value and my worth, they do not come from the success of my business.

It does not come from the success of my ministry. It does not come from how many hours I spent in prayer this week, or how many scripts I haven't memorized. It's in Jesus. And that's it. And the minute we get that, we're finally free. Uh, there's a south African pastor. I love what he said. He said, um, you know, when your identity is truly in Christ, because you're finally free to either succeed or fail because neither.

Neither of them determine your identity, your worth, or your value. Um, I teach our church all the time. Your value is not up ahead of you. Your value comes from something that happened behind you 2000 years ago at the cross when Jesus edited is finished. And in that moment he declared, this is your worth.

This is what you're worth to me. This is your value. And if man can give it to you, man, can't take it. You guys, if I can jump up and down in these ear buds, when it run out of me, I'm like, my spirit is like so happy right now because how freeing is that? Just those like words of the ways that you just stringed all of that together literally is.

It's going to break chains for the person listening, um, for the people watching it's this, knowing that it has nothing to do with that doing it's everything to do with that being. And I, and I simultaneously talk about activation all the time. Um, I feel like there's this huge piece of, of dreamland, right?

And a part of what you do is is this discovering and developing and doing it from a place of purpose. So people have. God dreams that are deposited in to them. They have this belief system of their purpose or their value comes in this like idea. And they forget that they don't have to be in that place.

They get to just exist. But the activation of showing up like a daughter or a son of the king is truly what we're meant to do when we're here. So if you're doing anything and you're waking up in your breathing, he sees you you're valuable. But he's also positioned us with our purpose. And so if in the positioning we still have to exist.

Just staying stagnant or comfortable is staying in the boat when he's called us out. Yeah. Yeah. Talk me through this, this understanding of, I think you're absolutely right. I think it's understanding, um, how to walk this grace walk out. Um, I think there's a difference between. Knowing who you are in Christ and being empathetic towards God's purpose for your life.

I think those are two different. Those are two different things. I think here's what happens when you find out who you are in Christ, when you discover your identity in Christ, it's, it's crazy. Your, your life starts to come into alignment because you start to realize some of the stuff you were doing. You don't even love.

I mean, some of the stuff you're doing, you didn't even like, you just did it to be accepted or to be seen as valuable. Uh, and so you start letting some stuff go and then you start leaning into other stuff that absolutely lights you up because your purpose is being awakened. So the question is not, does God still call us out of the boat?

I think our purpose for stepping out of the boat chain. I'm not stepping out any more to get a title. I'm not stepping out of the boat anymore to be, uh, to be seen. I'm not stepping out of the boat anymore for other people to affirm it. I already know who I'm in Christ. So now I finally get to step out of the boat out of a sense of destiny purpose.

So you know what that means I can be authentic on the water. Yeah, God, I can be. I could be authentic on the water because. I am not what I do. I am what Christ has already done for me. Yeah. That's so powerful. You all I'm you need to rewind 30 seconds, 30 seconds, and then listen again and just get that deposited into your spirit because everything around you.

All the deadly thoughts, right? Just like his book is saying they will attack you. Even in that truth. Quick commercial break. I know I hate these things too, but it's so critical that you grow your business for God's sake. And I mean, that pun intended with all the love in my heart to get you from a place of ideation to activation, stop dreaming, start doing stand up, start saying yes to the call that God has on your life.

We are going to be joining in Lexington, Kentucky with nothing. Then the beautiful rise and grind community with Glen Lundy, who will be co-hosting this incredible conference. This is the second annual. And he has taken me under his wing to be able to share the stage to motivate and inspire. And I cannot wait to see you there November 5th through the seventh.

If you want to come in for the VIP experience, with who doesn't want to come along for VIP, that's all access passes to the speakers and the artists, and you'll be able to dine with us in the private rooms with your. Special bathrooms. So of course come one day, two day, three day passes available as well.

And we can not wait as good. And I say to hug your neck, see you there. And so I'm curious with the knowing of those things and the teaching of those things, and also equipping other people, leaders, entrepreneurs, pastors, all of that. How do you help them essentially armor up into that every single day?

Are there specific like tools or tactics. Prayer affirmations. What does that look like? I'll be honest with you. I do think there are practical skills that we need to equip leaders with. I think that's very important. Skills are very important. My concern is that we have majored on skills for so long that we have neglected the weightier matters.

Um, for example, I think we have taught generations, uh, that the most important thing is doing, and they don't know how. So, so my focus in this season of my life and ministry is honestly equipping leaders and entrepreneurs or, uh, pastors ministry leaders, uh, with the revelation of truth from scripture, that the first thing God calls and creates you to do is simply to be.

