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10 Unlikely Ways to Create and Manifest Your Dreams

Entrepreneurs are always learning. If they stay stagnant, their business also becomes stagnant, leaving them not growing and upleveling as they want. This broadcast is from a Breakfast With Champions appearance. Enjoy!

When we talk about manifesting our dreams, I am such an activator. I believe in movement. I believe in truly going and building the thing you're always talking about, but if you're not consistently learning in the areas that need development, you will fail, and it will hurt.

But I believe in the element of, even as we fall, that there's an opportunity. So I want to talk to you about 10 unlikely ways to create and manifest your dream regularly, and I want it to be something that's going to catch you off guard, maybe. It might ruffle your feathers a little bit because there's an element of learning and entrepreneurship.

If your feathers aren't being ruffled and you're not feeling convicted, then I question what kind of entrepreneur you are or what kind of business you are running because it's hard every day.

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Show Notes: 10 Unlikely Ways to Create and Manifest Your Dreams

Welcome to the Fit and Faith podcast. FIT is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life who fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs and kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamara Andre, and this podcast isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience.

I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi, and so we do go there unscripted. No matter how far, wide, deep, or high the there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside out into their greatest calling by sharing their truest stories, talents, and tips. As a purpose activator and brand builder, I believe our successes and failure.

Are derived from who and whose we are, not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith. All right, so if you were like me, you're a couple years into business as a founder, innovator, and trailblazer, and you are looking to put all of your coaching experiences and information and all the content you've been building year by year, by year into one hub.

Would didn't wanna do it in e course format. I wanted to be experiential. I wanted to have an opportunity to convert right there. And so I used an app, an app developer that has literally changed our business' life. Not to mention the reach for it. And the conversion is amazing. It's very simple. So if you're thinking, Oh, I do not wanna add an app to my to-do list, I promise they've made it incredible and specifically the link in the show notes is going to help you not only.

Move forward in your business, but generate sales in a very easy format. I'm excited for you and obviously we want you to download our app, the Fit in Faith Network. You can go to Apple, Google, whatever phone you use to find our app. But specifically I want you to know that it is possible to have your own.

So be cool, be a cool kid. Have your own app. It's, This is what all the cool kids are doing. So y'all enjoy the podcast today. Always love, um, my time in breakfast with champions. And it's wild, and I'm sure Amelia feels this way last year where we were here nonstop around the hours, around the clock, making dreams come true while also getting to know one another.

And I think this morning's, uh, messaging is, is really on point with the understanding that we've actually taken ownership in this space, but also had an opportunity to. Not have to be here every single day. And isn't that how starting a business is like when you're starting a movement, you are all in all the time.

And we've had an opportunity and a blessing to be able to now come and serve in the timeframe that makes more sense with our schedule, while also feeling like when we're here, we're giving a hundred percent of our energy versus perhaps a portion of ourselves when we show up. And so I've been simmering with this message really all week.

I do week to week, and so I'm here every Wednesday at eight. And this morning's message landed with a con conglomeration of influence over the last week, and I hope, I hope, of all the things that you hear from me, you hear that, um, There is a necessity, an absolute fundamental necessity for us to be learning all the time.

How you're learning is, is totally up to you. But when we talk about creation and we talk about manifesting our dreams, I am such an activator. I believe in movement. I believe in truly going and building the thing that you're always talking. . But if you're not consistently learning in the areas that need development, you are going to fall flat and, and it's going to hurt , it's gonna hurt.

But I believe in the element of, even as we fall, even as we fail, and we'll talk about this here momentarily, that there's an opportunity. And so Clubhouse is meant to be an opportunity. It's meant to be an opportunity for you to learn, for you to grow, for you to get energized by and motivated. It's why Glen started this room.

He always speaks to motivation and inspiration, and one of the reasons I'm so connected to this movement is cuz I speak to activation. And that's the element of actually taking what you're learning and putting it into. We cannot build habits if we never try the habit, if we never start to do it right.

So this morning I wanna talk to you about 10 unlikely ways to create and manifest your dream regularly. And I wanted it to be something that's gonna maybe catch you off. Guard, it might ruffle your feathers a little bit because that's an element of learning. That's a definitely an element of entrepreneurship.

If you're, your feathers aren't being ruffled and you're not feeling, um, convicted and you're not feeling like things are hard, then I would really question what kind of entrepreneur you are or what kind of business you're actually running. Um, because it's hard every single day. And in that there is such a.

There's a sharpening and there's a stature that's being cultivated. But when I think about creativity, I don't think about rigidity. I think about fluidity. And so I want you guys to really first off, take notes cuz there's gonna be 10 of them. And I, you know how it is. 30 minutes goes by like super sonic.

Fast and I already talk fast, so it's a lot to handle. Christina, thank you for putting the Grower Business for God's sake. Conference up at the top. We had an amazing reunion there of a lot of breakfast with champions people last year, and I hope that the same transpires. Christina's gonna be actually heading up our volunteers, and so if you wanna come and also be invested, we would love to have you there if you wanna come and.

