An 8-week program to purposed-driven design & launch 

strategically aligned from the inside-out


Create sustainable prosperity and joyfully serve others

Transform Your Biz from the inside-out.


Exist in the overflow rather than the overwhelm of Entrepreneurship

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Tamra Andress is a Purpose Activator. As the founder of the CORE Creatives faith-filled business membership, The Joyful Entrepreneur coaching program & Harvest mastermind, her heart is to illuminate joy and activate women from the inside out to live in their lives in purpose and on purpose. Ranked TOP 500 Global Influencer by Brainz Magazine and featured on dozens of top podcasts and global summits, she’s coached hundreds of start-ups to their versions of success. She’s the host of the top 2.5% globally ranked Fit in Faith Podcast serving God-centered entrepreneurs within the faith and business-sector to propel Kingdom impact. Her Youtube channel is one of her newest educational passions. She’s a wife and mama of 2 as well as a certified ordained minister, international retreat host and author. She’s a born and raised beach babe, lifetime fitness lover and travel junkie, living life one God wink to the next! And she’s ready to help you unveil the God winks in your own dream too.

Following Tamra’s Proprietary Strategies in

Being + Brand + Business 

you will approach business in an enlightened manner harnessing your gifts and talents for abundance and significance rather than from a scarcity or fear-based mindset.


 I didn't think I was good enough or even smart enough to see my business through to success - until I met TAMRA!

- Terri S.


I have confidence in my business. Tamra helped me take my "someday" to a "RIGHT NOW!" Tamra leaves me ignited and I can't thank her enough. 

- Kass Tanguay

Social Media Manager

This program is for you if, and only if, you are ready to move pass these crippling mindsets:


  • Running a business is “hard”

  • This is a “scary” leap of faith

  • I’m not able to because I don’t have a certification

  • I can’t charge money based on my testimony

  • I don’t know how or where to start

  • Social media is debilitating

  • I’m not good at…(insert any part of business that you feel less than)

  • I’m comfortable where I am

  • I’m not ready

  • There isn’t enough time in the day

 It’s time to pick up your power and pursue your BIG purpose confidently!

With an activator that has coached entrepreneurs nation-wide to transition from ideation to implementation into to 5 figure months in record time


You can sit on the sidelines drowning in ideas and distracted by shiny objects that keep you circling in confusion or harness righteous direction.


Ready to stand in your authority today as a Joyful Entrepreneur?

**Only 10 slots open for each 8-week cycle**

8 Week Implementation

Step into Your Business Joyfully & Prepared!

What will you learn:

Week 1: P2P Analysis & Alignment Zone Review for flourishing business establishment
Week 2: Entrepreneurial Thumbprint Model for choice modality of marketing & biz trajectory
Week 3: Organizational structure & systems analysis
Week 4: Marketing Mastery with clarity, copy and overhaul of social media outlets
Week 5: Funnel building - strategy & client flow
Week 6: Pricing Models with sales training with design implementation
Week 7: Story Development with Content Curation
Week 8: Growth Plan with story brand - Publicity/Platform/People Plan

Bonuses Included:

  • Marketing Momentum E-course Access ($249 v)

  • 1-on-1 Direct Coaching Follow-up Session ($500 v)

  • CORE Creatives Membership Program 3 months ($150 v)

  • Q&A Coaching for 8 weeks - ($1250 v)

  • Voxer Support 2x Week ($949 v) 


100% Money Back Guarantee: If at the end of this 8-week cycle you do not feel you have the tools necessary to activate as a joyful entrepreneur with an effective strategy towards prosperity we will refund your investment. This requires 80% attendance at all meetings, 100% completed activation assignments and 8-weeks of implementation.

is the Aligned Entrepreneur - head, ❤️, home & handbag

Not ready to find your joy as an entrepreneur,  but want to be reminded for the next cycle. No worries, get reminded HERE!


What will you miss out on if you don’t join The Joyful Entrepreneur Program?


  • Proprietary strategies to operate your business joyfully

  • A clear, strategic plan for toward your success path

  • A heart-centered community to encourage, support and focus-group with you

  • Direct coaching from experts in marketing and business development

  • Secured growth fresh mindset toward your growth and alignment

Are you ready to Step into your Purpose? 

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