And that is very challenging, uh, because we are told that we should tie our identity to our activity, but the problem is if I do that, then when the activity stops, who am I? So I think we've done a lot of work with skills. I don't think we've done a lot of work with core, the core of a leader who am I as a person, my identity in Christ.

Um, how do we relate to people rediscovering themselves? You know what I think, I think we've spent a lot of time teaching a whole generation. That image is more important than I did. And so we have a lot of leaders managing their image, but don't know who they are and it's wearing them out. I know, I know leaders, I talked to them privately, their marriages are suffering.

Their relationship with their kids are suffering. Their emotional and mental health is suffering because they had the skills. To get through the door, but they hadn't developed the core of who they are to keep them in the room. And so in this season, um, I'm just really focused on helping people develop their core, how they want relate to God, understanding the word of God, rightly divided.

Um, God's opinion of man. I think sometimes we've inherited these wrong ideas about how God thinks about us. Um, I don't think we all always understand the power of the cross and what Jesus accomplished there. I think sometimes we think when Jesus is. Hung on the cross and hung his head. He said get started.

Uh, but he actually said it is finished and this is what I'm spending my time right now, equipping people with his knowledge, hopefully some revelation in there from the word of God. And as I do this, here's what I'm watching. I'm watching. Uh, two weeks ago, I was in the state of Michigan and I was training leaders with some of these concepts.

And I looked in the room and everyone in the room was weeping. Everyone in the room was crying because they couldn't believe this concept that God is good with them right now because of their faith. That they have nothing to strive for nothing to prove that they can finally work from a place of rest.

And instead of working for a place of value, because they already have value, they already have worth. So now you have the permission to be authentic and I'm watching leaders heal and I'm watching leaders grow. And because of that, honestly, they can finally discover their purpose and just. Hmm. I feel like I'm at such peace, just hearing that.

And I think that so many people are, and as like I said, like talking through activation, even that feels like doing, and it feels like a little bit hard and a little bit fear-based. And so I love, I love that perspective and I love that truth because that's truly what it is. And knowing that in that. Is that unlocked for potential.

I feel like you have the ability then, cause you're stripping them of all of the expectations to stand in that truth perspective. And then when they do or look in the mirror, they're like, oh yeah. Oh yeah, I'm already good enough. I am already worthy enough. I'm already called. Yes. And so that's where that, that phrase ology that you have that I love so much is, is not necessarily putting people into their purpose.

It's protecting them in their purpose. Tell me about like that revelation, because it is so good. Yeah. It's so I teach four parts when it comes to purpose purposes. One of those things I just feel called to and helping people discover it. Um, there's obviously purpose discovery that is discovering what God created you for and living in it.

Uh, then there's developing purpose being intentional about once you've discovered that how can I feed it? How can I help nurture that and mature that? And then of course, the third thing I talk about is protecting your purpose because, uh, once you discover your purpose, something unique happens, you don't just come alive to what's possible.

You'll begin to experience the resistance. You'll begin to experience discouragement. You'll begin to, you know, I tell people all the time, the moment you figure what, what you're created for something else happens, you also simultaneously realize that you don't have everything you need to do what you were created for.

It's this amazing, incredible revelation. You're like, well, I don't have the money. I don't know the right people yet. I don't have enough of this. I don't have enough of that. And here is where the limiting beliefs start to enter into our life. Uh, but protecting your purpose. Yeah. I think that's multiple things.

Number one, your own thoughts. You asked about tools. I mean, practically tools is training and teaching people. How do identify those strong holds or limiting beliefs when they show up? Um, that's half the battle, uh, because I think when limiting beliefs enter our mind, I don't think the enemy, uh, announces himself.

Um, I think he's very quiet and culvert. And we don't know that it's him. We just end up repeating stuff that he's telling us. And so that's one thing, uh, identify the limiting beliefs. Number two is I, I teach people this concept of the leading, the poisonous playlist. What are the playlist that you keep replaying in your mind?

And what are the words you keep speaking over yourself? What are the declarations you keep making over yourself? I think these are really, really important if we're going to experience that mind renewal process. So those are a couple of things when it comes to protecting your purpose. Stop speaking, limiting things over your life.

The right relationships is something I spend a lot of time talking about. Um, yeah. I, and I think this is where it gets hard because if you're really going to protect your purpose, you're going to figure this out. You need life speakers around you. You need people that believe in you. You need people that are going to encourage you when it gets hard.