Sponsor. We're looking for partners and swag bag inserts, and any of your gifts and talents as a business. If there's something that you want to apply or showcase or serve, um, please get in touch with me directly. You can send me an Instagram message. That's the best way to do it, but you can also send it to Christina.

So Christina, thank you for your service and constant servant leadership. Um, and let's get, let's get into this. So 10 unlikely ways to create and manifest your dream regular. The first five are gonna be for the starters or the starting phase, the starting. And I believe that this is something that we are constantly, If you're not able to raise your hand to say like, Oh, I'm not a starter, then I would question where you are in the evolution of your hourglass.

If that means nothing to you, then we need to hang out more often. Cuz I speak directly to an hourglass funnel. It's a part of my ip, it's a part of my mo with. And this hourglasses, the knowing that you're never stopping, even if you're just focused on one avatar, even if you're just focused on one element of your business at this time, you should constantly be in this starter phase with these first five.

So here we go. The first one, cuz I love to play, is to doodle regularly. Literally Disneyland. Disney World would not exist if Walt Disney didn't dood. And so I think about open space. I think about the fact that if we can take a white piece of paper or a whiteboard or a huge, massive post-it note and we can doodle out our vision, we can doodle out where we wanna go.

I didn't even realize that Mickey Mouse wasn't his first creation. It was actually Allison Wonderland. Think about all of the creation and the doodling that he did just to create that. But he didn't actually even start. He doodled prior to just words. Just letters, and that's how he worked in the ad agency area For a while.

He was in media before we knew what media really was. He was doing one minute min like video clips prior to. Um, large pictures taking place and so just realize that the power of doodling has gotten me into so much of what we do as a brand. My designer is a constant doodler, and that might be done in a digital space, but she's still always doodling, and that's how design is, is definite in your brand.

And so doodle play. If you have time in the airport, like get out a piece of paper and just draw. I watch the power that doodling has in my children's life and doodling allows you to get outside of constructs. Get outside. Let's go there. I'm gonna go there. I always do get outside of the boxed formulation of church even.

What if you doodle about your faith more often? What would God speak to you in those? I've had so many visions, and visions are connected to doodling, where you're doing it without a pen and a paper, but you're doing it in in the white space of your brain, of the atmosphere. And God speaks to me in picture.

So if I was to take that picture and I was to doodle it out, then into a business framework, which is what I do so much with my clients, I'm like, Tell me what you see. Tell me what you hope for. Tell me what you dream about. And that is where we can create and manifest regular. But it's not often a business coach strategy to say, Hey, take out a white paper.

We're gonna doodle, But I encourage you to try, Maybe Walt Disney is inside of you. Number two is white space regularly. So this might feel like the same thing I just told you to get out of paper and have open space to draw or vision cast. But white space regularly is different. You are creating white space in your calendar.

Okay? This is so important from a timing perspective. I cannot stand when people call me busy. I actually talked about this at Grow Your Business for God's sake last year, and, and this glorified busy, that the world lives in, this hustle culture that doesn't equal entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is something that is cultivated with intention.

And so I have a very intentional schedule. It is back to back to back if I talk to you about my morning routine thus far. That started four hours ago, and yes, I'm on the East Coast, so yes, that means four o. This is not new information to this 5:00 AM Breakfast Club, but it's the re the realization that it does happen consistently over time.

And so white space is a concept from the road to less stupid. It's an amazing book that my previous coach had shared with me by Keith Cunningham, and he actually will give you and present you 20 questions inside of this book. Where in that white space, in that hour of time, once per week, if you can carve out an hour of white space margin, you might have heard it called, and you can conceptualize one of these ideas.

Questions include anything from. What would your business look like if it was only on referral? That was my first question that I ever dissected, and it changed the trajectory of my business after one hour. Another one could be like, What are the three biggest insights that I've had as I've moved into a virtually run business?

Those revelations matter. They're teachable. They're monetizable, but so often we don't take the white space to even consider what we've been learning. Have you considered that? Have you wrote it out? So the first 45 minutes is intended to freethink. Again, we're going back to that doodle concept. Just let it go, let it roll, come out of you without judgment, without holding yourself back and limiting beliefs.

And then after it all gets out on paper, and I really encourage you to write, write, write with your hand, not type write, Get outside and do it. If I could really get you to do something. It's the best thing for your energy, for your space, for your mind. Creativity exists in humanity. Creativity exists in nature.

We are created by a creator who gave us this space of free thinking. One thing that I loved and I just came to when I was studying the Bible basics of, um, of success in business. It's another book I'm currently reading or listening to. I Love Audible, and they were talking about how when Adam named the animals, He just used Hebrew words.

If we go back to the Hebrew understanding of like giraffe, for instance, it means neck. Hmm. Imagine that that doesn't sound super creative, but is he's there with, with no outside influence and all he's doing is analyzing in this free space that's been gifted to him. And in that white space, he came up with answers.

He came up with names that have lasted generations and generations and generations and forever. Maybe in your white space answering a question. It will change the world. Maybe it'll be your Apple moment, Steve Jobs. Maybe it'll be your Amazon moment, Jeff Bezos, whatever it is. If you're not giving yourself margin and you're too busy because you're an entrepreneur, I wanna talk to you cuz I really speak about joyful entrepreneurship all the time.

