Tamra Andress here and this is your God wink. The moment that heaven says “For such a time as this!” 

I know what you’ve been up to...you’ve been marked as a child in His courts and now He’s calling you. You are purposed to live out something greater than you may have the guts or the wits to do so in this moment...which  is exactly what brought you here! 

You want to say “YES!” in gratitude, in obedience, in thrill and freedom. But you’re stuck. You feel inhibited by #allthethings you feel like you ‘have to do’ to bring the dream into fruition. You don’t know where or how or when or by what or who you should get started.

You’re stuck in analysis paralysis and unclear how to move forward, so you just keep dreaming completely alone. Solo-preneur is not nearly as cool as kingdom-preneur, mom-preneur or God-preneur. Confidence is cultivated in community not on the couch!

I’m a fellow dreamer too. And I’m ready to link arms with you and introduce you to the other members of this  CORE  Community. We are a Community of Rooted Entrepreneurs walking the walk and talking the talk. 


The Kingdom needs you today! It needed you yesterday! It’s time to make your impact.

It’s time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover your wealth, and exude your wholeness.

I don’t believe you got here by mistake. I think God has His hand on this meet-cute just as much as the when you met your fav coffee date or even your spouse (Yes, this is THAT big!) I’m gonna meet you at the end of the aisle and get you to say I DO to your DREAM!

As a creative, serial entrepreneur, wellness advocate, podcaster and passion illuminator, I am now claiming a new name in your life...your Biz Bestie!

And it’s my heart to help you continue to say yes as you pursue your Kingdom ripple effect.

Let’s illuminate the lives of others by catapulting your dream into reality. Don't block the blessings of the ones He has called you too!  


REALLY! I'm here to meet YOU!

But since you’ve come this far in the internet cyclone to get to know me, I won’t cut you short on the intro...

I am many things, just like you!  These days we all seem to wear #allthehats; speaking of, I’m totally hat obsessed and a fashion lover, still claiming my “best dressed” senior superlative from high school.

On the regular I’m a wifey to a hot hubby (no really he’s been “Gary Hot Hubby” in my phone for 10 years now). I’m a mama to Cooper (age 7) and Waverly (age 6); they are deeply ingrained in my “why”.

I’m a writer, a poet and an obvious book junkie because of it. But who’s got time for reading...I’m Audible obsessed and always between podcasts, books and clubhouse! I’m an occasional rapper and breakdancer, a forever gymnast (you can catch me cartwheeling most anywhere), movie theater lover (popcorn addict), beach babe, health nut, and a Burn Bootcamp sister with a YOLO side sweet tooth.

I am a graduate of the incredible, James Madison University where I studied within the College of Business. That experience launched me into an adventurous ride of pursuing dreams one by one. I spent the majority of my 20's as a young entrepreneur in the world of motherhood, with an emphasis on fitness, nutrition, and fashion. From the beach-side personal training company “Beauty and The Beach” to a mother-daughter brick and mortar boutique and belly casting business to a nation-wide online nursing bra company design and launch, I've walked through the trenches and the peaks of what it means to have an entrepreneurial spirit and have  also  dabbled in the corporate  world for  a  short stint as a  marketing guru  for a 2 million dollar tour bus campaign that included a  NYC flash mob! Woot woot! Dancing in the concrete jungle...yes please! 

When I became a mama, I was able (rather kind of forced, but that's a story for another day) to leave my firstborn business babies and enjoy the calling of motherhood by staying home with my two tiny humans.  But once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur...and I knew my time to cultivate businesses was not over. That season was difficult, but incredibly fruitful. I took the time to focus inward and upward so that I could one day enhance the outward! God met me in a dramatic way during that season.

I simplified and minimized the stuff that distracted me from my own health and true happiness and grasped hold of my wholeness. I quit the ‘American Dream’. I dropped the titles, lost the recognition from man and gained the authority in the one who truly dictates WHO I AM. That’s when I became an ordained minister to go even deeper.

Here, I’m a passionista, a motivator, a coach and an illuminator for those who are looking to grasp hold of the dreams and visions that have been gifted by their heavenly Father.


I find such joy in seeing God's children say YES to the calling on their lives and cultivating the ‘how’ alongside them.

My ultimate call is to stake claim in the marketplace as missional, heart-centered servant leaders!

Lovely to meet ya friend. Now it’s your turn to share your passions with me!

Catch ya on the gram.

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