Cause it will get hard. You're going to need people who believe in your potential. Uh, but you're also going to need to be careful about the wrong. The voices that tell you, you can't the voices that say nobody in our family's ever done that before the voices that say, well, you don't have the experience, the voices that cast the doubt.

I think if you're going to protect your purpose, you have to be careful about the voices that you give access to your heart. Because oftentimes the limiting beliefs that we are carrying came from the perceptions of others, and there were words that were spoken over our lives and we can carry those with us for a really long time.

Yeah. And I think that's like the whole bondage of that generational tie and understanding, like, what are the root systems to your existence right now? And why are those lies and where are those lies coming from? And then also creating that safe Harbor of like you said, the truth tellers that people are actually going to call out and knew the greatness that you already have within you.

And I think that's the part, a lot of people. Ill-equipped to stand in their purpose. They feel ill-equipped to be able to activate in such a grandiose concept or a grandiose idea. And it's not that it's not that he says, here's your purpose. And then tomorrow you're going to exist. It's this becoming process.

And this is my phrasiology every day is I'm being equipped every day. I am not equipped for that dream yet, and that's why I have to show up. And that's how I get to show up today is what can I do today to become more light? Right. Less about like being anything or doing anything or I'm sorry, less I'll doing anything but more about that being, like you said, I get to be more like she's, I get to become more like him.

And as I become more like him, the revelations of what do I do next comes here. When we, when we witnessed, um, I've been watching chosen. And have you seen it live? I have no, honestly I have no, don't hold it against you guys. Don't hold it against me. I'm not gonna hold it against you, but I'm going to encourage you because it's really, it's really wild.

I think, um, we have our own visualization process and this is also the, through the lens of, of a man. Um, so there's that to take to heart, but it's this recognition that when you see something happen, um, in the way that they're allowed. Um, to, to come about, you have this new understanding of the character of Jesus.

And I have only experienced the character of God from one lens because it's how I experience him. And then when you talk to me about him, I'm like, wow, you experienced this side of him, this character trait. And so to see it embodied, um, the way that we can learn about it every single day in the word, but in an actual.

Physical representation. Um, it allows us to see that even the disciples, when, when Jesus was calling him to do them to do something, it was in that process, in that action, in that patience of why is he telling me to do this? Do I really have to? Yeah. Small thing, like put up this tent, do I really have to do this small thing?

Like go and look for Mary when I don't really want to do it with this person, it feels mundane even in that, but he's not, he's not telling you today. You're going to be on the stage in front of the thousands. Like I've shown you in the dream. He's telling you today, I need you to do the small task. And in that small task tomorrow, you'll become more equipped to do.

Mm, that's so good. I think, um, to your point, I think he's far, I think the Lord is far more concerned with, with who we are, uh, than, than what we are quote unquote doing. And, um, what I've discovered when it comes to destiny and purpose and, and stepping onto that platform to use your language, whatever that platform is for whoever is listening.

Here's what I found for myself. When I finally stepped into it was when I no longer felt like I needed it. And when that moment came, when I realized I didn't need it for me to be valuable, or for me to be, uh, have any sense of worth when that happened, suddenly something began to happen. The things that I really felt passionate about started moving towards me, uh, because I no longer needed.

I think sometimes God out of he, he's such a good God. He's so loving. He doesn't let us experience the fulfillment of purpose and destiny too early, because if it did, it would be intoxicating and we might miss him in the process of fulfilling the destiny he created us for. And I think he loves us enough to say, Hey, uh, I want to heal you from this innate desire to please people.

I want to heal you from this innate desire to always want to, you know, be seen instead of making me known, um, I want to heal you from this innate desire to feel like you need all of this to be fulfilled or to be happy or to have joy. And then once we heal these broken places in your heart, you know what I'm going to do lead you right to the thing.

That I created you for, and that's been my experiences as God began because I used to strive. I was my story. I tell people all the time that was, that was a striver, a king of striving, always striving, trying to get to the next place, always trying to get to the next room. I was trying to get to the next platform.

And then I realized one day I don't need to be in the green room, uh, rubbing all of the shoulders, um, because Christ lives in me. I've got a green room living inside of me. And that's pretty incredible when you discover that and you know, what began to happen, you know, what's crazy when that happened. I started getting invited in rooms that, that, that I would have killed to be not literally, but I would have given anything let's clarify.