I teach programs around. It's in the infusing that there's way more to entrepreneurship than just the systems that a coach is gonna sell you on. Even though I have those two, those are important. So outta that first 45 minutes I mentioned, I wanna make sure you know that the next 15 minutes is the cultivation.

How do you create and manifest? You have to build, so you go back through all the notes you just took. The first question I told you. I had taken about five pages of notes and I went back with a highlighter and a colored pin. I love my colored. And I circled what could actually work? What could I actually implement?

What could I do first, second, third, how could I create a program for ambassadors, which we just recently launched, and that was stemmed from this activity. It has changed the trajectory of our business because I can run my business off of referral only because I have ambassadors, sales people who love me, who know the concept of our company, who have been touched by all of our team in some way, shape, or form that has served their business and they're sold out, and so they're not ever selling.

They're sharing. All of that came from number two, and I have 20 minutes to go through eight. Jesus, help me. Okay. Are you ready? Number three, Remember your childlike inspirations regularly. If you're not catching hold of the fact that the last three have ended in regularly, the 10 unlikely ways to create and manifest your dreams regularly.

This is not a one and done experience. This is not a, Okay. My business is going great, and so here we are. We're in stride now. No regularly. And I say childlike inspirations. One, because you guys know it's biblical and that's where I draw so much of my influence in coaching. But simultaneous to that, it's this knowing that when you're playing, you're exploring in a way that you never would have in your business.

Even when I read a very business oriented book and they're giving me an exact strategy, I know that it won't work for me, not because I'm, uh, judging what they're putting out. It's amazing, and it worked for them, and it probably works for thousands, if not millions of other. But I know that when I come sit at my desk that you guys are watching me at, or, yes, I'm on Facebook too.

For those of you who I'm talking to on Clubhouse, you guys see the playfulness of my office, of my space because I wanna dream here. I don't wanna stop dreaming just because I'm living in my dream and I am. I'm living in the current dream that I doodled before, that I white space for before, and it's because I pull and I, I really draw from, Who was that little Tamara, who is the inner child?

I saw Tara in here. Yeah, she's still here. We've talked about like that inner child healing, and so much of the coaching that I do though, people talk about the good business concept, it's about the the good soul. It's about really understanding who we are in order to build a business and serve other people because broken people break people.

Whole people heal people, and so I want there to be a world of entrepreneurs that are healing as they're going. Yes. We're always in a space appealing. We're always becoming, If you guys know my book always be coming. I don't believe anybody is to a place where I can literally emulate everything that they're doing perfectly except for Jesus, because no one's perfect and everyone is learning.

If you're breathing, you're learning. So remember to utilize the passions that God has given you and infuse them into your. I cannot stand when I have an entrepreneur who has one solid idea. They think it's gonna work and that's gonna be the end all Beall. And they haven't infused this 80 other percent of who they are as a person, 80 other percent of the time that they're existing in breathing.

So you love to work out. You do it every single morning. How can fitness, how can your physical body, how can health and wellness be a part of what you do? And it doesn't have to be the premise of your monetization. But if you're extracting it and not talking about it, but you're doing it every single day, you are actually blocking the blessings of the people in your community.

So even when Glen talks about his five F strategy of like faith, family, fitness, fun, finances, he's speaking now into his fitness journey that he's had over the last year. And he does that with intention because he is growing his influence, he is growing his community base now to people who are on track to get.

They wanna run faster. They wanna beat their past times, mild times. They wanna have community around their health. What did you love when you were little? I was a gymnast for 16 years, and so health and nutrition has always been a part of what I do. And so it's a part of what I do now when I take women on retreats around the world.

You're gonna move because you're gonna play. Remember your child like inspirations regularly. Number four, trust your truths regular. This is something that I hear and summoned from Green Lights, which is a book by Matthew McConaughy and Matthew and I, we released our books the same day last year, which was awesome because I got to beat him in some of the charts.

I can't wait to tell him that in person one day. It was so awesome. I have screenshots of it to prove it, and it was one of those things that I could not wait to read his book. I just feel like sometimes God is giving us God winks right in those moments that if we don't take a note. We're missing out on what he's saying to us.

So trust your truth. If that's intuition, if that's your gut speaking, isn't your gut, God, If you are a born and green Christian, you know that the Holy Spirit dwells inside of you. And if you're not, and that sounds really freaky, it's okay. I understand, but God's not a weirdo. Holy Spirit's not a weirdo. I have a client right now who is infusing this language to me, Gina, she's amazing.

And she says, God's not a weirdo. I'm like, I've never heard anybody say that. I'm adopting it. . And it's true. But when I say to trust your gut or trust your intuition, that's my truth. And I hope that you lean into those truths more often. And Matthew was on, uh, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi's, uh, Thrive Experience last week.

It was such a good interview. If you missed it, I'm sure it'll be out somehow some way for you guys to check it out. But he's reflecting on green lights and he's talking about everything that he does is based on a, a gut intuition. It's a trusting of that intuition and then an activation. That's what we're talking about right now.

