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3 Questions to Ask in Your Business Pivot Plan


Pivoting is hard. Change is hard, whether it is in your life or your business. What if you thought of it as a leap of faith, rather than a change? This allows you to focus on HIM, rather than yourself.


Even in my own business I am doing some pivoting. My flagship program, CORE Creatives, is shifting and changing, and it is uncomfortable. I just announced that we are going completely virtual, and it has been hard for everyone, because we had been in person so long. However, the pivot will allow us to reach people all over the world.


Peter and Andrew lived in their comfort zone. They were fishermen and had been all their lives. This was their identity. Yet, they were called by Jesus to follow Him. I am sure they had questions. They were uncomfortable. They were losing their identity. But they took the leap of faith and joined Jesus in His ministry.


Our lives and our businesses are always on a journey. They are alive and continually morphing. This journey is hard and it demands that we pivot and change.

If you are in the midst of a pivot in your life or business, comment and let me know! I want to support you!

Show Notes:

We are going to be talking all about the three ways to pivot your life or your business. Three ways to pivot your life or your business, and this pivot, which we've done a lot of in the last year, can feel hard. It's change. Right? And change is hard, but what if the perspective of change turned to a leap of faith? I don't know that it becomes easier, but it becomes more intentional because it relies on Him versus relying on you and your own might.

And so I'm going to give you three ways to think - three questions to probe yourself with before you make the change. And oftentimes there are the moments of taking pause to reflect. But we're moving so fast that change can feel so uncomfortable. It can rub you in the wrong way. And so right now, today, I want you to take a moment and reflect on the changes that are happening or maybe the leaps of faith that you need to take.

And if you're thinking through this, I want you to comment below right now about what that leap of faith is, what that change element is that's happening that might not feel so comfortable. And let's process this together. Before we get into the actual questions, I want you to think about Peter and Andrew and the comfort zone that they were in and the manifestation in the dream and the activity that they were doing every single day as fishermen. This is the way that they planned to take care of their family.

This is how they were putting food on the table. This was their identity. I am a fisherman. And yet they were talked to. They were examined. They were thoroughly what? Sorry. Fully, fully seen. And Jesus said, stop what you're doing and follow me. That's a massive life change. That's a huge pivot. And they had to surely ask themselves questions. What how am I going to do this? What do you mean?

You want me to leave my comfort zone? You want me to leave the thing that I have trained my whole life to do, the way that my family is sustaining the way that I call myself, it's the affiliated groups that you're in. It's the people that you're hanging with and leave it all, change it. All right. Now, my membership program of CORE Creatives, that has been just a true heartbeat of the entire momentum of the business that I've cultivated.

It's shifting and it's changing and it feels uncomfortable. And I can sense even in a community that there's a little bit of pushback because we're going from an experience that's been in person to bringing it virtual so we can connect with people across the nation and across the globe as I come into communities with more women. And I'm so grateful for it. And I want them to be a part of the journey. And yet there's a little bit of friction. And I've had to prove myself with these very questions and their same questions that you can ask yourself now.

And it doesn't have to be business oriented. It could be just a change in your life. But don't look at it as the difficult change of your own might or the comfortability, but instead a leap of faith by him. So here's your three questions. First, is this for the betterment of the collective? Is the whole going to be affected in a positive way? Because if it's me centered, we know that it fails. But if it's we centered, we know that it'll thrive.

And that's exactly what Jesus was calling Peter and Andrew to do. So focusing on the ME, stop focusing on only your home. What about the greater impact? And that leads us to number two, how or does it lean into your deepest? Why your biggest? Why? It's a hard question because pivots and change, especially when they're centered, can make you stand in a place of greed, fleshly incompetency. Right. There's so much more that's coming into play.

But if you go back and you zoom back to that fifty thousand foot lens and you really take a look, does this change step into that deeper reasoning? The thing that wakes me up in the morning, the thing that ignites me, the very reason in which I know I'm purposed, are you just meant to be a fisherman or are you meant to be a fisher of men? Last question number three is how will it enhance my overall well-being? That isn't me sintered question, but the very next level to that, my overall well-being, the well-being of my family, the well-being of my team, the well-being of my community, the well-being of my client.

All of these questions, three in total, come to a final answer, either it's a yes or no. If there's an ICAC, a maybe it's OK, maybe you jump in or you leap in less like a cannonball and more like a tip of the toe. But the biggest thing here with change is that knowing of activation and that activation provides clarity. You're not going to have a crystal clear answer when change comes into play, especially in your business, especially in your life, when a pivot is going to happen abruptly, like it did with us in twenty twenty.

So be OK with change, be OK with taking the leap of faith, but make sure that it has a centering of the deepest, why the bigger? Why the reason that you're here, your greater purpose and life, Peter and Andrew becoming into the Yes. That God is calling you to. It's not an impact just for you. It's for everybody that's connected to you and for the greater kingdom. Guys, I hope you are blessed by this message.

I hope and ask you some questions if you want. I would love, love, love if you would subscribe to this channel. We are going to be dropping information like this, business and life oriented every single week. And if you're watching this somewhere else, it's because you need to go over to YouTube.

Let's bring up the subscribers. Let's bring up the fan and let's enjoy community and change together.


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