I would've, I would've given anything to be in before and suddenly I'm in there and, um, hear my heart. It was an honor. Yeah. But whether I was in there or not, I was very content. I think contentment paralleled with that word that you said earlier, which is such a heartbeat of minus this joy and right. We live in a happiness driven society.

Everybody wants to be happy and they're actually missing the whole point. And so happiness is a striving and joy is a being right when someone just witnesses you and they're like, you're so good. Happy. And I'm like, ah, it's the joy of the Lord I lived, I lived a life in that striving, just like you in that perfectionism.

And guess what happens when you're trying to build and be on a platform that you are creating, you have to smile. Right. Right. People are expecting you to show up one way. And that was really so ingrained in who I was. I had this plastered smile. That was my mask. And, and that seems like a good mask to wear.

But at the same time it was exhausting. I never got to have that authenticity that you were talking about. That vulnerability. I never got to experience that and therefore, every other piece of my life, including relationships, even ones, so incredibly close to me, like my husband, like my mother, like my children, They didn't even get to experience me in the fullness of who I was until going back to what we said at the beginning until my identity was rooted in Christ.

And I was able to look in the mirror and say, oh, this is who you are. I get to be this person. Hey, let me reintroduce myself. Well, this is, this is me. And so that's like, literally what's been happening in the last five years of my life. And one specific place that you're talking to, that I hear all the time specifically from incredibly talented gifted people, which we all are.

Um, but I'm specifically thinking of like voices from a sound perspective or, um, being able to write or whatever that talent is. And they say, and they've told me this just in the last week. So it's really heavy on my heart. I can't create a platform and I'm like, you're right. You, you, you can't, you can't create a platform or God hasn't released me to create a platform.

And what I say to them is you're scared because that's, that's not your job in your day. There is no platform creation and sure. You might have to get on social media. And I say, have to, you get to, because what he's going to do with it is transform that platform when you're ready, when he has done the equipping.

And so you lean into him, you lean into that process. And what does that look like? You lean into the word you lean into the worship. You lean into the warfare of those deadly sins that are currently combating you. And when you say yes to them, With that small mustard seed of faith, because it's not like our mustard seed is different than your, the mustard seed of the listener right now.

Right. There are surely doubts. There are surely like, oh gosh, but every single day I'm reminded of his grace and his glory and his Magnum. Because of that joy, not because of the happiness, so good. Wow. Well, we'll use took me to church. All right. Come on brother.

Every single time I've loved. I loved the desire to show. Speak. And that too is an area where I think there are so many people called to do it and it's, and we're called to testify. And so does it look like a podcast for them? Maybe not. Does it look like a stage? Maybe not. Does it look like just speaking to your children and being loving to your friends or your neighbors?

Like we're so simply called to do, and I know I am guilty of not being. Neighbor. I think the neighbor is in the office or the neighbor is on the podcast, right? No, like literally I have neighbors who could use me. So I am equally, always convicted when I have conversations like this to. Well, and to your point, I think for our listeners to understand, um, we don't all have the same platform, but to also know that whether you're called to stand on the stage and speak to thousands, or you're called to speak to your children, not one person is more or less valuable than the other.

And this is the joys of discovering your identity in Christ. And you know, what's really great about this too, to the point of joy is that, um, I, when I finally discovered my identity in Christ, I was free to celebrate other things. Because before that, I looked at them as competition and it's hard to be in relationship with somebody you're competing against.

At some point they become sort of this, you know, unspoken villain and this relational in different sort of creeps in and you end up alienating or neglecting what could have potentially been. A really good relationship. But when I finally found my identity in Christ and I stopped attaching it to all of my doing and my activity, man, I could really celebrate what was happening in someone else's life.

And, um, and I think vice-versa, and you talked a minute ago about wearing a mask. Here's what I, here's what I teach, um, pastors and leaders, when they're trying to navigate the space and take this journey, um, every single human being. Longs for the same thing at the end of the day, if you boil it down, everyone wants to be loved.

Every, every single human being wants to be loved within love is everything else. The acceptance that you want, the affirmation that you want, every human being wants to be loved. Here's the problem you can't fully love me until you fully know me and that's problematic because I'm not sure if you can handle it.

If you really knew me, I mean, mask is off filters off. If you fully know me, can you fully love. And that's, I think what we are concerned about on this side of this revelation in Christ Sardinian Christ, is, is it okay to take off the mask? So if I don't know, I will wear a mask and I will pick the mask that I think is the most attractive.

Uh, you set a plastered smile. Yeah. Because everyone wants you to show up a certain way. Absolutely. Absolutely. I can relate to that. Everyone will show up the same way they have these expectations. So you do you wear the mask that you think is going to get you the most love, because that's what you want at the end of the day.