So if you've had this dream inside of you and you know that you are believing that it's gonna happen one day, but you're sitting on your two hands, even a lot of Christians are actually guilty of this, which is why when I deal with my clients, I'm like, Y'all, let's talk about this. We're partnering in this, right?

Can I, can I speak into, If you are sitting, hoping, and praying, Danielle Delgado speaks to Hopium drug. The most addicted drug being used currently is hopium. I hope one day I hope, well, hope is action. Faith is action. And so you have to trust. And trust is action. Those truths, those God deposits that are coming into your spirit.

So I thank you Matthew McConaughey for, for giving that world to millions beyond the millions that I could. For you all to take note that he believes in the same God and it has led his career to where it is now that he's actually now stepping in from his childlike inspirations, from his white space, from his doodling into the self development realm, who would've thk it, Right?

All right. Number five, and this is still for the starter phase. This is still for you. Who is the start? If you are about, and you are on the, the starting line of your business, of your road is entrepreneurship or maybe a new launch or maybe a new program or maybe a new idea. And if that is not you and you're shaking your head, I'm curious what the heck you're doing here, because this is a place where starters hang out.

Starters who are constantly starting are the millionaires in the making. And so number five is ask regularly. You might have heard this before, Ask for help. This is obviously super critical, but it is the knowing that. There is and there are. I'm gonna use the right little red light grammar here. There are people who are literally standing right next to you, right next to you, maybe in this room right now, maybe in your church, maybe on the street corner, who want to help you stop shying away.

I am saying this one for me, and I mentioned it already before, like, We need helping hands at grow for God. Grow your business, for God's sake, is a team experie. It is not a Tamara experience. I don't want that. I have those mirror moments every single day, and the only reason I have those moments when we're talking about ego associated to what Amelia and Patricia was sharing earlier, is because I know God has given me that ego to say yes, to stand out front and be brave enough and bold enough for other people so that we can go together and I can propel you.

I can catapult you ahead to your own stage, to your own mic, to your own publishing experience, to your own business coaching program. I believe that if I don't ask for help, it won't happen. Marcus Black and Ashley Faye, who are coming to speak and have their own mini UAA experience in a breakout session at the conference, they did this so beautifully before their last conference.

They ask for money. That's a really hard thing to ask for. For some reason. We put our tail between our legs and we say, I can't do this. It's embarrass. Cohosting and experience another opportunity in a conference, and the person said like, I don't wanna ask for that, or I will ask 1000%. He's phenomenal at asking for money.

That's not his problem at all. He doesn't wanna fail. I'm like, failure is growth and you're not failing when you're asking. Even if they say no, you're planting a seed. So ask plant the seeds and see what. You might not even be the one to water it. There might be somebody who comes on a stage like there was the other morning when Triple J was sharing that Grow for God, Grow your business for God's sake, changed his life a year ago to the date, changed his life.

Why would you not utilize somebody else's testimony and ask for help and say, Hey guys, we're looking for funds. Hey guys, we have 150 seats left. If you don't get your. I can't pay for the food for the VIPs if you don't get your tickets. I can't have this incredible entertainment act come if you don't get your tickets.

I can't provide honorariums to the worship team that are gonna literally bless you in so many amazing ways. So I'm asking you to get your ticket today. If you're considering it matters. Timing matters. Don't sit on your hands anymore. Come to this conference. Come to this life changing experience. Come to this transformation.

It's for starters, but it's also for the becomes how I'm gonna get through the next five. I really don't know. I wonder if I should wait till next week. You guys think I should wait till next week for the other five or do you guys want me to fire 'em off really fast? No, I, I hold off sweetheart cuz you always bring such value with every single one and goodness gracious.

I agree. I think I'm gonna hold and I really didn't intend to do that because this was literally a God deposit from this morning, but I really believe. These first five are for the starters who are still starting for the starters that failed in the four minute mile over and over and over again. And they still showed up to the starting line because they had a gut intuition.

God had gifted them this vision and they knew they could do it, but it took tons and tons of training. It took countless. I am gonna skip to this bonus element cuz this was gonna be a bonus and so I think I should bonus it out for today. And then I'm gonna ask you guys which one's your favorite.

Actually, no, I'm gonna ask you, which one do you feel most convicted in that you haven't been doing that you think if you started it would change the trajectory and the momentum of your dream? Here's the bonus. I heard this also on the Tony Robbins Dean Grazi, Thrive Experie. By a gal who I've never seen, I don't know her name.

I, I had no idea who she was, and it was so cool to see them give the platform to somebody like that. I'm believing and I'm speaking it out, I am gonna say it right here on stage so you guys can witness it when it happens. I'll be on that stage one day alongside Jenna Cutcher, alongside Matthew McConaughey, alongside Dean Grazi Grazi and Tony Robbins.

This girl was a nobody and yet she was a somebody to so many people. In their businesses. And the one thing that I will never forget her for is this idea of millions. So many people focus on the millions of dollars and they focus on the millions of people that they're gonna impact, but they always forget.

