launch team!


"I've arrived and yet I'm nowhere.But gracefully still becoming.-Tamra

And so are you. Be the first to get your hands on my new book: Always Becoming.

This is not just a book, it's a movement

of shame-free grace-filled living.

And it starts with you!


Movements need momentum and that's where you come in! 


We are looking for a beautifully diverse team to bear the message in love (Ephesians 4:2) and truth from the inside out. 

October 1st

book release date

what's a launch team?

A book launch team is put together as an ambassador program that works through a private FB group and email. You are the megaphones to the message, the flash mob on launch day, the cheerleaders on game day! And because this book carries so much weight and glory, truly you are the front line army of nurses ready to take on the mission and bring this book as a resource to those in need of resuscitation. Don't worry, we will equip you with all you need to help make a splash in your communities with direct support, interaction and social media tools from the book launch coordinators and intimate interaction with Tamra too. 

How do I join?

1. Sign-up below and get entered into the exclusive launch team FB group. 

2. Get approved, get connected and get reading!

What's my role?

1. Read the book! When you know the backstory you can share the FULL story of His glory. 


2. Give feedback in the private FB group about how the book impacted you personally.


3. Blast it everywhere on launch day! Help me create the buzz on all of your social media channels, blogs, podcasts, community interactions, etc.


4. Leave a verified review on multiple platforms! This is the most important aspect of the launch team support! 

***On day 1 of the book launch, I'm asking that you purchase your book and leave your review for others to see. It's all about the algorithm and this truly helps spread the Good News! Don't worry, we will give you step by step instructions! 


5. Live and Be the message - Keep sharing with everyone you know! 

What's in it for me?

I know you have a servant's heart, but I am truly honored by your support and generosity of time with this experience. 


1. A free advance copy of the book! 

A Digital PDF version of the book will be sent to your email to read and prep your launch day review! 


2. An invite to the intimate zoom party during launch week 


3. A special mailed gift during launch month for all those who leave a verified review and send me an email of proof to


4. For those that order multiple copies (3+), you will also be entered to win a free 8-week coaching experience with Tamra, valued at over $2400.

you ready?

Let's go!

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