Here's the point? Um, over the course of time, the love you think you wanted, you find out your getting, because you're not sure if they love you or the mask. So you end up resenting people who are trying to love a version of you. That's not real, but you're the one that presented it. Ugh. Gosh. Okay. And you're, and you're angry at people and you, and, and, and we get in bittered and we're discouraged and maybe even depressed because, you know, I'm putting forth my best work, but I don't feel loved because I don't know if they love me or do they love the mask I'm showing them.

And then suddenly have this divine revelation of Jesus. And he says, I know you without your mask completely inside and out, the good, the bad, the ugly. I know your failures, your foster sins. I know about all of it. And I love it. I love you with this incredible love that nothing can separate us. This love this love.

And when you get this revelation, like, wait a minute, really? So I can, I can start to take this. It's okay to take this off because of, even if people don't like Travis without the mask. The creator of the universe loves me and has accepted me. And he's the one that gave me destiny and purpose. And so it's it's okay.

The other thing I found out is as long as I wear the mask, I will never attract the people to me that need to be with. I will attract people to the mask that will only be around as long as the mask is on. And so I'll always be frustrated because there might be alignment, but there's not attunement. Like I've got the right gifts around me, but the right heart isn't around me and I'm frustrated and they're frustrated because as far as they can tell they're they're right in alignment with our mask.

But we know in our heart, there's not. But the minute you take it off something grand and glorious begins to happen. And it's a little unnerving initially because all of a sudden, like, wait a minute, wait a minute. Whoa. Who are you? Um, and so some might depart and that's okay because the minute we took off the mask, you know, who does come?

The people that got always designed to be with us, the people that see us for who we are, the people that believe in the purpose of calling in the destiny that God had placed on our lives. Not because of some false version of ourselves. But because of reality of a revelation of who we are and suddenly authentic relationships can.

Holy cow, literally insane and so accurate, like so accurate on so many levels to my own testimony. Um, and interestingly, you know, this is a thing where even in that freedom in Christ that existed letting go of relationships that were so close to me, even family members for a season where I had to create.

Safe nucleus with the new people, people who would literally didn't know me from Adam, no pun intended. Um, and yet they fully saw me because I was allowing them to see me for the first time. Those relationships are so rooted. And you talked about core and that's literally my membership title, because it is all about alignment.

It's this community of rooted entrepreneur. That's what core stands for to us, unless this, knowing that when you recognize who you are at the core, because of the creator who sees you and created you at that seed at that plant, you get to blossom into the beautiful person. And so the beautiful being that you're intended to be, and the people who get to reap the fruit that you've created are the people who know you, because what happens when you pass the, the.

Uh, how do you say this? The relational torch from the people who you feel like you were being used? Right? I felt like I was being used, but it's not their fault. I was only allowing them to see and use a portion of me and I had all of this. To give, but I couldn't create for them because I was trying to do it out of perfectionism and out of this mask that wasn't fully me.

Um, and so when I allow these new people to see me, and as you were sharing this, it's this allowing this unveiling that's about to happen in this book that I've been writing for what feels like for you? So three years and it's literally called always becoming in the concept. And as I was reading it, this, this weekend, I was like, holy cow, like, this is a lot of information.

There's a lot of information that I've shared all the bits and pieces. I've never shared it all sequentially. And when you read it like that, it's an arming. I'm like, oh, what are they going to think? What are they going to say? Are the people who are closest to me who have seen the bits and pieces going to understand me the same?

Are they going to love it? And so this is the conversation. I think when people go to step on this platform, they know they're called to platform. That's already been created. You're not creating the platform that God gives you. Maybe the platform has one person equally as important as the 1 million that's.

Right, right. Because you don't get to see what happens with that one person, their ripple effect, their generational change could go for decades. Hmm. Right. And so you have to show up because you're called into that, but it's the knowing it's that unarmed thing that it doesn't matter what they think about you.

So I love that you said that cause the ultimately only thinks what he thinks about you and the thing that you said it's the fully loved part was the exact revelation and the exact experience that I have with God when I went from being downcast, not being able to look myself in the mirror and him literally taking my chin.

And I say literally, because. It was as if he was in the room with me, because he was, took my chin into this vibrant, glorious light. And it's why I'm so passionate about the rainbow and all of the colors that it entails, even though it was bright white. And he said, you are fully known, you are fully seen and you are fully loved.