And this is why I love Breakfast with Champions so much because they steward this every single day. What about the millions of minutes? If you wanna be an expert, you've heard that it takes 10,000 hours. To become an expert. Well, I did the, the computation of 3 million minutes. Actually. I let a great Google tool use Google.

Google is great. Do this calculation for me. How long is millions of minutes and it's 1.9 or almost two years? Are you willing to put two years of effort where you might not make the millions, where you might not impact the million? But this is the foundation. This is the starting point. This is how you break your four minute mile.

This is how you learn to trust your intuition. As Matthew said, this is how you get really good at asking, but you've gotta doodle. You've gotta have white space in your calendar and you have to remember to have fun.

Grow your business for God's sake. No, really. I mean it Grow your business for God's sake. That's right. Business is ministry, and ministry is business, and it's time we take action in disbelief and show up in our anointing with fresh fire. This is a cultivation conference. This is an activation conference.

I wanna see you reap the harvest. Promise that was predestined for you in your purpose and your calling, but you've gotta go back to the root in order to do that. Come and let us water you so you can come fully alive and fully free every single day to make the impact you were born to make. So others can also reap the legacy of your harvest forever more.

Let's do this in Nashville, Tennessee, November 3rd through the fifth. You do not wanna miss it. Get your tickets today at. For That's right, and that's easy. Grow for Can't wait to see you there. Hug your neck and grow together. Where are you ready for the second half of the 10. Unlikely ways to create and manifest your dream regularly.

All right, these five are for the becomer. Therefore the person who is like, I want to create a mogul. I wanna create a, a mission, a movement. I wanna be a millionaire. I love that song. You know? Uh, I can sing it for you. Uh, no, I'm not . I don't wanna ruin it. I don't wanna ruin it, but I wanna be a millionaire, so, Mm.

Bad, right? Oh my gosh. It's hilarious. Me and my brother used to sing that all the time when we were. And lastly, because it's not just about money, but it's the power that money can actually provide in the generosity of humanity. We were just talking about that with the incredible, um, I, I can't find his name, Maher Ma, I'm not sure.

But anyway, um, he was incredible talking about his, how his millions turned into a multiplication factor because he went from just being a mogul to being a mission. So good. I wanna be a missionary in the marketplace. And I believe all of us have that right and that power and that gifting. And if our heart set is right, then we can step into that, that honorably.

So the second half of these 10 unlikely ways is for the becomer. It's for the person who doesn't just have the idea. They're like, I'm going after it. I'm going after it big and I'm going after it hard because I wanna put it on the line cuz I know it's worth it because it worked for you. Or because you know the impact it's had for somebody else.

So number one of the second, so it's technically number six, is to fail regularly. You've heard this a lot. Like it's not about failure, it's about the learning process. You're not failing, you're succeeding, right? But if you don't try in order to know if it's gonna work or not, you'll never know. And this is where so many people, They have these amazing ideas.

They're dreaming so big, but they don't take the next small step, and therefore they never know if it's gonna work. And I don't want you to regret because you didn't take the step or that you feared failure. Failure is fun. Failure gives me a certainty. It tells us that like, Okay, well that didn't work. I know what to do next because.

So why are we limiting ourself from this? Understanding it? I don't wanna fail when in fact it is the biggest learning lesson. It's the leap into becoming mogul. It's the leap into being the becomer. If you don't lose a dollar, if you don't invest a dollar, I should say, you're never gonna gain a dollar.

This happens in the coaching world all the time. They come and they want so badly to have all of these clients invest thousands of dollars into their program, but they're not willing to invest thousands of dollars to be in the Mastermind. I'm like, I don't get it. Where's the missing link? The missing link is scarcity mentality because they're not willing to put their money where their mouth is or their money, where their dream is.

Be okay to. Be okay to invest and realize, man, that didn't work out. I've invested in my own coach. Uh, a couple years ago. It was the first time I ever invested in coaching. I put 12 grand on the line and it didn't turn out the way I had hoped. And I have a lot of clients who come to me who have that same experience, and so they're really afraid of that failure again.

But if you do your due diligence and you know, what questions do I need to ask this? Who do I need to get reviews from? Who do I need to to speak to directly before I say yes? Before I give my card information? Can I see the back end of your portal before we go live as a coaching experience, as a client experience, as a mastermind experience, right?

There are good questions to ask, and I would've never known those questions for my next couple of coaches if I didn't fail with the first one. All right, number two slash number seven. If you're going down the whole 10. Is to partner regularly and in this incredible guy on my, my show recently for the Fit and Faith podcast, and he was talking about partnership marketing and I thought this was brilliant.

He's got a bunch of different companies, both e-commerce and coaching realm. He's also got his own me media agency. And I had never heard these two words really scripted in the same way. Partnership market. Basically it's just saying that you can't do it alone, right? We know this from Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and I could go on forever about the people who support like the number two who might not be in the limelight, right?

But how powerful if you are partnering with people and you're collaborating together this. Doesn't have the same air as influencer marketing. If you know what that is, it's not the same. This person is actually in tandem with you in the Millionaire Dream, in the missionary dream, in the mogul concept.

