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C.O.R.E. (Community Of Rooted Entrepreneurs) Talk with Tamra is all about understanding and unlocking the abundance and wealth that God has promised you.

The CORE talk with Tamra Podcast offers 5"ish" minutes of

transformation, testimony, and truth with a hint of travel thrown in the midst.


Her business expertise and ministers lens offers a unique perspective for Kingdom Entrepreneurs to serve with a heart-center in the marketplace while bearing fruit that proves abundant love, grace and prosperity. 

Tune in weekly for her live vodcast!  


Tamra Andress is the CEO & founder of CORE Creatives Chrisitan women's business membership, the co-ed Expert Coaching Program and Harvest Mastermind. She guided start-up women-owned companies to $350k in revenue during Covid 2020. Her speciality in devising a plan of action around Being, Brand and Business gives her community a unique competitive edge. She’s also the host of the top 2.5% globally ranked Fit in Faith Podcast where she interviews movers,  shakers, makers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds across the globe! She was featured in the TOP 500 Global Influencer list by Brainz Magazine, alongside Gary Vaynerchuk.