Wow. And that was my moment of change that I literally was. Holy cow. And I get chills just thinking about it because everyone listening to this, it's the same exact thing, but are you slow enough? Are you being enough for him to have that conversation with you? Wow. Wow. Um, yeah, you just said so much. My mind is processing what you just said it.

Yeah, that, that blessed me. Um, the here's the thing I think. I think when you begin to have the revelation, the scary part, you know, what was scariest for me, it was not stepping out of the boat. It was stepping off the ladder. It was, it was me climbing this ladder and fighting for every rung on the ladder and maybe even climbing over some people and not treating them really well.

And you fought so hard for so long for your place on the ladder, uh, that when, when God begins to renew your mind with the reality of who you are in Christ, the initial wrestling was. Man. I fought hard for this rung on the ladder. Am I willing to step off the ladder? Uh, but then when I stepped off the ladder, I realized that the ladder for me was a trap.

Here's why the scripture says that right now. When I put my faith in Jesus, it says I am seated with Christ in heavenly places. Um, You can't go much higher than that. In fact, you can't go any higher than that. Positionally. I'm seated with Christ. That's our relationship with him and to him, we're in Christ.

And I think he invites us. I invite us off the ladder to your point. He invites us off the ladder. Let him build the platform, let him prepare that platform. Let him lead you to that platform. When he does it, um, there was a certain sense of God's goodness and grace and favor that comes with it. If I have to create it, then I'll have to sustain it.

But if God created, he sustains it and. So I can work and lead and serve people from a place of arrest, which is a weird concept, but a biblical concept from a place of rest, rather than a place of, of, of earning or proving. And that's probably one of the biggest paradigm shifts for me, living, working, leading from a place of arrest, not proving it.

Not trying to earn anything. Uh, uh, he never asked me to prove something to him. Jesus came to prove something to us and in doing that, and when I put my faith in him, man, I can jump off the ladder and trust him to order my steps. Oh my goodness. Pastor Travis hall. You guys. I had no idea what I was in for today, but boy did God line it up so beautifully for so many things happening in my personal life.

And I know that. So many people who are going to be listening in touch by this. Um, I want everybody to have access to you. I know you have a podcast of your own, um, transformational truths. And so, um, you guys have to tune into that. I can't wait to also have that other side of you next week with your beautiful life.

To see how you guys are going to have that like crazy impact, because we are intended in our marriage and our beautiful covenant to be the full representation of Christ in the land. Right. And so I know that she's going to be equally as amazing as you, but in her own, uh, her own birthright. And so I am, I'm honored to spend this time with you.

I want people to leave with a bang. And so do you have any specific things that you feel like, oh, I've been holding tight to this? What do you want to say to them? I'm not going to say something new. I'm going to say something I've already said that I want the audience to remember the most important thing that maybe, maybe the most impactful thing that I've had the privilege of sharing in the last 50 minutes is that you are not what you do.

You are what Christ has already done. If I were to summarize the good news, that would be the good news that your identity is completely in Jesus Christ. And that despite your past, despite your failures, despite your, uh, potential, uh, despite the money you have in the bank, or don't have it in the bank, your value, your worth are eternally in Jesus.

And this is good news because if God gave it to you, there's nothing you or any other person can do to take it from. So powerful you guys. I I'm going to continue this conversation offline, so you're not, I'm going to get the goods, but I'll tell you later, you guys, Travis hall. Thank you so much for all that you do.

You guys can connect with him. I've left all of his links, cultivate my purpose.com. He is the pastor of a beautiful church called life church international. So you can also listen to a sermon. Podcasts. That's two for one and a, you guys have to get in touch and definitely get his book. I can't wait to read it myself.

So thank you for your time, your energy, your passion, and your calling. Thanks for saying yes. And getting off the ladder and being just one with instead of one above or one beneath. Oh, no. Thank you. Thank you. My honor was being here. Thank you. Thanks. See you guys. Hey, y'all it's me again. I hope in today's episode, you sends an ignite to an Ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey.

Before you go, let solidify the flame. I'd love for you to take a step right now and declaring your takeaway by snapping a pick of the episode. You tuned it to share your sparked moment and tag me at bitten faith underscore podcast, or me personally at Tamarindo. I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the fit and faith podcast listeners.

We're totally in this together community over competition is the motto, right? I'd also be incredibly grateful. If you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, I'd love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project, a big shout out.

You know, I'm a writer. So I love words. And I can't wait to read what you have to say. I'm ready to fuel the blame with you together. And until next time, blessings over your joy, how well and wholeness tune in next time.

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