You're becoming together in your own area of Mastermind, in your own expertise, in your own gift. So partner with someone who's gonna fill that gap for you? Are you the person who's like, I am not getting on camera? No way. No how? No shape. You need to find a partner who is willing to get on camera. As you know, video is viral.

This is where everybody's spending their time and their energy, especially in the thought leader realm. And so you've gotta be able to have a voice and you've gotta be able to have a. It's important even in a product based industry. So number six was failed regularly. Number seven was to partner regularly.

Number three, this is one of my favorites. If you guys know my man tm, who hangs in here. He was at Grow Your Business for God's sake last year. And, uh, recently he was telling me that my strategy and, and the strategy I should be teaching is for everybody to Cartwheel . And so number eight is to Cartwheel regular.

I mean it literally, one, because it's really good when you're upside down. If you know anything about yoga or downward facing dog or handstand challenges or anything like that, it actually really helps with your calming effect and an energizing effect for the blood flow to your brain. So I, I say it literally and figuratively, but have more fun.

Get upside down in the idea if you need that, that white space. Going back to number. And you need thinking time. What if your thinking time was upside down in your handstand? Not only are you helping your body, you're helping your mind and your spirit simultaneously, and I want people to realize that if you want to go after a huge, massive dream, even as a missionary, you realize that you're putting sacrifices out on the line every single day in the resources that you have.

Whether it's finances, whether it's energy, whether it's time, whether it's even relationships. You need to have. You need to play more. Cuz if you're not willing to do that, what happens when you reach the milestone? What happens when you get to the success element or the goal and you don't take that time out.

You will experience burnout. You will experience overwhelm. And I don't want you to feel that when it can be prevented by doing a cartwheel. So Cartwheel Today and Cartwheel regular. If you haven't noticed the word regularly is on this because the 10 unlikely ways to create and manifest your dream. If I left out regularly, you'd try this all and be like, What is Tamara talking about?

None of this makes sense. It's not working for me, but y'all, in order for it to happen, it has to be done consistently, regularly, consistently is like, feels overworked sometimes. It kind of has an element of, of hard, if you think about. Regular. I'm like, Yeah, yeah, I can do that regularly, consistently, like, Ooh, I know I'm gonna slip, but regularly gives you, you know, a day off every once in a while.

Gives you some time out a little bit. Now, I never press pause on my dream. I never press pause on the mission even when I'm with my family or I'm experiencing downtime. Especially for us creators. It's inside of our brain all the time. And something is giving you leadway to, to create something new when you're done with that pause.

But it's this knowing that play is imperative to outcome. So number nine is to stop regularly. Stop. And I don't mean stop, like just can like literally create a halt, right? I mean to say no. The nos are sometimes more important than. It's the habit of forming methodology of you becoming, because if you're not willing to say no, then you'll say yes to everything and what you are trying to build will take a backseat.

What you are trying to build won't happen as effectively. I'm just thinking as I'm saying this out loud, cuz I have like word pictures in my brain, uh, for analogies. But also I just, I always thank God for them because I'm like, Yes, that's so good. I wasn't even thinking about that. But I, my office is also in the place that used to be my children's playroom when they were little.

They're still little, they're seven and nine, but we took their playroom away. Not a bad parent promise. Um, they have, they had, they used to put Legos all over the floor in this place. And if I would do these Lego challenges, I would tell. Okay, you're allowed to use these three colors. You have five minutes.

You have to build a castle, right? Or you have to build a bridge, and they would like compete against each other on the challenge. And it was so much fun and it created such an opportunity for creativity. But I would notice that sometimes they would stop building one element and it'd get really distracted with something.

They'd either wanna go back to the other thing that they were building cuz it was more fun. They were having success in it. How often is that the case? Something else is working really well right now. And yet God is calling you to a bigger dream, something that's gonna have a bit of inhibitors connected to it.

And in order for you to stay regular, to stay consistent, you're gonna have to say no a bit to the thing that's already. I can only imagine how the disciples felt consistently when God's like, Okay, we're going to the next city. He's like, Wait, everyone loves us here. Everyone's listening to your servants.

Everyone is experiencing miracles and healing. Why do we have to go somewhere where there's gonna be faced more of difficulty? We're gonna have to re cultivate this thing all over again. But isn't that the point? Isn't that a part of the. So I want you to learn to say no regularly to stop regularly.

Cause when you stop doing those old things, you're making way for something new, just like a mastermind. If you haven't gotten into a new mastermind, there's power in that. I'm actually in the process of vetting a new mastermind. I'm super excited about it. It's called ete. You guys might have heard about it from Brian Hess, who's.

There are some incredible, incredible, um, just faith driven entrepreneurs in that space. And I love Ed Mylet, who is a huge mentor of mine and has been for several years. And so I'm in that vetting process. I'm asking the questions based on that fail regularly. I'm partnering with new people who are already in that space, so why not say yes to a space that they're already invested in?

I'm still playing. I'm cartwheeling regularly. I say no to other things when I open up space to something new. And number 10, in the 10 unlikely ways to create and manifest your dream regularly is to evolve regularly. And this is an element in the funnel design and the systems design that I feel like planning is missing.

I see often people who come and they're talking to me about that high ticket conversion, that funnel extract. But they're forgetting about the evolution of that funnel. And this is kind of our secret sauce over at Fit and Faith Media. It's one of the reasons that people come and coach with us. They don't want this to be something that just is successful next year.

They see this being something they wanna do for a lifetime, and they also don't wanna be stagnant or stuck in the one thing that they're building today, even though they have dreams for something more. If your business plan is grandiose, as I know many of you all. You have to have that roadmap that Marvin is speaking to, but it has to be done in the long term vision of what not only the lifetime customer value, the LCV is, but also in where you are as a human in that season.

Let me give you an awesome example. You guys know this is how we do it by Montel Jordan, right? Remember him? I love him so much. He was on my podcast a couple of months ago. Incredible, incredible. And if he had stayed in just being this r and b artist, he would never have stepped into being a pastor, a ministry leader.

And now he's stepping into being a fashion designer. And guess what? His evolution, his mogul mentality doesn't leave the people who were in the first experience in the shadows in the. He stopped regularly. He said no to that thing that season. That was working really well for him because he knew that there was more that he wanted to tap into.

And so I'm hopeful as I'm talking to you guys today that I'm evoking something in your spirit that says, Man, there's more man. I'm missing the, the mark in this specific. I talk in my podcast often that I, I come personally as the host with a spirit of conviction, desired conviction. Not because I neglect change, but because I welcome it and I want someone to speak into my life, a place in a way that I can be better, I can grow because my growth means everyone in the community that's connected to me who's a part of the.

Or anyone that I'm gonna meet moving forward is going to grow too. And that's the beauty of relationship. That's the beauty of connection. That's the beauty of evolution. So I want you guys to evolve regularly and not get stagnant. So if you're looking for evolution, if you're looking for all of these, in fact, let's go through really fast doodling white space, which is margin.

Child like inspiration. Trusting in your truths, like finding out what discernment means, what your gut is actually saying and going after it. You need support and asking for help, or you need connections to the people who you need to ask. You're ready to fail and you're ready to take action over that failure.

You wanna partner, you wanna find a new partner so you can experience partnership market. You want a cartwheel again, you want to have fun in this manifesting in this process, in this cultivating of your dream. You wanna learn to say no. You wanna know what to say no to and what to say yes to. Shiny light syndrome is real.

There are a bajillion people knocking at your door through ads every single day. Do this, download this, come into this program, do this coaching program. Do this. You've gotta have this system. How do you know what to say no to? How do you know what to say yes to? And the last one, evolution. And I shared the bonus one last week because I think it's super important and it's the oxymoron to what most would say it contradicts itself, but it's really powerful.

It's to get addicted. Get addicted, right? We're trying so hard to get unaddicted in this world in society, and addictions run rampant in so many elements around me. One, because I've walked through it, but also because I've got family members and friends who have walked through it or even passed away from it.

And so it's not something that I take lightly when I say this. There is this three part rule that one of the gals that spoke on Tony Robbins, um, and Dean Graziosi's Thrive Experience last week where I was a learner, not a speaker. She talked about this and it's this knowing that it takes 3 million minutes to go after and to start seeing momentum, and this is where people often stop regular.

So I want you to see you manifest your dream regularly. I wanna see you become the mogul, the millionaire, the missionary. I want you to be completely sold out for what God has put inside of you so you can serve people. And this is what the grow your business for God's sake. Conferences, you guys hear people who have been completely transformed, their whole lives have changed.

The directions have changed because of this place, because of this space, because of the energy connection that happens in the. I hope that you'll be there. I hope that you'll get in the room. I hope that you won't sit on this opportunity to get in the room and experience the ways in which you can actually apply these elements to your life.

Learn from the experts who have done it, and ultimately realize that you can do it, but it's gonna be in a really unlikely. I am so glad I've got five minutes. Who wants to share? What area do you feel convicted that you need to do more of? Who wants to un Mike and share me? Hit me, Tom, my brother. What's up?

I'm gonna come see you in Puerto Rico soon. I cannot wait. You know, I just tell you a lot. Oh, I just wanna just download really quickly. It's not easy to pay fully attention. I'm like, I'm just gonna pop in for a couple seconds to see who speaking, you know the thing right here on Clubhouse. And I'm like, You had me

I'm like, Yes, yes, yes. And I just wanna say you are a world changer already. But I could see, and it's not sounds so worldly, but like you're the next big thing. Like I could see the, the, the levels that you're gonna get to because of the heart that you have and the message that you have. What God's implanting your heart and is, is powerful.

And it was so good to hear it this morning. And of course, you know, I'm all about the fun thing of it because I've, I've lived most of, most of my career 27 years going so fast and, and I'll, And you said when you get to the success, you'll be burnt out. Yeah. But what if it doesn't work out And many of the businesses that you'll work, and it could be literally, there's certain things that my wife and I have been grinding for, for.

Plus years and they have not worked out the way that we could have made it worked out if we didn't have the blind spots or the stupid things that we did, or not the, the whatever it is. Yeah, the excuses, whatever the, the flaw. And then we get those 20 years later of grinding and then you look back and go, Oh my gosh, I collected a few memories of my kids that were awesome, but holy cow, I wish I could have amplified that literally.

I wish I could have had a hundred plus more experiences with my kids because what we're noticing as we get older is when we look back, we're like, Oh my gosh, that is exact. That's the number one thing that I value the most is the, the connections, the time, the fun. . Those are the things that remember most.

Almost nothing else. Almost. It doesn't, nothing, It doesn't matter, but it's a lot less of a matter. Yeah, and and that just, there's power in that. Like I think that's where, when people forget to do that part, there is that element of regret later and yet something else could work out, Right? If you've got that grind mentality, you're like, this thing is working.

And I have so many people who are like, This worked, and yet there's still that element. And so I really believe that if we can infuse that play, In the mis, there won't be that regret and there will still be that, That incredible outcome. Yeah. Big time. Anyways, you're awesome. I love you. Thank you. And that's what I'll just say.

I didn't, when you said that word discernment, cuz I used to call it wisdoms get wisdom. I believe, and I'll just say this, take it or leave it. You could tell. You might reject what I'm about to say. I literally prayed for discernment and when I felt literally that God gave me that, that supernatural discernment is when my, our businesses started to explode.

Cause I really understood the heartbeat of what humans want more when I'm connecting with them on the phone or wherever that may be. So if you're a believer, not a believer, pray for discernment. It's crazy how it can be downloaded at a high level. Yeah, that is a huge one. I actually did a lot of prayer around discernment in the last year, Tom, so it's interesting that you say that.

Um, because I, I have a lot of people around me that discernment is one of their gifts, and they can just, like, someone walks in the room, they're like, Mm, I don't. Good about this, right? I don't have that. I'm like, Hey, how's it going? Like, I'm just like, I just love people. And simultaneous to that, it can be, um, a nemesis.

It can be, uh, an aing point because I, I don't have that high quality of discernment, or at least I'll say I didn't because I've been sharpening that tool and really leaning in scripturally. To how do I do that? And also not being so quick to, not that I don't love people still, but not being so quick to offer out, um, uh, access is really the word.

It's that saying no, and, and having power to my know that I mentioned and it being okay. And I can still love people even though I say no. Right? In fact, sometimes I love them more because I've said no. So I love that. So good. One more, more quick question. Is the Grow for God conference that you're. Can you just share it for, I dunno, did you share it again?

Would you please really, really quickly where it's at. All the good, all the goods. Cause I'm actually interested in my wife. Yes. I would love for you guys to be there. So it's called Grow Your Business for God's Sake. And it was originally, the idea and concept was was hosted by Glen two years ago. We co-hosted it last year and this year I'm running.

Solo with the team. We were so excited about it. And it's in Nashville, Tennessee, November 3rd through the fifth. So you, you're, if you're on the East coast, you can drive or you can fly. I know flights are, are bananas right now, but totally worth getting In the room, there will be about 350 people. We go everything from worship to warfare to the wisdom that we're talking about.

You're gonna learn from both pastors and industry mogul. People who have millions of followers across platforms, people who have huge communities, both in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, wherever it is that you're, um, housing. But also they have actually created the momentum when it comes to their finances.

And so we are not just speaking the prosperity gospel, there is surely elements that we need to know from an element of grace and also an element of discernment and the hard stuff too. But we wanna help you through that hard stuff. For it to be like a mastermind, which is what we're talking about today.

We're gonna break into smaller breakout groups this time, which we've never done in the past, and we've got an epic party with Nashville recording artists coming on Friday night if you're a VIP or premier ticket holder. And also we've got the A G T winner from 2021 last year who will be there with his beautiful bride.

Um, and we're super excited to have him perform. So it's gonna be epic. You're gonna have so much fun, and I'm excited to share it. Thanks so much, Tom, and thank you to everyone who tuned in today. I'm gonna pass the mic to Miss Beautiful Alexa. Good morning. That just sounds incredible. First off, so if everybody didn't catch that, it's, you know,

Hey y'all. It's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or. Spiritually. I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, Snap apic of the episode, and share it on your stories or posts, and you can tag me and the guest and we will surely feature you on our Instas.

Hey, you might even unlock a new accountability buddy in me or them. We're totally in this together and we appreciate the extra step taken. I would be so grateful. Even took the extra step. Come on, give you that extra sauce and leave a review on iTunes for the podcast listening app that is of your choice.

I'm going to be featuring your thoughts. In fact, and this is gonna be so fun, an upcoming episode. So you'll not only hear your name on the show, but maybe even your passion project or whatever, big shout out you want me to make. So please, as a fellow writer, leave some words that I can attest to and I can't wait to read what you have to say.

Thanks again for being a loyal listener, and I hope to meet you in person soon at. Events that we are speaking at or hosting, and I say we, because the fit and faith team could not do this without you until next time. Blessings over your joy, Health, wealth, and wholeness. This is the fit and.

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